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The Future Past 2/Script

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Naga: Well met, Outrealm warriors.
Chrom: Uh-oh. If it's you who summoned us, then this must be about that alternate future.
Naga: Correct. Thanks to your aid, those first four children manage to survive their ordeal. Shortly thereafter, another four succeed in retrieving Argent and Sable. However, their victory is all too brief. Unable to stave off their Risen pursuers, they are soon overwhelmed and killed... Alas, the Gemstones they recovered fall back into the fell dragon's hands.
Chrom: ......
Naga: Without all five Gemstones, their world has no hope. You must intervene.
Chrom: I understand.
Naga: Thank you. Then I shall send you now to the brink—the moment in time before the world falls. Again I offer the same counsel. The world you are about to visit bears a great resemblance to your own. You may encounter people you know or people you love... If you do, fight by their sides. It will give them great courage and strength. Now go, warriors. Let destiny once again be reshaped by your hands!


Note: The Owain, Inigo, Brady, and Yarne in this scene, as well as the rest of this chapter, are NPCs native to this chapter's realm.

Owain: *Huff, huff* Infernal Risen! Have we lost them yet?!
Inigo: I hate to tell you, but they're right on our tail...
Yarne: What? Y-you're kidding! I can't run another step... Ahh, it's all over... I guess this is extinction...
Brady: Would you can it already? We need to keep movin'! If we don't deliver Argent and Sable to Ylisse, this entire world's hosed!
Yarne: Eek! All right, all right...
Owain: Blast! More Risen up ahead! Heh, a pincer attack... Clever...
Inigo: Here! There's a bridge... But if the Risen box us in...
Owain: Never mind that. Brady, Yarne, go! Inigo and I will hold this side of the bridge while you secure the other!
Brady: You got it!
Yarne: B-but I'm afraid of heights… (Brady and Yarne cross the bridge; more Risen appear near Inigo and Owain)
Owain: They're here, Inigo. Stay vigilant!
Inigo: Don't worry. I'm not letting a single Risen get across!
Brady: How's it lookin', Yarne? You see any of them dastards?
Yarne: Hmm... Yeah, I see a few down south. We could probably outrun them. But...there's a whole horde of those things closing in on us from the west. If we're gonna run, we need to go now!
Brady: All right, thanks. We better move. HEY! Owain! ...Inigo! You need to get down here...NOW! We got a whole army of dead flesh marchin' in from the west!
Inigo: You hear that, Owain? We'd better cross the bridge.
Owain: ......
Inigo: Owain?
Owain: ...If we cross the bridge now, these Risen are gonna follow us. Right?
Inigo: Right. Almost definitely.
Owain: That's if we're lucky. If we're unlucky, they'll rip us to shreds the second we turn around.
Inigo: True. We'll need to back our way across.
Owain: But that'll take too long, especially if we have to hold them off as we go. Brady doesn't even have a weapon. How are you, me, and Yarne going to protect him once we're surrounded?
Inigo: The odds are not good, I agree, but...we have to try.
Owain: No, I've got a better idea.
Inigo: Uh...okay?
Owain: I'll hold off the Risen while you cross. Once you make it to the other side, cut down the bridge.
