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Three Houses (Three Houses chapter)/Script (part 2, Blue Lions)

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Event - Students of the Blue Lions

Date: 4/24
Blue Lion Classroom

(Byleth enters the Blue Lions's Classroom, where they're greeted by their new class...)
Annette: Wait! Does this mean our new professor is... No, I really can't believe it! But I was speaking to you so casually, as though we were companions!
Annette: Oh, I am so sorry, Professor! You just look the same age as the rest of us, and... Oh, and I'm sorry I just said that too! I really must watch my tongue...

I don't mind if you treat me as a friend.

Annette: You say that, but...I just don't know about all of this!
Dimitri: I'll admit, it doesn't sit well with me either. After all, we wish to show you due respect.
Sylvain: Sure, but if the professor says it's OK, shouldn't that be enough? That is...if Your Highness can consent to such a thing. After all, we're already speaking this way to our future king, so we may as well relax our speech with our professor too, right?
Dimitri: Well, we're not in the Kingdom, so it only goes to follow that we should all speak companionably... I concede. If the professor says it's fine, we ought to accept that kindness gratefully.
Ingrid: As for me, I'm not sure I can manage...
Mercedes: You don't have to force yourself if it's too difficult. You're fine with that too, right, Professor? (Byleth nods in agreement.)

If Byleth is Male If Byleth is Female

Felix: Having heard of your skills, I'm eager to meet you in battle. Come to the training ground later. There, you will show me what you're capable of.

Dimitri: You aren't wasting any time, are you, Felix? As it were, count me in for any such battle.
Felix: Hmph.
Ashe: Pardon me, but I would also love to observe you in battle, for future reference. If that's OK with you...
Dimitri: Ashe, I won't have you speak of merely watching. You should join us as well.
Mercedes: If you get injured, simply say the word and I'll patch you up straight away!
Dedue: Your Highness. Do take care not to go overboard.
Dimitri: You worry too much, Dedue. I'll be fine. I promise.
Sylvain: My companions! Is there not something inherently wrong with crossing blades as a way to bond with each other?
Ingrid: Huh, I never thought of it that way. Well, if that's how you feel, I suppose you'll just stay behind while the rest of us are at the training ground?
Sylvain: Ingrid, my dearest friend! You really are too harsh on me.
Dimitri: Well then, Professor, what do you think? As you can see, the Blue Lion House is a lively bunch, but you'll find none who work harder. I'm certain we'll cause our fair share of trouble, but I'm very much looking forward to the year ahead.

Event - The Crest Scholar's Office

Date: 4/26
Professor Hanneman's Office

(At last, Byleth visits Hanneman's office...)
Hanneman: Say, while you're here...I'd like to use this device I designed to determine whether the power of a Crest resides within you. Won't hurt a bit. Promise.
(Hanneman notices Byleth is still confused.)
Hanneman: You don't know about Crests? Well, allow me to tell you everything—absolutely everything—about them. Is your calendar clear? This will take a while.
Hanneman: Crests are a fascinating topic, but before one can dive deeply into said topic, one must first understand what Crests are. They are power incarnate. They are said to have been bestowed upon humans by the goddess countless ages ago. They exist within the flesh, and are passed down through bloodlines. Those who carry Crests may excel at magic, display exceptional strength, or any number of boons. Each Crest has its own power, the nature of which is beyond mortal understanding. For now.

And you believe I have a Crest?

Hanneman: I suspect as much, yes. But we won't know for sure unless I look into the matter.
Hanneman: As I said, Crests are passed down through the blood. However, just because someone carries a Crest does not necessarily mean their descendants will inherit it as well. Only a scarce few descendants of a Crest's bloodline end up inheriting that Crest's power. Perhaps one of your ancestors bore a Crest, and you just happened to inherit it. That is how a Crest usually presents itself, after all.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Do what you can to find out. There's no need to look into it.
(Support points with Hanneman go up.)
Hanneman: Yes, of course. I'll get to the bottom of it straight away.
Hanneman: I most strongly disagree! There absolutely is a need. My Crest research is of critical importance to the church, I'll have you know.
Hanneman: Since you are now a professor here, I must insist that you aid in my research. Of course...there are those who lack the foresight to aid in my endeavors, such as that stubborn Seteth. But such individuals are the rare exception.

