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The Emblems

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The Emblems

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Lythos Castle

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Awake at Last

Our final battle lies ahead. Now. It's time to engage.
— Marth

The Emblems (Japanese: 紋章士 Emblem person) is the prologue chapter of Fire Emblem Engage. It serves as the game's tutorial chapter, introducing the player to the basics of the game's combat system, the Emblem system, and setting the stage for the conflict to come.


Main article: The Emblems/Script

Alear rushes through a hallway full of dark soldiers alongside Emblem Marth, while other fighters with their own Emblems hold the soldiers back. Upon reaching a door, Alear and Marth open it together, leading them to a room where Sombron awaits. Though initially facing a disadvantage against his power, Alear manages to defeat him by engaging with Marth. After the battle, Marth says his farewells to Alear, urging them to remember him and the other eleven Emblems.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout the enemy Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Alear dies 1 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 1
File:Cm fe17 prologue.png
Map dimensions:
9 columns by 15 rows

Character data

The player will have access to one unit in this chapter: Alear. They have a setup used only in this chapter; they do not take on their default setups until the next chapter. The weapons used in this chapter are not retained afterward.

Small portrait alear m fe17.png
Ma ns02 dragon child alear m.png Dragon Child
Level 20
Movement 4
Emblem Marth
Max HP 50 Defense 17
Strength 16 Resistance 13
Magic 5 Luck 14
Dexterity 17 Build 8
Speed 16
Inventory Skills
Libération --
Engage weapons Engage skills
Falchion Lodestar Rush
Weapon Levels
Swords A Lances -- Axes -- Bows --
Knives -- Tomes -- Staves -- Arts --

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Bld Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma ns02 fell monarch sombron.png ??? Fell Monarch 25 1 60 10 19 22 14 11 14 21 10 2 Obscurité
• Cannot inflict critical hits.
• Immediately begins moving unprovoked.

Boss data

Main article: Sombron
Ma ns02 fell monarch sombron.png Fell Monarch
Level 25
Movement 2
Max HP 60 Defense 14
Strength 10 Resistance 21
Magic 19 Luck 11
Dexterity 22 Build 10
Speed 14
Inventory Skills
Obscurité --
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes -- Bows --
Knives -- Tomes S Staves -- Arts --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This chapter serves as a tutorial for the basic Fire Emblem combat loop, plus the new Engage mechanic. After the player attacks the boss and the boss counterattacks the player, the Engage meter for Emblem Marth will be fully charged. Unleash a Lodestar Rush on the boss to advance to the first chapter.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

The Emblems




Emblem person


Los Emblemas

The Emblems


Les Emblèmes

The Emblems


Die Embleme

The Emblems


Gli emblemi

The emblems



Emblem person

Simplified Chinese


Emblem person

Traditional Chinese


Emblem person


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