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The Sleeping Sand Legend/Script

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(Claude is looking for something in one of the books.)

FETH brown book open.png

Claude: Hm...
(Byleth enters the library and finds Claude.)
Claude: Very interesting...

Choice 1 Choice 2
What's interesting? What are you reading?

(Byleth's response startles Claude, who quickly turns around to see Byleth.)
Claude: Oh, Teach! How long have you been there? Don't sneak up on me like that! You almost gave me a heart attack.
Claude: Anyway, I'm reading the official biography of the Four Saints, as sanctioned by the church. I know you're not very familiar with the teachings of Seiros, but even you must have read it at least once.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Maybe... I don't think so...
Claude: Huh. I'm amazed you managed to get a job teaching at an academy run by the church. Claude: Tell me again... How exactly did you manage to get a job teaching at an academy run by the church?

Claude: Well, whether you've read the biography or not, the Four Saints must at least ring a bell, right? Well then, I've got a little quiz for you. Name the Four Saints, companions of the great Saint Seiros. I'll give you a hint. There was Cichol, Cethleann, Indech, and...who was the fourth one again?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Macile. Macuil. Maicul.
Claude: Ooh, tough luck! That would be incorrect. The name you were looking for is "Macuil." Claude: Correct! I was hoping you'd know that much, at least. Claude: Ooh, tough luck! That would be incorrect. The name you were looking for is "Macuil."

Claude: In any case, you can learn some interesting things reading about the life and times of Saint Macuil. For instance, he was more skilled with his hands than his fellow saints, and even became an accomplished blacksmith. He used his skills to forge countless sacred weapons for the army of Seiros. Of course, he didn't just forge the weapons. He also used them in battle himself. Legends say his strength was second only to Seiros. It's even said that he played a big role in the Battle of Tailtean, where Seiros fought Nemesis, the King of Liberation who became the king of evil. Macuil lost his life in that battle, and now his body rests in a coffin within the Holy Mausoleum.
Claude: Or so one story goes. Another legend says he set off on a journey to find a new land. That he left Fódlan from the east, crossed the sea, and vanished. He must have left Alliance territory, but where exactly would he have set sail from, I wonder? Thinking about it reminds me of another interesting story concerning the Sreng Region.
Claude: The peninsula is attached to the mainland of Fódlan and extends from the northeastern part of Kingdom territory. If you were to set sail from Margrave Edmund's territory, you could cut cross a stretch of sea and land there. And it just so happens that in the Sreng Region, there are ruins built to worship a sacred beast that appeared from across the sea. If the ruins have something to do with Saint Macuil, there could be sacred weapons there...
Claude: So? Have I piqued your interest or what?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Maybe a little. Not really.

Claude: You always have to play it cool, don't you? Just think of how useful it would be to have weapons like that! Not to mention that the peninsula would be pretty easy to get to about now, seeing as how Alliance territory has settled down a bit. We'd be there and back in no time. No one would even notice we were gone. Come on, Teach! Let's go to the Sreng Region!

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's go. (Begin Paralogue battle) Let me think about it. (Return to previous screen)
Claude: I always see it through once I set my mind on something. Let's make the necessary preparations before I die of curiosity. Claude: I guess I can wait...just a while. But make sure you decide before I die of curiosity, OK?

Battle: The Sleeping Sand Legend

Sreng Desert

Before Battle

Claude: There are the ruins... It looks like we're not gonna have the luxury of an excavation. Look. I bet those are the watchmen of the ruins, and that they've been ordered to keep out intruders. And that big beast... I hear they call it The Wind Caller.

The Wind Caller: Thieves... Only by defeating me can you claim the secret treasure!
Claude: Agh! It speaks! What is it?!

Player Phase 1

Thief(1): Huh? Who are you? I'm just here for a bit of treasure! Don't attack me!

Claude: Someone got here first... Must be a band of looters. We can't let them get the treasure! Guess their luck's about to run out.

Fighting the Southwest Thief

If any unit fights the Southwest thief...

Thief(1): You're not trying to take this treasure from me, are you?

