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The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth/Script (Blue Lions)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Blue Sea Moon

The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth

Opening Narration FETH Blue Lions symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 4 mural.png
As the sun grows stronger and the nights grow ever shorter, the Blue Sea Star returns to the sky once more. Believed to be the goddess's home, her followers look to the star and commence celebrations of her rebirth. On the grounds of Garreg Mach Monastery, a grand ceremony is held in honor of this much anticipated event. Every true follower of the Church of Seiros is sure to be in attendance.
— Chapter 4 opening narration

Event - The Enemy's Aim

Date: 7/5
Reception Hall

(Byleth and the Blue Lions discuss their mission for the month.)
Dimitri: So, our task for this moon is to patrol and guard the monastery, to help put a stop to that assassination plot. The knights will certainly have their hands full protecting Lady Rhea. And perhaps our enemy is counting on that...

Choice 1 Choice 2
What do you mean? I agree.
Dedue: Your Highness. I am curious as to what you mean by that. (Support points with Edelgard go up.)
Dedue: Please, elaborate.

Dimitri: Why would Lord Lonato be carrying around a secret note with an assassination plot written on it? Isn't it possible he hoped to monopolize everyone's attention with this alleged order to distract from his true aim?
Annette:Maybe they're after the treasure vault. There's also lots of valuable stuff in the library and Professor Hanneman's quarters!
Felix: True. The monastery undoubtedly houses many weapons that rival even the Heroes' Relics.
Sylvain: Whatever their aim, we can't allow any harm to come to the ladies of the monastery. I mean, what would I do with my spare time?
Dedue: You mean to say we should search the monastery. Try to find what the enemy is truly after.
Dimitri: Yes. And we should be prepared to fight them as well, should it come to that. I wouldn't mind getting in some training, just in case.

(Shamir and Cyril approach Byleth and their class.)

Shamir: A secret meeting, Professor? Oh, we haven't been introduced. I am Shamir.
Edelgard: Shamir is one of the Knights of Seiros. And this young man is—
Cyril: I work for Lady Rhea! And I'm Shamir's apprentice! Oh, the name's Cyril.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You work for Rhea? Shamir's apprentice?
Cyril: Yep. I help Lady Rhea with all kinds of stuff. Cyril: Yep. She's teaching me about the bow and the sword and all kinds of stuff.

Cyril: I've gotta protect Lady Rhea, so that's why I've gotta learn all I can from Shamir.
Shamir: Cyril adores Rhea. That aside, if you need anything, ask.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Exploration: The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth

Potential Dates: 7/6, 7/13 and 7/20

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Event - The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth

Date: 7/26

If the quest Know Your Enemy was completed If the quest Know Your Enemy wasn't completed

Dimitri: The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth is finally here. Let's move ahead with our plan.
Dedue: Leave it to me. Professor, are you in as well?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Of course. I'm not sure about this. I'm hungry.
(Ingrid shows up.)
Ingrid: We've narrowed down their objective...kind of. So, let's show everyone that we can carry out our duties better than anyone!
(Mercedes shows up.)
Mercedes: Oh dear. Our professor seems to lack confidence in our plan. That is not very reassuring.
(Annette shows up.)
Annette: Umm... Oh! Well, I'll be sure to whip you up some tasty treats when this is all over!

Dimitri: We're counting on you, Professor.

(Seteth & Flayn pop up to visit Byleth.)
Seteth: You seem a mite too relaxed for my liking. The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth is about to begin. While we are in the Goddess Tower, we are relying on you to secure the locations that are lacking in defense.
Flayn: May I let you in on something, Professor? My brother can be a bit...callous.
(Seteth silently stares at Flayn.)
Flayn: He told me that he was concerned about you, and hinted that perhaps you would be better off patrolling a coffin!
(Seteth gets visibly nervious.)
Seteth: That was said in jest, Flayn. And in confidence. Please just remain by my side and do not cause any more trouble.
Seteth: As a professor, you would do well to remember that it is your duty to guide your students down the path of righteousness.
Flayn: Please excuse us, everyone. We shall see you again after the ceremony has concluded!
(Seteth & Flayn leave.)

Dedue: It's time.

If the quest Know Your Enemy was completed If the quest Know Your Enemy wasn't completed

Dimitri: All right. Let's stick to the plan, and go hide where we can watch over the entrance to the Holy Mausoleum. If anyone suspicious enters, we'll follow them in and take them down. Got it?

Battle - Assault at the Rite of Rebirth

Holy Mausoleum

Before Battle

If the quest Know Your Enemy was completed If the quest Know Your Enemy wasn't completed

Dimitri: It is as we suspected. The enemy is within.

Mysterious Mage: Those Central Church dastards have spotted us... Buy me some time while I open the seal on the casket!
Western Church Soldier: I'm on it.

Player Phase 1

Dimitri: The enemy is after the casket of Saint Seiros. Do they intend to steal her bones? We must defeat those enemies before they open the casket.
Dimitri: But look closely at the ground... There are contraptions of some sort in place. We'll have to look closely at the enemies' weapons and advance while attacking them from the best positions possible.

