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The Rose-Colored River/Script (Verdant Wind)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Verdant Wind
Lone Moon

The Rose-Colored River

Opening Narration FETH Leicester banner.png

Cg fe16 lone moon mural part 2.png
The Alliance army successfully rendezvous with Judith in Ailell. With the addition of House Daphnel's forces, the time has come to invade Empire territory.
— Chapter 16 opening narration

Event - Time to Advance

Date: 3/1

(Claude, Byleth, Lorenz and Judith have a meeting in the cathedral.)
Claude: Preparations are complete. Now it's a game of patience. As they say, good things come to those who wait.
Lorenz: Care to elaborate on this plan of yours, Claude? Can we really do this without battling my father?
Claude: Pretty soon, Count Gloucester will need to gather his troops in the northern part of his territory.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Against the Kingdom? Against Houses Riegan and Daphnel?
Claude: The Kingdom has experience constant infighting since the coup. They're out of the picture for now. (Support points with Claude go up.)
Claude: You got it, Teach!

Judith: The combined forces of the Riegan and Daphnel houses will threaten the northern part of the Gloucester territory. Nardel, that retainer I mentioned, is going to draw their attention.
Claude: We'll take that opportunity to make our way through Gloucester territory and launch a surprise attack on the Great Bridge of Myrddin.
Lorenz: And...are you not concerned about the possibility that I may tip off my father?
Claude: The future of the Alliance rests on this battle. I'm certain you won't betray us.
Lorenz: Hmph. I will ensure our success.
(Lorenz looks aside.)
Claude: I know you will.
Claude: If we win this fight, then our next goal will be to topple Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. I said before that my plan was to meddle with the Empire, but I'm going to do you one better. We are going to defeat the Empire, once and for all.
Claude: But to do that, we can't afford to slip up here. Bear that in mind and prepare yourselves for the coming battle.
(Byleth, Lorenz and Judith nod in agreement.)

Exploration: The Rose-Colored River

Potential Dates: 3/8, 3/15, 3/22 and 3/29

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Event - The Great Bridge

Date: 3/30
Great Bridge of Myrddin

(The Alliance army stands on the entrance of the Great Bridge of Myrddin.)
Lorenz: The Great Bridge of Myrddin is in sight. Beyond it, the Empire.
(The cast witness the enormous bridge as the light coming from the cloudy sky shines upon it.)

Cg fe16 light shines upon town.png

Cyril: Whaddya know. There aren't bridges that big in Almyra, that's for sure...
Lysithea: How unsettling. There are bridges in the southern part of Ordelia territory, but nothing like this.
Claude: It's the most strategic location in that area to move a large army across the Airmid River. The Empire will want to hold on to it at all costs, so expect tough defenses.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's finish this quickly. Let's proceed with caution.
(Support points with Lysithea go up.)
Lysithea: You're right. The enemy's guard should be down, so let's end this quickly before they have a chance to retaliate.
(Support points with Ignatz go up.)
Ignatz: You're right. The defenses are pretty impenetrable. Let's make our move carefully.

(Claude then looks at Byleth.)
Claude: You're in command, Teach. Do whatever it takes to win. Well, other than sacrificing the lives of our allies for the sake of victory. Try to avoid that.
Claude: Let's get moving. We're counting on you, my friend.

Narration - The Great Bridge Coup

Sights set on the Imperial capital, the Alliance army chooses to march through the territory of House Gloucester—supporters of the Empire. Under the command of Nardel, the retainer of House Riegan, the defensive forces of Houses Riegan and Daphnel draw out the Gloucester troops. Thus the Alliance army can continue its march toward the Great Bridge of Myrddin and cross the Airmid River, which separates the Alliance and the Empire.
— Introduction to The Great Bridge Coup

Battle: The Great Bridge Coup

Date: 3/31

Before Battle

Ladislava: That symbol... It's an enemy raid! Stay calm and face them head-on. Send a messenger to Acheron immediately! If we're quick, we might be able to pull off a pincer attack!

Claude: They say the enemy general, Ladislava, is among Edelgard's most trusted. Let's see what she's got.

Player Phase 1

Claude: Our goal is to take down Ladislava and gain control of the bridge. Let's go!

When an Enemy Near the Fortress is about to be Attacked

Claude: Looks like we can capture this fortress quickly if we take out the soldiers protecting it.
Imperial Soldier(1): Enemies approaching! Get the soldiers standing by to join the fight! We may need to hurry up preparations of the ballista too. Protect the fortress!

