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The Stolen Ring

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The Stolen Ring

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Mountain Settlement


Fog of war

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The Stolen Ring (Japanese: 奪われた指輪 Stolen ring) is the sixth chapter of Fire Emblem Engage. In this chapter, Alear and their army fight a group of bandits in order to secure the Ring of the Dawn Maiden.

This chapter introduces fog of war, using knives as weapons to inflict poison, as well as Emblem Micaiah. In addition to the next main chapter, completing this chapter will also unlock the second paralogue chapter.


Main article: The Stolen Ring/Script

In the middle of the night, Alfred leads Alear to the shrine holding the next Emblem Ring. As they near the border of Brodia, they spot fewer and fewer people, until they eventually spot a crying girl. Alfred attempts to assuage her, who introduces herself as Yunaka with a set of odd mannerisms. She tells them that she dropped a talking ring nearby; the ring had told her to take it to the Divine Dragon. Alear reveals themself as the Divine Dragon in question, and asks her how she found the ring, which she replies to while performing an impression of the ring's voice. She explains that she was attacked by bandits while she attempted to bring the ring, and asks Alear and company for help. Alear agrees to help, and Yunaka takes them to a village being assaulted by bandits.

At the village, Yunaka manages to spot which particular bandit was holding the ring. With two goals to achieve—retrieving the ring and defending the village—Alear splits their group in two, with them traveling alone with Yunaka. In a hidden passageway, the two spot the thief carrying the ring, and slay him. Alear acquires the ring and calls forth Emblem Micaiah with an invocation. They then entrust the ring to Yunaka on the condition that she continue to help them, to which she agrees.

With both of their goals completed, Alear thanks Yunaka again. She then confesses that she had stolen the ring from its shrine in the first place, and was planning to sell it as she had little money. She prepares to accept her punishment, but Alfred questions her seemingly selfish motives, as she could have easily used the darkness to run away with the ring by herself. Micaiah vouches for Yunaka's kindess, also saying that it was she who had called out to her in the first place. Alear proposes that Yunaka join their army as "punishment", which she accepts gladly.

Before the army moves on to Brodia, Alear spots Veyle wandering through the ruins of the village. She explains that she is looking for her sibling, and Alear expresses their sympathy for her. Veyle shows them a keepsake given by her sibling: a red stone. Alear then spots a wound on Veyle's leg and tends to it, calling her a friend. Veyle reacts strongly to the word "friend", not remembering the last time she was treated so kindly, and leaves.

Beginning log

Having regained Firene Castle, the party heads to a shrine housing the Ring of the Dawn Maiden.

Chapter data

Normal Hard Maddening

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Teronda* Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Alear dies 1–10+1 {{{partner}}} 1−1 17
File:Cm fe17 6.png
Map dimensions:
22 columns by 16 rows

Character data

New units
Small portrait yunaka fe17.png
Iron Dagger
Automatically from turn 1
Required characters
Alear f ​
Available characters
Vander ​Clanne ​Framme ​Alfred ​Etie ​Boucheron ​Céline ​Louis ​Chloé ​

Emblem Ring data

New units
Small portrait micaiah fe17.png
Great Sacrifice
Automatically synced with Yunaka after defeating a Barbarian
Available characters
Marth ​Sigurd ​Celica ​

Additionally, Emblem Energy appears in the following locations:

  • Column 3, row 12: Northwest of the southwestern beacon
  • Column 7, row 3: East of Teronda, just north of a Sword Fighter
  • Column 9, row 13: East of the southwestern beacon

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns02 talisman.png Talisman Dropped by Teronda
Is ns02 torch.png Torch Dropped by enemy Sword Fighter
Is ns02 longbow.png Longbow Dropped by enemy Archer
Is ns02 hammer.png Hammer Dropped by enemy Barbarian

Enemy data

Every enemy other than Teronda will attempt to extinguish any beacons they come across, provided no units are within their attack range.

