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Throne of Knowledge/Script (Black Eagles)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Pegasus Moon

Throne of Knowledge

Opening Narration FETH Black Eagles symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 11 mural.png
The northern lands are enveloped in a bitter cold, and frigid winds are carried across the sea to the south of Adrestia. When feather-white snow falls on Fódlan's Locket, the fort looks as delicate as a pearl. However....beneath that snowy blanket, her Throat is more treacherous than ever.
— Chapter 11 opening narration

Event - True Identity

Date: 2/1
Audience Chamber

(Seteth is trying to get information out of Rhea...?)
Seteth: Rhea, please talk to me. What are you hiding? What is the meaning of how that one looks? It is almost as though...
Rhea: As I said, there is nothing of which to speak. For now. At the end of this month...
Seteth: I read Jeralt’s diary. I happened upon it in his room.
(Rhea's in shock.)
Rhea: What?
Seteth: In it, he stated the reason for his departure. The baby thought to have died in the fire...has returned to us. Jeralt realized that you had done something to the child and decided to flee.
Seteth: What did you do to that baby, Rhea? Nothing...questionable, I should hope?
Rhea: Seteth, enough. They will be here shortly. No more, I beg of you.
Rhea: I will take our dear professor to the Holy Tomb. There...I should be able to see our dearest wishes to fruition. When I was young, I hear her voice there... I’m sure of it.
(Knocks can be heard coming from behind the door. Someone seeks to get in.)
Rhea: You may enter.
(Byleth enters the room to report.)
Rhea: I have been awaiting your arrival, Professor. Now that you have received sacred power from the goddess, there is somewhere you must pay a visit to at once.
Rhea: You must go to the Holy Tomb so that you may receive a divine revelation from the goddess.

Choice 1 Choice 2
The Holy Tomb? A revelation?

Seteth: The Holy Tomb is where the goddess sleeps. This monastery was originally built for the purpose of protecting that hallowed temple.
Rhea: Only a select few know of it, but there is a legend about Seiros and the Holy Tomb. Saint Seiros, the first soul to be gifted power from the goddess, received her revelation there. She was told it was her sacred duty to save the people of Fódlan, and that she must use her power wisely in order to lead them. The words that were handed down to Seiros from the goddess will likely fall upon your ears as well.
Seteth: Prepare yourself to go at once. There, may you find out why you were blessed with such power.
Rhea: There will be a ceremony at the Holy Tomb. It is then that you will receive the goddess’s revelation. You may share this mission with your students.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Do you think it wise to bring them into this? A mission? Now?

Rhea: It is said that when Seiros received the revelation, she had holy warriors by her side, protecting her. Your students, who have followed you and fought alongside you through the darkest of times, are well suited to stand by you for the ceremony. Of course, as the leader of the Church of Seiros, I will be by your side as well.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Strange... Isn't that too dangerous?
Rhea: The occasion is too significant to be missed. (Support points with Rhea go up.)
Rhea: The Holy Tomb is a sacred temple that is sealed off from the rest of the world. There is nothing to fear.

Rhea: Even if something were to happen, I am more than capable of protecting myself.
Seteth: Much has changed, but your duty has not wavered. Steel your mind for the ceremony, and prepare your students well.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Exploration: Throne of Knowledge

Potential Dates: 2/8, 2/15 and 2/22

Event - Coronation

Reception Hall

(Byleth meets Edelgard on the Reception Hall. There...)

If Byleth & Edelgard's C+ support has not been unlocked If Byleth & Edelgard's C+ support has been unlocked

Edelgard: Professor, will you join me? There's something I must do.
Edelgard: It will take a few days, but I promise we'll be back in time for the ceremony at the Holy Tomb.

Where are we going?

Edelgard: It's meant to be a secret, but...I'm going to Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
Edelgard: There is something I must do there.

As the choice prompt appears, a heartbeat can be heard...
This decision will drastically change the story.
Choice 1 Choice 2
I'll go with you. I must stay.
(The event continues. The Crimson Flower branch has become available.) Crimson Flower (The event is aborted and Edelgard leaves the monastery on her own.)

Edelgard: Thank you, my teacher.
(Scene fades to black as Edelgard & Byleth leave the monastery.)