If the thief falls..

Thief(1): The treasure... I thought it would make me rich...

Fighting the Northeast Thief

If any unit fights the Northeast thief...

Thief(2): If I don't get this treasure back, the boss is gonna be really angry with me!

If the thief falls..

Thief(2): I should never have become a thief...

Fighting the Southeast Thief

If any unit fights the Southeast thief...

Thief(3): After all the trouble we went through to get this treasure, I'm not gonna let you get your hands on it!

If the thief falls..

Thief(3): Gah... Those thieves...

Fighting the Thief Leader

If any unit fights the thief leader...

Thief(4): Huh? Are you looting too? Well, I'm not letting you have this treasure!

If the thief falls..

Thief(4): No! That's my treasure...

Main Boss - The Wind Caller

Vs Anyone:

You have had your fun. If you are going to flee, now is your chance. If you are not going to flee... I shall take your life as payment!
— The Wind Caller Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Hmmm... Those who stand before me... How long has it been? Hundreds of years? Thousands? You have the stink of Sothis upon you... Let us find out whether you share her power.
— The Wind Caller Vs Byleth

Vs Claude:

The Wind Caller: I smell those detestable 10 Elites... Who are you?
Claude: I'm the grandson of the grandson of the grandson of the elite Riegan. Now tell me who you are!
The Wind Caller: I am your family's enemy. If you carry the blood of the 10 Elites, you cannot be permitted to live.
Claude: What do you mean by that? And what's that Crest on your forehead?
The Wind Caller: No more talk. If you wish to survive, you must destroy me!

— The Wind Caller Vs Claude

Vs Seteth:

The Wind Caller: Are these your companions?
Seteth: They are indeed. I should tell you that Seiros is in a precarious state right now.
The Wind Caller: I will not assist you. I have lived apart from the world of man, which disgusts me so. This war disgusts me also.
Seteth: I thought you might say as much. That is regrettable.

— The Wind Caller Vs Seteth

Vs Flayn:

The Wind Caller: Ah, that face takes me back in time... You have not changed one bit, Ceth—
Flayn: I ask that you keep quiet, Uncle!
The Wind Caller: Why the rush, Ceth—
Flayn: Shh! Please keep quiet, Uncle!

— The Wind Caller Vs Flayn

The Wind Caller is Defeated

The Wind Caller: ...
Claude: It stopped moving... Is it dead?
The Wind Caller: Zzz...
Claude: No... It seems it's just sleeping... I thought we were supposed to be given the treasure, but... Forget it. I'll just have a look around there.
Claude: What about this thing? Huh. I'll think about it later.


Entrance Hall

(As Byleth and Claude return from their trip...)
Claude: Thanks for all your hard work, Teach. Sorry for dragging you along with me. I had no idea it would turn into a fight. But hey, at least we got some treasure out of it. I'll leave this in your capable hands. Do with it as you will.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Why me? Why don't we share it?
Claude: You know our friends even better than I do. Give it to whoever you think it'll suit best. Claude: How would we do that?

Claude: More importantly, I didn't go there looking for treasure. Not really. Legends about the saints abound. It's hard to tell fact from fiction. I like to confirm whatever I can, with my own eyes, to find the truth in those legends.

What did you find out?

Claude: Not a thing.
Claude: We didn't find anything concrete to prove that Saint Macuil had been there. We can't say for certain that the treasure we found was Macuil's either. I do wish we could have spoken to that Wind Caller a bit more.

Could it have been Saint Macuil?

Claude: Ha! Unlikely. Macuil lived thousands of years ago. And I've never heard anything about the saints being monsters like that.
(Suddenly, an idea pops up on Claude's head.)
Claude: Wait a minute... Could the Wind Caller have anything to do with the Immaculate One? The Immaculate One is a monster sent by the goddess... Could the Wind Caller be... Where was it that I heard that stuff about them having been sent by the goddess...
Claude: Ugh, maybe I'm too tired. My head is heavy and I can't think straight anymore. Let's call it a day for now. I've got plenty of time to think this over.