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Template:Cite web

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This is a variant of the {{cite}} template that is to be used when you're pulling a quote or information from a web page or document (such as a PDF file). This is to be used to cite sources, and should be used within <ref></ref> tags.


To use, enter this code:

{{Cite web | url= | title= | site= }}

The full code is as follows:

{{Cite web| quote= | author= | published= | retrieved = | url= | title= | site= | type= }} 
  • Quote — (Optional) The quoted text from the site
  • Author — (Optional) The name of the person who posted or published the text
  • Published — (Optional) The date the text was posted or published
  • Retrieved — (Optional) The date the article was accessed for the reference
  • URL — The direct URL to the page in question
  • Title — The name of the article or document
  • Site — The name of the site that the article or document is hosted on (eg. IGN,, etc.)
  • Type — (Optional) The type of page you're linking to, if it is not a regular HTML page. You should then say in this field what type of document it is (eg. "PDF File", "Word Document", "PNG Image", etc.)


{{cite web|url= |title= Main Page |site= Zelda Wiki }}
Main Page, Zelda Wiki

{{Cite web|quote= Hello world!|author= John Smith |published= May 13, 2001 |retrieved= July 24, 2009 |url= |title= Hello! |site= Testing.Org}}
"Hello world!" — John Smith, Hello!, Testing.Org, Published: May 13, 2001, Retrieved: July 24, 2009