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The Grustian Expedition/Script

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Mystery of the Emblem


After five long years, the great war with the Dolhr Empire, which caused much suffering and was later called the War of Shadows, ended with the defeat of the Earth Dragon King Medeus.
The warriors who had gathered under the Fire Emblem returned to their homelands, and, to restore the lands from devastation, used up much strength.
Among the countries that once made up the Seven Kingdoms of Archanea, Gra and Grust were ruined.
Altea, Aurelis, Macedon, and Talys were also deeply scarred.
Even the great Kingdom of Archanea was undergoing restoration.
Then, at the royal capital Pales, which was still shaken by the war, an important event occurred with the King of Aurelis's younger brother Hardin's marriage to Princess Nyna and his ascension as the twenty-fourth king of Archanea. And so after becoming king, Hardin, although seemingly reluctant, instantly restored the country.
He gathered many soldiers to create a powerful army.
Following that, he announced the restoration of the Holy Empire of Archanea, and declared himself Emperor.
One year after the end of the war with Dolhr, the world seems to be entering a state of peace.
But the cogs of fate appear to have gone mad.

— Prologue to Mystery of the Emblem Book II.


One year has passed since the War of Shadows ended. Thanks to the efforts of Prince Marth, the Kingdom of Altea, devastated by war, finally begins to stabilize. The knight Jagen, who succeeded the ill Malledus, became the prince's tactician and helped him rule the country, by his side. Afterwards, Princess Caeda was welcomed to Altea, and her marriage with Prince Marth was announced. The citizens of Altea were happy for the pair's fortune and Caeda was passionately welcomed to the country. However... nearing the day of the wedding, a letter suddenly comes from the imperial palace of Pales, containing an imperial order.
Dear Prince Marth of Altea,
At the Kingdom of Grust, occupied by Archanea, a huge rebellion has broken out. I request for your country to subdue Grust. Your highness, please send Altea's full army immediately, to quell Grust's rebellion.
Emperor Hardin
The Kingdom of Archanea is the suzerain state to Altea, and its orders must be followed. The helpless Marth orders the knight Cain to protect his kingdom. And he leaves, along with Jagen and the others, to an expedition to Grust.

— Chapter 1 intro


Marth: Jagen, we've finally arrived. Is that the rebels' fortress?
Jagen: I just saw the occupation army's commander, General Lang. You should ask him directly.
[Lang enters]
Lang: So you are Lord Marth. Currently the situation is relaxed. We have already subdued most of the rebels. All that remains is this fortress. Since you are here, I will leave the job of defeating the rebels' leader, General Lorenz, to you.
Marth: Huh!? The leader of the rebels is General Lorenz!? Why would he rebel...?
Lang: Oh... I don't know why. But it is a fact that he is hiding Grust's prince. He's probably dreaming of restoring the Kingdom of Grust. What a fool. He really thought his rebellion would be victorious? Lord Marth, you will kill Lorenz and bring back the hidden Grustian royal children. We will leave this place to you, and pursue the escaping rebels. We must show those Grustian fools the consequences of opposing us.
Marth: General Lang... What are you planning to do!?
Lang: If you want to know, I am going to slaughter the families of the rebels. Then we will burn down any villages that harboured the rebels. That will stop them from contemplating rebellion again. Hahaha! I can almost see the tears on the faces of those fools.
Marth: What?! How can you be so cruel...
Lang: Th-there's nothing wrong! You'd best follow my orders and not think about things too much. Or do you, also, intend to rebel against Archanea!?
Marth: What! Of course not...
Lang: Then you'd better listen to my orders!! Lord Marth, don't think too highly of yourself. In my eyes you are just the prince of a weak country. With its power, Archanea can destroy your country at any time. Don't forget about this!
[Lang leaves]
Marth: ...Jagen, what's going on? Why has Hardin handed over this country to such a man...?
Jagen: General Lang was once a noble of Archanea. However, in the previous war, he supported the Dolhr Empire. I heard that he stole from other people, to add to his own wealth. I fear he has continued his ways at Grust, and caused suffering to its people. So General Lorenz's rebellion is completely understandable.
Marth: Jagen! How can you say things so casually? If we don't inform Hardin of the truth, more innocent people will be killed.
Jagen: Your highness, I understand your feelings. However, Lorenz's rebellion is a fact. First, we must see how we can help him. Basically we should listen to what the citizens have to say, so we can affirm what has happened to this country. Then your highness can talk to General Lorenz personally.
Marth: But the rebels don't know that we're from Altea. Can we reach the fortress safely?
Jagen: Don't worry. Most of the rebels have already fled. All that remains is Lorenz, and the children in the fortress. Blocking our path are only brigands, who have taken advantage of the confusion to raid villages. They are no problem for us. You can order Arran to defeat them in one blow if you want. However, your highness, we have some fresh recruits in our army that could use some fighting experience. To them, brigands are relatively strong foes. So be careful not to push them too much. If possible, I would have liked to fight as well, but my body is not what it used to be. I will stay by your highness's side, as your tactician. Well, your highness, we should go!

