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The Thunder Axe/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Following Elffin's guidance, Roy heads for a cave near Juteaux to obtain a legendary weapon. But Roy and company aren't the only ones who know of the cave. Yet another battle awaits them...


(Inside the cave)

Guerrero: This is the end of the caaave? Treasuuure... Where are yooouu...? Answer meee...
Bandit 1: Boss... Are you sure about this? The men from Bern just told us to block the entrance. If they catch us now, they'll surely have us back in chains!
Guerrero: You foooool! We'll do as we're told in tiiime... They'll never know that we took the treasuuure.... If we block the entrance without taking the treasure, it's all the same anywaaay... Do you really want that poor treasure trapped in here for all eternityyy?
Bandit 1: Well, when you put it that way... I guess you're right.
Bandit 2: Boss! There's an army stationed outside the cave!
Guerrero: Whaaat? They want to take our treasure, do theeey? Have the boys near the entrance take them ooouut... And grab all the treasure cheeests... We rightfully stole them fiiirst!

(Inside the cave entrance)

Roy: A legendary weapon lies in this cave...? It's so dark in here.
Elffin: According to the scholar in Juteaux I spoke to, the legendary weapon in this cave is most likely the Thunder Axe, Armads.
Roy: Armads... An axe this time.
Elffin: Armads was wielded by Durban the Berserker, who was said to be a colossus of a man. A single blow from his axe surely made short work of any opponent.
Roy: Elffin, you seem to know a lot about the Eight Legends and their weapons.
Elffin: I'm a bard. It is my job to know myths and legends.
Roy: I'd like to hear some of them when we have the time.
Elffin: Of course.
Elffin: ...Lord Roy, it seems we are not alone in this cave.
Roy: We aren't?
Elffin: There are also noxious fumes coming from the cave walls. We must tread lightly.

In battle

Battle quotes

Guerrero enters combat

Guerrero: Daaahhhhhh! Rah!

Guerrero dies

Guerrero: Dah...


Roy: Where is the legendary weapon?
Elffin: Hmm... I hear wind blowing from behind the throne.
Roy: What? I can't hear it...
Roy: A niche... between the floor and the wall. Oh! It opened! ...So this is the legendary weapon? This axe is enormous.
Elffin: Armads... The very axe wielded by Durban the Berserker. It certainly appears fit for a warrior of his stature.

(A messenger arrives)

Soldier: R-report! I have a message from Etruria... A revolution has broken out in Aquileia, capital of Etruria.
Merlinus: What?!
Soldier: The ones leading the revolution are High Chancellor Roartz and Lord Arcardo. They have captured King Mordred. They also say they plan to divide dominion of the continent between Bern and Etruria!
Merlinus: The two strongest nations in Elibe joining forces...
Roy: Is General Cecilia alright? And what of Princess Guinivere...
Soldier: We don't have any current information... But the three Generals of Etrurian Generals have parted ways and are working separately. Mage General Cecilia has fled Aquileia for the Missur Peninsula in the southwest.
Roy: And the other Generals?
Soldier: They're with the revolutionaries against their will because the king was taken hostage.
Merlinus: Lord Roy...
Roy: We need to contact General Cecilia... Princess Guinivere... Please be safe...

(Armads obtained)