Enemy Phase 1

Mysterious Mage: Death Knight! Prove your strength and scatter these fools!
Death Knight: I don't take commands. Or waste my time on weaklings.

Dimitri: That knight looks like he has experience. It would be foolish to challenge him recklessly.

Enemy Phase 4

Mysterious Mage: The reinforcements haven't arrived?! If they approach from behind, we can attack them from both sides...

25 Turns Have Passed

Mysterious Mage: It's no use! The seal is broken. You can't— Huh? A sword?
(The Mysterious Mage teleports away. It was too late to stop him.)

Sub Boss - Death Knight

Vs Anyone:

Like moths to a flame...
— Death Knight Vs Anyone

Vs Mercedes:

Mercedes: Oh my, how frightening! Won't you please go easy on me?
Death Knight: You... Was this meeting...preordained?
Mercedes: Hmm? What do you mean?

— Death Knight Vs Mercedes

After being fought once:

I told you that if you fled, I would not chase you. But it seems you wish to die...
— Death Knight after being fought once

Retreat Quote:

I didn't expect to encounter someone like you... How fortunate.
— Death Knight's retreat quote

Boss - Mysterious Mage

Vs Anyone:

You're too late! The seal will be broken any minute now...
— Mysterious Mage Vs Anyone

Defeat Quote:

It's no use! The seal is broken. You can't— Huh? A sword?
— Mysterious Mage's defeat quote

Movie - Sword of the Creator

Ss fe16 sword of the creator fbyleth icon.png

The mysterious mage pushes back the lid of the tomb, then proceeds to slowly pulls out a strange sword.
As the mage inspections it, Byleth quickly charges and attacks.
The sword flies out of the mage's hands, with Byleth managing to catch it, as if it were following their trail.
The mage prepares a magical attack and blasts it. As Byleth uses the sword to reflect the attack, the sword begins to glow in a red light, similar to Catherine's sword...

Mysterious Mage: Huh... What?

Byleth throws aside their previous sword and faces the dark mage head on.
Startled, the dark mage creates a magic shield in an attempt to block Byleth's sword, only for the weapon to slowly crack the shield as it penetrates it, much to the mage's dismay.
The shield is ultimately broken. Then, Byleth seizes the opportunity and slays the mage in one fell swoop. The dark mage collapses on the ground.
Once it's done, Byleth inspects their newest sword, with the camera focusing on an empty circular space it has, almost as if is missing something...

After Battle

If the Death Knight has not retreated...

Death Knight: That sword is... I see. What a pleasant surprise.
(The Death Knight teleports away.)

Dimitri: He got away... We have no choice but to let them go for now.
Dimitri: Professor... The way that sword is glowing. I wonder...


(Catherine and a few Knights of Seiros arrive at the scene.)
Catherine: Is the intruder here?! Oh... Looks like you have this under control. You! Round up any stragglers.
Knight of Seiros: Will do!

Event - Judgement


(In the Cathedral, the captured soldiers are judged...)
Seteth: As all of you have committed a breach of faith, the archbishop will now pass judgement.
Shamir: Inciting a Kingdom noble to rebel. Unlawful entry. The attempted assassination of the archbishop. An attack on the Holy Mausoleum.
Shamir: It is unnecessary to go on, followers of the Western Church.
Priest: What?! We have nothing to do with the Western Church!
Seteth: You have already been identified. Please spare us your second-rate theater.
Rhea: Dishonoring a holy ceremony is worthy of death for a member of the church. You are well past the hope of redemption. If you have any grace remaining, you will willingly offer your life as atonement for this crime.
Priest: No! This isn't what we were told would happen! We've been deceived!
Shamir: It's no use arguing. Whatever your excuse, the punishment stands.
Rhea: May your souls find peace as they return to the goddess...
Priest: Wait! Please! The goddess would never forgive you for our execution!
Priest: Monster! We know you've already slaughtered many of our fellow brethren like this!
Rhea: This concludes the investigation. Please remove these poor, lost souls from my sight.
(As the Western Church members are removed from Rhea's sight, the camera pans back and reveals Dimitri was watching the scene.)

Dimitri: ...

Blue Lion Classroom

(Dimitri comments with her teacher and classmates what just happened.)
Dimitri: There you have it... It seems that the assassination attempt and the attack on the Holy Mausoleum were all the work of the Western Church. As for the masked knight who led the attack... I'm afraid his whereabouts are yet unknown.
Dedue: It makes no sense that the Western Church would try such a thing.
Dimitri: It just goes to show that the Church of Seiros is not completely united. The church is led by those here at Garreg Mach, and the Western Church doesn't have a strong voice on its governing council. I imagine the Western Church has harbored some resentment toward the Central Church for a while now.

Choice 1 Choice 2
The Western Church... The Central Church?

Dimitri: Ah, that's right. Jeralt did say that you grew up outside the influence of the church.
(Dimitri begins explaining.)
Dimitri: The Church of Seiros is split into a few branches across Fódlan. The largest being the Central Church, which is headquartered right here at Garreg Mach.
(A map displaying the location of the Western Church's location is showed to the viewer.)

