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The Binding Blade (chapter)/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After surviving many hardships, Roy finally sets foot on Bern's soil. Guinivere guides Roy to the Shrine of Seals. In their way stands Murdock, the brilliant and stalwart head of the Wyvern Generals. Etruria and Bern, the two greatest forces on the continent, begin direct warfare. The sun rises as the bloodiest day in the history of Elibe dawns...


(Inside the Shrine of Seals)

Soldier: General Murdock. All troops are at their posts and ready for battle.
Murdock: Good. Thank you.

(Galle enters)

Murdock: Galle. It will begin soon.
Galle: My men are ready.
Murdock: Your squad will be the key to victory in this battle. Do you understand?
Galle: Of course, Sir Murdock. I won't disappoint you.
Murdock: I expect not. The enemy are but insects next to the might of Bern's army. Even so... that Lycian general has made it far.
Galle: General Roy?
Murdock: Yes, Roy. I hope to be able to duel him in a fair fight, one on one.

(Outside, beyond the mountains to the northwest)

Yoder: Ah, General Roy! I have found you at last.
Roy: Father Yoder! What brings you all the way from Etruria? Is something amiss?
Yoder: I did some additional research after reading your letter. I reached the same conclusion. Bern has resurrected the demon dragon.
Roy: You think so, too? ...Hartmut defeated the demon dragon in the Scouring. How could Bern have brought it back to life?
Yoder: Apparently after defeating it, Hartmut chose to spare its life.
Roy: What?!
Yoder: Instead of killing it, he sealed it away in the mountains of Bern. The sword he used to seal it was...
Roy: The Binding Blade?
Yoder: Oh, you know of it?
Roy: I learned a little bit of it in my studies...
Yoder: The demon dragon's seal may have been broken, but with the Binding Blade, we may be able to seal it away once more or kill it for good.
Roy: Do you know where the demon dragon might be?
Yoder: Yes, I believe so. We know dragons change into human form, and the demon dragon is most likely in such a form as well. I have a suspect already. The "Dark Priestess" that is always at King Zephiel's side.
Roy: The Dark Priestess...
Yoder: There is no solid evidence that she is the demon dragon, but she appeared shortly before the other dragons did.
Roy: ......
Yoder: The dragons seal away their power in gems called dragonstones. Remaining in their dragon form uses too much energy otherwise. The same is likely true for the demon dragon as well.
Roy: We must see her in person and find the truth.
Yoder: Allow me to go with you.
Roy: You will fight alongside us? By all means.
Yoder: I have also been instructed to give you these. They are the legendary weapons that the church located.
Roy: Legendary weapons?! These will be invaluable!
Yoder: If the demon dragon has been released, then this is the greatest crisis mankind has faced since the Scouring.
Roy: We must rise like the Eight Legends of yore to save humanity once again.

In battle

Enemy phase after any unit ends their turn north of the shrine

Galle: Knights of Bern! We strike now! Leave none alive! Don't even leave them time to scream in fear!

(Galle and four Wyvern Riders appear from the northern mountains)

At the start of turn 31, player phase

Peres: Have you dealt with the legendary weapon?
Soldier: Yes sir, it has been disposed of.
Peres: Good. Now we go to General Murdock's aid!

(Peres and two Druids appear south of the shrine)

Talk conversations

Dorothy and Yoder

Yoder: Dorothy, have you been well?
Dorothy: Very much so. It is good to see you, Father Yoder.
Yoder: You are always so cheery and full of energy. I'm sure Saint Elimine adores that about you.
Dorothy: Do you think so...?
Yoder: Just being around you cleanses the heart and makes one feel pure. I'm sure that's true even for Saul. You have much to be proud of.

Melady talks to Galle

Melady: Galle...
Galle: Melady...
Melady: Galle... I...
Galle: Do not speak... You and I are both loyal knights. We both fight in our masters' names. That is all there is to know.
Melady: ......
Galle: Melady... This is probably the end, so let me say this. I am truly grateful I was fortunate enough to meet you. We trained together, and we fought alongside each other. Melady... The days I spent with you... They were the happiest days of my life.
Melady: M... mine, too...
Galle: ...Goodbye, Melady. My only regret is that we didn't meet in a more peaceful time.
Melady: Galle...

