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The Future Past 3/Conversations

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This is a listing of optional conversations in The Future Past 3, triggered when a specific character waits next to another specific character. A non-fixed parent (in Lucina's case, her mother; in Severa's, Gerome's, and Laurent's cases, their fathers) can only trigger a conversation if they are the child's parent, and the player version of that child has been recruited. Fixed parents can only trigger a conversation if the player version of their child has been recruited.

NPC Lucina

With player Lucina

Lucina: So that's what would have happened to me if I hadn't traveled back in time... This is our third visit to this world... If what Father said is true, then the five Gemstones and the Fire Emblem still exist. That's very fortunate. In my future, one of the Gemstones had been lost forever. There was no way to perform the Awakening or restore Falchion's power. The only way to stop Grima was to use Naga's power to go back in time. Thankfully, this world is different. Theirs is the more dire future...and yet, they have the greater hope. If all eight children we saved make it back, the Fire Emblem can be completed. My counterpart here can finish Grima once and for all without leaving her world behind. ...I wish I had had that choice. I never wished to drag Father into my struggles. I wanted to kill Grima myself. But...what's done is done. I must deal with the evils at hand. ...Just as she is. I hope she finds the brighter future I never could.

With Chrom

Lucina: Father?! Is that you?
Chrom: Lucina! Are you all right?
Lucina: Father! Oh, Father, I don't care if you're a ghost... I'm so glad to see you! Please stay with me. Please…
Chrom: I'm no ghost, Lucina. But neither am I your real father.
Lucina: What?
Chrom: I come from an alternate world. An "Outrealm," if you like. I'm not the same man as the Chrom who lived in this world.
Lucina: I...think I understand. But it is still wonderful to see your face.
Chrom: Thank you, Lucina.
Lucina: Whatever world you hail from, you are still my father. That powerful voice, the kindness in your eyes... Those strong arms that taught me how to wield a sword... You have burned brightly in my memory since the moment I lost you. I never dreamed I would be able to see you again, to speak to you like this... Where do I even begin? There's...there's so much to s-say... Oh, Father! *sob*
Chrom: Forgive me, Lucina. You never would have had to take up the sword if I had lived. I should have been stronger for you. I know it's too little, too late...but I hope you will accept my apology.
Lucina: You did nothing wrong. I am the one who must apologize for dragging you into this hell. If I were stronger, my world would be safe and my people would not suffer.
Chrom: You have fought valiantly. And most importantly, you never gave up. Ylisse owes you everything. Now here you are on the verge of saving the world! I came here to do it with you. Let me fight with you and see your task through!
Lucina: Wha—? N-no, please don't.
Chrom: ...Why not?
Lucina: I am so sorry... You don't know how happy I am to hear those words. And you have already saved us just by coming here. But I beg you, please stand down before I have to watch you get hurt again! You fought to protect me once before, and it ended badly. I never saw you again... I cannot bear to relive that pain.
Chrom: I understand. But my past failures are exactly why I must insist on staying. I swear to you, Lucina. I WILL protect you. As your father, I have no greater duty.
Lucina: But how do I know you won't—
Chrom: You know because I just swore it. You will not shed tears over me a second time.
Lucina: Ah... ...... All right. But remember—you swore it!
Chrom: You have my word.
Lucina: Thank you, Father. Let us finish this task, then. And when it is over, may Naga see you safely back to your own world. May she bring you and your daughter there nothing but joy.

With Robin (F) as her mother

Lucina: Mother? Are you... But that doesn't make any sense!
Robin: Lucina, are you hurt? Oh, my poor baby…
Lucina: GET...BACK!
Robin: What?
Lucina: There is no way my mother could be here. Grima sent you. You're an illusion! Some...despicable servant! I will not be fooled!
Robin: I...suppose you would think that. And I have only myself to blame for failing to protect you in this world.
Lucina: What do you mean, "this world"?
Robin: I come from another world, Lucina. I'm not the same woman as the Robin you know.
Lucina: ......
Robin: I know it's incredible, and you don't have to believe me. But no matter what you say, I WILL protect you. I want you to change your destiny and find happiness. And as your mother, I will do absolutely whatever it takes to make that happen. Anything and everything!
Lucina: Mother, I'm... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! It is you, isn't it? No servant of Grima's would ever speak such words... Oh, Mother... *sniff* Ahh... *sob*
Robin: You believe me now?
Lucina: Yes! Just don't let go.
Robin: I won't. I am so sorry I left you to face all of this on your own. You deserved better of your mother.
Lucina: Just seeing you here now is more than enough. I miss the strength in your arms, the wisdom in your voice...your guiding hands. I have missed your warmth during these long years...more than you can know. You have brought me happiness just by being here.
Robin: Lucina…
Lucina: Well...I wish I could stay like this forever and share stories with you... But there's a battle to be won.
Robin: Yes, there is.
Lucina: Will you help us?
Robin: Of course. That's why I am here.
Lucina: Thank you, Mother. May I look at you one last time? I will miss you terribly once you leave again. But the smile on your face now will sustain me in the years to come.

With Sully as her mother

Sully: Lucina? ...Lucina, right?
Lucina: Who...? M-Mother?! Then that was you I saw amongst the reinforcements. But I thought it mere coincidence. How is this possible?
Sully: You're pretty damn sharp if you spotted me from that far away. I came here from another world. That's what you saw. We heard you were in danger and came here to set things right. I'm...sorry I'm not your real mother…
Lucina: You are my mother! Don't say that! It doesn't matter where you came from. I'm still so glad to see you!
Sully: Kind of you to say, Lucina. I've been watching you too, you know. You put up one hell of a fight. I imagine you've seen some damned horrific battles over the years. ...Some mother I was, too, leaving you to fight them alone.
Lucina: I was able to fight them because you saved my life—you and Father both. Ever since your passing, you have lived on in my heart and kept me strong. You died to keep the exalted bloodline alive, and I will not let that be in vain. Your conviction has seen me and my friends through every trial.
Sully: I'm proud of you, Lucina. And I know the Sully here would have been too.
Lucina: Oh, M-Mother... *sob*
Sully: There, there. Everything's gonna be all right. You rest and leave this fight to me.
Lucina: Will you be all right?
Sully: Me? It's the dastards I'm about to skewer who need to worry! Hell hath no fury like a ticked-off mother with combat training and a pointy weapon!
Lucina: Indeed. Thank you, Mother!

With Sumia as her mother

Sumia: Lucina! You're all right!
Lucina: Mother? Is that really you?! I thought I saw you amongst the reinforcements, but it seemed impossible... I can't believe this is happening. I never thought I would see you again!
Sumia: So you were watching when we came to your world.
Lucina: My world? I-I don't understand…
Sumia: The other reinforcements and I came from another world. We were told you were in danger and wanted to help. I'm sorry I'm not your real mother, but I intend to keep you safe all the same.
Lucina: No... I refuse.
Sumia: What?! Why? I know I'm less capable than the others, but I will fight doubly hard for you!
Lucina: I know how strong a warrior you are, Mother. Everyone does. I just don't want you putting yourself in danger. You have a life in your own world, don't you? A daughter there? She needs you more than I do.
Sumia: Lucina…
Lucina: Look around. Grima has us hopelessly outnumbered. Ylisse is in its final hour. I will not allow it to be yours as well.
Sumia: You're very kind to look out for me, Lucina. But I don't think you understand motherhood very much. When you push me away like this, it makes me sad. I want you to lean on me a little. It makes me feel needed. Just because we're in another world doesn't change who you are to me.
Lucina: Are you really sure?
Sumia: Of course. You can count on me. This won't be your final hour, nor will it be mine, nor will it be Ylisse's. If you believe in me, I'll surpass your every expectation.
Lucina: I do believe in you. And I would be honored to fight with you.
Sumia: Good. Then come with me, Lucina. Let's restore light to your world once and for all!
Lucina: Thank you, Mother!

With Maribelle as her mother

Maribelle: Lucina, darling? Is that you?
Lucina: Mother?! I thought you were dead!
Maribelle: Alas, yes. In this world, I fear that I have passed on. Allow me to explain. I come from a world separate from this one. When we heard you were in trouble, we came here as quickly as we could.
Lucina: So that WAS you I saw amongst the reinforcements.
Maribelle: Oh! Uh... So you saw us arrive? I do fear my landing may have been a tad clumsy, but I assure you— Lucina?
Lucina: M-Mother... *sob*
Maribelle: Oh, don't cry, you silly girl! I scraped my knee, but that is hardly any reason to bawl your eyes out.
Lucina: It's not that, Mother. I just can't b-believe that I'm really talking to you!
Maribelle: Well, dry your eyes before you get me started...t-too... Ahh... *sob*
Lucina: Mother, I've missed you.
Maribelle: You poor thing. Look at those wounds... You have been through so much, but you surmounted every challenge.
Lucina: I don't deserve your praise. You fought and died to protect this world. If I were stronger, it wouldn't have turned out like this…
Maribelle: Hush now. You've done marvelously! I am proud beyond belief to have you as a daughter. You have a noble heart, and I love you to pieces.
Lucina: *Sniff* Mother…
Maribelle: I'm here now. Everything will be all right—I promise. Watch your mother scatter Grima and his Risen to the wind!
Lucina: You'll help me? Then let's do it together. I'll cut down every last one of them!
Maribelle: That's my girl. Now follow me! We have a battle to win!
Lucina: Right!

With Olivia as her mother

Olivia: Whew! I made it in time! Lucina... You poor thing... You're covered in wounds!
Lucina: Mother? No... I must be seeing things...
Olivia: You're not. Naga used her power to send me here from another world. I'm not your real mother, but I am real.
Lucina: You're from another world?
Olivia: Yes. But you're still my daughter. Now come here and let me hold you.
Lucina: Oh, M-mother…
Olivia: My dear, sweet Lucina... I am so proud of you for making it this far.
Lucina: Mother, please... You're embarrassing me. I am not a child anymore. And when you squeeze me like this, I can't...nngh...see your face…
Olivia: Oh! I'm so sorry…
Lucina: Whew... There you are. I have missed you so much. Thank you for coming to our aid. But I cannot allow you to join such a dangerous battle. Please return to your own world before any harm befalls you.
Olivia: What? I can't leave you!
Lucina: But don't you see? You have already turned the tides of battle. Just seeing you again has given me courage.
Olivia: No... No, it's not enough.
Lucina: Mother, please!
Olivia: On our way here, we saw your friends. The ones you're expecting.
Lucina: What?
Olivia: They were fighting tooth and nail to bring you the Gemstones—to save the world!
Lucina: Naga kept them safe…
Olivia: Why are they allowed to fight for you and not your own mother? That hardly seems fair! I know I may not be strong, but I care about you, Lucina. I'm going to protect you if it's the last thing I do! Now, will you fight by my side or not?
Lucina: All right, Mother... Thank you. But only if you swear you won't get yourself killed.
Olivia: I swear it!