Imperial Palace (Enbarr, the Imperial Capital)

(Edelgard and Byleth arrive to the throne room, guarded by many Imperial soldiers. There, Edelgard adresses her father...)
Edelgard: Father, forgive me for asking this of you.
Edelgard: I know how much pain you’re in—how the burden of the throne weighs heavily on you—and so–
Ionius IX: There is no need to apologize, Edelgard. You must know... that I do not have much time left in this world.
(Ionius's voice sounds weak, and he's constantly coughing.)
Ionius IX: The time has come.
Edelgard: Thank you, Father.
Edelgard: Now, to complete the Imperial succession, you must relinquish your crown here in the throne room. The archbishop of the Church of Seiros would normally act as witness, but my professor will fill that role instead.
Ionius IX: Edelgard...
Edelgard: From this day forward, the weight of the Empire’s future shall rest upon my shoulders. All that I do will be for the benefit of the people of Fódlan.

(Edelgard kneels before her father as he places a golden crown over her head. Light coming from the window behind Ionius's throne basks them both.)

Cg fe16 edelgard coronation.png

Ionius IX: Edelgard von Hresvelg, the crown is yours.
Ionius IX: By the covenant between the red blood and the white sword, and by the double-headed eagle upon your head, I hereby pronounce you the new emperor.
Ionius IX: Are you prepared to take those responsibilities as your own?
Edelgard: In accordance with the ancient covenant, and in keeping with the Hresvelg legacy... I swear that upon this throne, I shall use my reign to lead Fódlan to a new dawn and achieve peace for all.

(The ceremony has concluded. Edelgard returns to Byleth's side.)

Ionius IX: The Imperial succession is complete. My daughter, I regret that I could not do more for you.
Ionius IX: When you were stolen away to the Kingdom, when the prime minister did those horrible things, I could only watch in horror.
Edelgard: I– I understand, Father.
Edelgard: In those dark times, your eyes and your fists were my salvation. Within your eyes, I saw true care. And upon your fists clenched tight with indignity, I saw the blood that dripped and fell.
Edelgard: Even as I bled, I felt that you, too, must also be bleeding.
(Suddenly, someone stumbles across the scene by accident.)
Duke Aegir: Your Majesty! You must not leave your sleeping chambers in your condition.
(Aegir then notices Edelgard, and his voice tone changes.)
Duke Aegir: Ah, Edelgard. I did not expect to find Your Highness here.
Edelgard: Prime Minister, you have misspoken. I am no longer “Your Highness” but rather...”Your Majesty”.
Duke Aegir: I-Impossible!
(The Prime Minister realizes what had just taken place.)
Ionius IX: It is true. Edelgard is the new emperor of the Adrestian Empire. We will summon the officials and prepare an ordinance at once. And you, Prime Minister–
Edelgard: –are dismissed. It will be some time before you are allowed to make contact with the outside world again.
Duke Aegir: No! How can this be?! I- Understood, Your Majesty.
(The prime minister has given up the fight. He knows what's at stake.)
Ionius IX: Edelgard... My dear El, I leave the fate of Fódlan... in your capable hands.
Edelgard: Father...

Garreg Mach Monastery

(Edelgard and Byleth have returned from Enbarr.)
Edelgard: Thank you for staying by my side, Professor.
Edelgard: Now that I’m the emperor, it’s time to grasp my destiny. After the ceremony at the Holy Tomb, I must return to Enbarr. This may be the last we see of each other.
Edelgard: We are out of time, my teacher. Everyone is waiting for us. We must go.

Event - The Holy Tomb

Date: 2/29
Holy Tomb

(Rhea introduces Byleth, the Black Eagles and Flayn to the Holy Tomb.)
Rhea: Are you surprised, Professor? This is the Holy Tomb.
Edelgard: ...To think there was a space like this beneath the monastery. I can’t believe at all that even the giant contraptions used for going underground are of this world.
Edelgard: ...
(Rhea guides the crew somewhere in the tomb as she keeps explaining.)
Rhea: This is where the goddess who created this world was laid to rest, along with her children.
(Rhea then shows everyone a throne. It's Sothis's throne...)