Inigo: And strand you here? Are you crazy?! What are you talking about?
Owain: Just shut up and go! We don't have time to argue about this! Do you want me to die, or do you want ALL of us to die?!
Inigo: ...!
Owain: Ugh, I'm sorry... I don't mean to shout. But you KNOW what's at stake here!
Inigo: You're serious.
Owain: ...Yes.
Inigo: And you're sure there's no way we can fight and survive this together?
Owain: ...I'm sure.
Inigo: ...... *Sigh* All right.
Owain: I'm sorry to make you do this, Inigo. But...I'm glad I got to spend my last moments with you. Now cross that bridge and go! The fate of the world is in your hands!
Inigo: ......
Owain: Um... This is the part where you go.
Inigo: Sorry, Owain. I can't do it.
Owain: What?! epic speech...
Inigo: BRADY! YARNE! Go on without us! (the bridge between the children collapses)
Yarne: Yeep! The bridge!
Brady: What the hell are those stupid jackfarts doing?!
Owain: Inigo, you idiot! We didn't both have to die!
Inigo: I'm not the one being an idiot!
Owain: Huh?
Inigo: Maybe your plan is the best way to get the Gemstones back to Ylisse. But what am I supposed to tell Lucina and the others? "Oops, sorry! Owain sacrificed himself!" Your parents DIED for you, Owain. I don't care how smart you think it sounds. You're not throwing your life away.
Owain: But if I don't do this, the world is gonna—
Inigo: Stop. We can save the world together. Don't you want to be there to see it? I'm not leaving the Gemstones OR my friends behind, Owain. You want to fight? We'll fight. BOTH of us. And in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not taking no for an answer.
Owain: ...... Heh. All right, fine... I suppose I was too legendary to die anyway. Very well, then. Let's crush these Risen and head home to Ylisse!
Inigo: Now we're talking!
Brady: ...Show-offs.
Yarne: Brady, come on! We have to help them!
Brady: ...... No, let's press on.
Yarne: What?!
Brady: I said we're going back to Ylisse! You wanna sit around and wait for those Risen to come tear us apart?
Yarne: can't MEAN that?! They'll die without our help! We'll never see them again! Don't you care about them at all?!
Brady: Of course I do, you...s-stupid rabbit!
Yarne: Urgh...
Brady: If I could, I'd run over there right now and fight to the death! But that's not what they want. Why do you think they cut down the bridge? They know we have the Gemstones. They want us to escape. Once we get them back to Lucina, we can destroy Grima. End of story. A messy, heroic death for us won't solve anything, you dummy!
Yarne: I know, but... *sniff*
Brady: Look, Owain and Inigo will be fine. You know what they're made of. I'll be damned if the last we see of them is some hellhole like this. ...Now come on, Yarne. We need to go.
Yarne: ...... ....... ...Fine.
Brady: Good man. ...Bunny. Whatever.
Yarne: HEY, OWAIN! INIGO! If you can hear me... I promise we'll deliver the Gemstones to Ylisse! Everything will be okay! B-but don't you dare die on us! I mean it! There's nothing a taguel hates more than a quitter!
Owain: Heh. Don't you worry! We won't quit. We'll catch up!
Inigo: That's right. See you in Ylisse—I promise!
Yarne: ...You better. ...... They'll pull through. They have to...

