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To War! (Golden Wildfire)

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To War! (Golden Wildfire)

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New units

Shamir, Linhardt



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The Battle for the Locket

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The Golden Guardian

To War! (Japanese: 戦乱の幕開け Opening of a War) is the fourth chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes on the Golden Wildfire route and the last chapter available in the free demo.


Main article: To War! (Golden Wildfire)/Script

Two years have passed since the Officer's Academy closed its doors. Edelgard, who has taken the Adrestian throne, declares war on the Central Church. Shez has grown impatient after work ran dry in Leicester, but Claude convinces them not to move on by offering them a post in his army in preparation for a potential conflict with the Empire. The former Golden Deer, with the exception of Lorenz, reunite. Claude plans to send his forces to reinforce the Great Bridge of Myrddin on the Alliance-Empire border and stop any potential Imperial invasion.

After their first battle, Claude attempts to gain the support of Count Gloucester, to no avail, and worries that he may defect to the Empire. Lorenz returns and rejoins the Golden Deer. Eventually, the Golden Deer depart for the Great Bridge of Myrddin. Acheron, the viscount in charge of the protection of the bridge, betrays the Alliance and attempts to defect to Adrestia, but is killed by Alliance forces. Despite the Alliance's best efforts, the Bridge falls when Imperial reinforcements led by Ferdinand arrive and Count Gloucester surrenders and swears fealty to the Empire. In the aftermath, Lysithea realizes that House Ordelia will likely follow Gloucester's lead and surrender. When the Golden Deer return home, Claude explains that after the Bridge fell, the Empire conquered Garreg Mach and drove Rhea into exile in Faerghus. He suspects that the Alliance capital of Derdriu will be the Empire's next target and vows to defend it at all costs, for if Derdriu falls then the war is lost. Meanwhile, Rhea arrives in Faerghus and agrees to lend her military aid to the Kingdom while Edelgard and Hubert discuss the state of the western front and agree to leave Leicester in Count Bergliez's hands.

Chapter data

Character data

New units
Small portrait shamir fewa2.png
Iron Bow
Automatically from the start
Small portrait linhardt fewa2.png
Iron Tome
End of chapter if the Persuade Linhardt strategy was used during The Defense of the Great Bridge
Available characters
Shez m ​Claude ​Lorenz ​Raphael ​Ignatz ​Lysithea ​Marianne ​Hilda ​Leonie ​

Item data

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Name Obtainment Method
Is fewa2 bow relic.png Failnaught Automatically in Claude's inventory
Is fewa2 axe relic.png Freikugel Automatically in Hilda's inventory

Map data

There are four battle maps in chapter 4 of Golden Wildfire. Each one is detailed below, with what character is recruited on what map and so on.

  1. Eliminate the Bandits
  2. Rendezvous with the Vanguard
  3. Cleanup in Phlegethon
  4. The Defense of the Great Bridge


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This chapter is the beginning of the game proper. Get familiarized with all of the new facilities. Your top priority should be to buy all of the Intermediate Seals in the shop and get everyone into an Intermediate class with the Training Instructor.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

To War!




Opening of a War; the same name as To War, a chapter in Three Houses.


Auf in den Krieg!

To War!


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