Getting close to Lorenz

Lorenz: It seems the Empire's reinforcements have come. It's already reached this stage... Lord Ogma, I am deeply sorry for getting you involved in all of this. But, could you listen to one last request of mine?
Ogma: I was sent here by King Talys to help you. If there is anything I can do for you, please ask.
Lorenz: Is that so...? Then, I ask of you... Please send these children to Macedon. These children... Prince Jubelo and Princess Yuliya are the children of the late King Grust. I have always been protecting them in secret, but that is no longer possible. If they fell into General Lang's hands, I bet he would execute them without question. Please, take these children to Wendell at Macedon.
Ogma: I understand... I will protect these two with my life.
Lorenz: Truly? Thank you... Well, Prince Jubelo, Princess Yuliya, you will escape with Lord Ogma.
Yuliya: No! I won't go. If we must escape, Lorenz must come with us too.
Lorenz: Princess Yuliya... I am afraid I cannot leave. My body is in such agony that even walking pains me. So, please don't worry about me. You two must flee.
Yuliya: Why... Why must you say that...? Lorenz, you fought to protect us. That's why you suffered such a heavy wound. How can you tell us to leave you!? I will not go. I will not leave your side!!
Ogma: What should we do, General?
Lorenz: Hmm... This is troublesome. Yuliya will undoubtedly stick to her word... I apologise, Lord Ogma. You may leave.
Ogma: I understand... Then, I will find another way to help you. I will find Lang and kill him... I will use my blade to send him to his grave. If I succeed, perhaps the nearby enemies will retreat. General Lorenz, you must live to see that day. ...Don't get yourself killed!!

Villages and houses

Woman: After the previous war ended, Princess Nyna handed over this country to General Lorenz, and allowed him to freely rule. However, after Hardin became Emperor, he removed General Lorenz's power and sent Lang's army here. Lang stole everything from us. Not just money, but also food, clothes and even our loved ones were... Ah... If only General Camus was still here. Then we wouldn't need to fear Lang.

Old man: The deceased King Grust had two children: Princess Yuliya and Prince Jubelo, twins of 13 to 14 years of age. The King was scared of Gharnef, so he sent the two to Khadein. I heard they were held as hostages and locked inside a dark room. When they were finally rescued by Wendell, they were on the brink of death. The bishop immediately took them to a monastery in Khadein to care for them.

Man: General Lorenz recovered the children from Wendell, hoping to raise them at Grust. When the Emperor found out, he ordered him to hand over the children. The general hid the children away because he feared they would be killed. Following that, he lost his power and then Commander Lang came. In order to find the children, Lang performed many atrocities. Eventually we rebelled because we could no longer stand him. But, everything's over. The people of this country will all be killed by Lang!

Old man: I heard General Lorenz resided at Talys island in his youth. At that time, Talys was not unified, and there were conflicts between the island tribes. The general helped a youthful chief to unite the island. From that day on, the general and the chief, now the current King Talys, have always been in contact.

Woman: I only saw a glance of him, but that paladin, Arran, didn't look too good. In any case, if he continues fighting it will be difficult for others to improve...

Old man: This country no longer has any young girls. The imperial soldiers took them all away. Especially beautiful girls, who were all taken by General Lang. What kind of world has this become?

