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The Pirates of Galder/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Ogma: Prince Marth, I'm Ogma, a mercenary of Talys. The king ordered me to join your forces. I brought along my three most trusted men. Welcome to Galder, the port town that's been overrun by pirates. Pirates aren't all you will have to worry about. We've spotted soldiers from Grust too. Keep your wits about you.

Houses and Villages


  • Woman: There's a pirate who goes by the name of Darros. He's looking to meet the prince! Word is he wants to turn over a new leaf and fight for the people. You should seek him out and listen to what he has to say.
  • Woman: A curate can earn EXP simply by withstanding the attacks of a foe.
  • Man: Hammers are effective against knights. It would be wise to purchase one!


Villager: Prince of Altea, I beg of you… Save the cleric Lena. We tried to stop her, but… she left the safety of the village to bring aid to the poor and sick. She set out toward the Ghoul's Teeth some time ago and has yet to return. I can't tell you how much Lena's help meant to us. She's like an angel. It isn't much, but…we can offer you 5,000G to aid in your efforts to rescue her. Please, do what you can to save her!
(Received 5,000G)

Recruiting Darros

Darros: Prince Marth, I am Darros, a simple man of the sea. I want to leave the life of a sea dog behind. If you need my help, I'll give it gladly! Please, let me fight alongside you.
(Darros joins)

Castor initiates a battle

Castor: Please forgive me, Princess Caeda! I have no choice. I must get my hands on some money…

Recruiting Castor

Caeda: You are Castor of Talys! Why are you fighting us?
Castor: Princess Caeda… I am sorry. My mother is ill. To afford her medicine, I would do anything. Even this!
Caeda: I see… The pirates pay you. Well, it may not be much, but I offer you what I can. Take it, and buy medicine for your mother.
Castor: You would aid a traitor like me? You are so kind… Oh, Princess Caeda! Forgive me! From now on, I will dedicate my life to you.
(Castor joins)


Villager: Thank you for taking care of those ruffians, Prince Marth. Thanks to you, peace has returned to Galder. In order to reach Aurelis, you must cross the Ghoul's Teeth. It is a dangerous road. You will find fearsome bandits called the Soothsires there. They prey on travelers and raid nearby villages. I have heard of a skilled swordsman called Navarre in their employ. Whatever you do, do not let your guard down. I will pray for your safety.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Across the shore from the Kingdom of Talys is Galder port. For a long time it has been a poor, but peaceful port town. One day it was suddenly attacked by a pirate gang and it has since become their base. From Galder port, Marth begins the first steps to liberating his homeland.
— Chapter 2 Intro


Ogma: Prince Marth, I am Ogma, a Talys mercenary. I have been ordered by my king to join your army, along with my three subordinates. This is Galder port, which is currently ruled by pirates. The Grustian army has also come to defeat your highness. No matter what happens, please be cautious.

Houses and Villages


  • Young man: Archers and Hunters can only attack indirectly. Don't let them get attacked upfront too much.
  • Man: If your skill is high, you can pull of critical hits easily. If your speed is high, you can dodge enemy attacks better.
  • Woman: Unneeded weapons and items can be stored in the supply wagon. If you want to take them back out, just approach Prince Marth.
  • Young man: Weapons' might increases going from Iron to Steel to Silver. However, to use weapons of greater might, you must have the necessary Weapon Level.


Old man: Citizens of Altea, please rescue Sister Lena. Miss Lena helped to cure the poor and sick. However, she didn't heed our warning and went to the dreaded Ghoul's Teeth. We haven't seen her since. The way Miss Lena treated us was like that of an angel. Please, you must rescue her. For this, we have gathered 3000 Gold. We will leave Miss Lena to you.
(Received 3,000G)

Fighting Castor

Castor: Please forgive me, Caeda. I must find gold.

