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The Heart of Crimea/Conversations

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Giffca: Welcome back, you two.
Skrimir: Giffca. Apologizes for worrying you.
Giffca: You persevered through many difficult battles. We are glad to have you back in one piece.
Skrimir: Each and every soldier in the army helped me. I couldn't do anything by myself. Alone, I was powerless.
Giffca: That's good. If that's what you learned from this campaign, then it wasn't a wasted effort for Gallia. Good work, Ranulf.
Ranulf: Thank you, sir.
Giffca: Skrimir, come here. I have something from the king.
Skrimir: What is this?
Giffca: It's a satori sign. It is said to bring out the hidden power of the laguz.
Skrimir: Amazing!
Giffca: Here, it's yours.
Skrimir: Ranulf. You should take it.
Ranulf: What? Why? The king said it was for you!
Skrimir: Yes, but you've been looking after me. It's...a sign of my appreciation.
Ranulf: Skrimir...
Giffca: Very well. Ranulf. This is yours to keep.
Ranulf: A-all right. Thank you, sir.
Giffca: Skrimir, you reply to his thanks.
Skrimir: Um, yes. You're welcome. I am grateful for your continued support.
Ranulf: Of course, General.

(You got a Satori SignIs wii satori sign.png.)