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The King's Triumphant Return/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Azure Moon
Harpstring Moon

The King's Triumphant Return

Opening Narration FETH Faerghus banner.png

Cg fe16 opening 04.png
Following the death of Rodrigue, Dimitri begins to question his desire for revenge. His troubled mind turns to the Kingdom capital and how he might end the chaos plaguing Faerghus, once and for all.
— Chapter 18 opening narration

Event - What Must Be Done

Meeting Room

(In the Meeting Room, the Kingdom army sans Dimitri discuss their current predicament...)
Gilbert: Our victory at Gronder was certainly a turning point for us. However... Rodrigue's death has been difficult to bear. We've lost considerable military strength and resources.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Are there no lords we can rely on? Is there no way to secure more soldiers?
Sylvain: Unfortunately, with things as they are now, I don't think House Gautier has any resources to spare.
Ingrid: I'm sorry. I really wish we could help. If only House Galatea had anything to give...

Gilbert: If we split up the soldiers currently defending the monastery, we should have sufficient numbers to invade the Empire. But even then...
(Dimitri enters the room.)
Dedue: Your Highness! You should be resting. Your wounds are still healing...
Dimitri: I am well, I assure you. More importantly...may I have a moment of your time?
(Everyone starts paying attention to Dimitri and Byleth nods. Something about the prince's attitude feels different compared to the past months.)
Dimitri: Thank you.
Dimitri: I wish to apologize. To all of you. I have led you down this dark path with me, and have caused so much suffering along the way... I cannot tell you how sorry I am for my behavior. There is no apology I could offer that would be sufficient.
Felix: Hmph. And how do you intend to make up for my father's death?
Dimitri: Felix... I realize words alone are not enough to repent, but I fear they are all I have.

If Dimitri & Felix's C-Support has been reached Otherwise

Felix: I'm not after more empty words. I want you to speak through your actions.

Dimitri: It is like patching up a tear with a different material. Things can never be as they were. The best I can hope for is to make things whole again. I wish to do the right thing from now on. That is why I have made a decision...
Dimitri: I intend to take back the Kingdom capital. I wish to save our people, those who I turned my back on for far too long. To follow my heart and do the right thing... That is the only way I can atone for my sins.
(Relief and joy silently seems to fill the room with everyone.)
Gilbert: Your Highness... If we can win back Fhirdiad, it will give us the advantage in our war against the Empire. As one who has served the royal family for ages, know that your words bring me great joy. And pride.
Gilbert: That said, I must point out that if we make for Fhirdiad, the emperor's head will slip further out of reach. Can you live with that?
Dimitri: I still hold hatred in my heart for her and for the ones responsible for the tragedy... That, I will carry with me until death.
Dimitri: life is my own. It belongs to no one else, and it is high time that I started living for what I believe in. I will no longer allow the voices of the dead to bind me. This is something that I must do... No. Something that I am choosing to do. I will accomplish my aim, even if it means risking my life to do so.
Gilbert: Understood, Your Highness. So? Any objections?
(Gilbert asks to everyone present.)

Choice 1 Choice 2
None. Count me in.

Seteth: You are correct. We cannot afford to die in vain by recklessly challenging the Empire.
Mercedes: I'm worried about Lady Rhea...but if this is the choice you've made, I support it.
Dedue: I am at your command, Your Highness. I will follow you anywhere.
Ashe: My sword is at your service, Your Highness.
Annette: I'll help too! The people in Fhirdiad need us!

If Dimitri & Felix's C-Support has been reached Otherwise

Felix: Fine. I'll help my father's stead. But in return, you must win. You know that, don't you...Dimitri?
Dimitri: I do. And I swear on my father's lance that we will prevail.

Gilbert: Then it is decided. It seems this war council has much to discuss. Our next stop is Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital. For the future of Faerghus!

Exploration: The The King's Triumphant Return

Potential Dates: 5/3, 5/10, 5/17 and 5/24

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Narration - Reclaiming the Capital

Despite their victory at the Battle of Gronder, the Kingdom army turns around and marches for Fhirdiad instead of heading south. To hail the arrival of the Kingdom army, the people of Fhirdiad begin to rebel. No move is made to suppress them. Instead, Cornelia directs her borrowed Imperial troops to prevent Dimitri from reaching the Kingdom capital.
— Introduction to Reclaiming the Capital

Event - Home

Date: 5/31
Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital

(Dimitri and Byleth have arrived at Fhirdiad and are looking around the city.)
Dimitri: Fhirdiad... It has been a lifetime since I was here last.
Dimitri: Five years ago, in fact. On the day before my execution, when Dedue helped me escape from prison. I killed soldiers from my homeland, stole weapons from their corpses, and made my escape, soaked in their blood... To think this is how I would return to the city of my birth, after all that has happened...

