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Tempest of Swords and Shields/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Crimson Flower
Pegasus Moon

Tempest of Swords and Shields

Opening Narration FETH Adrestia banner.png

Cg fe16 pegasus moon mural part 2.png
With Derdriu now under Imperial control, the Leicester Alliance ceases to exist, and its remaining lords ally with the Empire. The Black Eagle Strike Force, now having conquered all of eastern Fódlan, confidently moves to invade the Kingdom.
— Chapter 15 opening narration

Event - Facing the Kingdom

Date: 2/1
Knights' Hall

(In the Knights' Hall, Hubert is reporting to Edelgard as Byleth accompanies her.)
Hubert: ...And that concludes Count Bergliez's report.

If Claude was spared in Chapter 14 Otherwise

Hubert: Just as Claude said, the old Alliance has willingly fallen under Imperial rule. However, knowing him, there is no telling what manner of poison could be waiting within.

Hubert: We must be careful not to expose any weakness.
Edelgard: Of course. Though it seems we can now attack the Kingdom without issue.
Hubert: True. However, you should know that Lord Arundel has entered Derdriu. It would seem he has already started collecting the Relics of the old Alliance...
Edelgard: Let him do as he pleases for now. It's not yet the time to chide him.
Hubert: Understood. As for the Kingdom... As we theorized, it is not entirely united.
Hubert: If we defeat the royal family of House Blaiddyd and a handful of other notable houses, it should fall under our control quite easily. Those we must target include the houses Fraldarius, Galatea, Gautier, and Charon.
Hubert: We have allies who are close to some of those lords. Perhaps that can be used to our advantage. Persuasion by tears or threats...Perhaps one would consent to act as an hostage? We must make good use of the tools given to us.
Edelgard: What about House Rowe in Arianrhod, the Fortress City? Will they not side with us?
Hubert: The head of House Fraldarius, Lord Rodrigue, has entered the city. It is possible that he has seized it.
Edelgard: I see. Then it might prove too difficult to strike Fhirdiad right away.
Hubert: Either way, when preparations are complete, we can begin our deployment into the Kingdom.
Edelgard: That part of the plan remains unchanged.
(Edelgard then looks at Byleth.)
Edelgard: Professor? Is something wrong?

Choice 1 Choice 2
No, it's nothing. Many of those names are new to me.
Edelgard: Yes, I don't imagine you have much interest in a running list of noble names. But it matters not. The nobility and the weight of it all those names will be gone once the war is over.

Edelgard: This month, we must put all of our effort into preparing for battle. I'm counting on you, my teacher.


(Some time later, at night...)

(Byleth is walking across the Dormitory when...)
Edelgard: Aaah!
(Edelgard shrieks from her room.)
Byleth: ...

(Byleth quickly rushes into Edelgard's room.)
Edelgard: Professor! You didn't hear anything just now, did you?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Are you OK? That was a cute shriek.
Edelgard: Of course I am! It's nothing...nothing at all. (Edelgard's face goes red)
Edelgard: Cute?! Huh! Well, be that as it may, it is not your concern. It was nothing.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Are you sure about that? Really, very cute...
Edelgard: I told you it was nothing and I meant it. (Edelgard's face goes red again.)
Edelgard: You seem to be trying your hardest to infuriate me. Don't you dare say that again!

Edelgard: It's just... Well, there was a rat. I don't enjoy the company of rats.
Edelgard: I believe I've told you about this before...about when I was held captive beneath the palace. There were a lot of rats there. To this day, I just...

(Byleth looks around as Edelgard speaks when they notice a drawn portait laying on her desk...?)
(It's an unfinished sketch of Byleth...)

Cg fe16 edelgard's drawing.png

What's that?

(Edelgard is in panic. Her face is crimson red and sweating bullets.)

Edelgard: What?! Oh! Professor! Leave here at once!
Edelgard: I recall now that Hubert needs to speak with me.
Edelgard: I must change my clothes. Now. Whatever you do, don't look this way.

I already saw it...

Edelgard: Aah! Then forget what you saw! That's an order!


