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The Rose-Colored River/Script (Silver Snow)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Silver Snow
Lone Moon

The Rose-Colored River

Opening Narration FETH Crest of Flames banner.png

Cg fe16 lone moon mural part 2.png
The resistance army, having received reinforcements from House Daphnel in Aileil, is finally ready to unleash its invasion on the Imperial territories.
— Chapter 16 opening narration

Event - Time to Advance

Date: 3/1
Reception Hall

(Seteth reports to Byleth)
Seteth: The messenger we sent to Claude has returned. It seems he will be intiating the plan immediately. We will advance when House Riegan's forces move out. We will take the Great Bridge of Myrddin with minimal casualties, and in doing so, initiate all-out war with the Empire. We must prepare for battle, Professor.

Exploration: The Rose-Colored River

Potential Dates: 3/8, 3/15, 3/22 and 3/29

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Event - The Great Bridge

Date: 3/30
Great Bridge of Myrddin

(The resistance army stands on the entrance of the Great Bridge of Myrddin)
Seteth: This is the Great Bridge of Myrddin, one of the bridges that cuts across the Airmid River between the Empire and the Alliance. Its defenses have been fortified since I last was here. It seems the enemy is sufficiently prepared.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Let's end this quickly. Steady now.
(Support points with Manuela go up.)
Manuela: That's the idea, Professor.
Let's make this quick and painless. So much that it's over before they even know it's started.
(Support points with Hanneman go up.)
Hanneman: If they are fully equipped, we must prepare ourselves for anything. We must be ready to change our approach in an instant.

Seteth: Yes, that is most sound. I do not distrust Claude, but there is no guarantee that the other Alliance lords will not move against us. Onward, with caution.
Ferdinand: After we cross the Great Bridge, the greatest plains in Fódlan will be before us. You do remember, do you not? I speak of Gronder Field, where we fought the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.
Caspar: The ones defending the Great Bridge... It isn't my father or brother, is it? I really want to finish this battle without seeing them. Especially my father...
Linhardt: Yes, I hear your father can fell a bear without even a weapon in hand. When we run into him, I'll be sure to let you take the lead. Family matters, and all.
Caspar: That's not funny, you jerk!
Petra: Should we be burning the signal of uprising?
Dorothea: There's no need for that, Petra. Smoke or no smoke, they'll get the idea. Losing the bridge should be a pretty big clue.
Bernadetta: Oh no! I can't believe we're actually going to invade! If Edelgard...gets angry... Oh, I get nervous just picturing it! Stop that, imagination! Oh, and if she destroys the monastery with her army, we're all gonna die!
Seteth: The hour of questioning has long since passed. I assure you, whatever happens, this will not end as it did five years ago. Back then, the Empire was able to focus its entire army on Garreg Mach. Now their front lines are stretched thin along their borders with both the Kingdom and the Alliance. Their allies have grown in number, but so have their enemies. They should not have too many soldiers they can readily send our way. Seteth: Now then, let us set forth! This shall be the first step in ending the chaos that has engulfed this realm!

Narration - The Great Bridge Coup

Sights set on Enbarr, the resistance army avoids the Oghma Mountains, choosing instead to move south along the eastern route that passes through the Alliance. To make it safely through the territory of House Gloucester—supporters of the Empire—the army seeks help from the head of House Riegan, Claude. Claude vows to draw away House Gloucester's troops so that the resistance army can advance to the Airmid River—a dividing line between the Alliance and the Empire.
— Introduction to The Great Bridge Coup

Battle: The Great Bridge Coup

Date: 3/31

Before Battle

Ladislava: That symbol... It's an enemy raid! Stay calm and face them head-on. Send a messenger to Acheron immediately! If we're quick, we might be able to pull off a pincer attack!

Seteth: That is Ladislava. She has, of late, made quite a name for herself as a general. Be on your guard.

When an Enemy Near the Fortress is about to be Attacked

Seteth: We will control this fortress if we can eliminate all enemies within it.
Imperial Soldier(1): Enemies approaching! Get the soldiers standing by to join the fight! We may need to hurry up preparations of the ballista too. Protect the fortress!

Enemy Phase 1

Imperial Soldier(2): You think we'll let you take this bridge from us?
Seteth: It appears enemy soldiers are stationed in the fortress. More will come. Stay on your guard!

Enemy Phase 2

(Multiple Alliance Soldiers & Acheron teleport near the player.)
Ladislava: Acheron! Now's the time to show your loyalty to the Empire! Attack the enemy from behind!
Acheron: I've got to make my name known to Her Majesty through distinguished service.

Seteth: That is Acheron, a minor Alliance noble. If he has allied with the Empire, then we must destroy him.

When a Playable Unit approaches the Paladin General/Ferdinand (unused)

(Lorenz arrives with reinforcements.)
Lorenz: I, Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, have arrived to join the battle in my father's stead!
Ladislava: Thanks for making your way here. Annihilate the enemy with the rest of them!
Lorenz: Is that...the professor? Why would someone like that join such a senseless fight?
Ferdinand: Lorenz! Here you are. I am heading south, so I will leave this area to you.

