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The Alliance Leader's Ambitions/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Verdant Wind
Guardian Moon

The Alliance Leader's Ambitions

Opening Narration FETH Leicester banner.png

Cg fe16 guardian moon mural part 2.png
Claiming the monastery at Garreg Mach as its home base, the Alliance army joins forces with the Knights of Seiros. Together, they begin to take up arms against the Adrestian Empire.
— Chapter 14 opening narration

Event - In the Heart of Fódlan

Date: 1/1

(Byleth, Claude and Hilda are hanging in the monastery's cathedral.)
Claude: Good work, Hilda! You didn't do much manual labor, but you managed to rope the knights into helping us restore the monastery.
Hilda: Thanks, Claude, but all I did was piggyback on your scheme. I saw your eyes telling me to make some magic happen!
(Alois and Catherine enter the cathedral.)
Alois: Thank you so much for your help with the restoration.
Hilda: Oh please, it was nothing! We're just doing our part as former students.
Catherine: I'm told you even routed the bandits. That job should have fallen to us. I'm sorry for the trouble.
Claude: Hey, don't think twice about it. We're all allies in the resistance against the Empire, right?
Catherine: The church is at war with the Empire, but let's be realistic. Wouldn't it be better for the Alliance to eventually submit?
Claude: The way I see it, the emperor wants to take over all of Fódlan and destroy the existing order of the world. I can't see her allowing the Alliance to continue to exist. We're in this just as deeply as you are.
Claude: Actually... We were hoping to use this place as a base. The Empire begs to be meddled with, and we're first in line.
(Alois is confused.)
Alois: What? Why would you want to make your base here of all places?
Claude: Garreg Mach is situated in the center of Fódlan, both geographically and spiritually. We want to secure this location while the Empire is still overlooking it.
Catherine: I see. The Empire doesn't see this place as important at the moment because it's far from the front lines.
Claude: But if we simply decide that it's ours to occupy, that does nothing to inspire the hearts and minds of the people of Fódlan.
Claude: Luckily, good ol' Teach has finally returned to us. If the Professor Rhea entrusted with the Sword of the Creator fights at our side... Well now. That's a just cause anyone could get behind.
Claude: What's more, here we are, working alongside the legendary Knights of Seiros. It smacks of divine providence, doesn't it? Can you feel it?
(Seteth enters the conversation.)
Seteth: I have heard what you have to say, Claude. And you, Professor? Where do you stand?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I will fight the Empire. I will find Rhea.
Seteth: Hm. On our own, we lack sufficient military strength. But with the help of the Alliance... Seteth: Hm. We are at a relative standstill, but with the help of the Alliance...

Seteth: The archbishop said if anything should happen to her, that we should entrust the affairs of the church to you. If you intend to fight alongside the Alliance, then I will follow you as well.
Seteth: Is that acceptable, Claude?
Claude: Of course. I can't think of anything more reassuring than having both Teach and the knights on our side.
Claude: Together, we'll stop the emperor and her reckless ambitions!

Exploration: The Alliance Leader's Ambitions

Potential Dates: 1/4, 1/11, 1/18 and 1/25

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Event - Imperial Invasion

Date: 1/30
Reception Hall

(Byleth and Claude stand in front of a crowd.)
Claude: Everyone, listen up! I have a proposal.
Claude: We are now building our forces in order to rise up against the Imperial army. But it wouldn't be smart for us to fight under the banner of the Alliance. That would only incite the lords who support the Empire. We've also combined forces with the Knights of Seiros. Therefore, I suggest that we operate under a new symbol. That's why I've prepared this...
(Alliance Soldiers display the Crest of Flames banner.)

Cg fe16 crest of flames banner verdant wind.png

Claude: You may recognize it as the Crest of Flames, which resides in Teach. The phantom Crest that has reappeared after more than 1,000 years. We're attempting our own miracle, so it seems like a suitable symbol for us.
Claude: So... Until we welcome the dawn of a new age in Fódlan... Let's fight to the very end, as one, under the symbol of the Crest of Flames!
(Sounds of a crowd cheering can be heard as the scene cuts to black)

(Once the event is over...)
Hilda: Impressive, Claude. Forget restoring the monastery. You've somehow roped everyone into fighting back against the Empire!
Claude: If you recall, I never asked anyone to join us. If anything, we have Teach's achievements to thank.
Claude: Now that you mention it, I guess I should express my gratitude.
(Claude leaves)

Goddess Tower

(Claude finds Byleth on the top of the tower.)
Claude: Hey, friend. So this is where you've been.
(Byleth turns their head around.)
Claude: Without you, the knights never would have joined our cause. I could never pay you back for that.

Choice 1 Choice 2
You're welcome. Let's do our best.

(Byleth nods.)
Claude: Just leave it to me, Teach.
Claude: When this fight is over, I plan to see all of my dreams come to fruition, and yours as well.

