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The City Without Light/Script (Silver Snow)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Silver Snow
Blue Sea Moon

The City Without Light

Opening Narration FETH Crest of Flames banner.png

Cg fe16 blue sea moon mural part 2.png
Following Edelgard's defeat and Rhea's rescue, the resistance army discovers the existence of another adversary—a group operating behind the scenes within the Empire. To prevent disaster from befalling Fódlan, the resistance army heads for Shambhala, the enemy's stronghold.
— Chapter 20 opening narration

Event - To Shambhala

Date: 7/4
City Streets (Enbarr, the Imperial Capital)

(The resistance army is reunited once more outside the streets of Enbarr)
Seteth: The Empire has been defeated, and we have rescued Rhea. But still, the flames of war burn on. We journey to Shambhala, where those who slither in the dark reside.
Flayn: We know nothing of the place or what we can expect to find there.
Seteth: What Flayn says is true. If we are to prevail, we must be prepared for any eventuality before we advance.
(Rhea appears, wearing her Archbishop garbs in slightly better shape.)
Rhea: I will accompany you.
Seteth: What?! No! That would be far too dangerous! You long confinement weakened you greatly, did it not?
Rhea: Those people have opposed us since ancient times. I wish to learn the truth about them for myself.
Seteth: I...I understand. I will not stop you, but please, take care to not overexert yourself.
Bernadetta: What?! But she's been hiding away for so long! She shouldn't just up and go somewhere scary. Trust me, it's a bad idea!
Linhardt: Bernadetta. "Hiding away" seems a poor description for someone who was imprisoned.
Ferdinand: We must be careful to not put undue stress on Lady Rhea.
Caspar: If the going get's though, we'll have to carry her on our backs and make a run for it!
Dorothea: You think you can carry her? Um, maybe someone else should do that part...
Petra: No matter what enemies are appearing, we will be protecting her. We will be winning!
Flayn: If we all work together, I'm certain all will be well...
Seteth: The ones we are soon to face have eluded us for a long time. There is much to fear... We must all proceed with upmost caution, lest we fall prey to one of their traps.

Exploration: The City Without Light

Potential Dates: 7/5, 7/12, 7/19 and 7/26

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Narration - Stand Strong at Shambhala

Relying on a map entrusted to them by Hubert, the resistance army sets their sights on the base belonging to those who slither in the dark. Beyond its entrance, they are met by a sprawling underground city.
— Introduction to Stand Strong at Shambhala

Event - An Underground World

Date: 7/31
Shambhala, the Underground City

(The resistance finds themselves in a strange underground city...)
Flayn: To think there is such a vast space hidden beneath the ground. How very creepy.
Linhardt: Hmm, the atmosphere here is very different from the Holy Mausoleum or the Holy Tomb. Look at the shapes and the light...
Caspar: It's too strange... It's all really old, but you get the feeling that it's I don't understand it.
Petra: This decorating is not of Fódlan... What is the meaning here?
Dorothea: I hate the look of things in here. Is this some kind of city? I would never, ever live here.
Bernadetta: Living underground...all safe and isolated... It sounds really... Um! Really awful!
Ferdinand: An underground city hiding those who slither in the dark. I would not mind finishing up here and returning to the surface with haste.
Seteth: Let us search for a way to descend further still. We should survey our surroundings carefully.
(Sans Byleth and Rhea, most of the resistance army marches onward.)
(Rhea remains still, looking at the city's architecture...)
Rhea: ...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Something on your mind? Are you not feeling well?

Rhea: No. It is simply... We must defeat those who slither in the dark, no matter what happens. But if my conjecture is correct, the one who they will wish to kill the most...
Rhea: Is you, dear child.

Why me?

Rhea: They are aware that you can use the Sword of the Creator. Your body houses the same power they once bestowed upon Nemesis. That is why I must protect you, no matter what. Even if I must die to do so...

I don't understand.

Rhea: Somewhere in your heart, I believe you do understand. You must at least have your suspicions. There is something I have not yet told you, dear child... I swear to illuminate you once this awful battle has concluded. And at the same time... I will offer my apologies to you. I must, because...when you learn the truth, you will also learn what you are, and how you were born into this world. It will be a hard truth to hear. When the time comes, I hope you are prepared for it...

