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[[File:Small portrait {{{char1}}} fe09.png]]
C: {{{c}}}
B: {{{b}}}
A: {{{a}}}
[[File:Is gcn {{{affin1}}}affin.png]] x [[File:Is gcn {{{affin2}}}affin.png]]
[[File:Small portrait {{{char2}}} fe09.png]] [[{{{char2}}}|{{{char2}}}]]
Support Level Attack Defense Accuracy Avoid
C 0 0 10 0
B 0 0 20 0
A 0 0 30 0


Use this template on character's support pages, such as Soren/Supports. Most of the fields are pretty self-explanatory. The {{{type}}} field corresponds to the matchup of affinities, which follows this chart:

Type 1: Heaven x Heaven

Type 2: Heaven x Earth

Type 3: Heaven x Flame

Type 4: Heaven x Dark

Type 5: Heaven x Light

Type 6: Heaven x Thunder

Type 7: Heaven x Water

Type 8: Heaven x Wind

Type 9: Earth x Earth

Type 10: Earth x Flame

Type 11: Earth x Dark

Type 12: Earth x Light

Type 13: Earth x Thunder

Type 14: Earth x Water

Type 15: Earth x Wind

Type 16: Flame x Flame

Type 17: Flame x Dark

Type 18: Flame x Light

Type 19: Flame x Thunder

Type 20: Flame x Water

Type 21: Flame x Wind

Type 22: Dark x Dark

Type 23: Dark x Light

Type 24: Dark x Thunder

Type 25: Dark x Water

Type 26: Dark x Wind

Type 27: Light x Light

Type 28: Light x Thunder

Type 29: Light x Water

Type 30: Light x Wind

Type 31: Thunder x Thunder

Type 32: Thunder x Water

Type 33: Thunder x Wind

Type 34: Water x Water

Type 35: Water x Wind

Type 36: Wind x Wind

Find the pair of affinities on this chart, then enter the number in the {{{type}}} field. The template will enter in the correct numbers from that information. The template is also coded to enter appropriate sprites and portraits.

|char1=First character's name
|affin1=First character's affinity
|char2=Second character's name
|affin2=Second character's affinity
|c=# of chapters for a C support
|b=# of chapters for a B support
|a=# of chapters for an A support
|type=Affinity matchup, (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc. See chart above.)