NPC Laurent

With player Laurent

Laurent: Hmm... That must be this world's version of me. When he stood between Lucina and the fell dragon, I must say my heart skipped a step. No one wants to watch himself die. ...But it appears I have made it in time. Is it safe to speak to myself, I wonder? Such opportunities scarcely come along. Think what I could learn! Just witnessing my own reaction to myself would be an experiment among experiments. ...... But it is probably a bad idea. What if I caused my own heart to stop? If the other me has some key role here, I could cost him the battle. No. My energies would be better applied to expunging all these ghastly Risen. I hope my meager help manages to make a difference, Other Me. You deserve a happy future.
Laurent: Hm? I swear that warrior over there could be my twin! Wonderful. Now I'm imagining things...

With Miriel

Laurent: M-Mother?!
Miriel: My dearest son. Seeing you unharmed fills me with joyous sensations.
Laurent: Mother! Oh, Mother! I can't believe I have finally found you! After your disappearance, I scoured the battlefields but never located your body. I always believed you were alive!
Miriel: Oh... Yes, about that…
Laurent: Perhaps there really is such a thing as miracles!
Miriel: Erm... Well. Laurent, you may wish to gird yourself for what I am about to tell you. I should have told you from the outset, but...I am not your mother. I am not even from your world.
Laurent: Egads, Mother. If you've taken up humorous banter, your sense of it is appalling.
Miriel: I am not joking. I come from another world entirely. An "Outrealm." So while I am your mother, I am not YOUR mother, if you follow. It's fascinating. Tragic...but fascinating.
Laurent: Take that back. My mother would never speak such baseless nonsense!
Miriel: Indeed she would not. I suppose I would harbor my own suspicions if I did not know better. But I do, ergo my nonsense is not baseless, ergo it is not nonsense.
Laurent: Then my real mother is... She's really gone.
Miriel: I'm sorry. I do regret the brief dose of elation I seem to have misadministered. I hope I have not crushed all your hopes under the weight of this latest one.
Laurent: ...No. Perhaps it is best I let my mother go. Dreaming she lives on is just that—a dream. A useless fallacy. She would want me to move on. Thank you for waking me up. You know, this does still feel like a reunion, in a roundabout way.
Miriel: Thank you, Laurent. Against better reasoning, I feel much the same. Now, allow me to join my talents with yours on your real mother's behalf. She would want you to be safe during your most momentous of battles.
Laurent: Thank you, Mother. I have always longed to fight by your side. How strange that a crossing between worlds helped realize that wish.
Miriel: It is most curious indeed.
Laurent: I would very much like to study these other worlds—Outrealms, you called them? Once I have put Grima's terror to an end, I shall set to work.
Miriel: Only my son could think about research amidst a crisis like this. And how I admire you for it! A thirst for knowledge proves how alive we truly are.
Laurent: Then may my thirst never be slaked.

With Robin (M) as his father

Robin: Laurent, you're alive!
Laurent: I-it can't be... Father?
Robin: Not quite. I come from another world. I'm afraid I'm not the same as the Robin you knew.
Robin: It doesn't matter. To me, you are a son. Perhaps I haven't the right, but... I have come here to protect you for as long as Naga's power allows. I wish I could have done more, and sooner. I am sorry…
Laurent: Sorry? I'm the one who ought to apologize, Father.
Robin: What? Why?
Laurent: You were my hero—a master of strategy, a giant on the battlefield. You were a kind and generous friend who saw your army through the hardest of times.
Robin: I'm just a man, Laurent…
Laurent: You were more than that to me. You were something to aspire to. And so I have fought tirelessly to try to wrest my home from the jaws of Grima... But all was for naught. You see? Here we stand on the brink. I have allowed my family and friends and countless more Ylisseans to perish. I am an inefficacious, worthless man—nothing at all like you. I have dishonored all you achieved by failing to save the world you loved.
Robin: Laurent, I... I never meant for my actions to become the lash that drives you toward unhappiness. But I think you have done magnificently. As well as I—if not better!
Laurent: Don't fool yourself.
Robin: When I look around, I don't see the world of ruin you do. I see a world of hope. A world that should have already perished but survives by your courageous efforts. And now those efforts are about to turn the tides. You have accomplished everything that I could not.
Laurent: Father, I... Thank you. ...Thank you. You c-can't know how much it means to me to hear you say that…
Robin: We're almost there, son. A peaceful future lies just around the bend. Fight with me now. Together we will save this world once and for all!
Laurent: ...Right!

With Frederick as his father

Frederick: Laurent? How it pleases me to see you safe!
Laurent: F-Father? No, this is far too implausible…
Frederick: I come from another world, son. I am not the same man as the father you knew. Nonetheless, I wish to keep you safe for as long as I am permitted to remain here. Will you grant me that favor?
Laurent: Another world? ...Father, I appreciate the thought. But my Ylisse will soon fall beneath the veil of darkness. It is over. I am far too grateful to see you again to put your life in danger. So please, return whence you came.
Frederick: But, son, I cannot—
Laurent: I insist!
Frederick: So stubborn and serious. I hardly need wonder who you take after…
Laurent: Huh?
Frederick: I know you are a kind lad, Laurent—a friend who puts others first. Sometimes you put them too far ahead of yourself and get hurt in the process. And that is partly my fault—for not being there to share your burdens. But you have suffered enough. I want you to live in happiness now.
Laurent: Father, I…
Frederick: It's all right, Laurent. There is no shame in letting your father do his job.
Laurent: But you might... You'll…
Frederick: I will not. I may have brought you sadness by dying once, but never again! I swear to defend you to the last! I shall finish the other Frederick's job for him!
Laurent: ...... All right, then. I accept your help. I suppose I always have wanted to take the battlefield at your side.
Frederick: Together we shall do just that, Laurent. You and I shall restore hope to Ylisse!
Laurent: Right! Come, Father!

With Virion as his father

Virion: Do I spy a Laurent? I believe I do.
Laurent: Father?! You're alive? ...Impossible! I buried you myself! You must be a Risen. Rrgh! You will pay for sinking to such a disgusting ruse!
Virion: Huh? Now just hold on, Son…
Laurent: I will free you, Father! You will rest in peace again!
Virion: Ow! Relent, I say! Do I look like a Risen? Show me just one Risen with so fair a complexion! With such...unglowy eyes!
Laurent: Huh? Then...what are you?
Virion: A visitor from another world, actually—one where your father still lives. I am not the Virion who died here. I am the Virion who lives there. You see? I have come to help you, not to be mistaken for dead flesh.
Laurent: Another world…
Virion: Yes. Are you trying to drive me to an early grave? Ugh! You did not even hesitate to strike me. Was the Virion of this world so poor a father to you?
Laurent: No, my father TAUGHT me to do that. He said a true noble must be ready to set his emotions aside to protect his people.
Virion: And you followed my advice to the letter, I see.
Laurent: Yes. If my own father came to me as an enemy and tried to hurt my friends... I would have know. *sniff*
Virion: Are you all right, boy?
Laurent: I would do what I have to, but that doesn't make it easy. It broke my heart to strike you like that just now. ...You? A poor father? You were the finest father I could ask for. Do you have any idea how glad I am just to...s-see you...?
Virion: Laurent! My son... Forgive me. I chose my words callously. Rashly, perhaps, since I may not be able to stay in this world for long. I did not mean to elicit tears.
Laurent: You didn't do anything wrong. I did. Anyway, I'm better now. Don't feel bad on my account.
Virion: Always looking out for others... Even covered in wounds, you managed a most convincing smile. Only a true noble—the true heir to House Virion—could have so kind a heart. Now, shall we finish this battle? I believe you have a peaceful future to secure.
Laurent: You'll help me?
Virion: Of course. Watch me devastate your enemies with legendary grace!
Laurent: I shall look forward to it. Thank you, Father!

With Vaike as his father

Vaike: Laurent? Is that you? So the Son of Vaike still lives!
Laurent: F-Father?! Have I gone mad?
Vaike: Is it just me, or are you even lankier than I remember? I'm sure food must be hard to come by, but come on! Put some meat on them bones!
Laurent: How can you be here?
Vaike: The Vaike is everywhere! He may be dead in your world, but not in others. What's why the Vaike has crossed between worlds to save your hide.
Laurent: Is that even possible? ...No, I refuse to believe it.
Vaike: Ugh, does everything always have to add up with you? Look. The Vaike is here! Are you gonna turn that kind of power down 'cause ya can't wrap your head around it?
Laurent: No. I don't need to understand it. I just need to stay calm and...and then I can f-figure out the best course of... Ahh... *sob*
Vaike: Do you always break down into tears before you finish your sentences?
Laurent: I'm not crying! S-some ash just flew into my eyes.
Vaike: Through your glasses?
Laurent: Ugh. Listen—I have feelings too! My dead father just appeared out of nowhere. How did you think I'd react?
Vaike: Couldn't turn the floodwaters back, eh? The Vaike does have that effect on people. But maybe you should trust your heart more than that head full of brains. Ya coulda just said you're happy to see me instead of bein' so stubborn.
Laurent: I shouldn't be weeping like this on the battlefield. How mortifying…
Vaike: Naw, let it all out. At least this means ya finally accept who I am. It's time to let me be your father again. For a little while, anyway. C'mere.
Laurent: Father…
Vaike: *Ahem* All right, tender moment over. Now let's shake and Vaike those Risen! Let's see what Teach's son has learned since class was dismissed!
Laurent: All right, Father. You just wait till you see how fast I move. The wind will dry the tears right off my face! And besides... I wouldn't want blurry vision to ruin this chance to see the Vaike in action again.

