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The Grustian Expedition/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Kingdom of Grust

Marth: Kris, this is the first time you've been outside of Altea, isn't it?
Kris: Yes. Sire, did you come to Grust in the previous war?
Marth: Indeed. In the War of Shadows, Grust was our enemy. However, the general and the people were not to blame. There were many admirable people that I did not want to fight. General Lorenz comes to mind... Fortunately, in the previous war, he fought as our ally.
(Flashback starts)
Lorenz: So, I will stand by you instead, Prince-- and hope the future is a bit easier to spot from there.
(Flashbacks ends)
Marth: Thanks to the war, Grust was devastated and it now follows the Kingdom of Archanea's rule, but, by Archanea's grace, General Lorenz was allowed to govern it. He's an excellent leader who thinks of his people. It's because of him that the people of Grust can live in peace.
Kris: I understand. But then, I wonder why did a rebellion occur?
Marth: That, I don't know. Just what is going on in this country?

Expeditionary Forces

Jagen: Kris, how are the new knights?
Kris: Sir! Everyone is brimming with energy.
Jagen: Good to hear. About our expeditionary forces... I am already old, and would be of no use in the front lines. Our main force will consist of you rookies, Gordin, Draug and the Paladin Arran. The strongest among us is Sir Arran. Let me introduce you.
Arran: Royal Guard Kris, this is the first time we talk face-to-face. I am Arran.
Kris: Kis, sir. It is an honor to fight alongside you, sir.
Jagen: Sir Arran, as far as our reports go, our enemies are bandits. They are no match for a Paladin like you.
Arran: Of course. However, Sir Jagen, if possible, please give a chance to Kris and the other new knights. I can't become much stronger than I already am. However, they're young and have potential. As Kris and the others experience actual battles, they should eventually grow enough to surpass me.
Kris: Ah! Sir Arran...
Arran: Kris, gain strength in the battlefield, and surpass me as soon as possible. The one who will support the future of Altea isn't me: it is you.
(If Kris is male)
Yes sir! I'll bear in mind the importance of being a knight of Altea.
(If Kris is female)
Sir... I shall engrave the importance of being an Altean knight upon my soul.