What are you dreams, Claude?

Claude: Well, for example... to bust open Fódlan's Throat.
Claude: There's a massive fortress there, which is responsible for protecting the eastern border of the Alliance. I like to think of it as a lid on a bottle.
Claude: The people of Fódlan only know a small part of the world. Their prejudices are born because they don't know what lies beyond their borders. And the opposite is true too. Those outside of Fódlan don't know about this place. Ignorance breeds discrimination. Whether you look inside the bottle or outside of it... If you really look, all you find are people who you can get along with, if you only try.
Claude: That's why I wanna bust open that lid, which is keeping us locked inside. Or destroy the bottle entirely.

Are you going to tell our allies about this?

Claude: I'll find the right time to bring it up. Even if I talked about it now, it doesn't seem realistic, does it?
Claude: First we need to defeat the Empire and restore peace to... Huh?
(Leonie interrupts the conversation. She looks worried.)
Leonie: Professor! Claude! We're under attack!
Claude: I guess we'll have to cut our conversation short. What's going on, Leonie?
Leonie:' It's a small group, but some Imperial troops are headed this way. It looks like they were stationed nearby.
Claude: I got to hand it to Edelgard. Nothing gets past that woman.

Choice 1 Choice 2
We should proceed cautiously. Let's take them down.
(Support points with Claude go up.)
Claude: As long as we don't let our guard down, there's no way they can defeat us.
(Support points with Leonie go up.)
Leonie: All right! I'll show you how much I've improved, Professor!

Claude: This will be our first battle alongside the Knights of Seiros. Let's kick off our new partnership with a magnificent victory!

Narration - Protecting Garreg Mach

Though plans to resist the Empire are still being devised by the Alliance army, the Imperial army has already anticipated their next move. An Imperial vanguard, just outside Garreg Mach, led by General Randolph, begins to advance with the aim of toppling the monastery once again.
— Introduction to Protecting Garreg Mach

Battle: Protecting Garreg Mach

Date: 1/31
Monastery (West Wall)

Before Battle

Randolph: The Knights of Seiros are a powerful enemy, but we have more soldiers. We'll take them down all at once!

Claude: So, the enemy intends to use their overwhelming numbers to defeat us. Let's fight fire with... actual fire.

Player Phase 1

Knight of Seiros: Report! The enemy has entered the periphery of Garreg Mach!
Claude: If they reach the interior, the enemy will take the monastery. Drive them back immediately!

Enemy Phase 1

Imperial Soldier: What? That strange battle flag is... But isn't our enemy the Church of Seiros?
Randolph: They didn't have enough soldiers with just the church, so they upped their numbers by joining with those filthy rogues. It doesn't matter what flag they fly. They're nothing more than a mob. We'll destroy them all!

If the Defended location is Captured

Claude: The enemy has piled into Garreg Mach! We lost our chance for victory... It's over.

Allied Reinforcement Appears

Claude: Allied soldiers are making preparations for the plan. Protect them!

Allied Reinforcement Falls

Claude: What? The fire attack unit was routed?! Damn brilliant plan failed.

Randolph: It looks like they were planning something, but it failed!

Allied Reinforcement Reaches the Marked Tile

Claude: We're prepared for the fire attack. Now we just need to draw the enemy's attention.

Claude: You can't defeat us with that many soldiers? The Imperial army is doomed without a capable general!
Randolph: Quiet! Don't think you'll get away with mocking me! Attack! Make sure they never speak again!
(Imperial Forces walk towards the center of the map.)
Claude: Now!

(The town is set ablaze.)
Imperial Soldier(1): Fire! Gyaaaaaah!
Imperial Soldier(2): It burns! Save me!
Randolph: Argh, a fire attack... The damage is too great. We can't fight anymore! All units, retreat! I'll take on our pursuers! Carry away the injured soldiers!
Claude: If we let them escape, they'll come back to attack later. We have to take them out!

Randolph Starts Moving

Randolph: A total loss... But we can't just return home like this...
Claude: Teach, look out! They're after your head!

Boss - Randolph

Vs Anyone

For my house! For justice! I will not be defeated!
— Randolph Vs Anyone

Vs Caspar

Caspar: You must be Randolph... My uncle.
Randolph: Caspar?! Yes, indeed... So, I see you have chosen to oppose the Empire. If so, be warned that I won't hesitate. I'll strike you down, even if we're of the same house!
Caspar: You took the words right outta my mouth! Graaagh!

— Randolph Vs Caspar

Death Quote:

Mother... Fleche... I'm so...
— Randolph's Death Quote

Victory Condition has been Reached

Claude: Those Imperial troops are really something. Looks like we'll face a lot of resistance in the future.