With Stahl as his father

Stahl: Laurent! I'm so glad you're all right!
Laurent: F...Father?! My dead father is standing in front of me. He's talking to me. Have my visual and auditory faculties failed me at last?
Stahl: Heh, that's my son. You're like me. When things get weird, you assume it's your body acting up. Listen, I'm not a ghost or anything.
Laurent: Then how can you be here? Did you survive somehow? Were you in hiding somewhere?
Stahl: It's even stranger than that. I've come here from another world. I'm sorry to get your hopes up, but I'm not really your father.
Laurent: Don't apologize. Of course you're my father. I have missed you terribly.
Stahl: It's good to see you too. I don't know how you've managed in such a dismal world, but I'm proud of you.
Laurent: My achievements still pale to yours. I know about all you accomplished while trying to keep Ylisse safe.
Stahl: Like father, like son, I suppose. But that's not exactly the legacy I had hoped to leave you…
Laurent: I'm glad you did. I consider it an honor. I may not win fame or accolades, but I know that I am needed. Being in this position makes me feel connected to you.
Stahl: Thank you, Laurent. That's nice of you to say. I wish we could spend more time catching up, but the battle won't wait. Will you fight with me to save your future?
Laurent: What? But I can't put you in danger.
Stahl: It's all right, Laurent. Why do you think I came here? I don't want you to spend one more second going through this alone. There's nothing wrong with accepting my help. This is what fathers do. It's what your father would do.
Laurent: Thank you... Will you do me a favor, though, and take this medicine with you?
Stahl: What is it?
Laurent: I mixed it myself. It's special. You taught mother and me the basic formula, and then we perfected it. It should be enough to close minor wounds. You told me you always carried it into battle.
Stahl: I see... Thank you, Laurent. It feels nice to know you kept making it after I was gone. But for what it's worth, I don't plan on getting wounded. Just wait until you see how strong your father was.
Laurent: I'll be watching every moment. And I promise to never forget the second father who came to save me...

With Kellam as his father

Kellam: Laurent, is that you?
Laurent: Father?! It can't be!
Kellam: I'm not exactly your father, Laurent. I came here from another world.
Laurent: Is that even possible?
Kellam: I'm just glad to see you're safe...or at least as safe as can be expected.
Laurent: I fear the odds against our longevity grow worse with each passing moment.
Kellam: What?
Laurent: If these are to be my final minutes, I am glad I get to pass them with you, Father.
Kellam: Now hold on just a darned moment! You've come all this way only to give up?
Laurent: I am simply making a rational observation. Grima's army is as formidable as ever, while our strength continues to dwindle. We have exhausted all means of extricating ourselves from this plight.
Kellam: Laurent... Then it's a good thing your father came along, isn't it?
Laurent: Hm?
Kellam: I thought you would be worn down to nothing from all the fighting... But you and your friends were full of fight just a moment ago. So what happened? It's because I'm here, isn't it?
Laurent: Y-yes... I suppose that's true. I'm not sure what came over me…
Kellam: Well, don't worry. I won't tell the others about your little moment of weakness.
Laurent: Heh. Thank you…
Kellam: You've fought brilliantly so far. And now victory is right within your grasp. All you have to do is take it. Are you ready to save Ylisse? I'll be right there by your side.
Laurent: Yes, Father! Let us put an end to Grima once and for all.

With Lon'qu as his father

Lon'qu: Laurent.
Laurent: Huh? ...Father?! No, that isn't possible. I must be seeing a ghost. Or worse...a Risen!
Lon'qu: I can understand why you would jump to such conclusions. Your father is dead. But I'm neither a ghost nor a Risen. Nor am I even him. I came here from another world. Your father and I are different Lon'qus.
Laurent: Then why would you come to a dismal world like mine?
Lon'qu: To fight. That is always my reason.
Laurent: No, Father! You mustn't. Not this time. My world is too dangerous. There's no reason for you to get killed!
Lon'qu: If it's that dangerous, do you really intend to fight this battle without help?
Laurent: Yes. I would rather lose this battle than go through losing you again.
Lon'qu: Then you're a fool! If darling notions like that one fill your head, it's a wonder you still live.
Laurent: Wh-what?
Lon'qu: Whether or not we survive a life-or-death battle comes down to fate. But death is a near certainty without the will to win! Remember that.
Laurent: I-I know that, Father. I'm sorry.
Lon'qu: ...So am I. I should not have raised my voice. The warrior in me simply wishes for you to bear yourself with strength. Your dead father would have wanted the same, I am sure.
Laurent: He would. And I have done my best to live up to those expectations. It seems I still have a ways to go. I suppose I should feel slighted or embarrassed. But in way, I'm happy. You have reminded me that I still have room to grow, which is exciting.
Lon'qu: Miriel was always trying to better herself. You take after her as much as me.
Laurent: Well, you both certainly liked to scold me. It wasn't until just now that I realized how much I have missed it.
Lon'qu: Really? This is my first time scolding my son.
Laurent: Ha ha! Is it too late to caution you away from the habit? I suppose I should be honored I stole first dibs from your real son.
Lon'qu: And I suppose I should be ashamed for being so heavy handed.
Laurent: As I said, I missed it. I feel like I really am your son. And that gives me the courage to finish this fight. ...I have changed my mind. Will you fight with me after all?
Lon'qu: Gladly.
Laurent: Thank you, Father.

With Ricken as his father

Ricken: Laurent, is that you? I'm so glad you're safe!
Laurent: How do you know my name? And what are you doing here? You're just a child!
Ricken: Am not! It's me. Ricken. Your father!
Laurent: M-my father? Don't be ridiculous. My father passed away. Unless... Are you his reincarnation? That would be fascinating…
Ricken: Ha ha... I suppose it would, but no. I'm just me. I came here from another world where I'm still young. So you see, I'm not really the same person as your father.
Laurent: Fair enough. Well, I'm still glad I got to see you again, Father. But it's not safe for you here. Taller men than you have faced Grima and perished. Stay behind me. I will protect you.
Ricken: W-wait a second! You've got this all backward! The whole point of my coming here was so that I could protect YOU!
Laurent: Perhaps it wasn't. Perhaps your true role here is to give me strength and courage.
Ricken: Right. And maybe I can draw pretty pictures of rainbows for you too.
Laurent: Father, do you know why I became a mage? I never had a gift for magic like you or Mother. In fact, she told me I was not suited for it. I lacked the substance. Nonetheless, I persisted. Why do you suppose that is?
Ricken: Uh... You were bored?
Laurent: No, it's because you were always looking over my shoulder while I practiced. You were there to encourage me after every failure, to ensure I never gave up. You molded me into the resilient fighter who stands before you now. This is fact, not flattery.
Ricken: Well...thank you.
Laurent: So now you get to look over my shoulder again. I want you to see that your patience and guidance paid off. I use wind magic. It used to be my worst element, but now it's my best. You were the same, weren't you?
Ricken: Uh-huh... *sniff* And yes... I would love for you to sh-show me.
Laurent: Why are you crying?
Ricken: I'm just so happy! In this world, Miriel and I are gone. But here you are picking up where we left off. Carrying on! Laurent, please let me fight too. I want to protect you! I'm your f-father, for gods' sake! Ahh... *sob*
Laurent: I suppose you still have some growing up to do where you came from. But you have the same gentle hands, the same keen gaze... I wish I were your son in a world where we could spend more time together. ...Thank you for coming for me. I'll always remember this, even if you forget me once you return.

With Gaius as his father

Gaius: Laurent! It's good to see you still breathing.
Laurent: Huh? Father?!
Gaius: Not quite. I'm not really part of this world, see. I traveled here from another world. So I'm Gaius...but not the Gaius you were hoping for. ...Sorry.
Laurent: I see…
Gaius: For what it's worth, though, I'm here to help you and your friends. My skills are at your disposal. I'll hold the Risen off while you recover your strength.
Laurent: Can I ask you something first?
Gaius: Hm? What's on your mind?
Laurent: In this world, my father died protecting me. Would you do the same thing as him?
Gaius: ......
Laurent: I want an answer.
Gaius: I guess...I wouldn't.
Laurent: Oh…
Laurent: I can't tell if you're happy or disappointed. But listen... I don't have any intention of abandoning you. I just intend to look out for myself while I look out for you.
Laurent: I'm sorry?
Gaius: I don't want to watch you die, but I also don't relish the idea of dying in your place. So I guess I'll just have to word twice as hard. Happy?
Laurent: Father, I... *Sniff*
Gaius: What's gotten into you now?
Laurent: I...I... Nothing, I j-just... Something about the way you said that just made me realize how much I've missed you.
Gaius: Well, don't get so worked up. You'll live longer. Miriel does enough of that for that whole family.
Laurent: You were always the tough one.
Gaius: Heh, then you don't know your mother. Anyway, we need to get back on task here. See all those Risen?
Laurent: You'll help me defeat them?
Gaius: You bet your cupcakes I will.

With Gregor as his father

Laurent: Father? I-is that you?
Gregor: Greetings, Laurent! Gregor has returned from dead to save the day.
Laurent: What?! Ahh!
Gregor: Bwa ha ha! Just yanking the chain. Gregor actually come from other world. Not the same as dead Gregor in your world. Sorry for making funny.
Laurent: So you're not my father…
Gregor: Why so disappointed? Any Gregor is still your father, yes? ...This is part where you say yes.
Laurent: Is your world at peace?
Gregor: No, Gregor is fighting war in home world as well. Quite nasty one, actually... Perhaps not yet this nasty, though.
Laurent: Then you needn't stay here. Go home.
Gregor: Now hold the horses. Gregor did not come this far for nothing!
Laurent: My world will be fine. I promise to protect it at all costs. Now you need to go and do the same.
Gregor: You know, are one very lousy liar.
Laurent: Huh?
Gregor: You are trying to chase Gregor off because you think he will be killed. This is basic gist of it, yes?
Laurent: ......
Gregor: Well, you can rest easily. Gregor is plenty strong enough to take care of BOTH worlds, no problem. And so is Gregor's son.
Laurent: Father…
Gregor: What? You not believe ramblings of dead man?
Laurent: I know you're not dead. And I do believe that you're my father. But why are you doing this? Don't you have people you care about who need you back in your own world?
Gregor: Gregor's son is most important person in any world! Now stop with griping and get your heinie moving. Gregor wants to see some spells fly. Go heal your friends or something.
Laurent: All right, Father... Thank you!