Cg fe16 kingdom map.png

Dimitri: The Western Church lies far to the west of Castle Gaspard, where Lord Lonato held his rebellion. It's situated on the far side of the Kingdom's most impressive fortress, Arianrhod.
Dimitri: I imagine the Western Church's intention was to eliminate Lady Rhea, and the Central Church's authority along with her. Naturally, the knights will be riding out to question the Western Church's top officials. Or rather... to punish them.
Dedue: When they do, Your Highness, we will likely be asked to help carry out said punishment.
Dimitri: Indeed. Now, I don't mean to be rude, Professor, but I must say your situation is rather unusual. For someone to grow up in Fódlan and yet never have any contact with the Church of Seiros is... it's hard to believe.
Dedue: I wonder why the archbishop would hire someone like that as a professor...
Ashe: So...those people from the Western Church were... Um, Lady Rhea had them killed, didn't she?
Mercedes: Well, of course she did. Going against the teachings of Seiros like that. Quite unforgivable!
Ingrid: Those who stray must be punished, I suppose. That said... Professor, I—
(Seteth interrupts out of a sudden.)
Seteth: There you are, Professor. It seems Lady Rhea would like a word with you. Come with me.

Event - Slithering in the Dark


( a fog-filled forest...a man in white robes and the masked person in red discuss something...)
???: The archbishop lives. Not that I had ever placed much faith in those swine from the Western Church.
???: I have news, both good and bad. The remains of Seiros were not in the tomb. However, something else was. The Sword of the Creator.
???: Ah, the weapon wielded by that thief, the King of Liberation.
???: Thief? Hm. At any rate, it is now in the hands of the academy's new professor. I doubt you will be surprised to hear that the Crest Stone had already been removed from the sword when it was found.
???: Hmph. As expected. It would be foolish to keep both in the same location.
???: There's more. The professor was able to awaken the sword's true power. Even without the Crest Stone, the sword glowed red.
???: The professor's Crest is compatible. There is no mistaking it.
(The man in white robes is perplexed.)
???: Absurd. Using a Relic without its Crest Stone should be impossible... The King of Liberation's bloodline should not even... Hmm.
(The man in white robes seems to have figured out the phenomenon...)
???: They must be allowed to keep it, for now. I do not have enough information about the professor to act.
???: As for your request, I assent. The Death Knight is at your command. Use him well.
???: Good. I believe I will enjoy this a great deal...

Event - Report: Blue Sea Moon

Audience Chamber

(Byleth is reporting to Rhea.)
Rhea: I cannot thank you enough for defeating those invaders in the Holy Mausoleum, and especially for protecting the Sword of the Creator. That sword is one of the Heroes' Relics, and the most precious artifact in the church's possession. It is also a weapon of terrifying power.
Rhea: For now...I will entrust the sword to you. Please, use it wisely.
(Seteth, standing nearby, is immediately shocked upon hearing this.)
Seteth: Lady Rhea, wait!
Seteth: Do you truly mean to give the Sword of the Creator to this stranger?! Surely it is not the sort of thing that one hands over so readily, even to someone who has the ability to wield it! If someone like Nemesis were to appear again, all of Fódlan would be consumed by war!


Seteth: Nemesis, the King of Liberation. He is an ancient king of mankind who was defeated by Seiros over a thousand years ago. When Fódlan was attacked by wicked gods, it is said that the goddess gifted Nemesis with the Sword of the Creator. Nemesis used that sword to defeat the wicked gods, saving all of Fódlan. Henceforth he was dubbed the King of Liberation. However, his power began to corrupt him until he, himself, turned to the darkness. Saint Seiros was forced to destroy him.
Seteth: Lady Rhea, I beg you to reconsider. Given a little more time, we could more accurately assess this stranger's abilities.
Rhea: No. I have faith, Seteth. Faith that our friend here will not be corrupted by wickedness.
Rhea: Since the death of Nemesis, none have been able to wield the Sword of the Creator. Now, after all those long years of being sealed away, it has returned and found a new master.
Seteth: I...understand. As you wish, Lady Rhea.
Seteth: There you have it, Professor. See that you do not betray the trust the archbishop has seen fit to bestow upon you.

(As Byleth leaves the Audience Chamber...)

Sothis: The Sword of the Creator. The King of Liberation. Each tale is more confusing than the last! And I really can't read that Rhea at all... That sword is clearly precious... So why is she so keen to gift the thing to you?

Choice 1 Choice 2
It certainly is strange. The sword chose me.
Sothis: Is that a fact?

Sothis: I feel as though we have become entangled in a mystery... And there is one more thing that has been plaguing me.
Sothis: The Sword of the Creator... It somehow feels distinct from other Relics we have seen. Such as the one that... Oh goodness, what was her name? Ca... Cat...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Catherine? Cat?
Sothis: Yes! Her! Sothis: What is wrong with that head of yours? Of course it's not a cat! Her name is Catherine.

Sothis: The Sword of the Creator differs from her Thunderbrand in one key way. It bears a hole...where something should have been, but is no more.
Sothis: I despise not knowing what is going on! frightens me. And yet... I place my trust in you. I must. Whatever comes to pass...please swear to cut a path that is your own.

(Byleth nods in agreement, then leaves.)