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The Bow of Swift Wind/Script

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Roy heads toward the ruins in Sacae hoping to secure a legendary weapon. However, the remnants of the Djute wait for Roy within...


(Outside, on the plains)

Soldier: The Etrurian Army has arrived!
Thoril: They wish to take this place as well, do they? We will not let them have it. Tell our brothers that we defend to the death. We will avenge our dead comrades!
Soldier: Yes, sir!

(To the northeast, across the river)

Roy: The legendary weapon lies here... Sin, what do you know about this place?
Sin: Just that the legendary Hanon's weapon, Mulagir the Tempest Bow, is here.
Roy: Hanon... She and Saint Elimine were the only two women among the Eight Legends.
Sin: So it is said. ...Be on your guard. The Djute are out for blood. They want vengeance.
Roy: Yes, we have to be careful. Let's move!

In battle

If the incorrect throne is seized

Thoril: They've sprung the trap! Attack now!

(Enemy reinforcements appear around the throne)


Soldier: We've found it! The bow is hidden inside the altar!
Roy: ......
Roy: This is Mulagir... It looks unremarkable, but I'm sure it hides an incredible power.
Merlinus: Lord Roy, Bern's tropps are fleeing.
Roy: Good. Let them go.
Merlinus: Let them go? We must attack.
Roy: No, don't. We've already won. They don't want to fight us.
Merlinus: But...
Roy: They all have lives and families. There's no need to take that away from them.

(Mulagir received)

Roy: Merlinus, I need you to send this letter to Father Yoder in Etruria.
Merlinus: A letter? May I ask what it says?
Roy: It has the information I learned from Niime about the dragons.
Merlinus: Oh? What did you learn?
Roy: It would take too long to tell you. I haven't sealed the letter yet, so you can look through it if you like.
Merlinus: Very well. I think I will...

(Merlinus leaves, Guinivere enters)

Guinivere: ...Roy.
Roy: Princess?
Guinivere: ...We will enter Bern now.
Roy: Yes, the attack on Bern will commence soon. May I... ask the rest of the story now?
Guinivere: ...That is why I came to you.
Roy: You said King Zephiel was an outstanding pupil in everything he did... It sounds like he would have been an ideal heir to the throne.
Guinivere: Yes, I have no doubt.
Roy: But still your father never looked kindly at him.
Guinivere: In truth... our father began to despite Zephiel precisely because of his talent.
Roy: Why... would a father resent his own son's talent?
Guinivere: Our father was a man of unextraordinary skill and intellect. Zephiel's outstanding talents made our father colder towards him.
Roy: He was envious...?
Guinivere: He went as far as to tell Zephiel that he would never inherit Bern. He said that instead, the throne would go to my future husband.
Roy: His own father told him that?! What a heartless man!
Guinivere: But Zephiel held strong. He always said he never cared about inheriting the throne. But the people of Bern knew of Zephiel's genius and wanted him king. Pressured by the public, our father lost his patience at last...
Roy: That's when he decided to kill Zephiel...?
Guinivere: Our father gave Zephiel a goblet full of a poisoned drink at a banquet. That was the first and last time Zephiel ever accepted a drink from our father. After returning to his room, Zephiel began to fall dreadfully ill. For ten days and nights, Zephiel lingered between life and death. But Murdock, Zephiel's teacher and loyal general, saved his life.
Roy: ...The old king made no further attempts on his life?
Guinivere: No. At least, not to completion... I have heard that he schemed to have Murdock and Zephiel's mother killed. He was scheming to murder everyone connected to Zephiel. Upon learning of our father's intentions, Zephiel feigned death. At his funeral service, our father leaned over the coffin to view Zephiel's body. It was at that moment that Zephiel sprung from the coffin and... sword in hand...
Roy: ......
Guinivere: I was but a child then, so naturally I could not understand what was going on. All I knew at the time is that our father died, and Zephiel never smiled again. Before then, he was stern at times, but always a kind and loving brother. But after everything that happened...
Roy: Princess...
Guinivere: I knew that someday I may have to act against him.
Roy: I... see...
Guinivere: ...Zephiel is so far-gone now. He will never listen to anything I say. Roy, please... You must stop him. Stop him from destroying Bern and from destroying Elibe.
Roy: Such a feat will likely require my blade. Can you still ask such a thing of me?
Guinivere: ...I trust your judgement. Do what you must.
Roy: You have my word, Princess Guinivere. I swear by the Fire Emblem that I will stop King Zephiel!