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Template:Cargo FE7 classes

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{{{name}}} {{{name}}} {{{hp}}} {{{str}}} {{{mag}}} {{{skl}}} {{{spd}}} {{{def}}} {{{res}}} {{{mov}}} {{{con}}} {{{hpg}}} {{{strg}}} {{{magg}}} {{{sklg}}} {{{spdg}}} {{{defg}}} {{{resg}}}


Unlike other games, FE7 and FE8 for some reason have dedicated promotion gains rather than just adding the difference between class base stats (except for Move and Con). In this cargo table, "g" is used for those rather than for growth modifiers (as growth modifiers are not a thing until FE11).

How weapon level should function in games that aren't FE1 or FE3 is undecided.

Note: these stats are for the North American version of the game and not the original Japanese.

Identifier Name HP Str Mag Skill Spd Def Res Move Con HPg Strg Magg Skillg Spdg Defg Resg Wlv