With Libra as his father

Libra: Laurent, is that you?
Laurent: F...Father?
Libra: Thank the gods you are safe. I feared that last attack had done you in.
Laurent: Father, what are you doing here?! Has some miracle of the gods brought you back from the dead?
Libra: A miracle like that is beyond even the divine dragon herself. I come from another world, son. I am not your true father.
Laurent: You crossed from another world? That is a small miracle in itself, if you ask me.
Libra: Yes, it is. But even Naga's power is not without limit. I doubt I will be able to remain here for long. But will you let me fight for you as long as I can and keep you safe?
Laurent: No, Father. You have your own life in your own world... You should return to it. I needn't explain to you how perilous my world really is.
Libra: Why do you think I came here in the first place?
Laurent: But I don't want you to die!
Libra: I am not afraid of dying if it means protecting me beloved son. Let the gods take me, if that is their will.
Laurent: Father! I'm not even your real son! I don't deserve such favors.
Libra: Of course you do, Laurent. I could have a million sons, and each would yet be my own.
Laurent: You really mean it, don't you... Well, know this. I am prepared to die protecting you as well. Let an age of peace dawn without me, if it means I get to save you.
Libra: Don't...don't say that!
Laurent: See how it feels? Now promise me you'll speak no more of dying. I watched one father's life blink out and haven't the stomach to do it again.
Libra: All right. Before the gods, I swear I will not perish this day. Now are you ready, Laurent? Let us fight together now to find a ray of light in this dismal mess.
Laurent: I'm ready, Father. Thank you.

With Henry as his father

Henry: Laurent, you're all right! Whew, you really gave me a scare.
Laurent: F-Father? ...Is that really you?
Henry: Well, I don't know who else it would be!
Laurent:'re dead. You died ages ago! Or have you used your dark arts summon yourself back from the netherworld?
Henry: Nya ha! That does sound like fun, but I'm afraid no such spell exists. Or at least I haven't found it. But you're right about the summoning-from-another-world part!
Laurent: I have a father in another world?
Henry: You sure-dippity do! I heard you were in trouble, so I came to this world to help you. Now just point me at the Risen you want me to obliterate!
Laurent: Uh, Father... Believe me when I say I am truly ecstatic to see you again. But I am not about to put you in danger on my behalf! Never again.
Henry: Uh, sorry? I don't follow.
Laurent: It's dangerous here. You could die! I could not bear lose you a second time.
Henry: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Laurent! How do you know I won't survive? I thought this was your big, epic clash. Aren't you here to win?
Laurent: Of course I am, but—
Henry: Then when someone offers to help, stop trying to show them the proverbial door. Are you gonna risk losing everything just to save me?
Laurent: That's not the point—
Henry: You're a smart kid, Laurent. Too smart to squander a good resource. That much of Miriel lives on in you. So while I appreciate you not wanting to thrust me toward a messy death, you can't really afford to be that nice in the icky business of saving the world. Now put your emotions aside, and try to think rationally. Are you gonna let me help?
Laurent: ...... Yes. You have the right of it. Help me defeat the fell dragon, Father. Help me save our world.
Henry: Now we're talking! Stand back, and watch me mow your enemies down!
Laurent: Thank you. But promise you won't do anything reckless. ...You know what? Strike that. Do whatever you have to do, and I promise to keep you safe.
Henry: Still trying to look out for me, huh? Well, I guess I can't change you with just one pep talk. But that tender heart of yours will serve you well in the better world to come. Now we just have to win it!

With Donnel as his father

Donnel: Laurent? You're all right!
Laurent: I know that voice... Father? But no... My father is dead. And anyway, you are far too young... Hmm. Father never spoke of a younger brother. And yet, nor do you bear the telltale signs of a Risen... This raises troubling questions. Very troubling…
Donnel: Uh, Laurent? Snap out of it! I done came from another world! I'm here to help ya out.
Laurent: There are other worlds?
Donnel: Yep! I don't get it neither. I just sorta roll with these things.
Laurent: Well, that explains why you look so young... Anyway, you need to take shelter, and quickly. You've come to a very dangerous place.
Donnel: Well, shucks, I know THAT! That's the whole reason I'm here! I'm not gonna leave my only son to face this nightmare alone.
Laurent: But you'll... Listen, I have already been through this once.
Donnel: I get it. You're worried I'll die like the Donny of this world did.
Laurent: ......
Donnel: Right?
Laurent: It's difficult not to. Every night I relive that scene in my sleep. You have your back to us as Mother and I flee... You're holding them off. And then I s-see it... The blade passing through your body... I can't endure that torture again. I won't!
Donnel: Well, don't you worry. Lightning don't strike twice, and I won't die twice. I reckon I'm a lot stronger than the Donny ya remember! Also, I ain't alone this time. I got a whole darn army with me! They got my back, just like I got yours.
Laurent: But…
Donnel: If you're that worried about it, you can watch my back too. Any son of Miriel oughta be able to analyze the enemy in a heartbeat! I tend to rush into things, so havin' a keen pair of eyes sure would help.
Laurent: All right. I can agree to that. Thank you, Father! You can count on me.
Donnel: Likewise!

NPC Gerome

With player Gerome

Gerome: So that's the "me" of this world. His Minerva is just as magnificent... But what's this? Her scales and wings have lost their luster. Her body is covered in wounds... As is mine, I see. That last attack did some serious damage. If I don't end this soon, the other me will almost certainly die. I like meddling with an alternate world even less than I like meddling with the past. But how can I witness this and do nothing? I hope what meager help I can offer makes a difference. My friends and I will do all we can to keep you and Minerva safe. But you must keep fighting. You must!
Gerome: ...What's wrong Minerva? Why do you keep looking over there? Do you sense danger? (Minerva roars) Minerva? Who are you...who are you thanking?

With Cherche

Cherche: Gerome? Pardon me, but are you the Gerome of this world?
Gerome: Wha—? But how—? I mean—
Cherche: "Hello, Mother," would do. It's so good to see you—especially in one piece!
Gerome: N-no... Stay back!
Cherche: What has gotten into you?
Gerome: This must be a trap. My mother was killed by Risen long ago. And no matter how much I long to see matter how much Minerva misses her...she can never return. It's not possible. Stay away, you impostor!
Cherche: ...... Well, I never claimed to be your departed mother. But still… (Minerva roars)
Gerome: What is it, Minerva? Why are you so happy?
Cherche: Thank you, Minerva. She says she's glad to see me, whether I am the Cherche she knew or not.
Gerome: You understand her? must be my mother. You must…
Cherche: To me, you are a son, Gerome. But I come from another world. So no, I am not the same woman as your mother.
Gerome: So you ARE an impostor. I knew it. In that case, leave us...before... ......
Cherche: Do not cry, Gerome... If I am the impostor you say, then those tears are wasted on me.
Gerome: ...Wh-what tears?
Cherche: Such a strong boy. Here…
Gerome: Ah!
Cherche: Such a heavy mask you wear... And so much sorrow and pain it was made to hide... I am so sorry I left you. Your mother should have stayed with you till the end. But you see? That is how I know how strong you are. You never gave up.
Gerome: ......
Cherche: Now that your struggles near their end, I am here to struggle with you. You needn't accept me as your mother. But all the same, I swear to defend you and Minerva both. Where this world's Cherche failed, I intend to succeed.
Gerome: ...... You'll fight by my side? But why trouble yourself with a stranger's problems?
Cherche: You are no stranger. You are my son—in any world. Taking care of you is my greatest joy!
Gerome: Thank you, Mother. I am glad I got to see you one last time.
Cherche: Here. You probably want this back.
Gerome: And, Mother?
Cherche: You do not have to say it. I already know, Gerome. And I love you too.

With Robin (M) as his father

Robin: Gerome? You're safe!
Gerome: Father? Is that really you? You're alive!
Robin: Not exactly. I'm not technically your father. I've come from another world to help you and Minerva where he couldn't. Will you let me fight by your side?
Gerome: ......
Robin: Gerome?
Gerome: You have some nerve. Do you have any idea where we are? What's going on around us? You could be some sinister trap of Grima's, and you expect me to trust you? Begone, ghost, and speak my name no more.
Robin: Gerome! I... I must admit you're right. You shouldn't trust me, tactically speaking. That clever thinking has saved your friends more than once, no doubt.
Gerome: Huh?
Robin: I will respect your keen judgment and keep my distance. But like it or not, I intend to fight for you, even from afar.
Gerome: ...... I learned it from you.
Robin: I'm sorry?
Gerome: You taught me to keep my cool no matter how strange things get on the battlefield. You said my comrades might panic or get confused, but I at least should stay calm. You taught me to be a leader.
Robin: And a tremendous leader you have become.
Gerome: Father... *sniff*
Robin: You believe me, then?
Gerome: Only my father could remain so indifferent after being rebuffed like that.
Robin: Thanks...I think.
Gerome: I'm sorry I doubted you. Will you fight with me now to change our destiny?
Robin: That's why I'm here.

With Frederick as his father

Frederick: Gerome! Thank the gods you're safe.
Gerome: What? F-Father? That's impossible!
Frederick: Yes. It is true that the Frederick of this world passed away long ago. However, I have come here from another world. Ergo, I am not the same man as your father.
Gerome: Another world? But how can that be…
Frederick: Gerome, you did a marvelous thing back there. Shielding milord Chrom's daughter from the fell dragon's blows took courage. You have the heart of a true knight.
Gerome: Yes, well...both my parents were knights. Perhaps nature intended for me to be this way.
Frederick: Don't be so humble. From one knight to another: I admire you. No doubt the Frederick of this world would have been equally proud. However, as a father... I cannot praise such actions wholeheartedly…
Gerome: And why not? My life exists to protect my liege. I give it without reservation. Were you or Mother any different?
Frederick: A father wants his son to live in happiness, not die with honor. Does being a knight disqualify me from such sentiment?
Gerome: I could say the same!
Frederick: What do you mean?
Gerome: When I lost you and Mother, I knew you died with honor. But I wanted you to live! To me, you were a father first and foremost!
Frederick: I...I know. Forgive me, Gerome... But at least you understand how I feel now. Knight or no knight, you must endeavor to keep living. You only get to die to save your liege once... But by living, you could do even greater good.
Gerome: I understand…
Frederick: You won't have to struggle alone. I have come here to help you. Not as a knight—but as a father, I intend to keep you safe. No more talk of giving your life when you don't have to.
Gerome: ...All right. But I am still a knight. I will strive to keep living, but not by using you as a shield. We will fight side by side. Agreed?
Frederick: Agreed!
Gerome: ...Thank you.

