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Iron Sword


A template for use on character data and chapter data pages. This makes adding an item or skill with a link to its page alongside its icon more streamlined.


This template has two main parameters: the game's number in the series/console platform code, and the item/skill's name.


For above: {{Item|gba|Iron Sword}}

There additional parameters that can be included or excluded when needed. They can be put in any order in the template, as long as the first two parameters are still the required two.

For dropped and forged items, the "type" parameter should be added. Examples:

{{Item|ds|Silver Sword|type=forged}}

VulneraryThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.

VulneraryThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.

Silver SwordThis weapon is forged and has boosted stats.

Additional parameters can be added to manually change the image and the article the text links to. Examples:

{{Item|14|Iron Katana|image=katana}}
{{Item|gcn|Astra|link=Astra (skill)}}

Iron Katana


Multiple parameters can be used at the same time.

{{Item|14|Thunder|link=Thunder (tome)|image=tome|type=drop}}

ThunderThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.

For items and skills in TearRingSaga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles, the template will automatically link to the relevant TearRingSaga namespace article.

{{Item|ps1|Fire|link=Fire (spell)}}
{{Item|ps1|Continuation|image=continuation skill}}