Exploration: Tempest of Swords and Shields

Potential Dates: 2/8, 2/15 and 2/22

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Narration - Protecting Garreg Mach

Following the Alliance's defeat, the Black Eagle Strike Force prepares to invade the Kingdom, but the Kingdom's new allies—the Knights of Seiros—begin to make an advance of their own. After appearing in Ailell, the Valley of Torment, and following the border south, the Knights of Seiros openly march to recapture the monastery at Garreg Mach.
— Introduction to Protecting Garreg Mach

Event - Surprise Attack

Date: 2/28
Reception Hall

(An Imperial Soldier rushes up to Byleth, Edelgard, and Hubert to report.)
Imperial Soldier: Raid from the north! Their flag bears the symbol of the Knights of Seiros! One of our troops has already intercepted them!
Imperial Soldier: Your Majesty, please give us your orders!
Edelgard: From the north? Interesting... Could it be they journeyed through Ailell, the Valley of Torment?
(Edelgard then looks at the soldier.)
Edelgard: Is the archbishop among the enemy ranks? If so, focus our attacks on her first.
Imperial Soldier: Understood!
(The Imperial Soldier runs off.)

Edelgard: Our enemy knows Garreg Mach from inside and out. They can come and go as they please. It would have been best if we had detected them sooner, but that can't be helped.
Edelgard: Professor. We must hurry and intercept them ourselves. I'll leave the preparations to you.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)
Hubert: Heh. The battle looks to be rather cumbersome. We are still guarding all of Garreg Mach, but there are undoubtedly numerous secret passages and magic traps...
Hubert: There is still much about this place that we do not know. It is quite possible that they will attack from a location we cannot anticipate.
Edelgard: I must head out first to give my orders. I'll meet up with you soon. Call for General Randolph and General Ladislava! Hurry!

(Edelgard and Hubert walk away.)

Monastery's Outskirts

(Seteth and Flayn look around...)

Seteth: It feels like only yesterday we called this place our home...
Seteth: We must show these fools the error of their ways. They shall pay for the sin of invading Garreg Mach...
Flayn: Oh, but the professor is fighting alongside our foe! The same one who saved my life...
Seteth: That is true... Though I find forgiveness difficult, we do owe that wayward soul a debt.
Seteth: However, the fact remains that because of the professor, Rhea has long been tormented. To think that the vessel of the goddess, entrusted with the Sword of the Creator, could go on to... Ah, it angers me to even think of it!
Seteth: All that has happened has changed Rhea. I imagine it has changed the professor as well.
Seteth: Even if we prevail, I doubt the church can ever fully return to the way it once was...

Flayn: Umm... Brother?

(Seteth looks at Flayn.)
Seteth: Dear Flayn. I only brought you with me because you were so insistent. Still, no matter what happens, you must not go near the front lines.
Seteth: If something were to happen to you, it would utterly destroy me. You are my reason for breathing. Do you understand?
Flayn: I...I understand. If something were to happen to you, it would break my heart. I could not go on either.
Flayn: I cannot help but wonder...if there is a way to end this without fighting the professor...

Battle: Protecting Garreg Mach

Monastery (West Wall)

Before Battle

If Shamir wasn't recruited Otherwise

Shamir: Our surprise attack on Garreg Mach was a success. Now we just need to break through past this point.

If Alois wasn't recruited Otherwise

Alois: Lady Rhea and Catherine are holding back most of the Empire's army. Thereby leaving us, the expionary force, free to recapture the monastery!

Edelgard: Our enemies have followed us even here. How unfortunate.
Hubert: Your Majesty, the enemy's movement is suspicious. They may have some tactic in mind.
Edelgard: If so, then let's face them without delay. Form defensive lines and hold them to the death! Strike down all who approach!
Hubert: Their troop composition is also strange. I would bet that they are concealing additional soldiers.

Player Phase 1

Hubert: The enemy is transporting large quantities of flammable material into the woods. They clearly intend to attack us with fire. We should do all we can to prevent it.
Edelgard: Troops waiting in the woods to ambush? We must avoid any suspicious areas as we advance.

Enemy Phase 12

If Alois wasn't recruited Otherwise

Alois: Now! Light it up! Like the goddess's fiery wrath, these flames will engulf our enemies.

(The town becomes engulfed in flames. Another capture tile becomes available to the enemy.)

If Shamir wasn't recruited Otherwise

Shamir: Great. A path has opened for us.

If Flayn and her troops haven't been revealed yet...

Seteth: Success! Seize this momentum! Take the monastery!

(The next trigger is activated immediately...)

Enemy Reinforcements Reveal Themselves

Seteth: Now!
(Flayn and several Church Soldiers appear on the right side of the map.)
Flayn: The time is now! As long as we stand here, you shall not pass!