Event - The Resistance Army's Objective

Reception Hall*

Claude: Phew! Nice work. We won without much incident, thanks to all of you.
Alois: Now the enemy knows we're on the move. What do you plan to do?
Claude: I intend to ask the Alliance lords to share some troops with us to bolster our forces.
Lorenz: I will speak plainly. No matter whom we beseech for reinforcements, our envoys will inevitably pass through Gloucester territory. My father is being cautious not to give the Empire a pretext to intervene. Therefore, he is unlikely to allow even envoys to pass through.

Why not request reinforcements from the Kingdom?

Claude: Ah... I guess I haven't told you yet, Teach. The Kingdom isn't in a position to be sending anyone reinforcements.
(Byleth turns their head to see Claude.)
Claude: After losing King Lambert during the Tragedy of Duscur, a Regent had been handling it's politics. But then... There was a bloody coup. The Regent and Prince Dimitri both... Apparently the whole family was killed.
(Byleth is shocked by the news.)
Claude: All Blaiddyd territory, including the Kingdom capital, is being ruled by those who are cooperating with the Empire. The Kingdom is no more. It's now called the Faerghus Dukedom. The vast majority of the former Kingdom lords bent a knee to the overwhelming power of the Empire and the Dukedom, and now fall under their jurisdiction.
Claude: Some who formerly held power are continuing to resist, but it would be difficult for them to regain it.
Hilda: Oh, hey! I can think of one person who we can ask for reinforcements. Someone whose territory is really close, and who's on good terms with Claude...
Lysithea: Ah! The Hero of Daphnel, I presume?
Leonie: I've seen her before, and she does seem to be reliable.
Marianne: You're talking about Judith, right? I bet she would lend us a hand...

Choice 1 Choice 2
She seems intimidating. She seems strong.

Claude: That's right, you've met her once before, Teach. She's a fearsome one-woman army. She did a lot for me, even before I was recognized as the heir to House Riegan.
Claude: I don't like the idea of owing her more than I already do, but given the situation, sacrifices must be made.
Claude: I'll reach out to her. As for the rest of you, prepare for our next battle.

Event - The Alliance Leader's Ambitions

Knights' Hall

(Byleth enters the Knights' Hall, lost in thought. Just then, Claude enters the hall as well.)
Claude: Heya, Teach. How are you feeling? Does anything feel, um... strange at all?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Nothing in particular. I feel a bit sluggish.
Claude: Good. I still vividly remember you suddenly collapsing and passing out after you went through those changes. But maybe that's not a concern now that you've spent five long years napping. Claude: Well, you were asleep for five whole years, after all. It'll probably take time to get you back to top form. Though I'm relieved to see you haven't lost a step as far as combat goes.

Claude: Your command bringing my schemes to life... That's just how we fight best.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Any word from Judith?

Claude: Not yet, but there's no need to worry. That woman adores me.
Claude: Once we've bolstered our forces, it'll finally be time to start taking decisive action. But I wonder...
Claude: Do you really think Rhea is still alive?

Choice 1 Choice 2
She's alive. I don't know.
Claude: I think so too. It's hard to imagine the death of someone as important as her staying a secret. Claude: There's no telling. But it's also hard to imagine the death of someone as important as her staying a secret.

Claude: I wonder where she is and what she's doing...

Choice 1 Choice 2
Do you hope she's alive? Do you hope she's dead?
(Support points with Claude go up. He's caught off guard by the answer.)
Claude: That's a dangerous question, Teach. To be honest, I've given it a lot of thought.

Claude: All I know is that I still have a lot of questions I need to ask her. About the true history of Crest Stones and Heroes' Relics... and the truth behind the legend of Seiros and Nemesis. She has secrets. Too many of them for my comfort. Considering the state of the world... it's suspicious.
Claude: You must be curious about what was done to you and what her plans were for you, right? And you never did learn about your mother, did you? None of our doubts will ever be clear unless we hear these answers from Rhea herself. In that sense, I absolutely hope Rhea is still alive.
Claude: But as far as Fódlan goes, I do wonder what a world without Rhea would look like.

A world without Rhea?

Claude: The majority of people in Fódlan believe in the Seiros faith that Rhea preaches. That's why they accept the noble system as if it were the only option, and refuse to associate with those who believe in anything else. That closed-minded philosophy is the reason why Fódlan's Throat is locked tight.
Claude: But if you remove the archbishop who strictly advocates that doctrine, that world view is no longer absolute. There's room for free thought. The leadership of the church would undoubtedly fall to you, and you would hold the power to change the shape of the faith. Of the world. Then, for the first time, people would truly be free to think for themselves. To decide what's right, and what's wrong.
Claude: Honestly, I believe Edelgard is probably hoping to achieve something very similar. But her methods require too much bloodshed. That's not something the world can get behind.
Claude: Anyway... The best thing we can do is find Rhea and hear what she has to say.
Claude: Heh, oops... I guess I've been going on for a while now. Sorry about that. You should get some rest.