Normal Hard Maddening

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Bld Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma ns02 barbarian teronda.png Teronda Barbarian 13 1 35
Revival Stone
14 0 8 8−1 6 4 10 11 4 Hand Axe TalismanThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
• Immobile; stands on a protection tile.
• Dodges all fatal attacks (even Engage Attacks) if Micaiah's ring has yet to be retrieved.
Ma ns02 barbarian thief.png Thief Barbarian 9 1 31 10 0 3 7−2 1 0 0 10 4 Hand Axe
• Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• Defeat grants Emblem Micaiah to Yunaka.
Ma ns02 sword fighter thief female.png Thief Sword Fighter 9 2 24 5 0 10 11 2 0 3 6 4 Iron Sword
• The eastern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The western one begins moving unprovoked on turn 9.
Ma ns02 barbarian thief female.png Thief Barbarian 9 3 31 9 0 3 7 1 0 0 10 4 Iron Axe
• The center one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The northern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 3.
• The southern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma ns02 thief thief.png Thief Thief 9 2 23 4 0 10 13 2 1 3 5 5 Kard
• The northern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
• The southern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 3.
Ma ns02 sword fighter thief female.png Thief Sword Fighter 9 1 24 5 0 10 11 2 0 3 6 4 Iron Sword Torch
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Ma ns02 mage thief.png Thief Mage 10 1 20 1 9 8 8−5 0 7 2 5 4 Thunder
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 3.
Ma ns02 archer thief.png Thief Archer 9 1 23 6 0 12 7−5 1 0 2 5 4 LongbowThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma ns02 barbarian thief.png Thief Barbarian 9 1 31 10 0 3 7−5 1 0 0 10 4 HammerThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Ma ns02 sword fighter thief female.png Thief Sword Fighter 9 2 24 5 0 10 11 2 0 3 6 4 Slim Sword
• The eastern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
• The southwestern one begins moving unprovoked on turn 5.
Ma ns02 barbarian thief.png Thief Barbarian 9 1 31 10 0 3 8 1 0 0 10 4 Iron Axe
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 7.
Ma ns02 mage thief.png Thief Mage 10 1 20 1 9 8 8 0 7 2 5 4 Fire

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Bld Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma ns02 thief yunaka.png Yunaka Thief 6 1 25 8 5 14 12 9 7 8 5 5 Iron Dagger Mend Vulnerary Antitoxin
Trained to Kill
Moves to be south of Alear, then becomes playable on turn 1.

Boss data

Main article: Teronda

Normal Hard Maddening

Ma ns02 barbarian teronda.png Barbarian
Level 13
Movement 4
Max HP 35
Revival Stone
Defense 6
Strength 14 Resistance 4
Magic 0 Luck 10
Dexterity 8 Build 11
Speed 8−1
Inventory Skills
Hand Axe
TalismanThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes B Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts -- Special --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

When you return to the Somniel, you unlock the blacksmith and Arena. High-priority targets for refinement and engravement are the Libération and the Askran weapons. At the Arena, you can use bond fragments to purchase bond ranks with your Emblems, although you will likely lack the SP required to buy the good skills. The best options are Tome Precision 1 for Clanne and Céline and Hit +10 for Vander. Given that this next battle has Archers and fog of war, if you've been giving Sigurd to Chloé you should move him to a cavalier for this mission, preferably Alfred. 9 Speed doubles slower enemies like Mages and Archers, while 13 comfortably doubles medium Speed enemies like Barbarians.

You are joined by Yunaka, a Thief who gets bonus crit when fighting from cover. Immediately have Alear maul the nearby Barbarian. This will allow Yunaka to engage with a new Emblem, Micaiah, who focuses on healing support. She boosts staff range and area of effect by an absurd amount, so make good use of her. Send whoever has Sigurd and Celica north to kill the Sword Fighter and the Hammer Barbarian near the beacon and move everyone else west. Be aware that a Longbow Archer covers the spots next to the southeast beacon and another Archer is milling about near the central eastern beacon; both will gladly turn Chloé into a pincushion. Once you kill the Longbow Archer, you get to claim his Longbow for your own. This is a very valuable weapon that gives Etie a lot more flexibility in combat. Once you're through the first wave, start pushing westward, having Alear take the lead in the north and Louis take point in the south. When you're ready to approach the northwest corner and face Tarona, start by moving into the right thicket on the northern wall so you can lure the Barbarian solo, then put a ranged unit in the left thicket so you can deal with the Mage. Be careful when moving the southern group to reunite with Alear and Yunaka, as Teronda likes to jump you from the ruins on the west side. Louis or Boucheron can take the chokepoint to slow him down so that Etie can chip him down from safety with the Longbow. This will also drive him back northwards and into Alear's waiting blade.

Completing this chapter unlocks, among other things, the paralogue Mysterious Merchant. That paralogue should be your next port of call.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

The Stolen Ring




Stolen ring


El anillo robado

The stolen ring


L'anneau dérobé

The stolen ring


Der gestohlene Ring

The stolen ring


L'anello rubato

The stolen ring


빼앗긴 반지

Stolen ring

Simplified Chinese


Stolen ring

Traditional Chinese


Stolen ring



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