Enemy Phase 1

Imperial Soldier(2): You think we'll let you take this bridge from us?
Claude: Whoa, new enemies from the central fortress? By the looks of it, that might not be all of them.

Enemy Phase 2

(Multiple Alliance Soldiers & Acheron teleport near the player.)
Ladislava: Acheron! Now's the time to show your loyalty to the Empire! Attack the enemy from behind!
Acheron: I've got to make my name known to Her Majesty through distinguished service.

Claude: Acheron the Weathervane. He's of the Alliance. He's a minor noble who holds territory to the north of Myrddin. If he's gonna support the Empire, no need to hold back. He's nothing but a nuisance, even to the Alliance.

When a Playable Unit approaches Ferdinand/Paladin General


(Alliance General arrives with reinforcements.)
Alliance General: We'll ally ourselves with the Imperial soldiers too!

However, if Lorenz defected (unused)

(Lorenz arrives with reinforcements.)
Lorenz: I, Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, have arrived to join the battle in my father's stead!


Ladislava: Thanks for making your way here. Annihilate the enemy with the rest of them!
Lorenz: Is that...the professor? Why would someone like that join such a senseless fight?
Ferdinand: Lorenz! Here you are. I am heading south, so I will leave this area to you.

Boss - Ladislava

Vs Anyone:

To repay Her Majesty's favor... I will not let you pass!
— Ladislava Vs Anyone

When Ladislava's Health Reaches ≤ Half:

I can't retreat... Even if it costs me my life, I've got to protect the Great Bridge.
— Ladislava's Health Reaches ≤ Half

Death Quote:

Lady Edelgard... I'm sorry...
— Ladislava's Death Quote

If Ladislava Falls before Ferdinand:

Ferdinand: Ladislava, no! I will protect this area.
— If Ladislava Falls before Ferdinand

Boss - Ferdinand

Ferdinand does not appear if he was recruited and is replaced by an Imperial General Paladin instead.

Vs Anyone:

After this battle, I will be known far and wide as the legendary Ferdinand of Adrestia!
— Ferdinand Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Edelgard has always been obsessed with you. I am a little envious, to be frank. I will just have to impress her with my skills on the battlefield!
— Ferdinand Vs Byleth

Vs Dorothea:

Dorothea: Oh, Ferdie. You opposed Edie for so long... I had real hopes for you, you know? Now you're following her. Is that your duty as a noble? Follow your master when they say to heel?
Ferdinand: I will not try to explain my duty or hers. You would not understand. I wish you could. Anyway, no time for idle chitchat!

— Ferdinand Vs Dorothea

Vs Constance:

Ferdinand: Here we are, after all these years, forced to fight one another. What a tragic conclusion to our story.
Constance: It seems inevitable, but I am sorry that this is where our chosen paths have led us. We all do what we must...
Ferdinand: Indeed...and I must put an end to your journey. I am sorry, Constance.

— Ferdinand Vs Constance

If Ferdinand Falls before Ladislava:

Ferdinand: Retreat, Ladislava! Tell Her Majesty about this!
Ladislava: We've already sent a messenger! I can't let you die while I flee!
Ferdinand: In that case, please... Even if I die, you must protect this area.

— If Ferdinand Falls before Ladislava

If Ferdinand Falls after Ladislava:

Even if I die, please...protect this area.
— If Ferdinand Falls after Ladislava

Boss - Lorenz (unused)

Lorenz cannot appear in the map as an enemy in the final release under any circumstances, and is replaced by a generic Alliance General Paladin instead.

Vs Anyone:

To oppose the Empire at a time like this would be entirely too reckless.
— Lorenz Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

It's been a while, Professor. If this were anywhere but a battlefield, I would offer you tea. I've no choice but to follow the Empire, if I wish to live. I hope you will not think ill of me.
— Lorenz Vs Byleth

Vs Claude:

Claude: Aren't you gonna stand aside, Lorenz? Unless we win, the Alliance can't survive.
Lorenz: Even if that's so, to allow you past without a fight would be pure cowardice, I'm afraid.
Claude: You are one stubborn guy.

