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The Dragon Child/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After saving the village of Arcadia, Roy's army leaves the desert by following Igrene's lead. Now, they turn toward Etruria to confront the revolutionary forces. However, they receive a troubling letter from the elder of Arcadia. Apparently, Fae the dragon has left Arcadia in pursuit of Roy. If she falls into the hands of the revolutionaries or Bern, there is no telling what might happen to her, or to Roy's army. Determined to find Fae, Roy moves to a small fort on the Etrurian border...


(Inside the castle)

Soldier: Commander Raith, I have an update on the girl we captured...
Raith: Girl? The one that was scurrying around outside the castle? I distinctly recall telling you to throw her out!
Soldier: But sir, she was carrying this.
Raith: Is this... a dragonstone?
Soldier: ...I believe so.
Raith: Do you know what this is used for?
Soldier: I saw ones like it in the invasion of Lycia. The manaketes that joined us carried them when they were in human form.
Raith: ...This one does look a tad different from the other dragonstones I've seen. Still, the possibility that she is a dragon cannot be ignored. We should inform King Zephiel and await further orders. Keep the girl inside the castle!

If Perceval was not recruited or killed in Chapter 13

(Outside, at the top left of the map)

Douglas: Perceval, you don't have to do this.
Perceval: Please don't worry about me, Sir Douglas. You must return to King Mordred.
Douglas: But attacking the Lycian Army...? It is pointless.
Perceval: Roartz only wants me out of the capital. He's worried I'll stab him in the back when he isn't looking.
Douglas: That man, worrying about traitors? Hah! Why, he was the first to betray his loyalty to the king! Truly a snake if I ever met one.
Perceval: No one's loyalty to Etruria can compare to yours, Sir Douglas.
Douglas: Rubbish. Just look at yourself.
Perceval: ...When Prince Myrddin still lived, I never hesitated to fulfill his will. I believed I could dedicate my life to him and the good of Etruria. My actions now protect the king's life, and yet...
Douglas: You hesitate?
Perceval: Frankly, yes. It feels meaningless.
Douglas: Perceval, I want you to listen to me. Don't respond. Let it sink in.
Perceval: ......
Douglas: Etruria... will fall along with the king before this war ends.
Perceval: Sir Douglas?!
Douglas: No matter what happens, I will stay by the king's side. But you, Perceval, are of a different breed. You must lead the Etruria of tomorrow. Despite the impending collapse, I firmly believe Etruria will prosper once more. Perceval, you must leave Etruria for now and await your time.
Perceval: Sir Douglas! What do-
Soldier: General Perceval! The Lycian Army stands dead ahead! What are your orders, sir?
Douglas: Go! I will return to Aquileia.
Perceval: ...Move forth! Pursue the Lycian Army!

(Douglas leaves the map to the top left)

Regardless of Perceval's recruitment

(Outside, in the southwest)

Roy: Fae has been taken to that castle?
Merlinus: That's what the locals told me.
Igrene: Roy, I apologize... This is my fault for not considering what Fae might do. We have no time for this rescue. We must hurry to Aquileia.
Roy: This is nobody's fault. If Bern gets their hands on her, it could be catastrophic.
Igrene: She should be safe as long as she remains in human form and hides her dragonstone.
Roy: Dragonstone?
Igrene: When dragons are in human form, they seal their power into dragonstones. Dragons use vast amounts of energy to maintain their true shape, so most remain in human form to minimize the stress on their bodies.
Roy: That must be what the unhumans with Bern do as well.
Igrene: From what you have told me, that seems most likely. Dragons have apparently been taking human form since the end of the Scouring.
Roy: For that long...?
Igrene: Yes...
Merlinus: Lord Roy, the spy we sent to the castle has returned.
Roy: What did he find out?
Merlinus: Many soldiers are coming out of the castle. They seem to be fortifying their defenses.
Roy: They must have discovered that Fae is a dragon...
Merlinus: The troops on the border seem to have noticed us.
Roy: Then we must move quickly.

