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Three Assassins/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Not long after the War of Shadows...
The world slowly started to regain stability in the wake of Medeus's destruction.
However, the dark powers that Marth banished to the abyss began to rise once more in corners unseen...

— DLC Episode 2 intro


Katarina: ...The "Soothsires"... Vicious bandits, once feared as the demons of Samsooth Mountains. Apparently, most of them were vanquished by Prince Marth in the War of Shadows. However, we have reports that the survivors have set up a hideout in this forest and are expanding their influence. They've been caught raiding village, kidnapping women and children. They're just as evil as before.
Clarisse: Sigh... It's not like I care what they get up to. Lady Eremiya's order was to kill every last one of them, right?
Katarina: Yes. Every last one.The Soothsires have committed far too many crimes. If we kill them, nobody will have to suffer by their hands again...
Clarisse: Why should we care though? It's only natural that the weak should suffer.
Katarina: ...
Legion appears
Katarina: Legion, are you going to help us?
Legion: Wee hee hee. If Reese and Clarisse are fighting, then I'm fighting too.
A Legion clone appears
Legion: Me too.
Another Legion clone appears
Legion: Me too, too.
Katarina: Alright. Then, let the operation begin.
Clarisse: Wait. I'm not letting you take the lead. Reese, Legion, let's go. We must fulfill Lady Eremiya's order!

Athena arrives on the map (turn 2)

Athena: So this is the hideout of the bad men who kidnapped the vee vuns. Ve vill not forgive selfish creatures who make people suffer. Ve vill rescue the vee vuns. It's vat any voman vould do.

Eremiya and Gharnef arrive on the map (one turn after the reinforcements spawn)

Eremiya: Work hard, my children...
Gharnef: Heh heh heh... How is it going, Eremiya? Are those puppets working hard?
Eremiya: Yes, Master Gharnef.
Gharnef: Good... I think I'll watch as well. Heh heh heh...
(Eremiya and Gharnef join)

First combat phase quotes


Katarina: ...


Clarisse: You filth. You really think you can survive against me?


Legion: Wee hee hee. Let us fight fight!


Athena: Ve vill not forgive the vicked.


Eremiya: Now...fear.


Gharnef: Heh heh heh... Let me teach you the meaning of despair!

Death quotes


Katarina: I knew would this someday...
(Game Over)


Clarisse: Damn! No choice... I'm getting out of here for now.


Legion: I won't die... So long as there's another me... Wee hee hee!


Athena: save...


Eremiya: Oh dear, how terrible. I'd better fall back.


Gharnef: Heh heh heh... Maybe I fooled around too much... I'll fall back for now!

Athena and Katarina talk

Katarina: You are...?
Athena: Athena. Ve are Athena. Ve came to save the vee vuns.
Katarina: say? The myrmidon who fought alongside Prince Marth in the previous war...?
Athena: Vat? Have ve met before?
Katarina: Oh no, this is the first time. Miss Athena, you should stand back rather than force yourself. We can handle the rest.

Athena and Clarisse talk

Clarisse: What the hell's with you? Why have you come here?
Athena: Ve came to save the vee vuns. You too?
Clarisse: ...Oh well, I suppose you could put it that way. Explaining it properly would be a pain.
Athena: Very vell. Then count this voman on your side.
Clarisse: Sigh. ...I think it'd be easier if we just killed her... Oh, who cares. As long as you don't get in the way, you can do whatever pleases you.

Clarisse and Katarina talk (available starting turn 4)

Katarina: Clarisse, are you safe?
Clarisse: Of course I am. You can be annoying sometimes. Why do you always dangle after me?
Katarina: That's because... I'm your big sister.
Clarisse: That crap again? You're really bugging me. Don't say that crap again, not until you've killed much more people than me.
Clarisse leaves the scene
Katarina: Oh, Clarisse...


Katarina: Clarisse, we've annihilated the enemy. There might be prisoners. Let's search inside.
Clarisse: Do we have to? What a pain. Hm? What's this? These are rather expensive-looking paintings...
Katarina: It seems that stolen artworks are stored here; jewelry, paintings, furniture...
Clarisse: Sigh... ......
Katarina: Clarisse?
Clarisse: ...You go ahead.
Katarina: ...Alright.

Scene changes

Gharnef: Heh heh heh... A perfect result, I'd say. Eremiya. You have raised your children well. I'm sure they will be of use. They're worthy of being my dearest pawns.
Eremiya: Your praise is too much, Master Gharnef.
Gharnef: However... One of the puppets has an interesting connection with the Soothsire subjugation. That girl...doesn't know, does she? Her origins... Why she lost her parents... Or who pulled the strings behind it all...
Eremiya: Indeed. She knows nothing.
Gharnef: Heh heh heh... Poor little puppet...

Scene changes back

Katarina: Clarisse, we've located the captives.
Clarisse: ......
Katarina: Clarisse...? What's wrong, you've been acting odd.
Clarisse: ...... ...I've...seen...this painting... A long time ago...
Katarina: Huh...?
Clarisse: A big, warm room... Soft carpet... A family portrait... The two of them smiled... And gently...patted my head...
Katarina: Clarisse...
Clarisse: But...but... Of course, they're... They're all...
Katarina: ...
Clarisse: It's only natural for the suffer... But...

Scene changes

Katarina: Go, run.
Boy: Thank you, miss!
Boy leaves
Girl: ...Err.
Katarina: Hmm?
Girl: My name is Katarina. What's your name, miss?
Katarina: I... ...I'm called Katarina, too. The same as you.
Girl: I see. I'm so happy... I have the same name as you, miss! See you later, miss!
Girl leaves
Katarina: Yes, later... Katarina... Please be happy.
Clarisse: ...What are you doing? We're going back, Reese. Also... Don't tell anyone about what happened today, alright?
Katarina: Yes, Clarisse.