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The Cause of Sorrow/Script (Black Eagles)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Ethereal Moon

The Cause of Sorrow

Opening Narration FETH Black Eagles symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 9 mural.png
Though most stars will still glimmer in the crisp winter air, the blue sea star has gone back into hiding. Legend states that the goddess prays for peace from her home in the heavens. In the town of Garreg Mach, the anniversary of the monastery's completion nears, and the people's prayers intensify ahead of the millennium festival, still five years hence.
— Chapter 9 introductory narration

Event - Chapel in Ruin

Date: 12/6
Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: We are planning a grand ball for this month. I am sure the students will be most pleased.
Seteth: Yes, certainly. However, we must not devote all of our time to frivolity. We have a new mission for you. We have found evidence of someone sneaking into an unused chapel.

Choice 1 Choice 2
A chapel? Was something stolen?
Rhea: It is a building that was once a temporary sanctuary at a time when the monastery was under renovation. Rhea: No, there is nothing of value in that building. We do not yet know what the intruders' objectives are.

Seteth: This month, your class is tasked with guarding the chapel and investigating these intruders. With the recent state of affairs surrounding the holy church, we cannot afford to overlook any abnormality, no matter how seemingly trivial.
Rhea: I am ordering a seasoned knight to assist you to ensure the safety of the students. In times like these, I am afraid we must always expect the worst.

Choice 1 Choice 2
That's reassuring. Which knight?

(Jeralt enters the room.)
Jeralt: Reporting for duty, Lady Rhea.
Rhea: I thought you two could use the time to bond. And to speak of important matters...
Jeralt: Appreciate the thought.
Seteth: Bear in mind that Jeralt has a separate mission of his own. He will join you once he has finished it.
Jeralt: It's true. I'll be away from the monastery for a while. But when I return... I'll come and watch you work. I'll be looking forward to it.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Exploration: The Cause of Sorrow

Potential Dates: 12/7, 12/14 and 12/21

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Event - White Heron Cup

Date: 12/16
Main article: The White Heron Cup/Script

Event - A Night of Promises

Date: 12/24
Black Eagle Classroom

(Byleth and the Black Eagles are reunited in preparation of the upcoming ball.)
Edelgard: The ball is tomorrow. I have no worthwhile memories of such events, yet I'm still looking forward to this one.
Hubert: As am I, in the sense that I look forward to destroying all of the unworthy suitors who will inevitably swarm Lady Edelgard.
Ferdinand: I will admit, Edelgard is adorable. However, when it comes to elegance on the dance floor, I am superior!
Dorothea: You're not a bad dancer, Ferdie. But you do have some moves that are...hard to watch.
Ferdinand: You honor me with your kind words! I understand that I am sometimes too dazzling to behold directly.
Linhardt: I'm envious of your positive attitude. I also know how to theory. Maybe I should participate as well.
Bernadetta: Not me! You wouldn't catch me dancing at a ball any sooner than you'd catch a fish swimming through the sky!
(Caspar chuckles).
Caspar: You do tend to flop around like a fish on the land, after all.
Bernadetta: Wh-why would you say that?! Now I feel like a fish on a skillet...
(Linhardt cracks up in laughter.)
Linhardt: On a skillet... Hahaha! Ahem, never mind.
Caspar: Speaking of the ball, do we get to pick who we dance with? I wonder who I should ask...
Hubert: A bold subject change. Should Lady Edelgard wish it, I would be honored to...
(Hubert notices what he's doing and quickly bows down.)
Petra: I will fight with all that I have in me!
Dorothea: Fighting? No, that's not really the point...
Petra: I will not be as a fish upon the flame!
Dorothea: Um... OK...

(Edelgard then begins talking to everyone.)
Edelgard: I have a proposition. Let's all agree to meet back at the monastery exactly five years from today.
Caspar: Like a class reunion? That's a great idea!
Hubert: Five years from today will be the millennium festival for Garreg Mach Monastery. I've heard the magnitude of the festivities will exceed all prior years.
Dorothea: Ooh, how exciting! Sounds like a great excuse to come visit our dear professor.
Petra: You will be seeing how much growing I have done. You will be pleased, Professor. This idea is good!
Edelgard: Who knows where each of us will be in five years' time...or who we will become.
Edelgard: Still, I have faith that all of us will gather and celebrate our reunion.
Linhardt: That's assuming the professor is still here in five years...and not enjoying a cozy early retirement.
Edelgard: Even if that's the case, you will come, won't you? Whether or not you're still teaching here...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Of course. I will try.
(Support points with Edelgard go up.)