With Virion as his father

Virion: Gerome? Where are you, lad? I do hope he survived that brutal attack from before. You'd think he would have the grace to show himself and allay his father's fears. Hm? What's that coming this way? A bird? A lance? *Gasp* A wy-wy-wy—(Minerva roars) Ow! Minerva?!
Gerome: Father?! What insanity is this?
Virion: Gerome! Y-you are alive!
Gerome: What are you doing here? I thought you were dead.
Virion: I would love nothing more than to elaborate, but kindly... Ow! Kindly bid Minerva release me! I cannot talk while she is b-biting my face!
Gerome: Down, Minerva.
Virion: Whew. My thanks, boy. I must say, it relieves me to see my fears were groundless.
Gerome: Forget your fears, man, and explain how it is you stand before me.
Virion: Such cheek! I am your father, you know. ...Very well. The reason I stand before you now is...I hail from another world. Wisely, I chose to come to your aid and secure my place in this world's sagas. After all, your world's Virion died before he could truly leave his mark.
Gerome: Another world? Hmph. Hard to believe, but not out of the realm of possibility, given what I've seen…
Virion: I sense no affection in your words. Did your father in this world mistreat you in some way?
Gerome: In the worst way.
Virion: What?!
Gerome: The dastard was everything to me. If he wasn't teaching me the ways of war, he was drilling me on courtly behavior. He made me who I am, and I loved him. ...And then he died. He hurt me in the worst way imaginable!
Virion: ......
Gerome: He and Mother and Minerva left after swearing they would return. They swore it! But only Minerva came home, covered in wounds... My father was the most wretched liar I have ever known.
Virion: No wonder you greeted me so callously. Forgive me, Gerome. Even the great Virion cannot predict his own demise. Your father had every intention of keeping his promise. I know it. Unfortunately, he and destiny did not see eye to eye. In his final moments, I am quite certain he was thinking only of his promise to you.
Gerome: ......
Virion: And while it may be too late, I am here to uphold that promise on his behalf. Fight with me, Gerome. Let me help you win a happy future for yourself and Minerva. I am a younger man than your father. I think you will find my odds are better.
Gerome: ...... All right, Father. Thank you. I'm sorry I called you a dastard and a liar. I can be poor at expressing what I truly feel sometimes…
Virion: Now, now. You've no need to apologize.
Gerome: I don't?
Virion: Not now, anyway. Let us win the day first—then you can wax sentimental. Promise you will share your true feelings with me after this battle. And in turn, I promise to survive the battle and return. Only this time...I WILL keep my promise.
Gerome: Father... All right, I promise.

With Vaike as his father

Vaike: Still alive and kickin', boy?
Gerome: Huh? That voice…
Vaike: The Vaike is no voice. The Vaike is legend!
Gerome: I'm fairly certain even legends have voices... that really you? It doesn't seem possible…
Vaike: I ain't the Vaike you know. I'm another Vaike from another world. You can never have too many Vaikes, and this one's here to save your bacon!
Gerome: Another world?
Vaike: That's right. I thought OUR world was bad, but yours is a nightmare! Teach gives you full marks for survivin' this long. You truly are the Son of Vaike.
Gerome: I had to survive.
Vaike: Yeah?
Gerome: I've known nothing but pain and despair since I was a child. I was born into a world where every day is a battle. After a while, sidestepping death becomes routine.
Vaike: You're always ready, huh?
Gerome: My father taught me to be ready.
Vaike: Smart man!
Gerome: No. But a determined one. "One day the Vaike may fall. But not the Son of Vaike!" he said. Those were his last words before he went off to destroy the Risen. He never returned. Since then, I have taken those words to heart.
Vaike: In that case, I wish I'd thought of somethin' more clever…
Gerome: No. It was exactly what I needed to hear. And as you noted, it has kept me alive where others died.
Vaike: Well, now that the Vaike and Son of Vaike are a team, no one's gonna die.
Gerome: More bravado?
Vaike: You can't spell "bravado" without V. ...Ya know? V for Vaike! Anyway, are we gonna sweep up this battlefield or not?
Gerome: Heh. Fair enough. Try not to wet yourself when you realize how strong your son is.
Vaike: Har! That goes both ways!
Gerome: All right. Let's go!

With Stahl as his father

Stahl: Gerome? Are you all right? Gods, look at you—you're covered in wounds!
Gerome: Father? Do my eyes deceive me?
Stahl: Your eyes are fine. But I'm not the Stahl you know. I came here from another world to help you for as long as I can.
Gerome: Another world?
Stahl: That's right. I could be whisked back out of here at any moment. We need to finish this fight now! Follow me, and I'll—
Gerome: Why didn't you come sooner?
Stahl: Beg your pardon?
Gerome: If you had this kind of power, why didn't you come sooner? Do you have any idea what we've been through? What we've lost?
Stahl: Huh? Gerome, I... *sigh* I'm sorry.
Gerome: With your help, we could have saved so many lives. We might have been spared the worst of our troubles. You could have saved Mother's life...and maybe even your own! Instead, you show up now, after nearly all is lost... All I can feel now is regret!
Stahl: I know... You're right. I should have come sooner. I would have, if I knew how. You needed me. You deserved better of your father.
Gerome: ......
Stahl: But better late than never. I can still save at least one life—yours. For me, that's reason enough to fight. Will you let me? I swear I'll protect you and Minerva with every bone in my body. Let me at least try to make up for all the times I've failed you.
Gerome: I... A-all right... Thank you. I'm sorry I got so worked up. None of this is really your fault... It's that damned fell dragon's.
Stahl: I know you were just upset.
Gerome: Will you help me defeat Grima, Father?
Stahl: Of course I will!

With Kellam as his father

Gerome: Whew... I can do this. All I have to do is hold out until the others get here… (Minerva roars) ...Minerva? What are you growling at? There's nothing there.
Kellam: ...Gerome.
Gerome: Wh-what?! Father? No, that's impossible. Are you a Risen?
Kellam: No, I'm Kellam all right. But I came from another world. I'm not the same man as your father.
Gerome: What? Hmm... Well, as long as you're not a Risen.
Kellam: Don't worry.
Gerome: Then it is good to see you again, Father—whatever world you say you're from. Minerva is pleased too. But you should return from whence you came. It's too dangerous here.
Kellam: Huh? Oh, no, I can't leave now. I came here to help you!
Gerome: I don't need your help.
Kellam: You don't?
Gerome: I've managed just fine on my own. And besides, it's my job to protect people now, not yours. Since you...left, someone had to step up and keep the others safe. That someone is me. The last thing I need is some visitor from another world to do my job for me.
Kellam: I...see.
Gerome: Do you? Then why are you still here?
Kellam: I know you're just saying that because you don't want me to get killed.
Gerome: Do I look that nice to you?
Kellam: As a matter of fact, yes. I am your father, you know. I understand you more than you realize.
Gerome: ......
Kellam: Anyway, it was brave of you to take over after this world's Kellam passed away. I know it couldn't have been easy. Maybe he can't help you anymore, but I still can. So I hope you'll forgive me if I ignore your wishes and help you anyway. And tell Minerva I'm happy to see her too. Now take care, son.
Gerome: Huh? ...Wait! Grr... I'm sorry, Father. I shouldn't have talked to you that way. I suppose I do need you...a little...

With Lon'qu as his father

Lon'qu: Hmm, is this area secure...?
Gerome: Who are you?
Lon'qu: ...! I'm...a warrior come from another world.
Gerome: Are you now? I must say I saw you fighting before. You fight remarkably. Your offense and defense are both impeccable.
Lon'qu: ...Right.
Gerome: You remind me of someone... This may sound silly, but you fight just like my—
Lon'qu: This is a battlefield. Stop prattling on and fight!
Gerome: Huh? Wait! (Minerva roars)
Lon'qu: What is it, Minerva? I mean... Urgh, damn!
Gerome: You know my wyvern's name? ...She use to coo like that around my father. I haven't heard the sound for years.
Lon'qu: Coincidence.
Gerome: I think not...Father.
Lon'qu: ......
Gerome: I saw the resemblance—your stance, your moves, your voice, your words... But it seemed so impossible, I... Is it really you?
Lon'qu: ...I was hoping to avoid this, but yes. Minerva knew me at this age, so I should have anticipated being recognized. Anyway, I am glad you're alive, Gerome. You have done magnificently.
Gerome: Father, I... *sniff* I don't know what to…
Lon'qu: Don't cry, Gerome. You wear that mask for a reason. It's so your enemies never see any fear...or doubt. Don't let tears betray you now.
Gerome: Easy for you to say. I'm not the stalwart, collected man you were.
Lon'qu: You think I never showed weakness? You must have never seen me around women, then. Your mother, Cherche, was the exception. But before her... Trust me when I tell you you are the stronger one. The better fighter, and the better man.
Gerome: Th-thank you…
Lon'qu: I have come here to keep you safe. Now that you know who I am, you must let me protect you and Minerva. I'm not about to let my son and my favorite wyvern come to harm.
Gerome: You'd do that for me? I've always strived to fight like you—hoped I would one day be your equal. I never got to test my strength against that of my father's in this world. But with you…
Lon'qu: I relish the chance. Show me what you can do, Gerome!
Gerome: Right!

With Ricken as his father

Ricken: Gerome!
Gerome: Huh? What are you doing on a battlefield, boy?
Ricken: Agh, I knew this would happen. It's me, Ricken! Your father!
Gerome: Ha! That's rich. My father died years ago. Whatever mischief you're plotting, you need to leave right now. It's too dangerous for you here.
Ricken: I'm not going anywhere. For starters, I came here from ANOTHER WORLD to help you. That's why I look so young. My world is further in the past. Secondly, you're my SON! I'm not going to leave you here to die.
Gerome: I'm sorry, but do you really expect me to believe nonsense like— (Minerva roars) Minerva? What is it?
Ricken: Thanks, Minerva! I was hoping you'd remember me. After all, you've known me longer. We've been friends since I was young. I missed you too!
Gerome: Is this really happening? This...boy is my father? No, I need further proof.
Ricken: Alright. How can I prove it?
Gerome: When I was little, my father tried to teach me magic. But I decided to become a wyvern rider like my mother instead. What did my father say to me then?
Ricken: What? But...that hasn't happened to me yet. How could I possibly…
Gerome: ......
Ricken: Wait. I can figure this out. I think...I would probably say this: no matter what path you choose, I'll always watch over you. If you think your place in the world is to be a knight, then a knight you should be. ...But the world of magic will be missing out.
Gerome: ...!
Ricken: Was that even close?
Gerome: ......
Ricken: I guess not.
Gerome: Close? That's EXACTLY what he said. Nearly word for word.
Ricken: Then you believe me?
Gerome: Yes. I'm sorry I doubted you.
Ricken: Woo-hoo!
Gerome: I didn't follow in your footsteps, Father, but I always looked up to you. Mage or not, you cut an imposing figure, and your hands were full of strength. I can remember every spell you weaved in front of me like it was yesterday. I would...very much like to see that again.
Ricken: Well...I can do the magic, but I'm not so sure about the imposing figure.
Gerome: I'll take what I can get. My memory should be able to fill in the rest.
Ricken: Really? All right, Gerome. You've got me all pumped up now! Get ready for a maelstrom of magic to top them all!
Gerome: Go get 'em, Father.