Edelgard: Come at me, so that I may put you out of your misery!

If the Church's Trap was a Success

Hubert: Setting fires, opening new paths—we're outflanked. We cannot allow them any further ingress. Widen the defensive line. Stop the enemy from entering at all cost.

Enemy Units begin Reaching the Marked Tiles

Hubert: The enemy is approaching our defensive lines! There will be trouble if we don't deal with them!

Enemy Units Capture the Marked Tiles

Edelgard: If they break through here, the monastery will be— ...If that happens, all will be lost.

If both Shamir/Knight Sniper and Alois/Knight Warrior Fall

Seteth: Our plan's been thwarted. No point in attempting to remain hidden. All troops, forward! Retake Garreg Mach!
(All hidden reinforcements spawn at once, including Flayn's wave if it hadn't earlier.)

Boss - Shamir

Shamir does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by a Knight of Seiros Sniper

Vs Anyone:

How much of this can you take? It doesn't matter. We will be reclaming Garreg Mach.
— Shamir Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

You still align yourself with the emperor? What a shame. Let's make this quick. I don't want the loser to suffer.
— Shamir Vs Byleth

Vs Alois:

Alois: Why, if it isn't Shamir! You're still with the knights. What a surprise.
Shamir: You're the surprise, Alois. I never thought I'd see the day you'd choose anyone over Rhea. Don't worry, I won't hold back. I owe an old ally the courtesy.
Alois: I won't either. I hope you're ready.

— Shamir Vs Alois

If allied Alois falls:

Alois! How dare you die before me!
— Shamir if an allied Alois falls

Death Quote:

I knew it... Shouldn't have let emotion get in the way...
— Shamir's Death Quote

Boss - Alois

Alois does not appear if he was recruited and is replaced by a Knight of Seiros Warrior

Vs Anyone:

You fiend, bearing ill will against the goddess. This place will be your grave!
— Alois Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I can't believe you would try to kill lady Rhea. Jeralt must be turning in his grave. I can't protect you like my promised. I have to kill you and bury you with my own hands.
— Alois Vs Byleth

Vs Shamir:

Shamir: So, you're the leader of the Knights of Seiros now? Good for you, Alois.
Alois: Indeed. You seem to be doing well for yourself too. The other knights are always cursing you.
Shamir: Don't worry, I won't hold back. I owe an old ally the courtesy.
Alois: I won't either. I hope you're ready.

— Shamir Vs Alois

If allied Shamir falls:

Shamir, no! I will avenge you!
— Alois if an allied Shamir falls

Death Quote:

Jeralt, I did it... I protected the monastery...
— Alois's Death Quote

Boss - Flayn

Vs Anyone:

This makes me terribly sad, but this is my duty, to which I must be true!
— Flayn Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:*

When I heard you were alive, Professor, I was so happy. But now... Now this? How can it be that you fight on that side? I cannot take your life, for I owe you mine, even now. And yet I cannot back away from this fight. When this is over, my brother and I will go into hiding. It is the only way.
— Flayn Vs Byleth

Defeat Quote:

Farewell, Professor. I do not imagine we shall ever meet again.
— Flayn's Defeat Quote

Death Quote:

If Seteth hasn't fallen yet...
Flayn: Father, please forgive me... I am returning to Mother now...before you do...
Seteth: Flayn! Please, no! No!

— Flayn's Death Quote if Seteth hasn't fallen
However, if Seteth has already fallen...
Mother... I will see you soon.
— Flayn's Death Quote if Seteth had already fallen

Boss - Seteth

Vs Anyone:

Trespassing on holy ground is a grave sin indeed. You must atone for it with your life!
— Seteth Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:*

It saddens me to face you on the field of battle, after all you've done for Flayn. I cannot approve of your actions. But I also cannot follow Rhea on her current course. It may not change anything, but allow me to make a promise to you. If Flayn and I survive this battle, we will withdraw from the world and leave you to do as you please.
— Seteth Vs Byleth

Defeat Quote:

I'm sorry, Rhea... For Flayn's sake, I must take my leave to retreat...
— Seteth's Defeat Quote

Death Quote:

If Flayn hasn't fallen yet...
Seteth: I'm sorry, Flayn... I couldn't protect you...
Seteth: Father! Father, why?! Why?!

