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The Future Past 1/Script

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Chrom: Where are we? There's something different about this place...
Naga: ......
Chrom: Wait, how...?!
Naga: You've arrived at last. It was I who summoned you, Outrealm warriors.
Chrom: ...Summoned us? Why?
Naga: A world stands on the brink of demise. But I have no power there to save it. Only those with the power to cross time and space can reach it in its hour of need... Only warriors such as yourselves.
Chrom: What world is this that could possibly be beyond your power?
Naga: A world in which the ancient fell dragon has been revived, causing untold chaos. All hope for the future rests upon the shoulders of 12 valiant children—an exalted princess and 11 others born with the power to alter their destinies. However, without intervention, these 12 children will most certainly die.
Chrom: All of them? But that's...
Naga: Hear me. Four children obtain Gules and Azure but annihilated ere they can bear it home. Four more obtain Argent and Sable, only to expire in sight of their country's border. Three manage to successfully deliver Vert and the Emblem to the princess... But soon after, all three of them—as well as the princess—are slain.
Chrom: Then who saves the world?
Naga: None do. It sinks, unresisting, into shadow...and finally fades into oblivion. This is the world's inexorable destiny. But some destinies are too cruel...and so I sought help. Warriors, I beseech you: intervene. Change what cannot be changed without you.
Chrom: We'd never turn our backs on those in need so long as the power to help them is ours. That goes for this world and any other—even if our hopes are as thin as you say.
Naga: Thank you. Then I shall send you now to the brink—the moment in time before the world falls. Find the four children with Gules and Azure, and see them through their task.
Chrom: We will.
Naga: Here is my final counsel... The world you are about to visit bears a great resemblance to your own. You may encounter people you know or people you love... If you do, fight by their sides. It will give them great courage and strength. Now go, warriors. I know that destiny can yet be reshaped by your hands!


Note: The Lucina in this scene is the one playable in the game's main storyline. The Nah, Noire, Cynthia, and Kjelle in this scene, as well as the rest of this chapter, are NPCs native to this chapter's realm.

Lucina: What? No! ...No, it can't be.
Chrom: What's wrong, Lucina?
Lucina: This is just like MY future. Where I came from! It's all so similar...
Chrom: What?! Are you certain?
Lucina: I could never forget. That enmity in the air—like the fell dragon threatens to crush us with every breath. I fear we've made a terrible error... I barely escaped that world with my life. How could I have brought you here?
Chrom: Lucina, calm down. We chose to come here. And I think it's a good thing we did.
Lucina: But, Father, you could die!
Chrom: I know. But I also know you survived a world of death just like this one and came to us. You braved it all so that you might change OUR future.
Lucina: Yes, but...
Chrom: Put yourself in my position. In the future you came from, I was already... I couldn't protect you. But in this version of the future, if you're's like getting a second chance. Even if you and her aren't the same... I need this catharsis. For once, I'll be able to say I was there to keep you safe.
Lucina: But...what's the point if you end up dead?!
Chrom: Lucina, I promise you: I won't die here. I've got two worlds to save now. I intend to get the job done.
Lucina: Father, please...
Chrom: Lucina, sometimes you just have to have faith. Would I lie to you?
Lucina: ...No. All right, Father. I believe you. I know you'll do whatever it takes to save the people of this world.
Chrom: That's more like it. Now, come on. Let's find those children!

(camera shifts to the NPC children)