Choice 1 Choice 2
You have Rodrigue to thank. I'm proud of you.
Dimitri: Yes. Rodrigue gave his life to show me the way back to this path. You have risked much as well. Dimitri: I do not deserve that. If not for you or Rodrigue, I would still be lost...

Dimitri: I am glad to have you at my side. From the bottom of my heart...I am forever grateful.
(Dimitri then expresses his determination.)
Dimitri: Let's win this, Professor. Let's all make it out alive and celebrate our victory.
(Dimitri nods in agreement. They're visibly happy about Dimitri.)
(Just then, Gilbert appears to deliver news.)
Gilbert: Your Highness. The path to the castle has been cleared. We are making preparations to advance. Say the word, and we march.
Dimitri: Yes... Let us begin.
(Dimitri then begins talking to multiple Kingdom soldiers.)
Dimitri: Everyone! Listen well! This battle is for all that the Empire stole from us. It is a fight to reclaim the days of peace we once enjoyed. I give you but two commands—stay alive, and follow your heart. That is all I ask.
Dimitri: The gates to the Kingdom capital are open. Join me! It is time to take back our home!
(Multiple cheers can be heard from the kingdom army as the scene goes black.)


Royal Castle (Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital)

(Awaiting in Fhirdiad's castle, Cornelia awaits the Kingdom army...)
Cornelia: I thought I would see you again, little princeling. Heh, so stubborn. It must run in your family.
(A Dukedom General suddenly reports to Cornelia.)
Dukedom General: Cornelia! The city is overrun with insurrection. It seems to be in response to our enemy's arrival. If we do nothing, our army may suffer damages. We should suppress the citizens immediately.
Cornelia: The people are rebelling? Ha! Let them do as they please.
Cornelia: Or are you saying you have enough soldiers to divide our forces? Quite bold of you, with our enemy's most elite soldiers at our doorstep.
Dukedom General: But... What are you suggesting?
Cornelia: The city is going to be a battlefield anyway. Kill all who oppose us, even if they are members of the general populace. Go on now. You are needed out there.
Dukedom General: As you wish. May we find fortune in the battle to come.
(The Dukedom General bows down before quickly leaving the area.)
Cornelia: Hmph. What an inconvenience the little princeling has turned out to be. And bringing that troublesome person along with him... It would have been much better if he and his sweet little stepsister had been good little children and just killed each other.

If Felix defected (unused)...

(Meanwhile, somewhere in the palace...)
Felix: Are you coming, boar prince? To think the day has finally come when we will cross swords...

Battle: Reclaiming the Capital

Before Battle

Cornelia: The preparations are all in place. Time to meet my old master. Ready the Titanus in the streets! Let's give them a welcome to remember.

Player Phase 1

Dimitri: Advance! Smash that traitor Cornelia and reclaim the capital! I will not lose... I swear it by the blood in my veins...

Viskams are Activated

Cornelia: Weren't the Titanus enough for you? Well then! We had better activate the Viskam!

A Titanus has Entered Combat Once

Dimitri: Bah! These things are surprisingly tough... Are they being reinforced by magic?
Gilbert: If there is magic in use, we should find the source and eliminate it.

Titanus & Viskam's Energy Switch has been Turned Off

Dimitri: That should stop the supply of magic. Now we should be able to land attacks on those things.
Gilbert: These strange devices and weapons... They are the Empire's? Unbelievable.

Sub Boss - Annette (unused)

Annette cannot appear in the map as an enemy in the final release under any circumstances, and is replaced by a generic Kingdom General Warlock instead.

Vs Anyone:

I won't let you pass! No matter who you are!
— Annette Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

There's someone I must protect! I won't step aside... Even if it means fighting you, Professor. Prepare yourself! I won't lose!
— Annette Vs Byleth

Vs Mercedes:

Mercedes: Can't you put an end to this nonsense and come home? I'll even bake some of your favorite treats!
Annette: I love your treats, Mercie. They taste great, and they're really good with piping hot tea... I would have liked to enjoy them one more time... But I'm sorry. I can't return home just yet.
Mercedes: Annie...

— Annette Vs Mercedes

Vs Gilbert:

Gilbert: Annette, throw down your arms! Would you really fight your father?
Annette: I can't do it, Father. I can't betray Mother and my uncle! If I have to defeat you, then so be it!

— Annette Vs Gilbert

Death Quote:

Annette: Father, I beg you... Instead of Mother...
Gilbert: Yes. I promise, Annette.

— Annette's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Felix (unused)

Felix cannot appear in the map as an enemy in the final release under any circumstances, and is replaced by a generic Kingdom General Swordmaster instead.