(should any of the NPC children be defeated)

Inigo: Sorry... I don't think I can go on... Everyone...promise you'll keep...smiling…
Owain: Mother... Father... Forgive me... I couldn't keep…
Brady: Have to...keep going... Ylisse…
Yarne: I don't care if I die out... But please...not the others...

(should NPC Brady escape)

Brady: ...Looks like I managed to ditch the Risen. Now to get these Gemstones to Ylisse!

(should NPC Yarne escape)

Yarne: Owain, Inigo... Stay safe. I'll be waiting for you in Ylisstol.

(upon fighting the boss)

???: Master Grima, I'll never betray you. I'll stay by your side no matter what form you take. I swear that all who stand against you shall fall by my hand!

(upon defeating the boss)

???: Forgive me...master... I study harder... Please...teach tactics…


Main article: The Future Past 2/Conversations


If all children survived

Note: The following monologues occur if that child was talked to by one of his parents.

Inigo: Is that it? ...Whew, we actually won. Looks like Owain's safe too. We're going to make it back to Ylisse together. Brady and Yarne should be miles away by now... We'd better hurry to let them know we're okay before Yarne has a heart attack. ...Still, I wonder who those soldiers were who came and helped us. It's almost like my parents were trying to keep me alive from beyond the grave. ...Is that it, Mother? Father? You want me to keep on kicking? I know that wasn't you out there, but it still sort of felt like it. I wish we could've had more time together. There were so many things I left unsaid. But what you gave me here was enough to keep me going. I know you'll always be watching over me.
Owain: ...I can't believe it. We won. If those strangers hadn't arrived, I'd be dead, and Inigo with me. I almost cost him his life playing out my little fantasy... Mother, Father, if you're watching over me from above—thank you. That was some message you sent. I know I'll never see the real you again, but it still felt...nice. It was like I got to talk to you again...and fight by your side. Funny... Not even I could have dreamed up a scenario like this! But seeing you there in the flesh gave me strength like no make-believe ever could. From now on, I promise to take better care of the life you gave me.
Brady: ...Are we done? Those two nitwits better not have croaked on me... I swear I'll beat the crap out of them if they did. ...Naw, I gotta stay positive. My ma and pa came for me...sort of. Somebody must've come for them too. ...Heh. I still can't wrap my head around it. They looked just like my folks! We were so busy fightin', we didn't get to chat much, but still... Ain't that somethin'. Wonder what my real folks made of it from way up there... ...Well, if you're listenin', Ma and Pa—sorry we have to postpone the family reunion. I ain't ready to kick the bucket just yet. But when I do finally join you up there... I promise I'll have plenty of good stories about the future I helped save.
Yarne: A-are those horrible Risen gone? Oh, finally... Good thing my running legs are still up to snuff... Heh. I guess I really owe it to those warrior who came to the rescue. It's like Mother and Father sent shadows of themselves to watch over me... But that's typical, I guess. The only reason I'm still around is because people keep looking after me. I've gotta change. I need to start being the one to look after them. Otherwise, I may as well be extinct. ...Oh, that reminds me! Owain! Inigo! Did they make it? Let's see... ...... ...! Hey, that's them! I can hear their voices! Oh, thank the gods! Now that we're all here, it's time to start the journey home!

(scene change)

Yarne: You're alive! You made it! ...Can I pinch you? Are you really real?
Inigo: Ow! Ha ha... Yes, we're real! We're glad you're safe too.
Brady: You two nutjobs have a lot of explaining to do. Sure, some mystery army may have come along and saved your bacon...but don't think I forgot how we got separated in the first place!
Inigo: Sorry, Brady... You too, Yarne. We didn't mean to worry you. At least we'll make it home now. We're lucky the help came when it did.
Owain: Speaking of which—where did they go?
Brady: Hmph. They vanished before we could even thank 'em.
Owain: Wow... Now that's how you do it. Shadowy saviors, come to free us in the hour of our destruction... My sword hand twitches just thinking about it!
Brady: I'll twitch your flippin' sword hand! If you hadn't stayed behind as a decoy, none of this would've even... Ahhhhh! *sob*
Owain: B-Brady?! Are you crying?
Brady: Shut up! I earned a good cry! Don't you know how worried I was? You coulda died out there! Don't you GET it?! *sniff*
Owain: I...I get it, Brady... I'm sorry. I won't ever use myself as a decoy again. I promise.
Yarne: You better not! If you ever break your promise, I'll... I'll steal your Manual of Justice! And then I'll read your stupid "Catalogue of Ultimate Techniques" in front of everybody!
Owain: You wouldn't DARE! ...Wait, how do you even KNOW about my Manual of Justice?! ...Oh no.
Inigo: ......
Owain: It was you! How could you divulge my most eldritch arcana to this...this endangered species!
Inigo: What can I say? Some things are just too precious to keep secret.
Owain: ...Urrrgh.
Yarne: Well, come on, Owain... Let's be fair. You showed me Inigo's dance routines and Brady's violin compositions first.
Inigo: He...WHAT?!
Brady: Yarne, you had better be pullin' my chain!
Owain: Yarne, you big mouth! You want me to tell them about your morning antiextinction exercises?
Yarne: Eek! P-please don't! ...I'll die of shame!
Owain: ......
Yarne: ......
Owain: ...Pfft! Ha ha ha ha! Aha ha... What is WRONG with us?
Yarne: Yeah. The world's about to end—good thing we've got our priorities straight.
Inigo: Still, I'm glad. I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard... We need to mess with each other like this more often.
Brady: Yeah. Guess we had other stuff on our minds, though, huh? Let's finish our job here, and then once the world is peaceful again... I'm gonna give you guys hell like you'd never believe. Ha!
Inigo: Oh, I believe. Heh heh...
Brady: Hey, it's a good goal to shoot for, right?
Inigo: Yeah, it is. Well, we should be heading back to Ylisse. We've lost time here, and Lucina still needs us. We're almost to the border now!
Brady: All right, let's get those legs in gear.
Yarne: Really?! Are we really almost home? Oh, I'm so happy I could die... But I won't! Because I'm going home! Yippee!
Owain: ...... Heh. I was ready to give up back there...but I'm glad I didn't. It turns out I like being around my friends even more than I thought. And I might not have realized it without those visitors from another world... We may never meet again, but tonight's miracle will stay with me forever.