Noire: Oh no! W-we're surrounded?! This is the end, isn't it...
Nah: After all we suffered to claim Gules and Azure, we'll never even get them home...
Cynthia: Noire! Nah! What are you saying?! We have to stay strong! A true hero knows it's always darkest just before the dawn! We're just building up to the big comeback, right, Kjelle?
Kjelle: I suppose it is a bit premature. Our defeat isn't inevitable yet. I can't count how many times we've faced certain death since coming to Plegia...and every time, the four of us managed to make it out alive. Surrounded or not, we can't fall here... Not to chumps like these.
Cynthia: Exactly! If we all work together, these fiends won't stand a chance. Justice will not be denied!
Noire: Wh-what's going on?! These Risen! I've never seen them move like this...(the children are separated)
Cynthia: Wha...?! H-how did they separate us so easily?! Hey! G-get back! Don't you touch my lance! That belonged to my mother! It means everything to me! Give it back, you creep! have to! Please, not the lance... You can take anything, but not that!
Nah: Damn! One of them got my dragonstone! How am I supposed to fight now? Give that back! It doesn't belong to you!
Noire: They were lying in wait for us... They must have known we'd try to resist... They even got my talisman... Now it really is hopeless...
Kjelle: Get away, you filthy craven! You really need two of you to disarm one of me?! Of course you do! You'd never stand a chance of defeating me in a fair fight!
Cynthia: Guys, we can't fight them like this! And those flames are spreading fast! Everyone, find a way to break through and then regroup at—(barred walls come up) What...?! Barricades?! You've got to be kidding me! We'll never be able to regroup now...
Nah: So this is the end, then... We've no cards left to play. Very well. If you plan to kill us, please just get on with it. I made my peace with that the day we left Ylisse...
Cynthia: Nah! What are you saying?! We can't give up! What about the five Gemstones? We'll never get them all if we quit now! And if we can't perform the Awakening, the entire world is doomed!
Nah: Do you think I don't know that? Do you think any of us doesn't know that?! I don't WANT to die here, Cynthia, but I don't see very many other options! Do you honestly think someone's going to swoop in and rescue us? That some great warrior is going to appear and spout one of your heroic introductions?
Cynthia: I...I don't...
Nah: I know what you're feeling, Cynthia. When things get bad, I'm the same way. I pray that somehow Naga will hear my pleas and come to my rescue... That I'll hear her voice whispering in my ear, and then suddenly everything will be okay. But even after all we've been through, I've never heard her voice even once! I think it's time for us to face the music. There's just no such thing as miracles.
Cynthia: ......
Nah: Listen, Cynthia. I'm sorry... I don't want my last words to you to be angry ones. Even after everything that's happened, I'm still so glad I met all of you. I love you guys. Every last one of you. Thank you...for everything. Maybe we'll be reborn into a kinder world. And we can all meet again one day...
Cynthia: Nah, please! Don't say good-bye! There's still a chance!
Noire: I, too, feel privileged to have known you all. I'd have been so lost without you... I'm sorry I was always such a pessimist. But even so, I never gave up hope... I always knew in my heart that as long as I had all of you, we'd make it through. But...I guess it just wasn't meant to be. This time we truly are finished... I suppose I'll never know what it means to lead a normal, happy teenage life... *Sniff* I...I'll just stop there... The more I say, the harder this all gets... *sob*
Cynthia: Come on, Noire! You know I can't stand to see you like this!
Kjelle: It's been an honor to fight beside you all. True, I was a little worried at first... But you proved stronger and braver than I ever expected. You always had my back. It got to the point that I honestly thought the four of us would never be defeated. So much for that, huh? This time I just don't see a way out... I hate to pass our duty onto the others, but...maybe they're still alive? Maybe they'll figure out some way to save the world without these two Gemstones? If I'm going to die here, I'd at least like to die with some small shred of hope... A hope that somehow, some way, the good guys can still win this...
Cynthia: Kjelle... ...... I guess you're right... Without weapons, we have no hope of fighting through this... It kills me to say this, but...I don't think I'm gonna be able to save us after all... But that doesn't mean I'm giving up. We can't die here, not like this! We HAVE to take the Gemstones back. We HAVE to defeat Grima! We have to fulfill our dream of bringing peace back to the world... We...we have to! I want to believe there's still some way out of this... I want to believe there's still some way to get home... Maybe Nah's right, and there's no such thing as miracles... Heck, maybe the gods don't even exist at all... But I'm praying all the same. So please, gods, if you're out there... Please...send us a miracle!

(should any of the NPC children be defeated)

Nah: I thought...I was ready for this, I wish I...could've gone...home…
Noire: Mother... Father... Come for me... I d-don't want to die...alone…
Kjelle: No... It can't...end here... We needed the world…
Cynthia: No! I...I won't give...up... I still believe...this world...can...

(upon fighting the boss using anyone other than Robin)

???: Who are you? How did you get here? I won't parley with you. My heart belongs to Grima now. You will not sway me from my master! If you insist on interfering, I swear I will destroy you!

(upon defeating the boss)

???: Master Grima... I...I'm sorry... My life grows short...but...I promise...never...forget you...


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If all children survived

Note: The following monologues occur if that child was talked to by one of her parents.

