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The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)

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"The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)"

Album JBCZ-4054.jpg
Front cover of the limited edition.

Game(s) represented

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Catalog code
Limited edition
  • CD: JBCZ-4054
  • DVD: JBBZ-4054
Normal edition
Limited edition
  • CD and DVD
Normal edition
  • CD
Limited edition
  • ¥1,667
Normal edition
iTunes single

Takeru Kanazaki

  • Caro (Japanese)
  • Buttercup (English)
Release date
  • August 7, 2019[1] (Japanese album)
  • December 4, 2019 (English single)[2]

"The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)" (Japanese: フレスベルグの少女~風花雪月~ Girl of Hresvelg ~Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon~) is the name of the main theme of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is sung by Caro in the Japanese version and Buttercup in the English version.

There is a separate album as well which features "The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)" as well as a few other tracks sung by Caro (which differ between the limited edition and the normal edition). The limited edition also comes with a DVD, which features two music videos (one being the Fire Emblem: Three Houses version, and the other being the Caro version), a video of a conversation between Caro and the game's music director Takeshi Kimura, and a video of the recording session for the song.[1]

A single was released on iTunes on December 4, 2019.[2]


Brief sample of the English short version of the song, featuring the first line.

The following lyrics are from the short version. Translation of the Japanese adapted from Kagiyama-Class and Uta-Net.

Japanese Japanese (Rōmaji) Japanese (rough translation) English













Yoake no te wo tori takaku habataku hi made
Yasuragi no yosuga ni mi wo azukete furueteiru

Sutendo gurasu wo tooru hikari
Gin no shokudai kirameite
Naranda egao wa minna mobushikute
Jibun no ibasho ni hodasaneru

Chikara no shirushi ni kogasareta
Sugao wa kamen de kakushita mama de

Na mo naku sakiyuku chiisana hana no yōni
Anata no yokogao itsumo miagetetakatta

Shizukani sugiyuku kono mitasareta hibi ni
Subete wo wasurete tojikomerareteitakatta

Ame ni utareru ishidatami
Nureta senaka wo oikakeru
Furimuku hitomi ni tomadotte
Tsugekaketa uso nomikomu

Kanau hazu no nai yakusoku wa
Kanashii shoujo no negai dakara

Hakanaku kieyuku hitohira no yuki no you ni
Kasukana omoi ga anata ni tsutawaru you ni

Yasashiku kasaneta kono te wo hanasanaide
Sukima kara taisetsuna mono koborenai you ni

Suzu no ne hibiku youna
aoi tsukiakari ni terasarete
Terasu wo wataru kazu ga hoo no hoteri
samasu made wa kono mama de

Kokoro wo irodoru itooshii kono toki no
Subete wo kowasu tame ni tobira wo akete

Yoake no te wo tori takaku habataku hi made
Yasuragi no yosuga ni mi wo azukete furueteru

Until the day I take the hand of dawn and fly high away
I'll be wavering as I entrust myself to a connection of serenity

Light shines through the stained glass
and the silver candlesticks twinkle
The smiles around me are all so radiant
I'm glad I found the place where I can be me

But having been burned by the emblem of power
I still conceal my true face beneath a mask

Like a tiny nameless flower ready to bloom
I wanted to always be beside you looking up at your face

Silently, those wholesome days came to pass
I wanted to forget about everything and keep it locked in

The stone road is struck by rain
as I chase your drenched back
Puzzled by the eyes you looked back at me with
I swallow the lie I made for you

After all, a promise that will never come true
is what this sad girl wishes for

Like a flickering, disappearing single flake of snow
this hazy feeling I try to convey

These gentle hands we hold Please, don't let go
so that we don't let spill what is precious through the gaps

If only we could stay like this
until the wind, like a ringing bell, blows across
the terrace illuminated by the blue moonlight
and awakens the burning in our cheeks

This lovely moment that paints our heart
Now, open the door to destroy it all

Until the day I take the hand of dawn and fly high away
I'll be wavering as I entrust myself to a connection of serenity

Reach for my hand, I'll soar away into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay
Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days, I fear the Edge of Dawn knowing time betrays

Faint lights pass through colored glass in this beloved place
Silver shines, the world dines, a smile on each face
As joy surrounds, comfort abounds, and I can feel I'm breaking free
For just this moment lost in time, I am finally me

Yet still I hide behind this mask that I have become
My blackened heart, scorched by flames, a force I can't run from

I look to you like a red rose seeking the sun no matter where it goes
I long to stay where the light dwells to guard against the cold that I know so well

As I live out each peaceful day deep in my soul, oh, I know I can't stay
So I wish I could hide away hold tight to what I love, keep cruel fate at bay

As the rain falls on the path, I chase your shadow
I don't feel a single drop, or the ground below
Then you turn to me and I stop before I know
And the lie upon my lips I let it go

Cross my heart, making vows I know will be betrayed
A sad girl's pleas live only for a breath and then they fade

My dearest wish is that you'll know these tender thoughts that only seem to grow
They are as snow, melting away, yet seeking your warmth if only for a day

Don't ever take back your kind hand lest precious love slip away like time's sand
Only we will know all that was lost, scars that we can't erase show us life's true cost

The blue moonlight cuts across our sight
As pure and clear as a ringing bell, reaching for us in the night
As the wind calms my thoughts, I have strung on this terrace
I feel at peace, carried away by the wind's song

Open the door and walk away, never give in to the call of yesterday
Memories that made those days sublime, these ruined halls entomb stolen time

Reach for my hand, I'll soar away into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay
Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days, I fear the Edge of Dawn knowing time betrays


Limited edition

Track name Duration[3]
1 フレスベルグの少女~風花雪月~
Girl of Hresvelg ~Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon~
2 フレスベルグの少女
Girl of Hresvelg
3 Fallin’ 4:54
4 Rewind 3:19
Total length 18:47

Normal edition

Track name Duration[4]
1 フレスベルグの少女~風花雪月~
Girl of Hresvelg ~Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon~
2 Fallin’ 4:54
3 Always Be Yourself 3:04
Total length 12:58



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