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The Dragonkin Realm/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Dolhr… A land veiled in mystery, the kingdom of manaketes. Our story began with the revival of Medeus, the Earth Dragon, here in this realm… The land of Archanea has a long history of war, of tragic tales that are born and then fade… As time passes on, Medeus's ambition for a world controlled by manaketes is threatened. Marth and his army at last draw near to the end of their long march…
— Chapter 24 Opening


Old man: A temple sits atop the mountain to the south. Deep inside, a central pillar stands… In front of it, Aum can be used to restore a life. Yes! Use it there, and you can greet a fallen friend.


Medeus: Princeling! Do not think you have yet won! Though you dare approach me, I will not surrender! You will bear witness to the true power of the Earth Dragons… Yes… Come to me! I will cast you into the deepest pit of hell!

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


"Dolhr" is shrouded in a veil of mystery; a kingdom of Manaketes. Everything started with the resurrection of the Dark Earth Dragon, Medeus, at this country. The continent of Archanea was ruined from endless warring. Many tragic tales have been born and destroyed. But time flows fast. Medeus's ambitions, of Manaketes ruling the world, must finally end. And Marth's journey must also reach its final destination.
— Chapter 19 Intro


(Elice joins)

Malledus: Your highness, look. That is Medeus's castle.
Marth: ... We've finally reached it. But why hasn't Medeus left the castle to fight?
Malledus: According to Gotoh, Medeus hasn't completely resurrected. Therefore he can only assume dragon form inside his castle, where the power of the seal does not affect...
Marth: Power of the seal?
Malledus: Yes. I don't really understand either, but it seems it was created by the deities to protect humans from the evil dragon tribes. In this world there exists something known as the "Shield of Seals".
Marth: I have heard of that as well. It is mentioned in the legends of the Guardian God, Naga. But I thought it was all just a myth. If the Shield of Seals truly exists, then why has Medeus appeared?
Malledus: Oh, that I... Anyway now is our chance, before he resurrects completely.
Marth: Yes. We've come all this way, and we're so close to returning peace. Okay, let's go, to Dolhr!

(Xemcel transforms)


Old Man: Near the southern mountain is a sacred temple. If you stand in from of its central pillar, and use the Aum staff, perhaps you may be able to reunite with fallen allies...

Fighting Xemcel

Xemcel: This world, and everything on it, is ours... The ones who intruded were you humans!

Killing Xemcel



Medeus: Ha... Foolish kid! Don't think you're so great!! Even though you've entered my castle, I won't surrender to the likes of you! Right now, I'll show you the true might of us Earth Dragons!! Come... to me... I'll send you to the pits of Hell!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Dolhr...Land of the Manaketes. Before Medeus, the dragonkin had few dealings with the human realm, but when the Shadow Dragon came, everything changed. He sunk all Archanea into a cycle of war, in which heroes rose and heroes fell- always claiming his cause was just and the humans deaths deserved. But now Medeus's empire was crumbling...He was nearing the end of his reign...even as Marth was nearing the end of his long quest.
— Chapter 24 intro

During battle

Malledus: There, sire. Up on the mountains to the south, you can see Dolhr Keep.

(Camera zooms briefly)

Marth: And inside is Medeus, king of the earth dragons- the one they call the Shadow Dragon. ...Why doesn't he leave the keep and face us?

Malledus: I recall Lord Gotoh saying his return is not yet complete; only within the keep's walls can he maintain dragon form.

Marth: Really...? Then we have the advantage...

(Malledus leaves conversation)

Marth: To Dolhr Keep, then! Let us put a stop to this war!

Houses and villages

  • Villager: Nestled in the mountains far to the southeast is a holy temple known as the Resurrectory. Use the staff of Aum there, and they say you can call a departed friend back from beyond the river of death...

Against Xemcel

Xemcel: This land, all of it- it belonged to us! Then you humans took it...defiled it!

Defeating Xemcel

Xemcel: Rrgh...Emperor...Medeus...Forgive your servant's weakness...


(If Tiki survived and you already have Falchion)

Enemy Soldier: Emperor! The enemy has broken through the gates!

Medeus: That impudent boy...Have the guards take their positions. The keep must be defended.

Enemy Soldier: At once!

(Enemy Soldier leaves)

Medeus: Hmph, you'll find an earth dragon like me harder to tame than Gharnef, brat. Come and face me. I'll tear the ground asunder and send you straight down to hell!

(If Tiki was defeated and Falchion is lost or not obtained)

????: Marth... Can you hear me?

Marth: Lord Gotoh?

Gotoh: I know you mean to challenge Medeus. But you and your companions haven't the power to win.

Marth: What? Why not? Because I failed to retrieve Falchion?

Gotoh: You also failed to save the divine-dragon girl.

Marth: I...did not mean for anything to happen to her-

Gotoh: You can put your heart at ease. Tiki is not dead. She has merely returned to her slumber. Still, without her powers... We must take other steps. ...Select a handful of your best warriors. I must send you into an unseen dimension.

Marth: An...unseen dimension, my lord?

Gotoh: A place outside the confines of our world. There you will find a tower; and once in the tower, you must pass its Keepers' test. If your strength and your need are great enough, the tower's master will answer... and then, perhaps, your fortunes will be changed for the better.