With Gaius as his father

(Minerva roars)
Gerome: Minerva? Why are you growling like that? Hm? Who goes there?!
Gaius: H-hey! Stop it, Minerva! That tickles!
Gerome: F-Father?! Impossible…
Gaius: Agh. I was trying not to be seen…
Gerome: What are you doing here? You're dead!
Gaius: Correction: the Gaius in THIS world is dead. I'm not him. I come from another world, see. All those reinforcements that just showed up—they came with me.
Gerome: You expect me to believe that?
Gaius: Hey, I had trouble swallowing it at first too. In fact, I knew you'd think I was pulling your chain. That's why I was trying to avoid you and save us the trouble.
Gerome: No wonder you were sneaking around.
Gaius: Thief, remember?
Gerome: ...... I do believe you.
Gaius: Hm? Sorry. Speak up?
Gerome: ...Nothing. I said Minerva must believe you, the way she's taken to you. And since I trust her, I'll accept your story for now.
Gaius: Well, thanks. I'm glad I pass the test for one of you, at least. Who deserves a special snack from Uncle Gaius? That's right, you do, Minerva!
Gerome: ......
Gaius: What's wrong, Gerome? Jealous?
Gerome: *Sniff* Ahh…
Gaius: Who, whoa. Easy there, kid! If you want it that bad, I'll give you some candy too.
Gerome: Ugh! I don't want your candy! What kind of child do you take me for? It's just...I remember how you used to give Minerva candy like this, and it... Ugh... It affects me.
Gaius: Aww... I'm sorry, Gerome... I never should've left you to fend for yourself in a hellhole like this. I know it might be too little, too late, but at least let me make it up to you. Let me fight with you and Minerva and keep you safe. All right?
Gerome: ...All right, Father. Thank you.

With Gregor as his father

Gregor: Oy, Gerome! Still in one piece?
Gerome: Huh?!
Gregor: ...Because dying here would be a terrible waste.
Gerome: What in the gods' names…
Gregor: Is that how you greet own father? With confused scowl? Not that Gregor is real father, but still…
Gerome: I don't understand…
Gregor: You mean why Gregor is here? Gregor come from other world. In other words, this Gregor not the same man as Gregor you know.
Gerome: I...see.
Gregor: Anyway, don't get too cozy, yes? Gregor is not long for this world.
Gerome: You're dying?
Gregor: Hah! No, Gregor must leave soon—return to own world once fighting is done. So Gerome will let Gregor help with the fighting, yes?
Gerome: If so, there's something I need to say to you first.
Gregor: Oh? What is it? Gregor is always willing to lend the ears.
Gerome: It's about Minerva.
Gregor: Minerva? Ah. So Cherche leave growling partner-pet to you?
Gerome: That's right. Minerva and I are one. Our bond surpasses any friendship. We need no words to know what lies in the other's heart.
Gregor: Cherche would have been happy to know this. So what is it you want to tell Gregor?
Gerome: I wanted to thank you. Mother told me you saved Minerva's life once.
Gregor: Oh, that? Is nothing special…
Gerome: It is. My friends give me strength, but you cannot know the strength Minerva gives me. And I owe that just as much to the man who saved her.
Gregor: Gerome… (Minerva roars)
Gerome: Heh. You see? Minerva is grateful too.
Gregor: Then do Gregor favor. Let Gregor protect his investment and fight with you here. Is good deal! Not every day you get Gregor-quality mercenary to fight on your side.
Gerome: Are you sure?
Gregor: Gregor will do the keeping alive. But you and Minerva must do the living. Once this is over, find what brings you joy and do it. Live the life Gregor of this world could not, yes? Make him proud.
Gerome: I will, Father. Thank you.

With Libra as his father

Libra: Gerome! You're alive. Praise the gods!
Gerome: Father, is that you? But your spirit is with the gods now…
Libra: Yes... It seems the Libra of this world did meet such a fate…
Gerome: Of this world?
Libra: Correct. I am a visitor from a world apart from this one.
Libra: Listen to me. I cannot stay long. But let me fight with you while there is still time!
Gerome: No... I can handle this alone. If you cannot stay, then save yourself the trouble and leave now.
Libra: Why would you say that?
Gerome: I'm used to fending for myself. For years, no help came. If we've made it this far, we can make it the rest of the way. So you can keep your little divine intervention.
Libra: Those are harsh words...but I cannot deny the truth in them. Very well. If I cannot fight with you, then I will be your shield instead. If need be, I will die for you.
Gerome: What? No! No, I will not allow it! I have already watched my father die once! You win. You may fight at my side. But stay alive! I beg you!
Libra: Are you that worried about me? I'm not your real father, you know.
Gerome: doesn't matter. Watching even a false father die sits ill with me.
Libra: Very well. Then my strength is yours.
Gerome: Thank you.
Libra: See? That wasn't so hard. You push people away with harsh words, but I can see the love in your heart. I am proud my son turned into such a caring person.
Gerome: ...... You were my pride too, Father. I'm sorry I was never able to say the words...

With Henry as his father

Henry: Hey-o, Gerome! That's you, isn't it?
Gerome: ...Father?!
Henry: It IS you! Whew, good thing I made it. After that blow you took before, I thought I might find you in gooey, gloppy pieces.
Gerome: But you're the one who's supposed to be dead.
Henry: True! The Henry of this world definitely bit the big one. But I'm not him. I came here from another world. I can't stay very long, so point me at the bad guys so I can help out!
Gerome: No. If what you say is true, then I don't need your help. Go back to your own world.
Henry: Whoa, what? That's kinda harsh!
Gerome: I already watched you die once. Do you really think I want to see that again?
Henry: So instead you're going to make me watch you die? Sorry, but I'm not scurrying off until I know you're safe.
Gerome: I appreciate the sentiment, but—
Henry: Good! Now that we're on the same page, I know the two of us will get through this. (Minerva roars)
Gerome: What is it, Minerva?
Henry: Nya ha! Sorry, Minerva. I meant "the three of us." Together, we'll be an unstoppable force of death and destruction!
Gerome: You understand what she said?
Henry: Uh, well...she is family, you know? You and Minerva and Cherche are everything to me. You see why I'm fighting so hard to keep you alive, Gerome?
Gerome: Yes... I suppose I do. All right... Help me, Father. But you had better not die again.
Henry: Don't worry—not planning to!
Gerome: Good. Thank you.

With Donnel as his father

Donnel: Gerome? Is it really you? Reckon I made it just in time!
Gerome: F-Father?! I must be dreaming…
Donnel: Hmm? Now, why's that?
Gerome: Not only am I seeing my dead father, but he's years younger than I remember! I must have hit my head... Either that, or I'm dead…
Donnel: Oh, you sure ain't dead! And you ain't dreamin', neither! I'm here as sure as the sky's blue. ...Er, blood red.
Gerome: How can that be?
Donnel: Well, ya see...I came here from another world to help ya. I may not be able to stay very long, but I'll fight with ya as long as I can.
Gerome: Another world, is it? Then you may as well be a dream.
Donnel: What? Well, that sure ain't nice!
Gerome: Don't get me wrong. I can see that you're no ghost. But a father from another world who isn't here to stay? That sounds like a dream to me. Tomorrow, I shall wonder if this even really happened.
Donnel: ...... Gerome, ya sure you're not just sayin' that to keep from gettin' hurt?
Gerome: What would you know about my pain? Did you lose your father in some meaningless war? No, I thought not, so—
Donnel: Actually, I did.
Gerome: Huh?
Donnel: My pa died in the war. It darned near broke my heart too. Course, I can't say I know exactly how ya feel. At least I still got my ma. But I understand a wee bit, and I'm sorry I left ya on your own. At least let me make it up to ya now by fightin' at your side. You're my only son, Gerome.
Gerome: ...... Father…
Donnel: I may not be the strongest warrior in these here parts...but I'll be damned if I let any harm come to you or Minerva!
Gerome: Fine, do I know I won't lose you a second time?
Donnel: I promise! Your pa's plenty tougher than ya remember him, I reckon.
Gerome: All right. Then lend me your strength, Father. Together we might just pull through this.

NPC Severa

With player Severa

Severa: *Sigh* What are we doing meddling in this stupid world? We haven't even saved our own yet. Now here I am stuck in a world just like the one I left behind. No one came to save US, did they? *sigh* ...Ack! Is! Oh no! I've got to hide!
Severa: *Huff, huff* The Risen just...keep coming... But I can't give up. I have to hold out...just a little longer…
Severa: ...She's gone. Gawds, look at her. Her hair is messed up, her skin is all blotchy... Ugh, and don't even get me started on her clothes. But those wounds... She's just like me before I jumped back in time. ...No. She's fighting even harder. Why am I picking on her when she clearly deserves our help? I was in bad shape, but not that bad. Her whole world really is on its last legs... Well, hold on, Severa. I've got your back! You can worry about your hair and your clothes once the world is safe. ...And you'd better. I have a reputation to uphold, you know. Especially since I may never get to return to my own time to uphold it...

With Cordelia

Cordelia: Severa? At last I've found you!
Severa: M-Mother? What are you doing here?
Cordelia: I was so worried I wouldn't make it in time.
Severa: Hey! You don't have to squeeze that tight, you know!
Cordelia: I am so proud of you for protecting Lucina like you did. And here I thought we were so different... But you protected your princess just like any pegasus knight would.
Severa: Why does everything I do have to be framed in terms of you? Why are you even here? I thought you were dead.
Cordelia: I am so sorry, Severa. But your mother and I are two different people. I come from another world.
Severa: What? You're not my mother?
Cordelia: No. By Naga's power, I have been sent to help you for as long as I can.
Severa: If you're not my mother, then get your hands off me.
Cordelia: Ah... Of course. Forgive me.
Severa: No matter what world you come from, you never change. Everything is always about you—about how you feel, about what you can do. You think that because I'm your daughter, I'll turn out exactly like you. Not once have you stopped to ask ME how I feel.
Cordelia: What?
Severa: Y-you made me so angry... *sniff* I h-hated you! Waaaaaah!
Cordelia: Oh! Baby, don't cry... Come here…
Severa: Don't tell me what to do! Ahh... *sob*
Cordelia: I don't even know where to begin. I am so sorry for all that I put you through.
Severa: ...F-fine. I accept your apology. Now let go of me.
Cordelia: Better now?
Severa: *Sniff* Of course I'm better now. ...Your nose is running. I guess sometimes we do feel the same. ...I missed you.
Cordelia: ...I missed you too!
Severa: All right, PLEASE stop hugging me! This is a battlefield!
Cordelia: Yes, it is. Well, are you ready to finish this fight?
Severa: Only if you're ready to get blown away by how strong I've become.
Cordelia: Heh, let's see what my little girl can do.