(scene change)

Naga: Well done, Outrealm Warriors. Those children have eluded a terrible end because of your efforts. I am certain now that they will make it safely home to Ylisse with Gemstones in hand.
Chrom: That's encouraging to hear.
Naga: Know this, Chrom of Ylisse: hopes for their future still hang by a thread. Argent and Sable count for but two of the Gemstones. The others, and the Fire Emblem itself, must also reach the princess. Otherwise, the children's struggles will be for naught.
Chrom: Just tell me what to do.
Naga: Thank you. I knew I could rely on you. When I must again call upon you to protect that world from the encroaching darkness... I know you will not fail.

(scene change)

Note: The Lucina, Tiki, and hierophant that appear in this scene are versions of those characters native to this chapter's realm.

Tiki: ......
Lucina: Damn you! You'll pay for harming Lady Tiki! Huh?! <He/She> vanished!
Tiki: Lucina...
Lucina: Ah! Lady Tiki! Stay still... Why did you have to do that? The blow was meant for me... I'll go find a cleric. Just promise me you'll hold on...
Tiki: It's all right, Lucina. I'm...finished... You only have a few staves and vulneraries left... Don't waste them on me... Other people will need them more...
Lucina: Don't talk like that!
Tiki: Heh... So this is what it's like. I've watched all my friends leave me one by one... But this is the first time I've had to leave someone else behind... I just wish...I could have chosen the time myself...
Lucina: Stop it... Stop it, stop it, STOP IT! You can't die, Lady Tiki. Not you! I've already lost Mother and Father... You're all I have. And without the divine dragon's Voice, what will keep Ylisse fighting? You're our last hope. Please don't go. Please don't leave us now...
Tiki: You're wrong, Lucina. Ylisse still has its last hope. It has you and the other children... Once they return with the Gemstones and the Fire Emblem...perform the Awakening...and bring light to this darkened world...
Lucina: I will. I promise, but...but...where are they?! I cannot help but fear the worst. They might never return! I may never see any of them again! Their promises to return are empty...just like my father's turned out to be...
Tiki: You must have faith, Lucina... They deserve that much... I can see them bring the Gemstones here... I believe...mankind...has hope...
Lucina: Lady Tiki?
Tiki: You must...fight destiny...and...the future... Bring us...the true peace...that...the Hero...King...strived...for... ...... ...... (dies)
Lucina: Lady Tiki? Oh, gods, no! Lady Tiki, please! Please, don't leave... Gods, NOOOOOOOOO!!!

If 1-3 children were defeated

Naga: Welcome home, warriors.
Chrom: I'm sorry. We fought our hardest, but some of the children...
Naga: Do not blame yourself. They were all fated to die that day. You must solace yourself with every life you save, even if it is only one.
Chrom: It should have been all of them...
Naga: Put it behind you, Chrom of Ylisse, and realize the great deed you have done. You have prevented the Gemstones from falling back into enemy hands. With luck, the surviving children will deliver them to their princess. You have done extremely well.
Chrom: ......
Naga: However, hopes for their future still hang by a thread. Argent and Sable count for but two of the Gemstones. The others, and the Fire Emblem itself, must also reach the princess. Otherwise, the children's struggles will be for naught.
Chrom: I know... I'll do what I can.
Naga: Thank you. I knew I could rely on you. And the departed can rest easy knowing their sacrifice was not in vain...

If all children were defeated

Chrom: Damn...
Naga: ...Welcome home, warriors. You fought valiantly. However, the children have all died, and the Gemstones have returned to the enemy. Without the stones, their world is doomed to fall.
Chrom: But...there must be something we can do! Oh, gods, forgive me...
Naga: Do not punish yourself. Their world simply met with the end destiny prescribed.
Chrom: I don't care what destiny prescribed!
Naga: I understand. But you must not linger on what is already done. Be glad that you gave the children one last glimmer of hope. It was more than they had. And you can still save your own world. The departed would want you to fight with every bone in your I trust you will.
Chrom: ......