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The Last Decisive Battle/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Coyote's Men remnants

Jagen: Kris, we've gotten a new report about the Coyote's Men, whose forces withdrew yesterday. It seems some of them have merged with the Archanean army. The Coyote's Men's commander, Wolf... is confirmed to be among them.
Kris: Then, we'll have to fight them again...?
Jagen: Yes. It'd be ideal if we could persuade them. But... if we don't know how, we may have no choice but to fight. They're strong. Kris, be very careful.

Current status

Jagen: We have come to the palace, the center of Archanea, with three objectives in mind. To save Hardin from the Darksphere. Rescue the kidnapped clerics. And defeat Gharnef, the Dark Pontifex. It seems there was a rebellion in the palace not long ago. Citizens and knights rioted against Hardin's actions... However, they were defeated, and now await execution by Hardin. Hardin has really changed... Prince Marth came here wanting to save Hardin... But we might already be too late... No matter how many people would forgive Hardin, or how many people would want him to be freed from the Darksphere... The cold, hard truth is that Hardin has stolen the lives of many innocents. It is unbearable to remember that he was once our comrade...