With Robin (M) as her father

Robin: Severa! You're all right!
Severa: D-Daddy?! You're alive?
Robin: No... Well, not exactly. I'm not from here. Naga's power has allowed me to come here from another world.
Severa: Another world?
Robin: I know it sounds crazy. But I've come here to save you!
Severa: Well, you're a little late for that!
Robin: Huh?
Severa: We've managed on our own since you passed away. You don't get to just show up now and save the day! Why didn't you come help us all the times we needed it before? Why didn't you stop Mother from dying? You could have even saved yourself!
Robin: Severa…
Severa: We don't need your help anymore. We'll win this battle on our own!
Robin: I'm sorry. I was presumptuous. I should have considered your feelings…
Severa: You should have NOT DIED is what you should have done! Ah... *sniff*
Robin: I understand how you feel. But I still have to protect my daughter. I can't walk away knowing you might get hurt.
Severa: Daddy... ...... I'm sorry. I take it all back. I don't want you to leave. I've missed you too much…
Robin: Well, I'm here now, Severa. Take cover and leave the rest of this fight to me.
Severa: Will you be all right?
Robin: Ha! I'm more resilient than you think. I intend to win this fight.
Severa: Thank you. I never thought I would see your face again, Daddy. Just promise you'll stay safe. The other Severa back in your world needs you too.

With Frederick as her father

Frederick: Severa! There you are. Thank the gods you still live.
Severa: D-Daddy? But that's not possible…
Frederick: Alas, I am not your late father. I only just arrived here from another world. But to me, you are still a daughter, and I wish to help you. Please, allow me to keep you safe.
Severa: I never thought I would see your face again.
Frederick: Severa, I am so proud of all you have accomplished. Few would put the life of another above their own, but you did so for the princess. Before me stands a true knight. You have taken my ideals and embodied them—perfected them!
Severa: I was just...doing what I thought you and Mother would do. I wanted to keep Lucina safe the way you always kept her family safe. Just thinking about you gave me courage!
Frederick: Such words gladden me.
Severa: But I was scared. *sniff*
Frederick: I know. You did well. And you have done enough. I want you to find someplace safe and recover your strength. I shall wipe these Risen from the face of Ylisse!
Severa: No, I can't let you do the hard work for me just because you're my father. When I was little, you taught me how to fight for a reason. You wanted me to become strong. And that's what I did after you passed away. I never stopped fighting!
Frederick: Your determination would put any man to shame.
Severa: Great. Now you're calling me manly. You don't have to make fun of me.
Frederick: I'm doing no such thing. I hold your femininity in equal regard.
Severa: Daddy! Just...stop complimenting me. You're making it worse. Come on, let's finish this battle. I want you to see how great a warrior I've become. If I only get to see you for a short time, I intend to leave an impression.
Frederick: I shall watch every move so that the memory stays with me forever.
Severa: Heh. Good. Now keep your eyes peeled! And don't forget me...

With Virion as her father

Virion: Whew... Right in the nick of time. Good day, Severa.
Severa: Huh?
Virion: Poor girl. Such terrible wounds! Had I arrived too late, I might never have forgiven my noble self.
Severa: Daddy? You're alive?!
Virion: No, my dear. I came from another world entirely. When I heard this world was in peril, I gracefully sprang into action. And now I wish to fight by your side in your departed father's stead!
Severa: I appreciate any help I can get, but you do realize how dangerous it is here. Don't you have problems in your own world to worry about?
Virion: Indeed I do. The Fatherest of Fathers is a busy man. However, the needs of my beloved daughter come first in any world. Saving you is the noble thing to do.
Severa: You and your roundabout answers. It's the noble thing to do, but not what you want to do, right? You'd rather be with your real daughter in your own world. I'm not stupid. So why are you risking your life here?
Virion: I shall assume those harsh words are an expression of concern. I can see you are just as kind and considerate in this world…
Severa: Stop changing the subject!
Virion: There is no one I care about more than my own daughter. No one.
Severa: Huh?
Virion: Of course, in this case, I have more than one daughter. But I refuse to put one daughter above the other. My daughter is my daughter. I cherish both of you equally. Ergo, no one is more important to me than you.
Severa: Y-you really mean that? Having another daughter to look after isn't just some annoyance?
Virion: Certainly not. Now dry your tears. You have shed more than enough to prove how graceful and kind you are. Are you ready to join forces and rewrite your future?
Severa: Yes! Thank you, Daddy!

With Vaike as her father

Vaike: Looks like the fell dragon's dastardly attack wasn't enough to do ya in. That's my little girl!
Severa: Daddy?! What are you doing here?
Vaike: The Vaike's come from another world to rescue his darling daughter! I may not be the Vaike you know—but who cares! You're still my little ball of sunshine.
Severa: I see... Well, even if you're not my real father, it's still good to see your face.
Vaike: It's good to see you too! You were amazin' back there. The Vaike saw how you protected Lucina. It takes real guts to do that—even for a friend. Lucina's just as lucky to have you as Chrom is to have me.
Severa: Really? I always thought you were jealous of him.
Vaike: Well, he does take most of the credit on the battlefield.
Severa: Then why help him out? Why not let him earn his glory himself?
Vaike: ...Not very bright, are ya?
Severa: Ex-CUSE me?
Vaike: I help him 'cause he's my friend. The Vaike may not get much credit, but he gets a good friend in return. It's the same with you and Lucina, ain't it? You give her tongue-lashings all the time, but you would never abandon her. She's a good friend to you.
Severa: Well, someone has to stick up for her when she's too dense to do it for herself. That doesn't make us "friends."
Vaike: Ya know, you take after the Vaike so much it hurts.
Severa: Don't insult me! I'm nothing like you.
Vaike: Well, you certainly got Cordelia's good looks. The Vaike would hate to see such beauty come to an end here. Now how about we fight together? All right, Severa?
Severa: But...I don't want you to die…
Vaike: Oh? So ya don't think you're good enough to watch the Vaike's back?
Severa: Of course I am! I'm way better than you! The Daughter of Vaike isn't about to be bested by her old man.
Vaike: That's more like it. With you by my side, I don't think I could die if I tried. Now come on. ...HaaaAAA!
Severa: W-wait, Daddy! Ugh, does he even have a plan of attack? ...... But I'm still glad I got to see him again. ...Thanks, Daddy.

With Stahl as her father

Stahl: Severa? You're safe!
Severa: D-Daddy? Oh, Daddy, Daddy!
Stahl: Whoa! I didn't expect you to just throw your arms around me like that.
Severa: You're alive! *sob*
Stahl: Poor Severa... You've gone through so much. I wish I didn't have to add to your sorrows. see...your father is still dead.
Severa: What?
Stahl: I came from another world. I'm not the Stahl you knew. I just want to protect you for what little time I have here.
Severa: Y-you can't stay?
Stahl: I'm afraid not. As soon as the battle is over, I will have to leave.
Severa: ...... Well, you totally ruined THAT moment.
Stahl: Sorry.
Severa: Are you from the past? You look a lot younger than I remember. And more dashing.
Stahl: Uh, I guess it was sort of the past…
Severa: I don't know why you came all this way just to get my hopes up. You shouldn't have...done that... *sniff*
Stahl: I know, Severa…
Severa: I loved you so much. You were always so gentle and easy to get along with... Nothing at all like my mother, Miss Perfect.
Stahl: Well, your father loved you just as much. But I didn't come here just to reminisce. I came here to keep my favorite daughter safe.
Severa: Thanks, Daddy. But I think you mean your ONLY daughter safe. ...I AM your only daughter, right?

With Kellam as her father

Severa: *Huff, huff* They're not messing around. But I have to hold out... ...Ah! Archers? No... I'm finished... Huh? I'm still alive? What happened?
Kellam: Severa, are you all right?
Severa: D-Daddy? What are you doing here? I thought you were dead!
Kellam: In this world, I suppose I am... But I come from another world. I'm not the Kellam you know. That's why we're able to talk like this.
Severa: Oh... Well, thanks for protecting me just now. But don't ever do anything like that again.
Kellam: What? But the whole reason I came here was to keep you safe.
Severa: Well, then I guess you wasted your time, didn't you? It's MY job to protect people in this world. Not yours! You gave up your right to do it when you left us.
Kellam: And that's why you risked your life to protect Lucina before.
Severa: Yes! I don't need you anymore. I'm fine without you! And don't you dare make me question that now... don't have the right!
Kellam: You're right, Severa. I'm sorry. I didn't think about how you felt. I came here for selfish reasons, because... Well, because I don't want to watch you die.
Severa: Duh! You think I don't know that? You don't want to watch me die, so I have to watch you die instead. Right? Yeah, that's real fair. But whatever. I'm used to it by now.
Kellam: That's not what I mean. Listen, Severa, how about this... Neither one of us wants to lose the other, right? So why don't we watch each other's backs? That'll make the battle easier on both of us. Well, easier on me, anyway. I can see you don't need any help.
Severa: Hmph... Fine. But don't be embarrassed when I run circles around you.
Kellam: Nothing would make me prouder.
Severa: ...Okay. Thanks, Daddy. You may not be the father I lost, but it's still nice to have you back.

