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The Lost Heir/Conversations

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Sothe: Hey, Micaiah. I sold the treasures we took from the ruins. We have traveling cash now.
Micaiah: How did we do?
Sothe: We have 10,000 in gold.
Micaiah: Great! That'll help a lot.
Sothe: Maybe. We could use more.
Micaiah: Sothe, 10,000 is plenty. We just need enough money to live on. More than that, and the soul becomes impoverished.
Sothe: I know, I know. We should be rich of heart and poor of pocket... Me, I just follow your orders.

(Got 10000 gold.)


Nailah: So, you're returning to the desert?
Micaiah: Yes. We must go back.
Rafiel: My dear...
Nailah: Yes, Rafiel, I know. Micaiah, I have a question. How can we help you in this fight?
Micaiah: What? But...
Nailah: I know you probably don't want to be seen with laguz. But we cannot just sit on our paws, so to speak, while our allies are in danger.
Micaiah: I appreciate that, but...
Nailah: No? Fine. Sorry to bother you.
Micaiah: No, no. It's not what you think. Please don't apologize. It's just that...
Nailah: What is it, Volug?
Volug: ...

(Volug shifts into wolf form)

Nailah: I see. That is a good idea.
Rafiel: Oh, yes. I agree. That's a wonderful idea.
Micaiah: Yes? Volug? What's going on?
Nailah: Micaiah, it will not seem so strange if you travel into the desert with this dog at your side, will it?
Micaiah: What?!
Nailah: As you know, we laguz fight only in our shifted forms. However, we can't remain in that state for very long. It is too exhausting. Volug, however, has halfshifted. When he does this, he can remain in beast form all day long.
Micaiah: Queen Nailah, I appreciate your help--
Nailah: He is not as strong in this transitional form. Even so, he is still more than a match for any beorc.
Micaiah: How could you call Volug a dog?!
Nailah: I know. He's not as friendly as a dog. And I don't know if he's housebroken. But he can fight!
Micaiah: That is not what I meant.
Nailah: Micaiah, we wish you good luck. Volug, guard her well.
Rafiel: Do be careful.
Micaiah: I will. Thank you. Volug, is she always so...blunt?

Laura and Aran

Micaiah: So, you are an old friend of Laura's?
Aran: Yes. I'm afraid I must apologize for my poor choice in employers.
Micaiah: Please don't worry about it. After all, you saved us.
Aran: When I saw Laura, I simply couldn't stand by any longer.
Laura: Thank you, Aran.
Aran: I've been meaning to ask you, Laura. What's become of your church? I've heard that, since the occupation, most of Daein's clergy have been excommunicated and sent to prisons. I know that the empire sent its own replacements. Was your church affected?
Laura: No, thankfully. Our congregation would always say... "The clergy of the empire wouldn't even consider coming to a dingy church in a backwater village like this! You've been spared, Minister!" Ha ha ha... We extended our prayer time to thank the goddess for saving our church.
Aran: Ah... I see.
Laura: Oh, Aran. I meant to tell you, now that you're one of us, you'll have to become a bandit.
Micaiah: Excuse me?
Aran: I'm sorry...a bandit?
Laura: There's really no need to worry. The Dawn Brigade bandits have virtuous people like Micaiah in their ranks.
Aran: Er... Okaaaay...
Micaiah: No, we're not ban--
Laura: But always remember, Aran. We must strive above all else to be honorable bandits. For the future of Daein.
Aran: Uh... All right...
Micaiah: ...Bandits?

Dawn Brigade

Edward: Oh, man... Where is this prince, anyway? I wanna go home to Nevassa.
Leonardo: A long-lost prince of Daein? Who even knows if he really exists...
Edward: Of course he does!
Leonardo: How do you know? Do you have any proof?
Edward: Simple. Micaiah told us we should look for the prince. So, it's gotta be true!
Leonardo: Yeah, you're right. Her farsight is always spot on.
Edward: Even if we don't find him, there's no need to worry... 'cause I'm here!
Leonardo: Excuse me?
Edward: Since we left Nevassa, my swordsmanship has pretty much improved tenfold! By the time we get back home, I'll be invincible! I'll kick those tyrants out of Daein with my own two hands and one sharp blade!
Leonardo: It's great to have a dream, Edward...but you should wake up now!
Edward: Are you saying I'm not good enough?!
Leonardo: No. I'm saying there's a limit to how much one person can achieve. I'm going to do the best I can, but... It doesn't matter how strong the two of us become. We can't change what's going on in Daein. Not by ourselves.
Edward: Well, duh! I'm just saying it's a goal! You know? Just something to work toward.
Leonardo: Sure. But you shouldn't say such things lightly. It might be just a joke to you. It's not to me.
Edward: Wow. Sorry.
Leonardo: Yeah, well. So am I. I didn't mean to get so serious. All the just gets to me sometimes.

(Nolan arrives)

Nolan: Hey, boys. What is this, a funeral? What's with all the doom and gloom?
Edward: Nolah.
Nolan: I couldn't help but overhear, and I have a little to say on the subject. You're right, each of us can only achieve so much on our own. But you boys are still young. Don't let go of your hopes and dreams. Not yet, anyway.
Leonardo: But...
Nolan: Listen, there's no way we can free Daein by ourselves. But we CAN find King Ashnard's lost son and fight against the empire under Daein's banner. If we gather our strength, we stand a better chance of freeing our motherland. Now then, how's that for a little motivation to get your sorry backsides into training harder?
Edward: That's great! Thanks, Nolan. You're pretty smart for an old man!
Nolan: Hey, now... None of that, or I'll show you what an old man can do! Leonardo, are you feeling better?
Leonardo: Yes, sir. Thank you, Nolan. I guess age does make you wiser.
Nolan: How old do you think I am, anyway? Now I'm getting depressed...