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The Frozen River/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After defeating Arcardo, Roy moves east, deep into the frozen lands of Ilia. He soon enters the thick forests that characterize central Ilia. However, a commander of Bern, Bishop Martel, lies in wait. In his possession is an ancient spell said to have been lost centuries ago...


(Inside the caste)

Soldier: Father Martel! We have brought the hermit Niime as you asked.
Martel: Good. Let her pass.

(Niime enters)

Niime: What do you want from me?
Martel: You must be Niime, the Mountain Hermit.
Niime: I'm not aware of that nickname, but I am Niime. I'm probably the one you seek.
Martel: We found an elder spell tome within the castle. I hear that you may be capable of using it.
Niime: Perhaps. I have dedicated my life to the study of darkness and elder magic.
Martel: I understand that this spell can change the weather surrounding the caster...
Niime: Stranger spells are known to exist.
Martel: Then I order you to use the tome to create rainfall. Make it rain so that the rivers overflow. Push back the advancing Etrurian Army.
Niime: I can try, but frankly I can't guarantee that it will succeed. It is also important to remember that powerful spells like this can only be cast once. Are you certain you want to do this?
Martel: No excuses, hag! You will do as I say. You said you wish to join our forces. Make yourself useful.
Niime: ......

(Outside, in the snowy forest)

Roy: Princess Guinivere... We are approaching Bern's army.
Guinivere: ...Yes, I know.
Roy: As we get closer, we will clash with soldiers of Bern more and more. It will not be long before we are in full combat with Bern.
Guinivere: ......
Roy: I want to ask you something before that happens.
Guinivere: Go ahead.
Roy: I have heard rumors about King Zephiel... I heard that he killed his father, the previous king.
Guinivere: !
Roy: I could scarcely believe it myself. You believe in him so strongly that you cast away your own country. If King Zephiel is truly as mad as the rumors say, I'm sure you would not have done all that you have.
Guinivere: ......
Roy: Princess Guinivere, I accepted the Fire Emblem not to use it in battle, but to find a way to end this war peacefully.
Guinivere: Roy...
Roy: I think I have a right to know the truth about the rumors...
Guinivere: I... I'm sorry. Please... give me some time.

(Guinivere leaves the conversation)

Roy: Princess!
Merlinus: ...What is the matter? Princess Guinivere looked very troubled...
Roy: ...It's nothing to worry over. Do you need something?
Merlinus: Yes, I have learned some troubling information. A powerful dark mage by the name of Niime fights in the enemy ranks.
Roy: A dark mage... A druid, probably.
Merlinus: In any case, she is apparently extremely learned in ancient sorcery. She is said to be more knowledgable than most scholars can even imagine.
Roy: We can't pull back now. We press on.
Merlinus: Of course, but please exercise caution.
Roy: Yes, you're right. We must tread lightly!

In battle

At the start of turn 7, enemy phase

Martel: Is the spell ready, Niime?
Niime: ...I'll warn you one more time. I can't guarantee the results will be what you want...
Martel: Enough of your yammering! Cast the spell!
Niime: Sigh... Very well...

Merlinus: W-what's going on...
Roy: An enemy spell caster? Watch out, soldiers!

(The rivers on the map freeze over, allowing allies and enemies to cross)


The southeastern village

Old Woman: Are you the Etrurian Army? Sigh... Bern's army marched through here just the other day, too. When will we have peace again? Here, take this. Use it to end the war.

(Secret Book)

The northwestern village

I was told that this goddess icon would bring me good luck... But I pray to it everyday, and nothing happens. That con man tricked me! Here, take it. Just looking at it is making me angry.

(Goddess Icon)

The northeastern village

Young Girl: I was playing outside and this ring fell from the sky! ...A gift from the gods? Nah, someone on a pegasus or wyvern probably dropped it. Here, take it. I prefer my dolls anyway.

(Guiding Ring)

The southwestern house

Middle-aged Man: That Martel who's guarding the castle... He said he has some secret weapon. I'd be careful if I were you.

The northwestern house

Girl: You look strong. But I bet you couldn't beat the Sword Saint. They say he's on a level all his own.

The northeastern house

Young Man: Hey, are you the Etrurian Army that the old lady was talking about? I heard she was originally planning to join you guys, but for some reason she joined up with Bern instead. What is she thinking?

The southeastern house

Middle-aged Woman: When it gets colder the rivers all freeze over, and we can get to the village in the east without much trouble. But it's not quite the season, unfortunately.

Battle quotes

Martel enters combat

Martel: Blast! You made it through this snow... Curse that useless woman!

Martel dies

Martel: No... I'm too brilliant... to die...


(Inside the castle)

Niime: At last, I am released from Bern's dungeon.
Roy: You are?
Niime: I am Niime. I live in the mountains where I study arcane magic.
Roy: Why were you in the dungeon? Did you not join Bern of your own choice?
Niime: Well, actually, I did, but it was only a guise. Bern's army has something I wish to study.
Roy: And what is that?
Niime: The dragons.
Roy: !!
Niime: Well, that sure got your attention, didn't it?
Roy: The dragons you speak of... They're not like the wyverns that Bern's soldiers ride upon. They're strange troops that fight alongside Bern's soldiers...
Niime: I know that well. They're the same dragons that were defeated in the Scouring.
Roy: How do you know this...?
Niime: At first I thought this was only a simple act of aggression by Bern. But then I began to sense a strange and... evil force among their troops. I decided to investigate.
Roy: Did you learn anything?
Niime: The dragons are very much shrouded in mystery. I looked through many ancient books and scrolls. I could only decipher so many of them. But...
Roy: But...?
Niime: I have come to the conclusion that Bern has resurrected the demon dragon.
Roy: The demon dragon... The leader of the dragons that Hartmut defeated.
Niime: The very same. Dragons are a much more advanced species than us humans. Their vitality and intellect puts that of humans to shame. There is one thing, however, the dragons lack in. They multiply at a fraction of the rate humans do. But the demon dragon... It had the power to create more dragons. That is what I learned from my research.
Roy: It can make dragons...?
Niime: The demon dragon can create more of its kind. That would explain where Bern is getting all of its dragons.
Roy: I see...
Niime: Now, that being said... I wish to learn more about the dragons. I wield dark magic... Let me join your army. I'm sure I can be of some assistance.
Roy: Of course. We want to learn about the dragons as well. It will be a perilous journey, but if that's acceptable to you, you're welcome to join us.