(Galle leaves the conversation)

Melady: Wait! Galle! Don't go! Gaaalle!!

Saul and Yoder

Saul: Ah, Father Yoder.
Yoder: Saul, it is good to see you well. And thank you. You and Dorothy have done a great service to the church.
Saul: ...There is no greater pleasure than to know I have been of use.
Yoder: Oh? I've never known you to be so serious...
Saul: Father Yoder, despite all appearances, I am a priest. The common good is my greatest concern.
Yoder: I am sorry I doubted you. From this point, we fight together.

Zeiss talks to Galle

Zeiss: Sir Galle...
Galle: Zeiss. You seem to be well.
Zeiss: Sir Galle... Must we truly fight?
Galle: Yes. We must.
Zeiss: I...I don't want to fight you! You're the last person I ever...
Galle: Zeiss! Are you a child?
Zeiss: What...?!
Galle: Did you have this little faith in your choice when you left Bern? Do you regret your decision to fight against Bern?
Zeiss: No! My mind is...set... It still hurts to point my blade towards Bern, my homeland... But the path I chose was not a mistake...!
Galle: Then cast away your hesitation! Focus on defeating those who block the path that you have chosen. ...No matter who that may be.
Zeiss: Sir Galle...
Galle: Zeiss... Are you a knight of Bern?
Zeiss: ...Of course!
Galle: Good! Then when next we meet, there will be no words. Our blades will cross, and one will be left standing!


The village south of the mountains

Middle-aged Man: You're the Etrurian Army, aren't you? There are no soldiers here. Take this. Just leave us in peace!

(Knight Crest)

Battle quotes

Murdock enters battle

Murdock: Hm... You have made it far. I congratulate you. But can you defeat me?

Murdock enters battle with Melady

Murdock: Melady... I don't want to fight you. But you are here. It seems we have no choice. Come!

Murdock enters battle with Roy

Murdock: At last, the great General Roy stands before me! I have been waiting to match blades with you!

Murdock enters battle with Zeiss

Murdock: You were one of Narcian's troops. I heard the story from Galle. You have my sympathy, but you are my enemy now. Come! We fight!

Murdock dies

Murdock: Hngh...! You... are strong... Zephiel... My king... I cannot protect you... any further... Forgive me...!


(If Melady and Zeiss are alive and the chapter was completed in less than 30 turns)

(Inside the shrine)

Elffin: Lord Roy... There is a path leading underground here.
Roy: Is the Binding Blade down that way?
Elffin: I cannot say... But a captive tells us that there are two weapons in this shrine.
Roy: Wait, is that right? Does that mean that there is another legendary weapon?
Elffin: Possibly... Perhaps we should ask those in our army who hail from Bern.
Roy: Yes, I'll see if they know anything.

(If Melady and Zeiss were killed or the chapter exceeded 30 turns)

Elffin: Lord Roy. This sword in the altar...
Roy: This must be the Binding Blade.
Merlinus: ...I can't seem to draw it from the stone.
Roy: It's sealed in the altar. We must use the Fire Emblem.
Merlinus: Use it? How?
Roy: Princess Guinivere said that it goes in the socket on the hilt...

(A flash of light)

Roy: Whoa! What's happening...?
Merlinus: The blade is glowing!
Roy: Now I should be able to draw it...!
Roy: ......!...

(The scene fades to white, Roy appears in a faded version of the Dragon Sanctuary)

Roy: ...What... are these images...? Are they the Binding Blade's... No, Hartmut's memories...?

(Idunn appears without a hood)

Idunn: ......

(Idunn disappears)

Roy: !
Roy: Who was that? I don't understand what I'm feeling. It's very...

(The scene fades to white again, Roy reappears in the Shrine of Seals)

Merlinus: Lord Roy? Are you alright?
Roy: Yes... I'm fine. So this is Hartmut's sword, the Binding Blade. Am I really worthy to wield it...?
Elffin: It is said that truly magnificent swords choose their owners. The sword is in your hands now. It has chosen you.
Roy: But anyone with the Fire Emblem could have taken it...
Elffin: In theory, perhaps so... But it was you who reached it. This is fate.
Roy: ......
Merlinus: Now that we have the Binding Blade, all that's left is the king of Bern. We mustn't tarry!
Roy: ...You're right! Zephiel must be stopped!

(Binding Blade received)