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The Secret Merchant/Script

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(Something seems to be troubling Anna...)
Anna: What to do? What to do... Not really sure I should be trusting him...
(Byleth enters the library.)
Anna: But if I can make a decent profit...

Choice 1 Choice 2
What about profits? Let me help.
Anna: Hi, Professor! Overheard me mumbling about profits? See, I got a lead on a pretty big job, but I've got some concerns. Anna: Professor! You need some money? Of course you do! I've got the perfect job for you. Although it's not without its issues.
A job?

Anna: Yup. Apparently, there's some priceless treasure that's been unearthed. If you can believe it, it predates the Adrestian Empire! I've been asked to secure troops for the job, but I've got to cover the cost for them.
Anna: The upside is, whatever we find, we get halfsies on! But there's a downside too.
(Byleth takes a guess.)

The potential to find...nothing?

Anna: Bingo. If we find nothing, I'll be eating those up-front costs. But just imagine the gold if we do find something. It's a risk I'm willing to take.
Anna: This job is coming from a merchant named Pallardó. Ever heard of him? He frequents the monastery, so he must be somewhat trustworthy... Right?
Anna: You know what? Yeah. I'm gonna do it! You in?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
I've got a bad feeling about this. I'll have to decline. I accept your challenge.
Anna: What do you mean? Money will be raining down from the heavens! Isn't that enticing enough? I need you! Anna: Whoa, hold your horses there—lemme get through my pitch! I really need your help with excavation. Anna: Jeez, it's not a challenge. I just need your help with excavation.

Anna: Your job's gonna be to find someone who can help out, and then I'll need you on board at the excavation site. Naturally, the more treasure we dig up, the more money you get. Sound good?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'll find the treasure. (Begin Paralogue battle) I'm busy right now. (Return to previous screen)
Anna: Your services are appreciated, as always! Let's head out! Haha, come on! We'll be rolling in gold! Anna: I can hang around for a bit. Let me know if you change your mind, OK?
If the paralogue is being done in Crimson Flower...

(Just before leaving, Jeritza appears.)
Jeritza: Wait.
Anna: Uh... You? Starting a conversation? I'm confused.
Jeritza: I'll go.

Choice 1 Choice 2
It's not a battle. Are you into treasure hunting?
Jeritza: I smell blood... Anna, I sense a death about you. Jeritza: Not particularly. But I smell blood... Anna, I sense death about you.

Anna: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's with the gloomy death talk? You're scaring me! I... Uh. Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt for you to join in, then. Shall we?

Brionac Plateau

(During the job, Anna finds a huge treasure.)
Anna: We really hit the jackpot! Just look at all those shinies! Ah yes, we'll be filthy rich.
(Just on time, Pallardó arrives. With a ton of backup...)
Pallardó: As you say, Miss Anna. Thanks to you, we've achieved our goals.
Anna: Uh, hey, Pallardó? What's with the cavalry?
Pallardó: Ah, they're here to transport the treasures. It's quite a load, after all.
(Anna is suspicious.)
Anna: You trying to pull something? We agreed on a fifty-fifty split!
Pallardó: Yes, you have it right. Stop fretting about it. You'll be receiving your cut just as soon as I determine the exact value.
Anna: Nuh-uh. No way, no how. I can't agree to that. As a merchant yourself, you know I can't. No way am I watching my share of the treasure gallop off into the sunset.
Anna: We're splitting this up right here and now. I'm not agreeing to it any other way.
Pallardó: Whether or not you agree, I'll be on my way now. Come on then, men! Let's go.
(Pallardó and his crew leave towards the treasure.)
Anna: Wait! Come back here!
(Anna runs towards them)
Jeritza: And now it's a hunt rather than a battle. How very boring.

Battle: The Secret Merchant

Before Battle

Pallardó: The wagon will be here any minute now. Everyone, guard the treasure until it arrives!

Anna: Do you really think you're getting away with all that loot? Ha!

Player Phase 1

Pallardó: You may not be aware, but I know a thing or three about magic. Aha, I'll start by magicking away this load of treasure here.

Anna: He knows how to warp things away? You gotta be kidding me. We gotta put a stop to Pallardó right now, otherwise the treasure will be out of our hands for good!

Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

Mercenary: We made it! Finally. Oi, Pallardó! Leave them to us.
Pallardó: Glad I hired those mercenaries. Now I can worry about myself and get out of here. Although... I figured there would be more of them. Well, I'm sure more will show up soon.

Player Phase 2

Anna: Look! They've just finished packing up the loot!

If Some Enemies Manage to Warp Away

Pallardó: Appreciate it.
Pallardó: Thanks.
Pallardó: I'll be taking that!

5 Turns Have Passed

Rogue: All wrapped up and ready to fly off! Go ahead and send it along, boss!

8 Turns Have Passed

Anna: Cripes! Looks like that treasure isn't gonna be here for much longer! We've got to get over to them before he sends it off—quickly!

If Some Enemies Carrying Treasure are Defeated

Pallardó: Look sharp!
Pallardó: It's not so bad.
Pallardó: Right...

Boss - Pallardó

Vs Anyone:

Once I kill you, I'll be able to go about my business without anyone around to damage my reputation.
— Pallardó Vs Anyone

Vs Anna:

Anna: Pallardó, how could you?! Running off with all the treasure... That's unthinkable!
Pallardó: As a merchant yourself, you must understand that more is more when it comes to profit.
Anna: Don't you dare group me in with the likes of you. You're a thief and a liar playing at being a merchant. For true merchants, the customer's trust is more valuable than gold. Squander that trust, and you'll be out of business before you can say "profits"!

— Pallardó Vs Anna

Vs Jeritza:

Jeritza: Pitiful. Mere prey to be hunted. Now run like the frightened rodent you are.
Pallardó: I've got some tricks up my sleeve—don't underestimate me!
Jeritza: What a fool. You are beginning to bore me.

— Pallardó Vs Jeritza

Defeat Quote:

Pallardó: Why isn't my spell working?! I'd better get out of here and check on the wagon. Everyone, protect the treasure! The wagon will be here soon.
Anna: Whew! Well, at least the treasure's safe for now. That said, if that wagon gets back here, it's over. Better hurry and take back the rest of the spoils!

— Pallardó's Defeat Quote

10 Turns Have Passed

Pallardó: Well, well, well. There's our trusty wagon. Come along, then! Let's move quickly.
Anna: Hey, wait! That's mine!

If at least one treasure was recovered If no treasure was recovered

Anna: Well... Not much we can do about it now. Let's just count what we got.

Map Objective has been Reached

Anna: And that's a wrap! Heh, did we take too much? As if there is such a thing. Well, what goes around comes around!


Brionac Plateau

(Now that everything has calmed down in the plateau...)

Blue Lions and Golden Deer Blue LionsGolden Deer Crimson Flower Crimson Flower

I didn't expect it'd come to this...

Anna: That makes two of us. But either way, I'm still grateful for your aid.

If most of the treasure was recovered If some of the treasure was recovered If no treasure was recovered

Anna: And just look at how much we got back. It should cover all our costs and then some! You'll be rewarded handsomely!

Thank you.

Anna: Though if that guy calls himself a merchant, maybe I shouldn't call myself one. We'd better submit a proper report and get some people to teach him a real lesson.
Anna: I almost feel bad for Pallardó. No, wait—he tried to rip me off! I don't feel bad at all!