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Template:BossStats FEH

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Level --
Max HP --
Weapon type [[File:Is feh {{{wpntype}}}.png|link={{{wpnlink|{{{wpntype}}}}|20px]]
Movement type [[File:Is feh {{{unittype}}}.png|{{{unittype}}}|20px]]
Attack -- Speed --
Defense -- Resistance --
Is feh skill weapon.png --
Is feh skill assist.png --
Is feh skill special.png --


For stats of non-playable characters. A, B, and C skills are separated with <br>.

{{BossStats FEH
|portrait=[[File:Portrait (character name) feh.png|100px]]
|rarity=The number of rarity stars this unit has (1-5)
|wpnlink=If weapon type's article is different from file name, leave out otherwise
|offense=[[Skill name]]
|wpn_refined=The attribute this unit's weapon has been refined with; see the files on with "wpn <effect> refined" in their names, and enter the effect here – e.g. "damage technique" for the Wo Dao effect
|support=[[Skill name]]
|special=[[Skill name]]
|ABC=[[File:Is feh skill name.png|20px]]<sub>Letter</sub> [[Skill name]] (skill level)