Vs Anyone:

Stand aside. There's something I must do.
— Felix Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I'll relish cutting you down. No need for chitchat. Come at me!
— Felix Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Felix: So, the old man's dead...
Dimitri: Yes.
Felix: I'll cut you down. Prepare yourself, you damn boar!
Dimitri: Very well. Come at me, Felix!

— Felix Vs Dimitri

Vs Sylvain:

Felix: Sylvain, stand aside. My blade thirsts for his blood, not yours.
Sylvain: If that's so, then you oughta stand down. I don't want to fight you either!
Felix: Fine. Then we're at an impasse.

— Felix Vs Sylvain

Vs Ingrid:

Ingrid: Felix! Get a grip! We don't need to fight!
Felix: Out of my way, Ingrid. I must defeat him.
Ingrid:A nd then? What will become of you? You never have listened to reason!

— Felix Vs Ingrid

Death Quote:

It's over... I'm sorry, Father.
— Felix's Death Quote

Boss - Cornelia

Vs Anyone:

Oh my, what a charming guest. Let me take care of you...
— Cornelia Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Hm. I can't quite say that I'm pleased to meet you. Though I do know quite a lot about you. It would be nice if we could catch up a little... But I'm afraid it's time for you to die.
— Cornelia Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Cornelia: My, it's been a long time hasn't it, Your Highness? You've grown awfully strong.
Dimitri: How shameless. I bet it was you who killed my uncle and set me up. Am I right?
Cornelia: Hah! Too true! I'd already forgotten about all that loveliness.
Dimitri: I'll kill you, you monster! You will pay for all that you have done!

— Cornelia Vs Dimitri

Vs Gilbert:

Cornelia: Ah, your face brings back memories... Still alive, are we, Gustave?
Gilbert: Prattle on, Cornelia. Faerghus will not be cowed by the likes of you.
Cornelia: How very dull...

— Cornelia Vs Gilbert

Vs Hapi:

Hapi: So it is you. When I heard you were a court mage or whatever, I could hardly believe it. Well, no point in standing around and chatting about old times. Let's get this over with.
— Cornelia Vs Hapi

Defeat Quote:

Gah! So this is as far as I could get...
— Cornelia's Defeat Quote

Cornelia has been Defeated

Dimitri: It's over, Cornelia. If you have any last words, now is the time.
Cornelia: Right you are. Very well... I have an old tale that I would like you to hear, if I may. About something that happened ten years ago...
Cornelia: Something Patricia said about how she wished to see her real daughter again, no matter who or what she had to sacrifice to do so... And about how I made her wish come true, at the cost of the king's head...
Dimitri: The king's head? You mean Duscur... You monster! You mean to say that my father...everyone... was killed by my stepmother?
Cornelia: That's right. Her family meant everything to her... You certainly know that feeling, do you not? Ah, poor little prince. Unloved by the only mother he ever knew... How pitiful.
Dimitri: How dare you!
Cornelia: There's nothing left for you now... Nothing but despair.
(After drawing her last breath, Cornelia's body finally collapses into the ground.)

Gilbert: ...

Event - Taking Back Fhirdiad

Royal Castle (Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital)*

(Once Fhirdiad has been successfully recovered...)
Dimitri: Try as that woman might to spout nonsense to her very last, nothing could change the fact that she was an enemy of the Kingdom. She sold out Faerghus to the Empire, forcing our people to suffer their tyranny...
Dimitri: But all of that ends today. No more blood will be needlessly spilled.
Dimitri: Now that Cornelia has fallen, we will exert pressure on the nobles who were aligned with her. Perhaps we may yet find a connection to the tragic incident in Duscur. Once we do that, we will finally be able to prove the innocence of its people.
Dedue: Your Highness...
(Dedue nods as happiness can be seen in his face.)
Dedue: I am certain that would make those of Duscur who lost their lives that day very happy.
(Dedue then bows down to Dimitri.)
Dedue: I am grateful. And I am proud to serve a man such as you.
Gilbert: Come, Your Highness. You still have some responsibilities that must be carried out. Your people have been patiently awaiting your return.
(Goosebumps go through Dimitri's body.)
Dimitri: Do you mean... No. I can't bear to face them after all that I—

Choice 1 Choice 2
We're going. You must face them.

(Dimitri begins to calm down.)
Dimitri: Professor... Right you are, as ever. I am their king, after all...

As Dimitri reaches the balcony of the royal castle, multiple people cheer for him, leaving him utterly perplexed.

Cg fe16 dimitri gives speech f.png

Dimitri: What...what is this?
Gilbert: As you can see, the people are rejoicing at the return of their king.
Dimitri: Even though I turned my back on them, and fled the Kingdom in disgrace...
Gilbert: Even so...the spectacle before you does not lie.
Gilbert: We are a Kingdom in need of a king. A hero to save the people from their long oppression. our Highness... It is truly a blessing that you have returned.

