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The Ageless Palace/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Midia: Bishop Boah, do you hear the confusion in the palace? Do you think something is afoot?
Boah: Perhaps Princess Nyna was able to recruit an army and has returned...
Midia: Do you really think so? We might be saved!
Boah: Perhaps, but the enemy won't let us go without a fight... And without our weapons, we are helpless.
Midia: But this is the perfect chance to rid Archanea of its foes! I am willing to take that chance, no matter what might happen to me.
Boah: Your fighting spirit is so strong, my dear! But if you perished, Astram would surely weep.
Midia: Yes... I do wish I could see him once more before the end. But if I cannot...
Boah: If that is your wish, Midia, you must fight as hard as you can and never give up!


Nyna: You have my gratitude, Prince. It is all thanks to you that I was able to return to my home. This shining bow is called Parthia. It is one of three weapons passed down by the royal family. Our enemies have stolen the lance Gradivus and the sword Mercurius. If you can obtain these weapons, their great power will make your fight that much easier...
(Obtained Parthia)

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


The many small kingdoms of this region were united, to become the Holy Kingdom of Archanea, over 600 years ago. The founder, Adrah the First, obtained three weapons from the deities, and fought a holy war to unite the continent. From then on, the Kingdom of Archanea became knwon as the Holy Kingdom protected by the deities, and the royal family were deeply respected. Recently six kingdoms became independent, which was also thanks to the help of Archanea. Right now, Prince Marth makes his first steps into the grand holy capital of Millennium Court.
— Chapter 10 Intro


(Midia and Boah approach each other)
Midia: Boah, the people in the castle are panicking. What exactly is going on?
Boah: Hmm, perahps Nyna has brought the liberation army here.
Midia: Huh, really? Then perhaps we can be saved.
Boah: But, Midia, we can't get complacent right now. If this continues, the enemy will decide to finish us off. Without weapons, we're sitting ducks.
Midia: But, Boah. We've finally chased the enemy away from Archanea. Even if we die here, we should have no regrets.
Boah: Haha... You're still so strong. Still, if you die, Astram will be very sad.
Midia: .....Yes... I just want to see him one last time. That is my final wish.
Boah: Well, Midia, for that wish you must endure to the end. You mustn't give up.
(Midia and Boah separate)

Fighting Volzhin

Volzhin: You rebels who oppose Dolhr. Taste my destructive Bolganone magic!!

Killing Volzhin

Volzhin: Don't think you've won. Dolhr will not fall. Urgh...


Nyna: Thank you, Prince Marth. It was all thanks to your help that we could return to Millennium Court. This radiant bow is called Parthia. It is one of three weapons passed down by my royal family. Also, there is the Mercurius Sword and the Gradivus lance. It seems those two were taken by the enemy. If we could obtain those powerful weapons, your battles would become slightly easier...
Parthia obtained!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


The holy kingdom of Archanea had come into being six centuries earlier, when the region's numerous city-states were unified under one monarch. The first king, Adrah, had fought valiantly to accomplish this, wielding the three weapons he came to call his regalia- gifts from the gods, some said.

The kingdom Adrah forged was pronounced holy; its kings were esteemed. With Archanea's aid, six more independent kingdoms sprang up in their own time. But Archanea was always the greatest- and now, Marth was about to take his first walk through its historic palace's halls.

— Chapter 12 intro

During battle

Midia: Bishop, what do you make of this? I hear shouting in the corridors.

Boah: Hmm... Princess Nyna must have returned with an army in tow.

Midia: An army?! Really? Then we are saved!

Boah: Saved, perhaps...or doomed. Surely the enemy realizes we are more trouble alive than dead now.

Midia: You do not take my meaning, Bishop. By "we" I mean Archanea. Archanea is saved. If Princess Nyna has truly come to chase the enemy from our halls, to free us... Then my death will have meaning.

Boah: Ho ho... I admire your spirit, child. I always have. But think how Astram would grieve if you were to die.

Midia: I... I had hoped to see him one last time- to say goodbye. That alone I regret.

Boah: Ah, but you have not died yet. Midia. Hang on to hope.

Against Volzhin

Volzhin: Rebel pup! You dare defy Dolhr? Then writhe in the fires of Bolganone!

Defeating Volzhin

Volzhin: Do not have undying... Nngh!


Nyna: Marth, thank you. Were it not for you, I may never have seen the halls of my house again.

Marth: I could not have done it alone, Nyna. The whole Archanean League fought tooth and nail this day.

Nyna: True, and yet all the same... I have little doubt your exploits are the ones that will live on in song. I have a gift for you, to celebrate your achievements here. This bow is called Parthia. It is one of the three regalia that have been passed down through House Archanea. The other two regalia- the sword Mercurius and the lance Gradivus are not here. The enemy took them when they fled. I am sorry. I had hoped to give you all three, and thus aid you in the battles to come....

Marth: Your concern for me is more than enough, Nyna. One day, I will get your family's treasures back and use them to crush Dolhr. I swear it on this emblem of fire!

(Obtained Parthia)