Cynthia: The Risen are all dead...? We're...saved?! And it looks like everyone made it! Oh, thank the gods! I hope those warriors from another world fared as well... Another world, huh...? I never thought I'd see either of my parents again, but...there you were. It was odd that you looked so young, but it still brought back a flood of memories... Thank you. For coming to save us. And for talking with me one last time. I know it's not the same... You came from a different world, but still... Your coming here filled me with courage. Enough to sustain me from here on out. We can handle things from here—I promise. Together, we're going to save this world!
Noire:'s over?! And I'm not dead? I'm still alive?! This is so strange... It's like my brain is wrapped in a fog. It feels like a dream... Oh, gods, wait—is that what this is? Is this all just a dream?! Hmm... Let me just give myself a little pinch and... YOW! Okay...definitely not a dream! Whew... Dear Mother and Father... I know you won't believe this, but... I actually saw you today! I mean, I know it wasn't the real you, but still. It was like you came down from heaven to save me. I was so happy! I guess this means I won't be reunited with you guys as soon as I'd thought. Not that I'm complaining. I've got a long life left ahead of me now, so I'd better make the most of it. I'm pretty sure you'd want it that way, after all. Isn't that right?
Nah: It's over... I...I get to go home after all... I still can't believe it. Separated, trapped, disarmed... And still we walk away? After everything I said... Naga sent a miracle after all. And I got to meet my family... I never thought I'd know my mother or father. We only exchanged a few words... We touched for just a few moments. But those moments filled me with such warmth. For a moment I...had a family... Oh, gosh. My eyes are welling up again! But this is no time to cry. I need to reclaim my dragonstone and find the others. Being alive never felt better... This is a gift I mustn't waste! We can't afford to tarry. We need to get these Gemstones back to Ylisse!
Kjelle: Our enemy seems to be defeated. The day is won. Though...not by us. This victory was given to us by those brave warriors from afar. Perhaps Mother and Father saw our pitiful plight from up in heaven... They must have gone to Naga to appeal for her help. Mother, Father...thank you. I know you've always protected me. But you can rest your vigil now. I will never be weak like that again. Now it's my turn to protect this world you fought and died for. I'll repay this salvation by saving the world you loved so dearly. I swear it! Never again will I yield to my enemy! Never again will I let myself be cornered! So be at the peace as you watch me from heaven. Heaven and...the other world.

(scene change)

Cynthia: Guys! Thank the gods you're okay!
Kjelle: I had made my peace with death, but...those warriors saved us. ...Hm? Where did they go? They were just here a moment ago...
Cynthia: Huh? They're right over— Wait, what? You're right! They're gone! Every last one of them... Wow, disappeared without saying a word. Talk about your heroic departures...
Noire: I never even got a chance to thank them... If they hadn't shown up, I'm sure we'd...we'd all be dead by now.
Cynthia: Yeah, no kidding...
Nah: Cynthia...I owe you an apology.
Cynthia: Huh? What for?
Nah: For insisting there was no such thing as miracles. I'd never truly believed in that sort of thing before, but... Well, how else can you describe it? That was an honest-to-gods miracle. Naga must have been touched by your unyielding faith, Cynthia.
Cynthia: Nah...
Nah: I even heard Naga's voice this time. "Don't give up," she said. Just a faint whisper from far, far away, but...enough to make me believe again. The gods do exist. Miracles CAN happen. And even this world can be saved.
Cynthia: Yes! It definitely can! Man, we're gonna do such a number on Grima! And then we can finally see what it's like to lead normal, happy lives for a change! That's what you said you wanted, right, Noire?
Noire: I...I guess it was! To think that day might actually come... Even I can't help but be a little optimistic after what we just witnessed.
Kjelle: Hey, slow down, everyone. Don't go getting spoiled by what happened. The gods aren't going to bail us out every time we run into trouble. So no more counting on miracles, all right? We need to get back to relying on our combat potential. And by "we," I mean "all of you."
Noire: But, Kjelle, weren't you the one just saluting our unexpected strength and bravery...?
Kjelle: What, that? That was just me blowing smoke to make you all feel better. Come on, I thought we were gonna die! You're supposed to say stuff like that.
Noire: Ha! Well...I guess I'll just forget that ever happened, then.
Kjelle: ...Good.
Cynthia: Back in drill-sergeant mode already, Kjelle? Guess that means the party's over. Onward to Ylisse! Lucina's probably scowling at her pocket watch as we speak...
Nah: Indeed. The sooner we get back, the sooner we can perform the Awakening.
Noire: I hope everyone else is okay... Do you think they all made it back safely?
Kjelle: I'm sure they're all fine. Although they're probably getting tired of waiting on us!
Noire: You think we're the last ones? Eek! We'd better get moving!
Kjelle: Huh? Noire, hang on—don't run ahead! It isn't safe! Being saved by a miracle doesn't mean you can't get your fool self killed, you know!
Nah: *Sigh* Running off half-cocked again... So much for life-changing lessons. I'll switch into dragon form and go catch her.
Cynthia: Yeah, that's probably for the best... Thanks, Nah.
Nah: I'll see you in a bit!
Cynthia: ...... Well, that was one heck of a day... But we're safe now, and hopefully the rest of the crew is too. ...Thanks, brave warriors of the Outrealms. You've taught us to never give up hope!