Edelgard: Don't forget, my teacher.
Edelgard: Even if the millennium festival should be canceled, I promise to return here...
(Byleth nods.)

Movie - The Ball

Date: 12/25
Ss fe16 the ball icon.png

The reception hall is seen filled with students on the night of the ball. Everything is bright.
Multiple couples dance in the center hall. Edelgard and Dimitri dance with a male and female student respectively. At one point they get close of each other and neither notices.
Meanwhile, as Byleth stands by the tables in a crowd of students, Claude approaches and takes their hand, grabbing them to the center as they both dance among the students.

Event - To the Goddess Tower


(Byleth goes outside of the hall for some air.)
Sothis: Running away? I understand. You hardly had the time to breathe in there. It must be hard to be the favorite teacher at the ball! Poor, poor Professor!

Choice 1 Choice 2
I am not everyone's favorite... It is difficult.
Sothis: Was that a joke? I find it hard to tell with you. Just think of all the students begging you to dance! (Support points with Sothis go up.)
Sothis: So you do think you're the favorite! I might have known.

Sothis: But where is there to run? This place is filled with joyful students looking for a dance.
(Byleth wonders for a few seconds before realizing there is such place...)
Sothis: Ah... I see. The Goddess Tower waits for you...
(Byleth then goes to the Goddess Tower.)

Goddess Tower

(Byleth arrives at the top of the tower, then they seem to find someone there...)

Main article: The Goddess Tower/Script

Event - Rhea and Sothis

Reception Hall

Sothis: It seems that everyone is having a delightful time. Will you not dance some more?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm tired. I'd rather not.

Sothis: How dull of you! Had I a body of my own... Oh, I would sing and dance until I fell upon the ground! But you... Hmph. Do you as will.
(Rhea then happens to walk pass Byleth without noticing, then stops.)
Sothis: Ah, you're not the only one who feels that way. Look over there.
(Byleth looks at Rhea from behind.)
Rhea: ...
(Rhea then resumes her walk...)
Sothis: Hmph. I'm bored beyond compare. Will you not follow her?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Why would I? I have no reason to.
(Support points with Sothis go down.)

Sothis: Oh, come on! Hurry up! I know that you are curious to see what she is up to...
Sothis: I hear...someone singing. From other there...

(From afar Byleth and Sothis watch Rhea sing an alluring song as the stars illuminate her figure in the dark sea of the night...)

Cg fe16 rhea singing in the night.png

Rhea: ♪ In time's flow...see the glow of flames ever burning bright... On the swift river's drift, broken memories alight... ♪

(The camera then returns to Byleth.)

Sothis: That song... I feel I have heard it in the past...
Sothis: Actually... It is not that I have heard it. I... Did I once sing that song to someone?
Sothis: No. There's more. I wrote this song... Oh, but how could that be so?
Sothis: If that were true, then how could she be singing it? Unless...
(Sothis yawns as she and Byleth begin feeling sleepy...)
Sothis: No, no. I am suddenly so exhausted... As are you, no doubt? Quickly then. To bed with you.
(The screen slowly goes white as Byleth can barely stand up from drowsiness...)

Event - An Urgent Report

Date: 12/26
Entrance Hall

(Byleth notices Alois is looking for someone...)
Alois: Captain? Captain! Where are you? Hey, Professor. Have you seen your old man?
(Byleth shakes head in denial.)
Alois: Too bad. I guess it will have to be you, then...
(Jeralt then happens to arrive at the scene.)
Jeralt: I'm back. Sorry for the delay, my last mission took longer than expected.
Alois: Captain! Thank goodness you're here. There are reports of Demonic Beasts near the chapel!
Jeralt: Nonsense. I haven't heard anything about the monastery's walls being breached.
Alois: That's why I'm heading there now, to see what's really going on. You'll join as well, won't you?
Jeralt: Of course. We're both sworn to protect this place.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Where did they come from? Demonic Beasts?

Alois: It's odd. Just before they appeared, someone saw a number of students heading toward the chapel. They were apparently acting strange, as though they weren't in their right minds. Shortly after, Demonic Beasts started to appear, one after the other.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Are the students safe? Were the students killed?

