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The Battle for Altea/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Nyna: So this is your country, Altea…
Marth: Yes. Dolhr has occupied it for two years now. I escaped to Talys only thanks to my sister Elice's help. And in my place, she was captured by Dolhr. I have no idea where she is now. I vow that I will do whatever I can to rescue her! All right, everyone! It is time to take back Altea! Let us begin!

Houses and Villages


  • Old man: I have something very important to tell you. Listen well! In the northwest of this land, you will find two villages. A paladin named Arran dwells in the western village. In the easterly one, there is a hero named Samson. Both of them are fine men. The problem is the feud between their villages… Due to this rivalry, you can only add one of them to your ranks. Think hard about this before visiting either village.
  • Man: I heard a rumor that the prison to the east holds a young man called Xane. He isn't from around here… That's not all… I hear he holds a wondrous power.
  • Woman: I am very glad to see that the Altean army has returned. Now this country can return to the peaceful days of old.
  • Woman: Princess Elice was taken away somewhere by a bishop called Gharnef. How sad for the prince… I hope she's all right.
  • Young man: If you intend to use the Devil Sword, be careful. It's a powerful weapon but a danger to its owner.

West village

Arran: I am Arran. Once, I was a knight captain. I left that life behind me, but if you have true need of my strength, I will join you. The feud between these two villages is bitter. If our neighbors hear you visited us, they will bar their gates. If you had hoped to recruit the hero Samson, I am sorry.
(Arran joins)

East village

Samson: I'm Samson. I used to be famous as a gladiator. That's behind me now. I'm just living my life here. If you need me, though, I'll head out with you. The feud between these two villages is bad! If our neighbors hear you visited us, they'll close their gates. If word gets around, you won't be able to recruit Arran.
(Samson joins)

Recruiting Xane

Xane: Hey there, Prince! Thanks for saving me. The name's Xane. I come from a faraway land. My people can transform into anybody. Dolhr found out and demanded I join them! I refused. I'd never help those villains! I'd be happy to help you fight them though!
(Xane joins)


Marth: Soldiers of Altea, and everyone who has lent us your strength…you have my gratitude. Thanks to you, we have finally taken our country back from Dolhr. Many enemies still remain inside the castle, however! Do not drop your guard!

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After being tragically defeated by Gharnef's dark magic, Imhullu, Prince Marth finally marches his army south, in order to fulfill his hope of reclaiming his homeland of Altea. The Kingdom of Altea is a beautiful country surrounded by rich water and greenery. But, after being occupied by Dolhr, the country has fallen into ruin, and its citizens live in eternal suffering. Right now, they can finally welcome the days of freedom.
— Chapter 13 Intro


Nyna: Marth, so this is your homeland, Altea?
Marth: Yes. It has been 2 years since it was occupied by the Dolhr Empire. That day... I managed to escape to Talys, thanks to my sister, Elice's help. But she was captured by the Dolhr Empire in my place. Right now, where on earth could she be? ...I must rescue her from their hands. Okay, everybody move out! For the freedom and peace of our homeland, Altea!!

Houses and Villages

  • Old man: Please listen carefully, this is very important. To the south west are two villages. At the western village resides a paladin called Arran. At the eastern village resides a hero called Samson. Those two are both very strong men. However, the tow villages don't get on well with one another. So, only one of them can become an ally. Please think carefully before making a decision.
  • Woman: Oh, you're the Altean knights. It's so great that you've finally returned. Now this country can become peaceful, like it used to be.
  • Young man: If you have a Member Card, you can enter Secret Shops. But, where those shops are, I don't really know.
  • Old man: The Fane of Raman houses three orbs containing great power. The Lightsphere, Starsphere, and Geosphere. Only once they are in your hands, can you know what their mysterious powers are...
  • Woman: The eastern prison is holding a young foreigner called Xane. It is rumored that he has an impressive ability.
  • Old woman: Princess Elice was taken away by a bishop called Gharnef, and now her whereabouts are unknown. Ah, Princess, you are so pitiful... Please be safe and well.
  • Young man: Be wary of the Devil Sword. It has tremendous might, but if you're unskilled you could bring about your own death.

West Village

Arran: I am Arran. I used to work as the captain of a knights group. However, for certain reasons, I now reside here. I am very happy to be able to serve you. But this village and its neighboring village haven't got on well for a long time. Once they know that your highness has visited this village, they will close their village's gate. You should give up thinking of trying to recruit Samson.
(Arran joins)

East Village

Samson: I am Samson. I used to be a famous gladiator. However, for certain reasons, I now reside here. I am very happy to be able to serve you. But this village and its neighboring village haven't got on well for a long time. Once they know that your highness has visited this village, they will close their village's gate. You should give up thinking of trying to recruit Arran.
(Samson joins)

Fighting Xane

Xane: Hey! Wait, I'm not an enemy. Don't fight me!

Recruiting Xane

Xane: Oh, Altea's prince. Thanks to you I was able to escape. I am Xane. I came here from a faraway country. I have the ability to transform into any person. After discovering my ability, the Dolhr Empire tried to force me to join them. But I didn't want to do their evil deeds. Since you helped me, I will come and help you. Please watch over me.
(Xane joins)

Fighting Hollstadt

Hollstadt: Altea's fallen soldiers still live? But as long as I'm here, I won't let you enter this castle!