Boss - Ladislava

Vs Anyone:

To repay Her Majesty's favor... I will not let you pass!
— Ladislava Vs Anyone

When Ladislava's Health Reaches ≤ Half:

I can't retreat... Even if it costs me my life, I've got to protect the Great Bridge.
— Ladislava's Health Reaches ≤ Half

Death Quote:

Lady Edelgard... I'm sorry...
— Ladislava's Death Quote

If Ladislava Falls before Ferdinand (unused):

Ferdinand: Ladislava, no! I will protect this area.
— If Ladislava Falls before Ferdinand

Boss - Ferdinand (unused)

Ferdinand cannot appear in the map as an enemy in the final release under any circumstances, and is replaced by a generic Imperial General Paladin instead.

Vs Anyone:

After this battle, I will be known far and wide as the legendary Ferdinand of Adrestia!
— Ferdinand Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Edelgard has always been obsessed with you. I am a little envious, to be frank. I will just have to impress her with my skills on the battlefield!
— Ferdinand Vs Byleth

Vs Dorothea:

Dorothea: Oh, Ferdie. You opposed Edie for so long... I had real hopes for you, you know? Now you're following her. Is that your duty as a noble? Follow your master when they say to heel?
Ferdinand: I will not try to explain my duty or hers. You would not understand. I wish you could. Anyway, no time for idle chitchat!

— Ferdinand Vs Dorothea

Vs Constance:

Ferdinand: Here we are, after all these years, forced to fight one another. What a tragic conclusion to our story.
Constance: It seems inevitable, but I am sorry that this is where our chosen paths have led us. We all do what we must...
Ferdinand: Indeed...and I must put an end to your journey. I am sorry, Constance.

— Ferdinand Vs Constance

If Ferdinand Falls before Ladislava (unused):

Ferdinand: Retreat, Ladislava! Tell Her Majesty about this!
Ladislava: We've already sent a messenger! I can't let you die while I flee!
Ferdinand: In that case, please... Even if I die, you must protect this area.

— If Ferdinand Falls before Ladislava

If Ferdinand Falls after Ladislava (unused):

Even if I die, please...protect this area.
— If Ferdinand Falls after Ladislava

Boss - Lorenz

Vs Anyone:

To oppose the Empire at a time like this would be entirely too reckless.
— Lorenz Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

It's been a while, Professor. If this were anywhere but a battlefield, I would offer you tea. I've no choice but to follow the Empire, if I wish to live. I hope you will not think ill of me.
— Lorenz Vs Byleth

Death Quote (or if Chosen to be Killed):

Lay me to a manner that is befitting...of the nobility...
— Lorenz's Death Quote

Defeat Quote:

I yield. Though I will not beg for my life. That would be unbecoming, wouldn't it?
— Lorenz's Defeat Quote

If Lorenz is Chosen to be Spared (If Recruited in Part I):

You're inviting me to join you? abandon House Gloucester... No—I can convince my father. I will help you topple the Empire, I swear it!
— If Lorenz is Spared by Byleth

Boss - Acheron

Vs Anyone:

As they say, if you can't beat them, join them. I'm not in for a beating, am I?
— Acheron Vs Anyone

Death Quote:

Argh... I never should have allied with... the Empire...
— Acheron's Death Quote

After Every Boss has been Routed

Seteth: Goddess, please forgive the sins of the enemy leaders and the brave soldiers who followed their orders.

Event - A Visitor

Seteth: Somehow we managed to capture the Great Bridge of Myrddin. To see the Imperial Army hold its ground until every last soldier fell... That is true dedication. It is clear that Edelgard is not some cruel emperor who holds her people in a vice-like grip. There is something more driving our foes. From here on out, our journey will not be an easy one...
(A Church Soldier suddenly reports to Seteth)
Church Soldier: Excuse me, sir! Gilbert is here!
Seteth: Gilbert?! What was he doing all this time? We had better go and meet with him.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

(Some time passes, and Gilbert arrives.)
Gilbert: So you've captured the Great Bridge of Myrddin. I'm impressed you were able to break through their defenses.
Seteth: Save your praise, Gilbert. Let's get to the heart of the matter. Why are you here? Why now?
Gilbert: I am once again in the service of Dimitri. He was in hiding in Fraldarius territory, where he was biding his time for a counteroffensive.
Seteth: Dimitri is alive?!
Gilbert: Yes. He was to be executed in Fhirdiad, but Dedue stepped forward to rescue him. I am here today by command of Dimitri himself. We realize that our enemies are the same...and that it may be advantageous to join forces.
Seteth: I see. I shall hear you out.
Gilbert: We are preparing to advance against the Empire. Will you join us as we march toward the Imperial capital? If that is too much to ask, then at least allow us to freely cross the Great Bridge of Myrddin.

Choice 1 Choice 2
We'll join you. You may cross freely.
Seteth: Hold a moment. We have just finished a fierce battle, and our foes are few. Seteth: Agreed. We have just finished a fierce battle, and our forces are few.

Seteth: To march straight for the main body of the Imperial army and challenge them? It is too soon. I am happy to allow safe passage over the bridge, but to lend our aid asks too much of us. Is that not so?
(Byleth nods, agreeing with Seteth.)

Seteth: If you would be willing to wait a few months, we might be able to offer something more.
Gilbert: I am afraid His Highness is not able to stop his advance...
Seteth: If that is the case, I am afraid we cannot join you. Please, send our regards to Dimitri.
Gilbert: I understand. It's unfortunate that we were not able to secure the help of the Knights of Seiros. Still, I'm grateful that we can cross the Great Bridge of Myrddin safely. Thank you for that. This will be a fight to the death. It is highly likely that we will meet our end. I wish you both the best of luck in the battles ahead.
Seteth: And may the goddess protect you as well.