Marisha's grandmother: Oh... Please spare this girl. She is just 10 years old. She hasn't even finished her training as a cleric.
Marth: Don't worry, old lady. We're not going to take this child.
Marisha's grandmother: Huh...? Aren't you a soldier of the Empire?
Marth: No... You've got the wrong idea. We haven't come here to fight. If you require anything, please ask. We have some food, please take it if you want.
Marisha: Wait... Please, take me with you...
Marth: You... You're REALLY only 10 years old?
Marisha: Actually I have already become of age... But, my grandmother lied for me so the soldiers wouldn't take me away. Well, I know if I stay here I will eventually be discovered and captured by the imperial soldiers. Lang's soldiers are like beasts. But, you're different. You have very kind eyes. Please, take me out of this country and to your own country. Is that alright, grandmother?
Marisha's grandmother: Ah, of course. You will be much safer compared to here. Young lad, I beg of you. Please protect this girl. If you want, it would be no problem for her to become your bride. This child, like me in the past, is a beautiful girl. She will definitely make a fine wife. Marisha, if this youth was to be your husband, you would be happy, right?
Marisha: Honestly, grandmother. It's far too early. Marisha doesn't know what to do.
[Marisha joins]

Versus Lorenz

Lorenz: What!? You are... from the Altean army? So even Altea wants to cause suffering to my people?

Lorenz dies

Lorenz: Forgive me, people of Grust...

Marth talks to Lorenz

Lorenz: Lord Marth! It's you... Although I knew the enemy's reinforcements had come, but I didn't expect it was you... It is a shame, that we must fight Altea... And fight against your highness...
Marth: Please wait. I don't intend to fight with you. From the citizens I have discovered disturbing facts about the atrocities performed by the occupation army. I will inform Emperor Hardin about these facts. If I meet him, I will definitely be able to rescue Grust. So, please, put away your weapon.
Lorenz: Your highness... I appreciate your favor. But that is impossible. Your highness, you don't know a thing. You think that somebody like Hardin would send a heartless man like Lang here for no reason? He wanted to provoke us into rebelling, so that the Kingdom of Grust could be completely destroyed and become ruled by the Empire. That is the reason why he sent such a cold-blooded man here.
Marth: What? Why would he!? I cannot possibly believe that Hardin would do such a thing.
Lorenz: I didn't expect you to accept the truth so quickly. However, since he became Emperor he has completely changed. He is no longer the Hardin that your highness once knew. Anyway, I believe we're finished here... However, your highness, I have just one last request. In this fortress, Grust's royal princess and prince are hiding. Please save those children. If you can promise me that, I will have no regrets. Lord Marth... Let's just say that in exchange for my life, these children... I will hand them in your care...
[Lorenz explodes]
Marth: General Lorenz!! How could you...


Marth: You two are Grust's... Prince Jubelo and Princess Yuliya!?
Jubelo: Waa... Lorenz... He's dead. What should we do?
Yuliya: You fiends!! Don't come near us! Otherwise, we'll kill ourselves!!
Marth: No! You've got it wrong...
[Lang enters]
Lang: Ah... Lord Marth. You finally caught the rebels?
Marth: General Lang! Wait! Those children are innocent. Can you hand them to us?
Lang: That isn't possible. Prisoners of war must be taken to my castle. I must also execute them as soon as possible, so that other people dare not defy us. Ah, your highness. You must head immediately to Macedon. The Macedonian army has rebelled, and its princess appears to have been captured by them. Emperor Hardin has ordered that you go and rescue Princess Minerva.
Marth: What? Macedonia? I understand, General. If it's to rescue Princess Minerva, I will gladly go. But, please hand those children to me. I beg of you, General Lang!
Lang: Don't be stubborn, your highness! When I said no, I meant it. Well, you two, come over here!
Yuliya: No, let go of me! Jubelo, help me!
Jubelo: Yuliya... Yuliya...
Marth: Wait, wait!! Lang! Release those children!
[Lang leaves with Yuliya and Jubelo]
Jagen: Your highness, please calm down! If we fight with Lang now, we will become traitors. On top of that, we currently don't have the strength to oppose Lang's army.
Marth: But, Jagen, can we really give those children to Lang? That I...
Jagen: Right now... No matter what, we must stay calm! If we go to Macedon... And successfully rescue Princess Minerva, Macedon may be able to help us. Your highness, please stay calm for now. We must first go to Macedon!

New Mystery of the Emblem

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