In battle

At the start of turn 3, enemy phase

(Garret and two brigands appear from the mountains in the north)

Garret: This is a battlefield...
Bandit: What do we do, Boss?
Garret: The armies are gonna loot the villages. We better get to 'em first.
Bandit: All right, Boss!
Garret: Just don't hurt anybody who isn't askin' for it. Got it?
Bandit: Yeah, yeah...

Bandit: He's too nice for his own good... If anything happens to the villagers, we can just say the armies did it.

At the start of turn 10, enemy phase

Soldier: Commander Raith, the reinforcements are ready!
Raith: Excellent. Deploy them now.
Soldier: Yes, sir.

Talk conversations

Elffin talks to Perceval

Elffin: Perceval. It is good to see you.
Perceval: You're...!!
Elffin: Have you forgotten my face?
Perceval: No... I could never. But it cannot be... The dead.
Elffin: ...I understand your confusion. A man who was declared dead stands before your very eyes.
Perceval: Prince Myrddin! It is you...!!
Elffin: I'm sorry to have put you through such trouble. ...It has already been over a year since the attempt on my life.
Perceval: Attempt on your life?! I thought Your Highness fell off his horse in an accident.
Elffin: I was hit with poisoned darts. One to my horse... and one to myself...
Perceval: No...
Elffin: Douglas was the first to notice and made it public that I had died. A look-alike corpse was placed in my coffin. It was all an act to make it appear that the assassination had been successful. Douglas entrusted me to his daughter and had me escape to the Western Isles.
Perceval: Sir Douglas knew all this time...
Elffin: Even after I escaped west, the poison had me ill for many months. I drifted between life and death for so long that Douglas' daughter nearly lost hope.
Perceval: ......
Elffin: The resistance force nursed me back to health. Ironic, isn't it? The resistance, enemy of the nobility, saved the life of the prince of Etruria!
Perceval: ......
Elffin: My recovery... was slow. I saw the crimes committed by Etrurian nobles firsthand. I felt so ashamed that I had never noticed while I was on the throne.
Perceval: Your Highness...
Elffin: As I aided the resistance, I waited for my chance to return to the mainland. Then along came Roy, and I knew it was time. That is how I ended up here.
Perceval: My prince... I am thankful beyond words that you are alive.
Elffin: I am now with the Lycian Army, and my identity must remain hidden. However, if I still have the loyalty you pledged to me in the past...
Perceval: Until the day I die, my prince. I have only one master, and it is you, Prince Myrddin.

(Perceval joins the army, his accompanying soldiers become NPCs)

Larum talks to Perceval

Larum: Sir Perceval! It is you, isn't it? I've been looking for you! I am...

(Perceval attempts to leave)

Larum: Wait! Wait! Stop! Listen to me!
Perceval: ...Who are you?
Larum:You don't remember?! We met before.
Perceval: ...I think I recall seeing you at Douglas's manor.
Larum: Yes! That's me.
Perceval: But the girl I met then was far less... garish.
Larum: What's that supposed to mean? Ah, never mind. My name is Larum. I'm here on the orders of Prince Myrddin.
Perceval: Prince Myrddin...? Don't be daft. The prince passed away in an accident over a year ago.
Larum: Yeah, well... Look at this!
Perceval: That emblem...!! It belonged to the prince...!
Larum: Now do I have your attention? Look at this letter, too. The prince told me to give it to you.
Perceval: ......
Perceval: His Highness's handwriting... He lives! I hesitate no more. If the prince is in the Lycian Army, then I am as well.
Larum: Wha-? That was quick... I was hoping things would get a litte more dramatic. Like, "If you want my skill, you'll have to best me first!" Oh well. This works too.

(Perceval joins the army, his accompanying soldiers become NPCs)

Roy talks to Perceval

(Available after Perceval is already recruited)

Roy: General Perceval!
Perceval: General Roy. I wish to join your cause. Will you accept me?
Roy: Absolutely! We're honored to have someone of your ability. But why the sudden change of heart?
Perceval: ...Must I answer that question?
Roy: No, I won't force you if you have reason not to tell.
Perceval: Forgive me. I shall tell you when the time comes.