Recruiting Castor

Caeda: Castor!? You're Castor! Why are you doing this...?
Castor: Ah... Caeda, I'm sorry. My mother fell ill. I must find gold to buy medicine for her...
Caeda: So you joined the pirates, I see. Well, I have some gold here. Take it to buy medicine for your mother.
Castor: ...! You would help a traitor like me... Caeda, please forgive me!! I...! Caeda, I will lend my life to you!
(Castor joins)

Fighting Gomer

Gomer: Don't underestimate the Galder pirates. Taste my Hand Axe!

Killing Gomer

Gomer: To think, there could be such a foe...


Villager: Your highness, thank you very much for chasing off the pirates. Now we can finally live in peace once again. To reach Aurelis from here, you must cross the Ghoul's Teeth. Please be careful. The Ghoul's Teeth are ruled by the Soothsire gang of bandits. They have raided villages and ambushed travellers. They're a fearful bunch. Especially that bodyguard, Navarre, who has a frightening sword arm. I sincerely hope that your journey is safe.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


One thing could always be said about Galder Harbor, the mainland port nearest Talys: it never had much in the way of riches, but neither did it have much trouble. All that changed when a pirate crew fell upon the town and made it their hideout. Here, in Galder, history records Marth's first steps toward freeing his homeland.
— Chapter 2 intro

During battle

Ogma: Prince Marth, I am Ogma, a mercenary of Talys. The king has bid me and my three men join your army. Cavalry has arrived from the west, flying Grust's standard. They mean to take your life, sire. Be careful.

Houses and villages

  • Villager: A pirate callin' himself Darros wants to talk to your prince. Says he's washed his hands of pillagin' and plunderin' and wants to fight for the good of all. Hah! Right... And I'm a farmer who's been sworn off rain...
  • Villager: Curates gain experience whenever they use their staves.
  • Villager: Hammers smash right through heavy armor. You should pick one up, soon as you get the chance.
  • Village on the east:

Villager: Oh! Mighty prince of Altea! Please, will you save Sister Lena? She's gone up into the Ghoul's Teeth to tend to the sick there. We warned her, I swear we did... Lena is our angel. If something befell her, I- No, I won't think of it. Take this gold: we've 5000 pieces. Just promise you'll use it to bring her home to us unharmed.
(Obtained 5000 Gold)

When recruiting Darros

Darros: Ahoy, Prince Marth, I be Darros, a simple man o' the sea. I've had me fill o' the piratin' life, and now I be lookin' t'start anew. What say ye? Make me yer matey, and I swear t'pull me load.

When recruiting Castor

Caeda: Castor?! It is you, isn't it? Must even good men like you betray Talys now?

Castor: Princess Caeda? Oh...I'm sorry, but me mother's sick, and the medicine don't buy itself, see...

Caeda: So you agreed to fight for the pirates in exchange for coin...All right then. If it's gold you need, take mine. Here, this is all I have. Take it, and go to your mother's side.

Castor: But Princess...I betrayed you! ...Ach, I've been a fool! Forgive me, Princess. Let me fight for you now. Me life is yours.

Conversation: Marth and Castor

Castor: Prince Marth, I am Castor of Talys. I wish to add my bow to your strength.

Marth: Of course. Caeda told me about you.

Castor: You know, she's always been very kind to me, sire, even before I left Talys. And look how I've repaid her...

Marth: Castor, you can still show her your heart is true. Let the battles to come be what defines you!

If Castor is engaged in battle before recruitment

Castor: I'm sorry, Princess Caeda... I need the money somethin' desperate...

Against Gomer

Gomer: The gall of ye, defyin' me crew! I'll put an axe square between yer eyes! Ye ain't leaving here alive. I swear it on the rickety peg leg o'Shanty Pete!

Defeating Gomer

Gomer: Augh...Fiends, ye be...


Villager: You have our gratitude, sire, for finally chasin' those pirates away. Now, as I hear it, you plan to march on to Aurelis...That'll take you right up through the Ghoul's Teeth. With all due respect, sire, you're taking a great risk crossin' those mountains that's Soothsire territory. The Soothsires are fearsome bandits, always raidin' the villages and harryin' what travelers dare pass by. And the swordsman with 'em- goes by the name o' Navarre- he's a terror with a blade, so they say. If you go up there, keep your wits about you- or you won't come back down.