Jeralt: Hm... The students... There's no way those Demonic Beasts got in from the outside... But none of that matters right now.
(Jeralt turns to Byleth.)
Jeralt: We need to act. Go summon your students.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)
Jeralt: Jeralt: Damn it... I wanted to talk to you about something important, but there's no time. There's never any damn time. But this is much more urgent, so it can hold for now. I'll meet you there.

Battle: Salvation at the Chapel

Monastery (Chapel Ruins)

Before Battle

Jeralt: There really are Demonic Beasts here... They're emerging from the chapel!
Jeralt: I'll head that way. The rest of you, protect the students who weren't able to get away.
(The camera then focuses on the students cornered by the Demonic Beasts.)

Student(1): Help me! These beasts... They're...
Student(2): Argh! Somebody help me!
Student(3): You stupid beasts! Don't you dare come over here!

First Demonic Beast is Slain

(The Demonic Beast is engulfed by some unknown energy before bursting out, leaving a Student's body behind.)
Student: ...
Jeralt: The Demonic Beasts were actually students? How can this be...

Ally Phase 1

Jeralt: That beast... There's a stone or something on its forehead...
Monica: ...

Students are Saved

Southwest student

Student(1): Thank you! But my friends who couldn't get away... Are they OK?

Northwest student

Student(2): I was so scared... I'll find a way to repay you, I promise!

Northeastwest student

Student(3): You stupid beasts! Don't you dare come over here!

NPC - Jeralt

If Talked With Byleth:

Do you really think you can keep going? Don't push yourself too hard. Thinking about what happened at Remire Village, it's clear you've gotten the hang of being a leader. Maybe you should have taken command of me too!
— Jeralt if talked by Byleth

First time Jeralt is Damaged:

With this many Demonic Beasts, getting to the chapel won't be easy.
— First time Jeralt is damaged

If Jeralt's HP is low:

This will be tough... Someone, lend me a hand!
— If Jeralt's HP is low

If Jeralt is defeated:

Facing Demonic Beasts in such a place... I must retreat for now.
— If Jeralt is defeated

All Students Were Saved

Student(4): Phew... You saved me. Thank you!
(The student gifts Byleth and co. a reward for their efforts.)

After Battle

(Byleth and Jeralt move to the chapel to investigate.)
Jeralt: This must have something to do with Remire. Perhaps...
Monica: Wait!

(Monica reveals her presence on the area.)
Jeralt: Huh? Another student?

Movie - At Death's Door

Ss fe16 at death's door fbyleth icon.png

Byleth watches Jeralt speaking to Monica, who had been laying near the ruined chapel.

Jeralt: Run along now.
Monica: Thanks for all your help, sir.

Monica playfully skips around Jeralt. Once she gets to his back, she pulls a dagger and quickly stabs him, shocking Byleth.
As Jeralt starts collapsing on the floor, Monica takes the chance to gloat.

Monica: You're just a pathetic old man. How dare you get in the way of my brilliant dog.

Byleth is so shocked over this they can't move. However, an idea appears on their mind, leading them to quickly activate Divine Pulse.
Time has gone back right before Jeralt found Monica from the chapel.

Jeralt: Run along now.
Monica: Thanks for all your help, sir.

Monica playfully skips around Jeralt. As she begins to pull her dagger, Byleth quickly uses their sword to attack the student from afar and save Jeralt.
Just then, a pale dark mage clad in black armor and wearing a crimson cape teleports out of nowhere and creates a magic shield which protects Monica from Byleth's strike.
Jeralt has been stabbed regardless.

As Monica finishes her deed, she notices the one who saved her.
Monica: Huh? What are you doing here?
???: You must survive. Merely because there is a role that I require you to fulfill.
The dark mage quickly grabs Monica and teleports away along with her.

As Jeralt collapses, Byleth drops their sword and runs towards their father, pulling him over their lap.
Jeralt then tries to speak as the camera focuses on him.

Jeralt: Sorry. It looks like...I'm going to have to leave you now.

After saying this, tears start to fall over Jeralt's face.

The camera raises up.
They're Byleth's.

Jeralt: To think that the first time I saw you cry...your tears would be for me.

Jeralt: It's sad, and yet...I'm happy for it.

Jeralt: Thank you...kid.

Jeralt closes his eyes. He is no longer breathing.