— Lorenz Vs Claude

Death Quote (or if Chosen to be Killed):

Lay me to a manner that is befitting...of the nobility...
— Lorenz's Death Quote

Defeat Quote:

I yield. Though I will not beg for my life. That would be unbecoming, wouldn't it?
— Lorenz's Defeat Quote

If Lorenz is Chosen to be Spared (If Recruited in Part I):

You're inviting me to join you? abandon House Gloucester... No—I can convince my father. I will help you topple the Empire, I swear it!
— If Lorenz is Spared by Byleth

Boss - Acheron

Vs Anyone:

As they say, if you can't beat them, join them. I'm not in for a beating, am I?
— Acheron Vs Anyone

Vs Claude:

Acheron: The declining Alliance will be finished if I kill you. The Empire will herald the new age!
Claude: Only if you manage to kill me. Hm? What's that to the north? Looks like the home of another opportunistic noble is burning...
Acheron: That's...that's my castle! NO!
Claude: That's the declining Alliance at work, right there. Seems like you were facing the wrong way, Weathervane!

— Acheron Vs Claude

Death Quote:

Argh... I never should have allied with... the Empire...
— Acheron's Death Quote

After Every Boss has been Routed

Claude: I'm glad we defeated them here... I doubt they're an enemy we could win against twice.

Event - War Council: Lone Moon

Great Bridge of Myrddin

Claude: Well done, everyone. The Great Bridge of Myrddin is ours.
Leonie: I was prepared for bloodshed, but that was more than expected... I guess I'm still not used to this.
Ignatz: Even our enemies were fighting for their own cause. They held out without fleeing until the bitter end...

Choice 1 Choice 2
You don't have to get used to it. We must overcome this.
(Support points with Leonie go up.)
Leonie: That is true. I wouldn't want to become the type of person who feels nothing when someone dies.
(Support points with Ignatz go up.)
Ignatz: Yes... we can't afford to stall here.

Claude: Now it's on me to return to Alliance territory and convince those lords to join us.
(Claude looks at Lorenz.)
Claude: Lorenz, would you return home for the time being and lay the groundwork with your father?
Lorenz: Fine. After all, this is for the Alliance. Or rather, for all of Fódlan.
Claude: For those of you who live in Alliance territories, I ask that you return to your houses, and spread the word about the current situation. Until we finish our preparations, Judith and the knights will do everything in their power to defend the Great Bridge.
Judith: That's a casual way to dole out such a deadly mission, boy.
Claude: Do you object?
Judith: Just who do you think I am? I won't let the Empire pass this way, even if it costs me my life.
Claude: Too bad you're not allowed to die. Fight like your life depends on it, but flee if you're ever truly in danger.
Judith: A tall order, as always. I'll use my best discretion, Claude.
Seteth: We have no objections either. Go forth and secure us a sufficiently powerful army.
Raphael: I'll stay here too. The only ones I'd be going home to are my little sis and my grandpa.
Claude: Are you sure you don't want to see your sister? It may be a while before you can return home again.
Raphael: But if I see her, I may not want to come back. So I'll wait till I'm done here.

Choice 1 Choice 2
What about me? I'll stay here too.

Claude: Actually, I'd like for you to come with me, Teach. To help negotiate with the lords. They're followers of the Church of Seiros, after all. It'll make things easier if we have someone there to speak on Rhea's behalf.
Claude: All right, everyone. Let's meet back at the monastery next month. Good luck out there.

Riegan Territory

(As Claude & Byleth enter a room, they're greeted by Claude's retainer.)
???: Is that you, kiddo?
Claude: I have returned, Nardel.
(Nardel realizes his mistake.)
Nardel: Oh, ah, Master Claude. It's you. I mistook you for one of the local children. My apologies.
Claude: It seems you have adjusted to your work here. Our recent strategy was successful, thanks to you.
Nardel: I was a bit concerned when House Goneril's army intervened from the east.
Claude: Count Gloucester must have requested reinforcements from them.
Nardel: Yes, and they have that young general who won some acclaim from his battles in Almyra...
Nardel: Regardless, they showed no signs of seriously wishing to attack us, and merely fulfilled their obligations to House Gloucester.
(Nader notices Byleth.)
Nardel: Now then...who is this handsome fella/lovely lady?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Nice to meet you. ...
Nardel: Hm, how polite. I've heard good things about you from Master Claude. Nardel: You'll make me blush if you keep staring like that. Though I suppose people like me are something of a rarity here.

(Claude looks at Byleth.)
Claude: As you can see, he wasn't born in Fódlan. Still, trust me when I say he is highly capable.
Nardel: True. In fact, my capability is my only redeeming quality.
Nardel: I hope you'll continue to look after Master Claude, Professor.