Killing Hollstadt

Hollstadt: General Camus, I leave the rest to you...


Marth: Soldiers of Altea and the warriors that have fought alongside us, I am truly grateful to you all. Thanks to your efforts, we have finally reclaimed our homeland of Altea from the hands of Dolhr. But, there are probably many enemies waiting for us inside the castle. Everybody, don't be careless!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Still smarting from their bitter experience with Gharnef and the dark magic Imhullu, Prince Marth and the League regrouped and marched south- home to Altea.

Once Marth's kingdom had been beautiful, blessed with rich soil and clear waters; now the eyes tended to notice instead the barren farms; the ruins; forlorn stares. Marth vowed to free Altea from its torment without any further delay.

— Chapter 16 intro

During battle

Nyna: You've done it, Marth. We're here. That's Altea beneath our feet- your home.

Marth: Countless days have passed since Dolhr took my kingdom from me- days I would never have lived had it not been for my sister Elice's sacrifice, and the sacrifices of so many others...

Nyna: What became of your sister? And the rest of your family, what of them as well?

Marth: My father, as you know, died in Gra. I last saw my mother and sister the day the castle fell. I do not know if they still live...but I hope that they do. And if the enemy has them, I will rescue them. You can be sure of that.

(Enters Malledus)

Malledus: Sire, our preparations are complete. We are ready to march.

Marth: Thank you.

(Marth moves to address your group)

Marth: Alteans and friends of the League! Join me now! Help me set Altea free, and ensure today is the last battle my people must endure!

Houses and villages

Villager: Listen well, because this is very important. There are two villages in the northwest of Altea. The westerly village is home to a paladin named Arran...while the easterly village is home to a hero named Samson. They're both fine men and warriors, but their villages have been feudin' for years. You should probably resign yourself to the fact that you'll only get one of them to join your ranks. Give it some thought: the paladin to the west, or the hero to the east?

Villager: A VIP card will gain you entrance to secret shops. ...Where are the shops? Well, that's the secret!

Villager: A lad named Xane has been locked up in the eastern jail. They say he's got some sort of amazing power. Wonder what it is...

Villager: Three orbs are enshrined at the Fane of Raman, each brimming with power. What sort of power, none can say. Well, except those who have wielded it, right?

Villager: The Altean army! Welcome home. It's good to see you. These years've been nowt but dark days; it's about time we had somethin' bright to look forward to.

Villager: Take care when usin' a devil sword. It's a powerful blade, to be sure... but it might just claim your life instead of your foe's.

Villager: Princess Elice was prepared to die that day the castle fell. But she didn't, they say. Instead of killin' her, the Dark Pontifex Gharnef spirited her off somewhere! Oh, our poor princess... I hope she's safe.

Western Village:

Arran: Sire, my name is Arran. Once I was a captain to many knights... but, things change, and I came to live here in this village. If you need warriors for the coming struggle, I would be honored to fight. Unfortunately, there has always been bad blood between this village and our neighbors. No doubt they closed their gates to you as soon as they saw you come here. You won't be able to recruit the hero Samson now, I'm afraid.

(The Eastern Village will close, barring your entry, and Arran will join)

Eastern Village:

Samson: My name is Samson. Once, I was a swordfighter of some renown...but that was then, and this is now. I'm happy enough with my life here in the village, but if you need another man, I will fight. Unfortunately, there has always been bad blood between our village and the next one over. They'll have closed the gates to you the moment they saw you come here. Guess that means the paladin Arran won't be fightin' with you. Them's the breaks.

(Western Village will close, barring your entry, and Samson will join)

When recruiting Xane

Xane: Hey there, princey. Thanks for settin' me free! The name's Xane. I hail from a land few have heard of an even fewer have seen. I won't trouble you with the details. Me and my folk have the power to transform into other people. We can shape-shift, you see. When Dolhr caught on, they started threatenin' me. Told me to join their army or "face my doom." Hah! Well, I wasn't about to waste my considerable talent on those evil coots! You, on the other hand...You've got character. Say, why don't we team up? I do owe you for savin' my hide. And I think you'll find my talents are...quite considerable.

Against Hollstadt

Hollstadt: Well done, rabble. Anyone else would be dead by now. A shame you must end your campaign right here, before your own gates!

Defeating Hollstadt

Hollstadt: Rrgh! General Camus... The in your...hands...


Malledus: Well done, sire! The enemy has ceased their resistance. Victory is ours!

(Nyna enters)

Nyna: Bravo, Marth. On behalf of House Archanea, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations.

Marth: Thank you, Nyna. But it's still too soon to celebrate. We haven't freed the castle yet.

Malledus: Sire, your soldiers have assembled for the castle raid. Perhaps you could say a few words first...

(Malledus backs off and lets Marth address the soldiers)

Marth: Altean warriors... Brave comrades. The road has been long, but at last we have driven Dolhr from my homeland. There are not words to express my gratitude to you all. You gave Altea back to me. Thank you...Thank you. ...An army of foes still haunt my castle. I mean to kick them out. Ready, my friends? Let's send these varlets scurrying!