Rain begins to fall. Byleth cradling Jeralt as they break down crying.

Event - Father's Diary

Captain's Quarters

(Byleth's on their father's office...)
Sothis: So this is where your father lived... Hm? Are you still crying? If turning back the hands of time was not enough to save his life, you must accept what came to pass was fate.

Choice 1 Choice 2
It wasn't fate. Our enemies will pay.
Control yourself. Though Jeralt's death was at the hands of wicked ones, a fate is still a fate. (Support points with Sothis go up.)
Sothis: Agreed. We cannot let the wicked ones run free.

Sothis: Oh! Your father said to look for something here. He must be referring to whatever is behind that bookcase there...
(Byleth inspects the bookcase and finds what seems to be a diary...?)

FETH open book.png

Sothis: Your father's diary... Huh, his handwriting is prettier than his face would suggest. Well, well! These entries here are from before your birth. He seems to have been writing this for quite some time.
Sothis: Hm? Ah... Read that part there. Horsebow Moon, Year 1159...
(Byleth and Sothis begin reading Jeralt's diary, which is being narrated with his voice. As it happens, the screen goes black and displays an image of his diary...)

Day 20 of the Horsebow Moon. All is cloudy. I can't believe she's dead.
Lady Rhea said she died during childbirth. But is that the truth? And still, the child she traded her life for doesn't make a sound. Didn't even cry at birth.

Day 25 of the Horsebow Moon. It's raining. The baby doesn't laugh or cry. Not ever.
Lady Rhea says not to worry, but a baby that doesn't cry...isn't natural. Had a doctor examine the child in secret. He said the pulse is normal, but there's no heartbeat. No heartbeat!

Day 2 of the Wyvern Moon. Sunny. I feel I must take the child and leave.
But the church is always watching us... I don't know what Lady Rhea has planned. I used to think the world of Lady Rhea. Now I'm terrified of her.

Day 8 of the Wyvern Moon. More rain. I used the fire that broke out last night to fake the child's death.
Lady Rhea is in a state over the news. But I can't change what I've done. I've got to take the child and leave...

— Jeralt

Sothis: Well now! That baby must be you! That means... Hm? Someone is approaching us.
(Alois quietly enters the room.)
Alois: Ah... Here you are.
Alois: To think that Captain... that Jeralt would meet his end like that.
Alois: I hope you know that you were the most important thing in the world to him.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I was? What do you want?
(Support points with Alois go up.)

Alois: He wasn't the most emotional guy. I'm sure expressing his affection wouldn't have come naturally to him.
Alois: After what's happened, it's up to me now. I, Alois, swear to protect you in the captain's stead.
(Alois sighs as he can't keep up the bravado.)
Alois: Sorry. This isn't the time for my blathering.
Alois: Lady Rhea is looking for you. I came to tell you that. I'll take my leave now.
(Alois quietly leaves the scene.)
Sothis: This book is filled with secrets yet unknown. We must return another time to read the rest. Oh, but I have at least figured one thing out.
Sothis: I know now why our fates are intertwined...

Event - Report: Ethereal Moon

Audience Chamber

Rhea: Professor. I have been waiting for you. I am filled with grief at the loss of our most celebrated knight.
Rhea: Jeralt was an ally of many years…and also a dear friend.

If Rhea's C-support wasn't unlocked If Rhea's C-support was unlocked

Choice 1 Choice 2
Many years? When did you meet?

Rhea: It was a long while back. At the time, Jeralt was a soldier of the Kingdom. He was injured in battle, and I saved him just as he was about to perish. That was our first meeting.
Rhea: After that, he became a Knight of Seiros. He gave his all to the service of the church.

Why did he leave the knights?

Rhea: He...fell in love with one of the nuns here at Garreg Mach. Their love produced a child...whom she died giving birth to.
Rhea: It was her decision. She weighed her own life against that of her child's and, in the end, implored me to save the child.
Rhea: Your father...never truly accepted that decision. He took the child—took you—and disappeared without warning.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Who was my mother? Did I inherit my Crest from my mother?

Rhea: Your mother...she was my...
(Alois suddenly enters the room.)
Alois: Sorry for the interruption, Lady Rhea. There's something you must hear immediately. A report from the knights patrolling the area...
Rhea: Rhea: Very well. Professor, you are dismissed for the day.
Rhea: Please rest and focus only on mending your heart. Understood?