With Lon'qu as her father

Lon'qu: Severa.
Severa: Huh?! No... Daddy?!
Lon'qu: I'm not sure whether or not you can call me that. But yes, in this world, Lon'qu was your father.
Severa: "This world"? What are you talking about?
Lon'qu: I come from another world. When I heard your world was in danger, I came here to alter your destiny.
Severa: Okay. So you're another version of my father.
Lon'qu: Hmm... You don't seem very surprised.
Severa: Are you kidding? My heart is racing. I'm so confused. But you always told me to stay calm on the battlefield. I'm taking your advice.
Lon'qu: Smart girl.
Severa: I know, right? At first, I thought there was no way I could keep my cool. But eventually all the death and tragedy just sort of...sinks in. Like Grima back there? I wasn't s-scared of him... And you think seeing my dead f-father is enough to sh-shake me? Ahh…
Lon'qu: Severa! Easy…
Severa: I'm fine! I'm c-calm! You're not going to make me c-cry... Ahh... *sob*
Lon'qu: It's all right, Severa. You don't need to put on a show for me. If you need to cry...cry.
Severa: But I... But I... *sniff* Waaaaaaaaah! Daddy, I missed you so much! I don't care if you're really him or not, I'm s-so glad to see you!
Lon'qu: I'm sorry my poor advice caused you to hold so much in. But you don't have to do it anymore. Staying calm on the battlefield means nothing if you're forcing it. Sometimes you need to let everything out before you can really collect yourself. Your father here never wanted you to suffer. I know he didn't.
Severa: *Sniff*
Lon'qu: Listen, Severa. I can't stay here for much longer. But I'll keep you safe as long as I can. I will see you through this! Let me be your father while I'm here.
Severa: I would love that, Daddy. Thank you... But you'd better stay safe. I mean it.

With Ricken as her father

Ricken: You're okay!
Severa: Who's okay? Run, kid, before you get hurt!
Ricken: I'm not a kid! Don't you recognize me, Severa?
Severa: How do you know my name? And why do you look vaguely familiar?
Ricken: It's me! Ricken!
Severa: As in my dead father, Ricken? I guess I do see a resemblance, but come on. I'm not stupid.
Ricken: Of course you aren't! You're my daughter. The reason I look this way is because I came from a world where I'm younger. That doesn't change who I am though.
Severa: Well, it's kind of hard to believe... But strangely I do believe it. Who knew my father used to be so adorable?
Ricken: Um... I'm glad you think so. Now can we get serious, please? Are you all right? It looked like the fell dragon hit you pretty hard.
Severa: Don't worry. I've been through worse.
Ricken: I don't know if I can even picture worse... Well, I'm here now, so you find someplace safe and leave the battle to me.
Severa: What? No way! Daddy or not, you're still just a child. I'm not letting you march off to your death! Watching one father die was bad enough…
Ricken: ......
Severa: I guess you wouldn't know. You wouldn't understand... I watched my father die right before my eyes... *sniff*
Ricken: I'm sorry, Severa. I left you fatherless and alone. But just because I'm younger than he was doesn't mean I'm weaker. Chrom and the others look up to me! They know what I'm capable of.
Severa: Really?
Ricken: Really! So don't you worry. I'm going to keep you nice and safe. Your father never wanted you to be unhappy, and neither do I.
Severa: All right, Daddy. But only if we fight together. I won't use you as a shield.
Ricken: ...All right. Fine by me! Together we'll be an unstoppable force.
Severa: I know we will. Thank you, Daddy.

With Gaius as her father

Severa: Huh? D-Daddy? I must be seeing things... Are you a ghost?
Gaius: Nope, I'm no ghost.
Severa: But...this doesn't make any sense. My father is dead!
Gaius: I came here from another world to lend you my strength. Didn't you notice all the soldiers that showed up out of nowhere?
Severa: ...For all I know, this is some elaborate trap.
Gaius: Naturally suspicious, huh? I guess you take after me. That's all right, though. I don't need you to believe me. I'll have to leave this world soon anyway. But will you at least let me give you this?
Severa: This is...candy.
Gaius: Yup. I brought it from my world as a gift in case I ran into you here. You know, something to remember me by.
Severa: This candy... It's not just smoke and air. It's real... It smells sweet. ...It reminds me of how you used to smell when you picked me up...or held my hand. You're r-real, aren't you...? Oh, Daddy... *sniff*
Gaius: Slow down there, kiddo. What happened to being naturally suspicious? Heh. I guess I'm not the only one who judges a book by its candy.
Severa: Daddy, I missed you so much. I'm sorry I didn't believe you!
Gaius: Well, turn the waterfalls off. I can't fight for you if I get all emotional. ...Or if you're bear-hugging me like that.
Severa: You only want Mother to hug you. I see how it is.
Gaius: Don't start.
Severa: Hee hee. I'm sorry, Daddy. Thank you so much for coming to help me.
Gaius: It's worth it just to see you smile.
Severa: It's good to see your face too.
Gaius: ...Well, we've got a battle to finish. Any fool who tries to hurt you is gonna have to go through me!

With Gregor as her father

Gregor: Oy! Is good to see you in one piece, Severa.
Severa: No... It can't be! ...Daddy?
Gregor: Actually, Gregor come from other world. Is not same as Gregor who died in this world, yes?
Severa: Another world? But why?
Gregor: To protect darling daughter, of course! Gregor heard your world was in trouble.
Severa: And you show up NOW? I don't need your stupid help!
Gregor: Oy, here we go... Must you always pretend you are angry? Is certainly not hereditary... Would it really kill you to just tell Gregor how much you miss him?
Severa: I don't miss you!
Gregor: Very well. Either way, Gregor is sorry Other Gregor died and left you all by yourself. It must have been very hard on you.
Severa: Darned right it was! What kind of father does that to his daughter? My life has been horrible ever since I lost you!
Gregor: Severa…
Severa: I loved you so much, I decided to be a mercenary like you when I took the field. You were my model of strength! When you died, you robbed me of more than just a father. Don't you get it?
Gregor: Yes, Gregor get it very much. *sniff* You are making Gregor want to shed the tears now. Gregor is very proud you followed in father's footsteps. Your father would also have been proud.
Severa: I...I don't need you to tell me that.
Gregor: Of course not. Well...Gregor has come to keep you safe, so that is what Gregor will do. Is no way those Risen will hurt his precious little girl!
Severa: Well, you just make sure not to slow me down. And...thanks, Daddy. I don't want to admit it, but I've always dreamed of fighting by your side like this.

With Libra as her father

Libra: Severa? Where are you? She took such a terrible blow... I hope the gods have kept her safe.
Severa: ...Daddy? Is that really you?
Libra: Severa! ...Praise Naga! I feared you would be the next victim of this bleak future.
Severa: Then it really is you! I would know those cries of devotion anywhere. But I don't understand... Did Naga bring you back to life? I didn't think that was possible.
Libra: It isn't. ...Severa, I am not really your father. The gods saw fit to bring me here from another world.
Severa: You're not him? But you still came here because of Naga, right?
Libra: Correct.
Severa: What is WRONG with you?!
Libra: P-pardon?
Severa: Why does EVERYTHING you do have to be about the gods? You pray to them, you fight in their name, you cross WORLDS for them... And then, at the end, you leave ME so you can go be with them. Why can't they save us for a change? Wh-why won't they give you back to me? *sob*
Libra: Severa... Forgive me for seeming so shallow. But you mustn't lament your father. It was right for him to die. Especially if dying meant protecting you and joining the gods as a cornerstone of peace.
Severa: ......
Libra: I realize that hardly lessens the blow of his leaving you alone. But try not to blame him. I know that were it within his power, he would have stayed with you.
Severa: Y-you think I don't know that? I know what he was fighting for! I was proud of him! I loved him with all my heart! If only you realized…
Libra: I do, Severa. Thank you. Your love continues to warm him even as he sits with the gods. Now let me handle the Risen here and finish what you came here to do. Let me be a father to you for what little time I have here.
Severa: ...Hmph. You'd really do that for me?
Libra: Of course.
Severa: ...All right. Thank you, Daddy. It means a lot to me.

With Henry as her father

Henry: Severa, is that you? I sure am glad you're in one piece!
Severa: Daddy?! I don't understand... How is this possible? Y-you're not a Risen, are you?
Henry: Aw, heck no. I'm a different Henry who came here from another world. I'm here to help you, so you just point me at those nasty Risen. ...You know, so I can blow them to smithereens.
Severa: Not so fast, Daddy! These Risen are stronger than you think. I appreciate the help, but not if it means you're going to die on me!
Henry: Die? If I was gonna die, I would feel my about-to-die tingle. But I'm definitely not tingling, so I don't think you need to worry.
Severa: I'm not worried! I'm trying to warn you! Ugh, did you have to remind me of how completely weird you are?
Henry: So the Henry in this world was just like me?
Severa: Yes! He always had that same stupid grin and talked about losing fingers and stuff. I couldn't count on him for anything.
Henry: Oh. I'm really sorry about that.
Severa: But after we lost Mother, Daddy never left my side. "Don't worry," he'd say. "Daddy will always protect you." And then what did he go and do? He died! He left me to fend for myself! *sniff* Why did every last thing he ever said have to be nonsense? Ahh... *sob*
Henry: So that's how it happened... Well, I'm not like your Henry. I won't die while you still need me.
Severa: How do YOU know?!
Henry: Well, stop me when this gets too creepy and arcane, but dark powers seem to allow me to commune with myself in this world. Like, I can hear my dead self's voice.
Severa: You can?
Henry: Yup! Your father says he's going to help me keep you safe. And with his strength, I'll be twice as strong. Therefore, no about-to-die tingle! You see?
Severa: All right, Daddy…
Henry: Good! Now leave the Risen to me.
Severa: Thank you. I'm sorry to put you in danger, but I know you'll get us both through this. And I'll be fighting right by your side to protect the world you loved.

With Donnel as her father

Donnel: Is that you, Severa? Gosh, you're safe! Hooey... My heart's been in my throat since the moment I done got here!
Severa: "Hooey"? ...Daddy, is that you?
Donnel: Hmm... So the other me never managed to kick his accent either.
Severa: What other you?
Donnel: Oh. Well, ya see, I'm not the Donny you're thinkin' of. I came here from another world to lend ya a hand!
Severa: And you're my daddy in that world too.
Donnel: So ya believe me!
Severa: I don't see any reason you'd be lying. But I don't need your help, so you can march right back home.
Donnel: Haw?!
Severa: You've got more important people in your life back in your own world. I don't want to get you killed here. All right? Good. So long!
Donnel: Well, that's mighty sweet'a ya to worry 'bout me. I reckon I'm pretty lucky to have such a carin' daughter. Both of me are pretty lucky, actually! But ya see, that's all the more reason for me to want to keep ya safe.
Severa: Did you hear a word I said? If you die here, you'll be abandoning everyone you left in your own world!
Donnel: Well, then it's a good thing I'm tough! Maybe even tougher than the pa ya knew. We'll just see who kicks the bucket this time!
Severa: Daddy, you are so...dumb. But I love you for it.
Donnel: Aw, I love ya too, sweetheart.
Severa: It turns out I'm pretty tough too. I bet I could snap the Severa you know like a twig! So you'd better not have any ideas about stealing all the glory.
Donnel: Ha ha! That's my baby girl!