Lilina talks to Garret

Lilina: Wait!
Garret: What? Who are you?
Lilina: Why are you attacking the villages?
Garret: Excuse me? Who d'you think you are?
Lilina: I asked you a question. Tell me why you're attacking the villages!
Garret: "Why?" I guess it's yer fault, really.
Lilina: Our fault?
Garret: Yep. You idiots make war, and poor folk like me resort to raidin' to survive.
Lilina: We fight to help people like you.
Garret: D'you know how many times I've heard that? This is reality, kid. You all say yer tryin' to help, but it's all hot air and empty promises. If yer gonna say somethin' like that, then prove it. You don't even know what's goin' on. Now get outta my way.
Lilina: ...No.
Garret: Listen, I ain't playin' games with you. If ya don't get outta here, I'll do somethin' we'll both regret...
Lilina: I won't move. Kill me if you will.
Garret: What...?
Lilina: If I let you pass, then I too have said nothing but hot air. I tell the truth! We fight to help the people.
Garret: Heh heh... You... I've never met anyone so naive as you.
Lilina: Do you... laugh at me...?
Garret: Still, you've moved this old raider's heart.
Lilina: Does that mean...?
Garret: Yep. You win. I'll stop lootin'. But let me fight with you. Show me firsthand that yer true to yer words.
Lilina: Thank you. After being with us for a while, I'm positive you will understand.
Garret: Well, ya certainly seem confident at least. I'm Garret. And you are...?
Lilina: Lilina.
Garret: Lilina? It's a pleasure to make yer acquaintance, milady.

(Garret joins the army)


The southwestern village

Middle-aged Woman: A little girl was taken to the castle... Here, I'll give you this. Please rescue her. Our priest always had this tome with him. ...He was taken to the castle, too, but he never returned.


The southeastern village

Young Girl: This is a Hammerne staff. It can repair your weapons, spell tomes, and staves. Just about the only thing it can't repair is itself. It'll wear down every time you use it, so wield it wisely.


The southwestern house

Middle-Aged Man: I've been hearing about bandits in this area. I bet they're all savage killers. They probably have no conscience at all.

The southeastern house

Old Man: The rumors say that the three Generals of Etruria have been divided... But so have the hearts the people. I only hope they don't have to fight against each other...

Battle quotes

Raith enters combat

Raith: What is your purpose here? I don't know why you would attack us.

Raith dies

Raith: It's that girl, isn't it...? She isn't human... you seek her...? To use her power...? Gah...!


(Inside the castle)

Merlinus: Lord Roy! Here she is!
Roy: You found her?
Merlinus: I believe you owe Lord Roy a thank you, young lady.
Fae: ...Sniff...
Roy: Easy, Merlinus.
Merlinus: ...Why did you follow us?
Fae: I just wanted to see the outside world...
Merlinus: You put yourself in danger for such a trivial reason?! Do you know how much trouble you've caused?
Fae: But... but...
Fae: I'm never, ever allowed outside! The elder says I have to remain hidden... I'm always alone... locked up in my room...
Roy: ......
Merlinus: Lord Roy, what shall we do?
Roy: ...You could have been killed. Do you understand how much worry and trouble you've caused?
Fae: Yes... I'm sorry...
Roy: Truly?
Fae: Yes... Sniff...
Roy: All things considered, I think we have no choice but to take you with us.
Fae: Really?!
Merlinus: Are you sure?
Roy: The enemy might already know about her now. If that's true, she'll be safer with us than returning unguarded to Arcadia.
Fae: Hurray!
Merlinus: Hush! This isn't cause for celebration.
Roy: You mustn't run off alone anymore. Do you promise?
Fae: Yes! I pinky swear!

If Perceval was recruited and all of his soldiers survived

Soldier: General Perceval, we will station ourselves at this castle. We shall prepare for further attacks from the revolutionaries.
Perceval: Yes, please do.
Soldier: We found this in the castle. Please take it. General Perceval, please... Save Etruria.
Perceval: I will. Count on it.
Soldier: Yes, sir!

(Knight Crest)