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The Stronghold

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The Stronghold

Cm fe05 13.png


Surroundings of Tahra, Munster District

New units




I know it’s dangerous, but we have no choice. Tahra's demise will mean our demise as well.
— Leif

The Stronghold (Japanese: 城塞都市 Fortified City) is the thirteenth chapter of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.


Main article: The Stronghold/Script

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Beginning log

After Leif led the Liberation Army out of the forest, the stronghold city of Tahra stood before him at last... The free city of Tahra, with Linoan as its mayor, had always been doing its best to protect against the Empire's evil deeds. However, surrounded by Imperial troops led by Commander Paulus, Tahra's situation was looking increasingly grim. Tahra had maintained its freedom by promising never to oppose the Empire, but that freedom seemed short-lived now...

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Have Leif escape the map Player Other Enemy
Defeat: Leif dies 8+6 0 38+reinforcements
Cm fe05 13.png

Character data

New Units
Portrait glade fe05.png
Duke Knight
Automatically at the start
Returning Characters

Portrait leif fe05.pngPortrait lifis fe05.pngPortrait brighton fe05.pngPortrait machyua fe05.pngPortrait lara fe05.pngPortrait felgus fe05.pngPortrait karin fe05.pngPortrait dalsin fe05.pngPortrait asvel fe05.pngPortrait nanna fe05.pngPortrait hicks fe05.pngPortrait finn fe05.pngPortrait safy fe05.pngPortrait shiva fe05.pngPortrait osian fe05.pngPortrait halvan fe05.pngPortrait ronan fe05.pngPortrait carrion fe05.pngPortrait marty fe05.pngPortrait dagdar fe05.pngPortrait tanya fe05.pngPortrait selfina fe05.pngPortrait kain fe05.pngPortrait alva fe05.pngPortrait robert fe05.pngPortrait fred fe05.pngPortrait olwen fe05.pngPortrait mareeta fe05.pngPortrait salem fe05.pngPortrait pirn fe05.pngPortrait trewd fe05.pngPortrait tina fe05.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is snes03 hammer.png Hammer Visit northern house
Is snes03 armorslayer.png Armorslayer Visit south eastern house
Is snes03 knight proof.png Knight Proof Visit south western house
Is snes03 brave bow.png Brave Bow Talk to Glade with Selfina

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma snes03 archer enemy.gif
Friege Archer 12 5 Is snes03 short bow.png Short Bow --
Friege Arch Knight 6 3 Is snes03 long bow.png Long Bow --
Friege Armored Axe 10 5 Is snes03 battle axe.png Battle Axe --
Friege Armored Lance 8 9 Is snes03 javelin.png Javelin --
Friege Ballista 3 6 Is snes03 ballista.png Ballista --
Friege Bishop 12 1 Is snes03 bolting.png BoltingIs snes03 elfire.png ElfireIs snes03 physic.png PhysicIs snes03 vulnerary.png Vulnerary --
Friege Priest 5 2 Is snes03 heal.png Heal --
Friege Mage 7 2 Is snes03 thunder.png Thunder --
Ma snes03 soldier enemy.gif
Friege Soldier 13 5 Is snes03 javelin.png Javelin --
List General 12 1 Is snes03 killer lance.png Killer LanceIs snes03 poison bow.png Poison BowIs snes03 vulnerary.png VulneraryIs snes03 vulnerary.png Vulnerary
Is snes03 pavise.png Pavise
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Friege Arch Knight 4 vaires Is snes03 short bow.png Short Bow --
Friege Armored Lance 15 varies Is snes03 long lance.png Long Lance --
Friege Bow Armor 4 varies Is snes03 long bow.png Long Bow --
Friege Mage 10 varies Is snes03 thunder.png Thunder --


Boss data

Main article: List
Portrait list fe05.png
Level 12
Action 0
Max HP 46 Speed 9
Strength 14 Luck 6
Magic 2 Defense 17
Skill 11 FCC 0
Movement 6 Constitution 20
Inventory Skills
Is snes03 killer lance.png Killer Lance
Is snes03 poison bow.png Poison Bow
Is snes03 vulnerary.png Vulnerary
Is snes03 vulnerary.png Vulnerary
Is snes03 pavise.png Pavise
Weapon Levels
SNESRankSword.png B SNESRankLance.png A SNESRankAxe.png B SNESRankBow.png B SNESRankStaff.png --
SNESRankFire.png -- SNESRankThunder.png -- SNESRankWind.png -- SNESRankLight.png -- SNESRankDark.png --


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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
The Stronghold
Japanese 城塞都市 Fortified City


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