Hanneman: Now then, please go ahead and hold out your arm over this device here.
(As instructed, Byleth holded one of their arms on Hanneman's device...)

Cg fe16 crest analyzer arm.png

Cg fe16 crest analyzer crest of flames.png

Hanneman: What is this?! A pattern I've never seen before... Is it possible an as-yet undiscovered Crest has been detected?
Hanneman: To think there are still Crests out there that even I am unaware of! How thrilling!
Hanneman: Ahem... Pardon my unrestrained jubilation. I have much to consider. You may leave now. I have more research to do in regard to this Crest. Yes, so very much more research. But for now, your work here is done.
(Hanneman turns away in excitement.)
Hanneman: Hmm... What could this line here be indicating? Perhaps it represents a lack of symmetry... or perhaps... What in the world? Oh, I see... It may be connected to that, but to a greater degree than usual...
Byleth: ...

Explore: Three Houses (Part 2 - Blue Lions)

Date: 4/27

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Event - The Blue Lions Rise

Date: 4/30
Training Grounds

(Byleth and Dimitri lie in the training grounds as the mock battle draws near.)
Dimitri: Ah, it's finally time for the mock battle. I'm eager to put my skills to use. And you, Professor? Ah, it's finally time for the mock battle. I'm eager to put my skills to use. And you, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm looking forward to it. I hope we can win.
(Support points with Dimitri go up.)
Dimitri: Excellent. I have high expectations for your command. That said, I've no doubt it will take everything we've got to pull a victory.
Dimitri: I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you command us as you did back in the village, I have no doubt we'll be fine.

Dimitri: Our opponents are mighty, that much is certain. But I'm positive we can win. (Edelgard and Claude enter the room.)
Claude: Hey there! Did we miss our invite to this strategy meeting? Oh, no worries—we'll just join in now.
Dimitri: Nice try, Claude, but I do not intend to let slip our strategies. Especially when we are up against such strong opponents as you two.
Claude: Well now! Kind words from his kingliness. If that's the case, we'd better come up with some clever schemes so as not to disappoint. Right, Princess?
Edelgard: Right. No matter the tactics you devise, we will destroy you. The best you can hope for is to learn a thing or two.
Dimitri: Haha, there's nothing wrong with a friendly rivalry, but let's not get carried away. A rash attitude could be your undoing, after all.
Edelgard: Hmm... Perhaps your time would be better spent preparing instead of worrying about the competition's mindset.
Claude: Hey, now! If you two are getting this fired up before the battle even'll make it that much easier for my class to sweep up a win. So please, carry on.
Dimitri: A good point, Claude. I apologize—that wasn't my intention. At any rate, let's vow to make this a productive battle, shall we?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Don't go too hard on us. I don't intend to lose.
Claude: No use trying to hide how you really feel, Teach. I can see it in your eyes—you don't intend to lose. Edelgard: Oh? In that case, I won't hold back.

(Hanneman and Manuela then enter the room.)
Manuela: Aw, how precious. Looks like you and the students have become fast friends.
Hanneman: While I am pleased that you are taking the initiative to acquaint yourself with the students, I'm afraid it's about time for the faculty strategy meeting.
Claude: Ah, how time flies! In that case, I'll see you later.
Edelgard: I look forward to assessing your abilities. I hope you don't disappoint.

Battle: Rivalry of the Houses

Before Battle

Dimitri: It is about time for the battle to begin. Our victory depends on your leadership. Do not let us down.

Player Phase 1

Jeralt: I'm sure you already understand, but the house that defeats the other two is declared the winner. Incidentally, I'll be overseeing this mock battle. So listen well if you want to win.

Enemy Phase 1

Lorenz: None of your shallow tactics are required, Claude. Ignatz and I will dismantle the opposition.
Ignatz: Me?! But I'm not ready!
Claude: Are you making light of our new professor? If you drop your guard, you're going to get hurt...

Edelgard: Dorothea, will you head towards the front lines? I wish to draw the enemy towards us.
Dorothea: You got it, Edie. Leave it to me.
Edelgard: Ferdinand. Hubert. If the enemy comes, stop them.
Ferdinand: Leave it to us, although I could do this on my own.
Hubert: Heh. Clearly not, or Her Highness would not ask me to watch your back.