— Seteth's Death Quote if Flayn hasn't fallen
However, if Flayn has already fallen...
I have lived many years...yet there was still more I wished to do.
— Seteth's Death Quote if Flayn had already fallen

After Battle

Edelgard: We fought them off. Good work, everyone. We've repelled the principle force of the knights and defended Garreg Mach! Hubert, I require a damage report at once.
Hubert: Yes, Your Majesty. We will have to make inquiries about the status of the main army.
Edelgard: Indeed. After all, it seems they had Rhea and Catherine fighting on their side.

Event - War Council: Pegasus Moon

The Sealed Forest

(Catherine is seen reporting to Rhea...)

If Seteth and Flayn were spared... If Seteth and Flayn were killed...

Catherine: Lady Rhea. The unit that invaded the monastery has been completely driven away.
Catherine: We were able to make a clean sweep of those who came to attack us. However, I fear we can do nothing but retreat for now.
Rhea: What of Seteth and Flayn?
Catherine: Seteth and Flayn were able to escape in another direction. I have a message from them.

(Catherine shares Seteth's letter. It's narrated with his voice.)

I am sorry, Rhea. I fear we must return to a life in hiding.
I detest that person with all my heart. However, Flayn's life is more important to me than all else.
I pray that you will one day be free from the burden of your work...

— Seteth

Rhea: I see. As expected, I am the only one left.
(The Archbishop then speaks at the sky...)
Rhea: Mother, please wait for me. I promise that I will save you...
Rhea: The filthy thief who stole you from the Holy Tomb...I will crush them with my bare hands!

Entrance Hall

(Meanwhile in the Entrance Hall, Randolph is seen barely standing, reporting to the Emperor...)
Randolph: Edelgard... Your Majesty... I am so sorry...
Edelgard: Silence. We must tend to your wounds.
Randolph: It will do no good. I can't be saved... You must know that.
Randolph: Ladislava has also passed... The enemy has withdrawn... You are safe now...

(The screen has gone dark)

Edelgard: Understood. Good work.

(Edelgard looks at Randolph's body, still keeping her composure.)

Edelgard: Another loss on my watch... As more blood wets my feet, they grow heavier with each step.
Edelgard: Remorse, resentment, despair... I have dispensed with all such things to come this far.
Hubert: And we must keep moving forward...
(Edelgard's expression changes. Her eyes look determined.)
Edelgard: Hubert. Tell me the status of the enemy.
Hubert: The battle has ended in a draw with severe injuries on both sides. Some known commanders have been slain. With the death of Alois, the Knights of Seiros have taken a huge blow as well.
Hubert: Garreg Mach has not taken much damage, and so it would not be let out of line to claim it as a victory of ours.
Edelgard: Yes... We'll call that a victory. Although, I'm sure they will say the same.
(Hubert bows down.)
Hubert: Yes, Your Majesty.

Dining Hall

(Meanwhile, Byleth and the rest of the Black Eagle Strike Force await...)
(Bernadetta's talking to Byleth)
Bernadetta: Ugh, what a terrible opponent that was! Why is the church always like this?!
Bernadetta: How am I supposed to train for that?! It was way too scary!
Linhardt: When I saw the enemy enter Garreg Mach, I prepared myself mentally for death.
Linhardt: I thought it would be a fine time to die, but I suppose it wasn't quite the time after all...
Petra: Our luck was good to have grabbed victory. The church has great strength.
Petra: We must not have grief, but must keep fighting. Can we be fighting now?
Ferdinand: This was certainly a momentous victory. We lost a lot, but we also gained a lot.
Ferdinand: Certain lords in the Kingdom have examined the situation again and decided to join our cause. Changing their fealty based on just one battle... They are all a disgrace to the nobility!
Dorothea: Today, our enemy held many faces I knew well... If we must fight to the death with that kind of opponent, what will become of this world?
Caspar: There's no stopping me! I'm ready go strike the Kingdom here and now!
Caspar: Everyone must see that we can easily unite Fódlan! Don't you think?

(Edelgard and Hubert enter the room.)

Edelgard: Excellent job, everyone. The battle is over now. While we have sustained heavy losses, our foe has suffered far more.
Hubert: Although not exactly as planned, a win is a win. It may be safe to say that there will be no more obstacles on our way to the next battle.
Edelgard: We will break through the Tailtean Plains and then set course for Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital.
Edelgard: The final chapter of our fight with the Kingdom and the church is close at hand.