Battle: Stand Strong at Shambhala

Before Battle

Thales: For thousands of years, we have existed underground, living on only that we might someday see our vengeance realized. Here and now, that vengeance is finally within our grasp. There is but one thing left to do.
Thales: Destroy them! Damn those who stand with that arrogant goddess to oblivion, away from the world of the living!

Player Phase 1

Thales: Now is the time. Remove the binding spell of Titanus. Let their metal bodies be drenched in blood!

Seteth: What is that?!
Rhea: Demonic Beasts... No, I think not. They appear to have no will of their own. Someone must be controlling them.

Thales: Initiate all that remain! We must advance our preparations!

Enemy Phase 1

Thales: Viskam activated? Increase output gradually, depending on the amount of magical energy charged.
Thales: I don't care if we destroy Shambhala, so long as our goals are fulfilled!

If Assassin Reinforcement Appears (All Chests haven't been Looted)

Seteth: They're trying to take something out of here. We should capture them before they escape.

If 2 Titanus Reinforcements Have Been Summoned

Seteth: More of these giant weapons?! They must be controlled by someone nearby.

If the party is near Bias's Room

Seteth: That facility over there seems suspicious.

If Bias is Defeated

Seteth: Finally, they've stopped! That should make things easier.

If the party is near Pittacus's Room

Thales: Argh! I don't care if it's not finished! Forcibly increase Viskam's output!
Rhea: He seems to be issuing orders to that facility. If we destroy it, perhaps that will stop those weapons.

If Bias is Defeated

Rhea: Those awful weapons have been stopped. They were being controlled from that facility!

If both Bias and Pitaccus have Fallen

Thales: You!
Rhea: That is the leader of those who slither in the dark. We must go after him with all of our might!

Main Boss - Thales

Vs Anyone:

You're nothing but animals performing tricks in the hopes of pleasing the goddess. You will never see the sunlight again!
— Thales Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

So you have shown yourself, Fell Star. Or, should I say...Sothis? I will spill every drop of blood in your body to fulfill the longstanding goal of the Agarthans!
— Thales Vs Byleth

Vs Seteth or Flayn:

Your eyes, hair, ears, and blood... We remember it all. We remember how you ruined us. How you stole our light and condemned us to eternal darkness! Now, suffer the wrath of the Agarthans!
— Thales Vs Seteth or Flayn

Movie - Courage and Tragedy

Ss fe16 courage and tragedy fbyleth icon.png

Thales, injured, slowly backs away from Byleth and Rhea. He looks at both disgusted and nervous.

Thales: You will never...get to enjoy your victory.

Thales kneels and touches the floor with his right hand, activating a panel below him which lights up along with parts of his armor.

Rhea: It can't be!

As the panels shine brighter and his cape begins to float, Thales speaks once more.

Thales: For all Agarthans...
Thales: Let there be light!

The camera quickly focuses on the surface, right above Shambhala, as a "javelin of light" falls above everyone, crashing the roof of Shambhala's central room. The room starts collapsing, forcing Byleth and Rhea to run away. Meanwhile, Thales remains still as everything around him crumbles.

Byleth and Rhea notice the previous missile created an opening leading to the surface, and how another "javelin" is coming down, straight at them. Rhea takes initiative and jumps over the rubble as Byleth watches, aiming straight at the upcoming weapon. A bright green light envelops Rhea, who transforms into the Immaculate One.

She then charges her breath and fires it at the javelin, destroying it in a huge explosion. Another javelin quickly falls which Rhea fails to intercept. She flies towards another upcoming one and manages to destroy it. The missile's explosion catches another "javelin" falling, creating a chain explosion Rhea ends up trapped in.

The explosion takes a toll on Rhea's stamina as she bleeds green blood. Two more "javelins" fall as she attempts to contain the blast before it explodes even further. The weapons reach ground and Shambhala keeps collapsing. Everyone is forced to retreat.

Agarthan Soldier: It's coming down!

The surviving enemy soldiers run away as Byleth takes distance from the falling rubble.

The destruction has finally stopped. Byleth looks at their surroundings and finds Thales's body, now lifeless and crushed below some debris. Byleth then notices Rhea's body on the floor. Byleth runs straight where she is and picks her up.

Rhea's eyes open up. She looks at Byleth with a faint smile for a few seconds before closing her eyes once again...