Enemy Phase (Enemy unit has been defeated)

Claude: Well done, Teach! I may have to take this seriously after all!

If Approaching the Golden Deer First

Claude: Let's use the forest to set up an ambush. I'm counting on your support, everyone!

Jeralt: If they're waiting in the forest, we'd do well to take a detour.

If Claude is Surrounded

Claude: Welp, we're surrounded. All we can do is fight back with all our might!

If Approaching the Black Eagles First

Claude: Are you really gonna fight two houses at once? Heh, an impressive display of confidence.

Edelgard: Victory is in sight, Black Eagles. Do not let up!

If Approaching the Black Eagles After Dealing With the Golden Deer

Edelgard: Flawless tactics, Professor. Our only choice in this situation is a head-on attack!

Students & Teachers's Defeat Quotes


I've lost?! Oh! Unthinkable!
— Lorenz's defeat quote


I've lost. The new professor is quite a commander.
— Ignatz's defeat quote


Ouch! Was that really necessary?
— Hilda's defeat quote


Hanneman: My goodness. The leadership of someone with actual battle experience is... Well! I was as good as useless.
Manuela: Hey! You didn't compliment me like that when my class won last year!

— Hanneman's defeat quote


I am the son of House Aegir! How did I fail? I must need to train harder...
— Ferdinand's defeat quote


Hmm. The new professor's rather strong. Suppose I'll have to call it a day.
— Hubert's defeat quote


My, my... The new professor seems very capable.
— Dorothea's defeat quote


Manuela: Well done. I nearly wound up a patient in my own infirmary.
Hanneman: So, you've made it past Manuela, eh? I see now I must focus, and then make my move.

— Manuela's defeat quote

Boss - Claude

Vs Byleth:

Claude: Coming up with brilliant schemes, I can handle. No problem. But I'm not much for fighting. Go easy on me!
Byleth: ...
Claude: You know that was a joke, right? Jeez, not so much as a smile...

— Claude Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Claude: Psst, Your Princliness. You've got a thing for Edelgard, right? Come on, fess up. You'll feel better.
Dimitri: Claude, please. This is no time for idle banter. Your defenses are wide open.
Claude: That didn't get to him, huh? What a shame. I'll find a better way to ruffle him up next time.

— Claude Vs Dimitri

Defeat Quote:

If Claude is the last Golden Deer standing
I must have let my guard down. I guess that's a loss for the Golden Deer House.
— Claude's defeat quote
If Claude is not the last Golden Deer standing
Argh, I hate losing! I guess I'll just have to settle for cheering the others on.
— Claude's defeat quote

Boss - Edelgard

Vs Byleth:

There can be no victory unless I defeat you. So be it!
— Edelgard Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Edelgard: Dimitri... It's time! We can finally settle the question of who's stronger.
Dimitri: Very well. I accept your challenge. With you as my opponent, I won't hold anything back.
Edelgard: I would expect no less!

— Edelgard Vs Dimitri

Defeat Quote:

If Edelgard is the last Black Eagle standing
To think that the Black Eagles could lose so readily...
— Edelgard's defeat quote
If Edelgard is not the last Black Eagle standing
Forced to retreat... Well, things will only get tougher from here on out.
— Edelgard's defeat quote

All Enemies Have Been Defeated

Jeralt: All right, that's that! The winner of this mock battle is... The Blue Lion House!

Dimitri: This victory is the result of everyone's hard work. Thank you, my friends. You did well.

Event - The Mock Battle (Blue Lions)

Reception Hall

Dimitri: Professor! I've been looking for you.
(The Blue Lion House reunites around Byleth.)
Dimitri: I was hoping we could all share a meal together. It could serve as both a victory celebration and a post-battle analysis. What do you think?

Choice 1 Choice 2
A victory celebration? I'm invited?
Dimitri: Of course. After all, we fought hard out there. Such exertion is bound to make anyone hungry for respite, don't you agree? Dimitri: Of course. Why wouldn't you be?

