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The Nest of Evil/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


Grust has been liberated. All that remains is Olbern Castle, held guard by the commander of the occupation army, General Lang. Lang used his position to steal possessions from the Grustian citizens, to steal young girls, and to steal lives. Historically has there been a man crueller than him? "He cannot be allowed to live. I will definitely defeat him!" Prince Marth raised his sword towards the skies and shouted out an order. Altean knights charge!!
— Chapter 6 Intro


Lang: Hahaha... They're here? Our reinforcements will be arriving soon. If we hold out long enough, we'll be able to attack them from both sides. Swordfighter Navarre! When they open the gate that will be your chance to attack. Don't hold back, just kill them all!!
Navarre: Uh... Okay. The Altean knights are, um, nothing to me. Yeah...
Lang: Oh! I should have expected no less from you. As long as we have you, not even Talys's Ogma can defeat us.
Navarre: What? Ogma!!? Uh... Um... Yeah... I can, er, take care of that dude.
Lang: Good, with your words I can relax now. Well, good luck, Navarre!

Fighting Rickard

Rickard: Has anyone seen my big bro, Julian?

Killing Rickard

Rickard: Crap, I blundered.

Recruiting Rickard

Julian: Hey, Rickard! What are you doing here?
Rickard: Oh, big bro. It's been so long. Originally I planned to earn money with you. But you had already stopped your ways. But, even if you found yourself a pretty cleric, it wasn't nice to just abandon me like that. Our love is just like that, huh?
Julian: Hey! Shut up!! Don't spout nonsense like that, or other people will get the wrong impression. Anyway, you should quit your ways as well, and come with me.
Rickard: Ha... I understand. Wherever you go, I'll follow you. Big bro Julian♥

Note: all of Rickard's conversations are shared with the previous chapter

Fighting Samuel

Navarre: Although it's a shame, you must die. Take this! Killing Edge!!

Killing Samuel

Samuel: Oh, no way? I didn't do it...

Recruiting Samuel

With Ogma

Ogma: Navarre... You disappoint me...
Navarre: Woah, I don't believe it... This Killing Edge is, like, so deadly...
Ogma: Do we have to fight? Alright. I guessed that we would have to duel eventually.
(Samuel reveals himself)
Samuel: Ah... Oh, snap! Woah, dude! I'm just faking it! ...Faking! It's me... Samuel. Have you totally forgotten, Mister Ogma?
Ogma: Samuel!? The pit-fighter from Knorda, Samuel?
Samuel: Yeah, that was me. Thanks for saving me back then. When everybody tried to escape, you got yourself caught, to hide our escape...
Ogma: .....
Samuel: I heard from the others that you were taken to the town square to be whipped. Even then, you didn't say anything about our whereabouts. In the end, the young princess of Talys, who was passing by, protected you even when she was in tears, and rescued you. So, that is why, for Talys... No... For the princess, you wielded your sword again...
Ogma: Enough... Don't say anymore! It's already in the past... In the past...
Samuel: .....Mister Ogma... Regardless, I hope to repay your favor! Let me follow you, okay?
(Samuel joins)

With Caeda

Caeda: Swordfighter Navarre!! Please aid us again!
Navarre: Huh!? Dude, who are you? I have no business with women or children... That said. (Hey, she's pretty cute) What do you want?
Caeda: .....You can't be Navarre!! Who are you?
(Samuel reveals himself)
Samuel: Crap, I've been found out! I'm Samuel, a, er, humble mercenary. Since I look like Navarre, lots of people mistake me for him. So I pretended to be him. But I really hate that General Lang. If you think I'm of any use, let me help you.
Caeda: Uh... I guess you would be alright...
(Samuel joins)

Note: Samuel uses Navarre's portrait until his death quote or partway through his recruitment conversation

Fighting Lang

Lang: Please... Please wait. I'm sorry... Please forgive me... I was just following the Emperor's orders. I also hate what I have done, but I had no choice. So... So... Please... Help me... Please just let me explain. Yes... That's right... Like that... You let your guard down... Idiot... Die!!

Killing Lang

Lang: Urgh... How... Could I be defeated...?


Jagen: Your highness! We've found bishop Wendell held captive in the castle.
Marth: Ah, bishop Wendell! It's great to see that you're safe. When I heard you were taken from the village in Macedon, I was really worried.
Wendell: Lang wanted me to help him deal with the Grust rebellion, so he took me here.
Marth: But, as the archbishop of Khadein, and with your power, you shouldn't need to fear Lang.
Wendell: I don't like using magic in battle. And also, I already left the magic city, Khadein, in the care of the two youths, Merric and Arlen. I left because I must carry out an important mission given to me by Archsage Gotoh.
Marth: A mission from Gotoh? So, are you travelling the continent?
Wendell: That's right... You should know that there was once a sacred jewel, with markings of the 12 constellations, known as the Starsphere. In order to dispel Gharnef's dark magic, Gotoh created the holy Starlight magic from the orb. However, at that time it created a powerful shock and the orb broke into 12 fragments, which flew and scattered across the continent. Gotoh said that this world is protected by the mysterious power of the five orbs. If any one of them was lost, the world will fall into ruin. And right now, the Starsphere has been broken. Therefore, even now the world is decaying. The 12 fragments must be brought back together, so that the Starsphere can be restored. Unfortunately, I was captured and the fragments that I laboriously collected were taken by the imperial soldiers. Prince Marth. I realise that I cannot complete my mission just by myself. Can you aid me in my quest?
Marth: Huh... How could this be...? Suddenly hearing that the world is falling into ruin. I am finding it difficult to believe. But, are the Astral Shards these? I already have a couple. Once I've reclaimed Altea, I will help you look for the remaining fragments and orbs. If possible, can you wait until then?
Wendell: Oh, that's right... Your highness's country was attacked by Archanea... I am deeply sorry. My requesst was a little selfish. Your highness, I understand... I will also fight, to reclaim Altea.
Marth: Huh? Bishop, can you really help us fight? What about Gotoh's mission...?
Wendell: I bet meeting your highness was also planned by Gotoh. If that is the case, I must follow my fate. But, can we first go to the Fane of Raman? At that ancient temple, perhaps we can recover some of the lost orbs and Astral Shards.
Marth: I understand. The Fane of Raman is along our road to reclaiming Altea. We'll head there immediately!!
(Wendell joins)

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

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