Cg fe16 throne of knowledge.png

Rhea: It is said that our creator—the goddess Sothis—sat upon this very throne.
Rhea: Professor, do you recognize this throne?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I do. I do not.
(Support points with Rhea go up.)
Rhea: So long... I have waited so very long for this day.
(Support points with Rhea go down.)
Rhea: There is no need to hide anything from me. You have seen it, haven’t you? In a dream...

Rhea: Sit upon the throne. I have no doubt you will be gifted a revelation from the goddess.
(Byleth walks towards the throne and sits on it.)

Cg fe16 byleth on throne m.png

Rhea: Well?

(Nothing happens...?)

Rhea: It was supposed to be but a step away. What could possibly be missing?

Edelgard: Stop right there.

(Just then, multiple Imperial soldiers arrive at the scene, right behind Edelgard and Hubert...)
Metodey: Don’t move, any of you. If you move, your lives will be forfeit.
Metodey: Thank you ever so much for guiding us this far. The Imperial army will now take possession of everything in the Holy Tomb.
(Metodey silently laughs. Everyone's confused.)

Dorothea: What’s the Imperial army doing here?
Ferdinand: Wait! Does he work for the Flame Emperor?
Linhardt: So the Flame Emperor’s connected to the Empire. I never thought that possible.
Bernadetta: Edelgard, did you know about this?

Edelgard: Yes. In fact, I gave the order. I am the Flame Emperor.

Hubert: I guess that’s the end of play-at-school, Lady Edelgard. I mean, “Your Majesty”.

Metodey: Get to work, everyone! The Crest Stones belong to us now! And take those filthy bones, too.
(The Imperial soldiers begin ransacking the place.)
Rhea: Insolence! You will atone for the sin of tramping on this holy resting place.
Rhea: Professor, destroy these villainous traitors who dare dishonor our creator!
(Everyone's confused and angry over the sudden events.)
Caspar: Wait! What’s the meaning of this, Edelgard?
Petra: You... made use of us? Why?
(Edelgard then talks to everyone.)
Edelgard: I’m sorry, my teacher. I cut this path, and now I must follow it. My friends, I ask that all of you stay back. It is not my intention to fight you.
Edelgard: By order of the Adrestian emperor, Edelgard von Hresvelg, I command you to collect the Crest Stones! If anyone attempts to stop us, kill them!

Battle: Conflict in the Holy Tomb

Before Battle

Rhea: I will not allow such violence from the Empire! Strike down the rebels and protect the Holy Tomb!

Player Phase 1

Metodey: The Crest Stones are in the caskets! Open every last one of them!
Rhea: The Holy Tomb must not be desecrated! Protect as many of the Crest Stones as you can!

Protect the Crest Stones! If they're stolen, you can get them back by defeating the foes that have them. You can earn rewards based on the number of Crest Stones you've protected.

Enemy Units Begin Looting Tombs

Edelgard: Take away every last one of those Crest Stones.
Rhea: That is enough! Do you even know what those stones are?!

Sub Boss - Metodey

Vs Anyone:

I'm told it's fine to kill those who resist. Now then, how shall I cook you?
— Metodey Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Wait... No! I was just following orders! I just... Graaargh!
— Metodey's Death Quote

Main Boss - Edelgard

Vs Anyone:

Despite what I said, I have no intention of killing you. So why not stand down and get out of my way?
— Edelgard Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Professor... I will make no excuses. Thank you for all that you did for me. In Let's leave it at that.
— Edelgard Vs Byleth

Vs Flayn:

You could have had a peaceful life... Why did you have to come to Garreg Mach?
— Edelgard Vs Flayn

Vs Constance:

Constance: What has possessed you to go through with this?!
Edelgard: I have considered every angle. I have wavered and suffered, and now my resolve is firm. Now confess... Had I told you, would you have kept my secret?
Constance: Absolutely not! I would have moved against you without a moment's hesitation!
Edelgard: As I thought. That is precisely why I did not tell you. Now get out of my way.

— Edelgard Vs Constance

Edelgard has been Defeated

Edelgard: So the end has come...

Event - Fateful Farewell

(Edelgard lies defeated...)
Rhea: You have disappointed me, Edelgard. To think that a descendant of House Hresvelg would dare betray the holy church...
Edelgard: So it is my teacher who stands in my way. I always knew it would come to this...
Rhea: Professor, kill Edelgard at once.
Rhea: She is a danger to all of Fódlan. Such a rebellious heart cannot be allowed to keep beating.