Sylvain: Come now, Professor! We can't very well celebrate without the key to our victory present.
Annette: He's right! He really is! We were only able to win because we had your help, Professor!
Felix: Yes. Compared with that boar who knows nothing save frontal attacks, your tactics were nearly decent.
Ingrid: Felix! You really ought to stop picking fights with His Highness.
Dimitri: Don't worry, Ingrid. I encourage all to speak freely. And I must agree that the professor's tactics were truly extraordinary. I have much to learn.
Mercedes: Oh, sure, but today was exhausting. I'm so hungry I can barely stand...
Ashe: To be honest, so am I. Let's head to the dining hall. Together.
(The Blue Lions sans Dimitri walk towards the dining hall.)
Dimitri: Professor. I'm sorry to intrude, don't look too happy for someone who just won.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You're mistaken. Is that so...
Dimitri: You say that, but your eyes tell a different story. Dimitri: Hm. Well, I understand how hard it can be to accept joy sometimes. I'm sorry for prying.

Dimitri: I know we only just met, so this may be difficult for you, but... I'd love nothing more than to share our happiness with you. Joy can be so fleeting, after all. We're all in this I hope you will consent.
Dimitri: I'm sure the rest of the class feels the very same. Well...come along, Professor. Let's enjoy the fruits of our labor!
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Event - Report: Great Tree Moon

Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: Your work with the students was remarkable. I can see Jeralt trained you well. I do hope you were able to use the occasion to bond with the students.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I did. Not really.
Rhea: I am so happy to hear it. Nothing would please me more than if you used this coming year to grow closer still. Rhea: Oh? Well, you have only just met them, so I suppose that should come as no surprise.

Seteth: Of course, the mock battle was mere practice. The real fight is the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, which will take place during the Wyvern Moon. You are expected to properly train your students so as not to humiliate the academy during the long-held tradition that is the coming battle.
Rhea: As for today, I have called you here to tell you of your mission for the month ahead. Your class is to dispose of some bandits causing trouble nearby.

Choice 1 Choice 2
My mission? Bandits?

Seteth: Those affiliated with Garreg Mach Monastery have a moral obligation to help those in need, regardless of social standing. Students are no exception. Each month, before the newly birthed moon departs, each house of students must complete their assigned mission. You shall work to complete the task at hand alongside your students and report back to the archbishop before the deadline. Understood?
Seteth: I will soon provide you with the necessary details for your first mission. If I told you now, I expect you would only forget, and I despise repeating myself.
Rhea: I can sense something special within your heart... I have high hopes for you.
(Rhea and Seteth then leave the room.)

Sothis: Bandits, they say...
Byleth: ?! (The voice of Sothis is heard again, which confuses Byleth as she doesn't seem to be anywhere in the room.)
Sothis: Do you recall when we first met? You shall not fall so shamelessly again, correct?
Byleth: ...
Sothis:Have you no words for me? Do not tell me that you are shocked to hear from me! You ought to know that I am always with you now. To hear my voice should not come as a shock.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Right. I don't understand...
(Sothis sighs in disappointment.)
Sothis: Whatever shall I do with you?
(Sothis proceeds to explain herself.)
Sothis: I am alive within the confines of your heart. I am unknown to all but you. But through your eyes and ears, I see and hear. Just listen to your heart, as you are doing now, and we may speak like this. That is all that I know.

Byleth: ...


Zanado, The Red Canyon

Kostas: What is this nonsense?! All I was told was to kill as many noble pipsqueaks as possible! No one said anything about the Knights of damned Seiros being on our trail!
(The thief who had previously attacked Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude is complaining to someone wearing a mask and an armor hidden by a cloak...?)
???: You have proven yourself worthless. Distracted by something so trivial. I had hoped you would achieve your goal despite the setback. But now a child of the knights' former captain is in play. How interesting.
Kostas: Hey! This isn't what I agreed to!
(The masked figure seems to be lost in thought...)
???: Hiring a mercenary as a professor. What was that woman thinking...
Kostas: Are you listening to me?! How do we finish this?!
???: You die.

Kostas: Wh— What?!
???: Underestimating the knights was an amateur mistake. One you will pay for. The road to eternal torment awaits you all.
???: Now I must locate your replacements...
(The masked person teleports away as Kostas tries to catch them up.)
Kostas: Wait! Get back here! Damn you!