Dimitri: Do I really have the right to stand here? Will they accept me as their king? Bloodstained as I am... Am I fit to be king?

Tears begin flowing through Dimitri's eyes.

Choice 1 Choice 2
If you atone, all will be forgiven. Don't cry, Dimitri. This is a happy time.
Dimitri: Yes... You are right again, my friend. Dimitri: These are happy tears, my friend.
(Dimitri blushes nerviously.)

Dimitri: I am finally home again...

Dimitri: Faerghus... How I missed you...

Event - Night of the Feast

City Streets (Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital)

(Some time later, Byleth is seen alone, admiring the city of Fhirdiad from a high place.)
Dimitri: It may be spring, but the nights are quite chilly here in Fhirdiad...
(Dimitri reveals his presence to Byleth and approaches them.)
Dimitri: Still, our celebratory feast shows no sign of stopping. Have you grown weary of the festivities?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I have. I was going to ask you the same.
Dimitri: If memory serves, you were much the same at the ball, all those years ago. Dimitri: It's not that I have grown weary...more that I find it difficult to be around everyone at the moment.

Dimitri: I have just returned from visiting the graves of my loved ones. It had been a long while since I left flowers. I was always terribly afraid of going near there... But I could not stay away forever.
Dimitri: You have taught me something important, Professor.

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Studiousness? Swordsmanship? Humor?
Dimitri: That too, of course. But what I'm referring to is far more valuable. Dimitri: That too, of course. But what I'm referring to is far more valuable. (Dimitri's amused by Byleth's response.)
Dimitri: You never let up, do you? No, what I am referring to is far more valuable.

Dimitri: How should I put this... Perhaps it is most accurate to say taught me how to live.
Dimitri: If you and I had not reunited on that fateful day, I am certain I would have died a fruitless death on the battlefield. I would have foolishly challenged a horde of foes and, in doing so, needlessly sacrificed the lives of my friends and myself.
Dimitri: But now, I have returned to my rightful place.
Dimitri: I struggle with what to say, when I know well that words are not enough to express my gratitude. You saved me from the darkness...and guided me back to the light.
Dimitri: Thank you, Professor. With all that I am, I thank you.
(Dimitri's words raise a question within Byleth's mind...)

Choice 1 Choice 2
Are you happy? Do you still wish for revenge?
Dimitri: a hard question to answer. I still do not believe I deserve happiness.
Dimitri: These hands of mine have taken so many lives... Nobles and commoners. Adults and children. Perhaps a day will come when I have finally atoned for my sins...but such a day is not possible until after the war is over.
Dimitri: Revenge was never something I wished for... It was an obligation I felt I had inherited from those who died.
Dimitri: I believed my life belonged to those who lost their own in Duscur. But what I now seek is something else entirely... I can say that with confidence.

Dimitri: But I digress... For tonight, our only focus should be to bask in our victory. After that, we must prepare for our battle with the Empire. To start, we must absorb the Kingdom knights taken by the Dukedom into our own forces and reshuffle our troops... The lords will need to help purge our territory of Imperial forces, and I will use my authority as king to gather forces from various regions... And we'll have to ask the merchants to lend us the funds we require... Oh, and we must request delivery of supplies at once...

Choice 1 Choice 2
That sounds like a lot of work. Good luck with that.
Dimitri: Heh... Just thinking about it all makes my head spin. Dimitri: I cannot handle all of this work by myself, you know. I will be counting on you, Professor.

Dimitri: There is much to do, but it is all critical work if we hope to stand a chance against the Empire.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Is there no way to coexist with the Empire? You will soon face Edelgard...
Dimitri: Knowing Edelgard, I doubt there is a path that leads to our coexistence. Dimitri: Yes... I am well aware.

Dimitri: I believe we have spoken of this before... Everyone has something they simply cannot accept. As for Edelgard, I am certain she will never be able to accept the Church of Seiros. I believe that is why she seeks to destroy it. She is looking to revolutionize the world. In her mind, for the better.
Dimitri: But even if she manages to birth a new world... it would be at the cost of...
(Dimitri stops himself when he notices how the thought drives him angry.)
Dimitri: I wish to end this war through acceptance, not annihilation. Just as my people accepted me, I wish dearly to accept her. But I fear—
(A Kingdom Soldier has suddenly interrupted Byleth & Dimitri's conversation.)

Kingdom Soldier: Your Highness! I finally found you!
Dimitri: Ah, I am sorry for slipping away. Has something happened?
Kingdom Soldier: An express messenger just arrived from the leader of the Alliance. Please return to the castle at once!
Dimitri: An express messenger? What in the world could Claude be after?
(Dimitri then looks at Byleth.)
Dimitri: I am on my way. Professor, please join me.
(Byleth nods in agreeance.)