(scene change)

Naga: Well done, Outrealm Warriors. Those children have eluded a terrible end because of your efforts. I am certain now they will make it safely home to Ylisse with Gemstones in hand.
Chrom: That's encouraging to hear.
Naga: Know this, Chrom of Ylisse: hopes for their future still hang by a thread. Gules and Azure count for but two of the Gemstones. The others, and the Fire Emblem itself, must also reach the princess. Otherwise, the children's struggles will be for naught.
Chrom: Just tell me what to do.
Naga: Thank you. I knew I could rely on you. When I must again call upon you to protect that world from the encroaching darkness... I know you will not fail.

(scene change)

Note: The Lucina, Tiki, and hierophant that appear in this scene are versions of those characters native to this chapter's realm.

Lucina: ...... We've lost a lot of soldiers... Every day gets a little worse for us, while the Risen grow only stronger. Are we simply postponing our demise? The castle defenses are weakening... Please, my friends. I need you here. Find the stones... ......
Tiki: Does something ail you, Lucina? You look troubled.
Lucina: Lady Tiki? I am sorry—I was lost in thought. What are you doing here? I thought you had taken refuge on Mount Prism.
Tiki: The mount fell to Risen less than a week ago.
Lucina: What?! But it was heavily defended!
Tiki: Yes, and for that I thank you. Had you not dispatched some of your finest soldiers... I and the Ylisseans in my company might never have made it this far. Not that we did not suffer our share of casualties...
Lucina: I'm so sorry... I thought for certain Mount Prism, at least, would keep you safe...
Tiki: ...... Lucina, where are the other children—the ones who were fighting with you?
Lucina: ...Plegia.
Tiki: What?! But there's no place more dangerous. Why would you—? ...Wait. You're going to perform the Awakening?
Lucina: Yes. To defeat the fell dragon, we must return the five Gemstones to the Fire Emblem. But both Emblem and Gemstones have fallen into Plegia's hands. ...So I sent the others to find them.
Tiki: I can see it grieves you that you could not join them. But you were wise to remain in Ylisse. Only one of exalted blood can perform the Awakening. If any harm befell you, their efforts would be for naught. You belong someplace safe. ...Or at least someplace less perilous, if safe is too strong a word.
Lucina: I know, but it has been too long. What if the Risen have already gotten them? I must be prepared for the worst.
Tiki: Lucina... They will make it back. Of course they will. I heard the Plegians keep the Gemstones and Emblem in separate, secret places. Your friends will need time to complete their mission. And you need to have faith.
Lucina: I know... All right, milady. I shall try to banish these ill thoughts.
Tiki: Good. That's the strong Lucina I know. I can help you defend Ylisse until the others return with— Ah! Lucina, look out! ...Nnrgh!
Lucina: Lady Tiki!
???: ......
Tiki: It's you... How did you...get inside Ylisstol...? As fast as you...ahhh...
Lucina: Lady Tiki? Oh no, please... LADY TIKI!

If 1-3 children were defeated

Naga: Welcome home, warriors.
Chrom: I'm sorry. We fought our hardest, but some of the children...
Naga: Do not blame yourself. They were all fated to die that day. You must solace yourself with every life you save, even if it is only one.
Chrom: It should have been all of them...
Naga: Put it behind you, Chrom of Ylisse, and realize the great deed you have done. You have prevented the Gemstones from falling back into enemy hands. With luck, the surviving children will deliver them to their princess. You have done extremely well.
Chrom: ......
Naga: However, hopes for their future still hang by a thread. Gules and Azure count for but two of the Gemstones. The others, and the Fire Emblem itself, must also reach the princess. Otherwise, the children's struggles will be for naught.
Chrom: I know... I'll do what I can.
Naga: Thank you. I knew I could rely on you. And the departed can rest easy knowing their sacrifice was not in vain...

If all children were defeated

Chrom: Damn it...
Naga: ...Welcome home, warriors. You fought valiantly. However, the children have all died, and the Gemstones have returned to the enemy. Without the stones, their world is doomed to fall.
Chrom: But...there must be something we can do! Oh, gods, forgive me...
Naga: Do not punish yourself. Their world simply met with the end destiny prescribed.
Chrom: I don't care what destiny prescribed!
Naga: I understand. But you must not linger on what is already done. Be glad that you gave the children one last glimmer of hope. It was more than they had. And you can still save your own world. The departed would want you to fight with every bone in your I trust you will.
Chrom: ......