As the choice prompt appears, a heartbeat can be heard...
This decision will drastically change the story.
If "Event - Coronation" was missed/not fully seen, then Choice 2 becomes "..." and there are no heartbeats nor yellow text, locking the player into the Silver Snow branch no matter what.
Choice 1 Choice 2
I must kill Edelgard. I must protect Edelgard.
Continues Fateful Farewell and ends with Whispers of War.
Locks into the Silver Snow branch. Siding with the Church.
Jumps to Choice and Consecuence, ending with said event.
Locks into the Crimson Flower branch. Siding with Edelgard.

If "I must kill Edelgard." was chosen... Silver Snow If "I must protect Edelgard." was chosen... Crimson Flower

(Byleth nods confidently. They have decided they must kill Edelgard.)
Edelgard: I will withdraw...for now.
(Hubert teleports right behind his liege, waiting for orders.)
Edelgard: Come, Hubert!
(Edelgard teleports. Just then, Hubert looks at Byleth as he teleports as well.)

(The screen goes black. Rhea begins ranting, consumed by pure unadultered wrath.)
Rhea: To flee is futile, wicked girl. The Church of Seiros will raise its entire army against you, until you have been captured and punished! You have defiled the Holy Tomb, dishonored the goddess, and humiliated your brethren. That crime will never be erased, even if you burn in the eternal flames, and spill all of your blood into the goddess's soil!

(The screen fades back. Rhea is now behind Byleth.)

Rhea: Come, Professor. Let us return and decide upon our next course of action.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Audience Chamber

(Byleth and the remaining Black Eagles are reunited with Seteth.)
Seteth: Edelgard and Hubert have disappeared. They will surely return to the Empire. The knights have been dispatched to search and investigate. If there is any movement, we will know. We cannot ignore the possibility that there will soon be open hostilities between us and the Imperial army. When that happens, are you prepared to fight your own? If you wish to return to the Empire, I will not stop you. That is your choice to make.
Ferdinand: If Edelgard is acting afoul, then we have no choice but to strike her down.
Caspar: It's up to us to stop them! We have a war on our hands!
Linhardt: I have no interest in fighting, not even for her. And yet...
Bernadetta: How are we supposed to decide just like that?
Dorothea: Edie, Hubie, I'm sorry about this, but... I'm siding with the professor.
Petra: Her doings are wrong. It is our duty to make everything right.
Seteth: I am sure you all have much on your mind. I encourage you to confer with your professor and make a decision. You have until the fighting commences.
(Seteth directs his attention to Byleth.)
Professor, I am depending on your strength for the safety of Fódlan.

Event - Whispers of War

Imperial Palace (Enbarr, the Imperial Capital)

(Meanwhile in Enbarr, Edelgard makes a speech in front of many Imperial soldiers...)

Cg fe16 new emperor edelgard gives speech.png

Edelgard: The leaders of the church have misused its creed to fulfill their true desire—to rule the world. They have fooled the people of Fódlan. Long ago, they divided the Empire to create a Kingdom, and then...divided that Kingdom to create an Alliance. They did all of this to make the masses bicker amongst themselves. They caused instability in order to reinforce their own authority. They gathered gold and lived in extravagance. How? By preying on the devotion of those who wished for the goddess's salvation. Those corrupt hypocrites cannot lead Fódlan to true peace. Their foul belief system must be torn asunder so that true wisdom may finally prevail! And so, I have order of the Adrestian Emperor, Edelgard von Hresvelg... The Empire hereby declares war on the Church of Seiros!
(The soldiers cheer for Edelgard as the scene fades out.)

Audience Chamber

Seteth: I cannot believe it... Let us recount the situation as it stands, Professor. After you returned from the Holy Tomb... The Adrestian Empire declared war upon the Church of Seiros, as well as our allies.

Declared war?

Seteth: Edelgard demanded her own father relinquish the throne, and then assumed the position of emperor. She has deemed the Church of Seiros to be an evil of this world, and is calling upon the people of Fódlan to help her tear it down. I must discuss our response to this declaration with the archbishop after the knights return from their investigation. Until then, watch over the students. See that they remain calm.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)