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Tempest Trials/Script

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Dark Clouds over Awakening


Robin (male): So this is it... The Tempest. The source of the chaos that has engulfed our world.

???: That's right. If we don't do something about it... destruction is all we have to look forward to. The Tempest distorts time and space. Worlds become entangled... and they begin to mix.

Robin (female): The fact that all of us are meeting like this is proof of that, I'd say.

???: In another world, there are more like us—those who fight against the Tempest. They are our ray of hope. If we work together, we can change the future... I'm sure of it.

Lucina: Of course we can! Let's fight to get our future back!


Robin (male): The Tempest is weakening, it seems.

Lissa: They never even saw us coming! Now, come on! We've got to tell my brother all about what we did.

Nowi: Hee hee! We're the best!

Tharja: It's all thanks to the power of my love. It's twice as potent right now, so I'm twice as strong as usual. Heh.

???: Our true gratitude should go to the warriors from the other world. They fought at our side as true heroes. Unfortunately, we do not know when the Tempest will strike again. I must find a way we can fight back... I refuse to let any world be consumed by despair. Not if I have any say.

Resonating Fangs


Faye: Alm! Oh, I'm so glad you're safe. You're not hurt, are you?

Alm: No, I'm fine. But what was that? Some sort of earthquake?

Clair: I have no idea. From the sky, it looked like the whole continent was splitting in two... It looked like the end of the world.

Alm: Let's search for everyone else. They're probably worried.

???: To worry for your friends even in such a desperate situation. You are the ray of hope I seek.

Alm: Huh?

???: You are Alm, another Hero-King and wielder of the Falchion, are you not?

Alm: And you are?

Marth: Marth... My name is Marth. Heed my words, Heroes from the World of Shadows. The calamity that split your world... was caused by the Tempest. If you lend me your strength, we can restore your land.


Alm: The Tempest seems to be getting weaker.

Marth: Your Falchion cut through its chaos. However, we are only half-done. Your world's gods have given Valentia two faces. I must seek her out...the other Hero. Your counterpart.

Alm: You mean...her?

Marth: The Celica we just fought is from another world. You could consider her just one possibility... Now that she's free from the Tempest, she should be back to normal and in her own world. However, the Celica of legend—the Celica you know—is fighting the Tempest as we speak. I must go to her aid.

Alm: Wait! Celica is my friend. Even since we were children... Protecting her is my responsibility. I'm coming with you.

Marth: Hmm... It is said that the Falchion is a blade forged from the fang of a divine dragon. So together we possess two fangs... That's surely enough to cleave the Tempest's chaos. Let us go.

Reunited at Last


Sonya: I can't take much more of this! I've lost count of how many we've defeated... But they keep coming!

Celica: It's been so long... So long that I can't even remember HOW long. Everyone's exhausted...Yet they press us, relentlessly. At this rate, I just don't know...Oh, Alm...

Alm: Celica!

Celica: Alm? Alm! Is that really you?

Alm: You're all right. Thank goodness! Take a deep breath. It's going to be OK. I'll save you from this... I swear it!


Celica: The vortex... It's disappearing.

Alm: I can't believe my eyes. The ground had cracked open...but now... It's like time has run in reverse.

Marth: The Tempest is gone. Both space and time have quieted. Well done, Heroes from the World of Shadows. The danger has receded. Your world is safe.

Alm: Marth, I thank you. We owe you much for this.

Marth: Thanks aren't necessary. Your world holds special meaning for me, too. It must be protected. I visited here myself...some time ago. Though I suppose it would be more accurate to say that it was far in the future...

Alm: The future, you say?

Marth: I must go. It has been an honor to meet you, Alm—the other Hero-King. I can only hope we will meet again. I bid you farewell, Heroes!

To Die on the Battlefield


Lyn: What a foul spiral... This must be the entrance to the Tempest.

Marth: That it is. And inside, countless Heroes will stand in our way.

Hector: So we just gotta take 'em all out, right? No use standing around. Let's get to it!

Eliwood: Before we go rushing in... Marth, is there anything else we should know about what awaits us within?

Marth: There's an incredibly powerful Hero waiting in the depths of the Tempest... When he fights, his axe and his body become as one. He is known as a Berserker.

Eliwood: A Berserker...

Hector: Now that'll be an interesting fight. But no matter who gets in our way, I'll cut them down. No doubt.

Marth: If anyone else made such a claim, I might accuse them of arrogance. But you, Hector... I believe fully. Now let's move out. We must restore this world.


Marth: The Tempest is weakening. Your world is saved.

Eliwood: Marth, I must ask... That Berserker we fought... Was that Hector?

Hector: Ha! Now that's a jape if I ever heard none. How could we have fought me? I was right by your side!

Lyn: Even so, it's hard to believe otherwise. His sheer strength, even his very appearance...

Hector: Hey, what's with all the gloomy looks suddenly? We won, and I feel better than ever. Don't worry about it.

Marth: It's as Hector says. That was not the man you all know. There's no need to worry. Now let's go make sure our efforts have had the desired effect on your world.

Hector: You all go ahead. I want to talk with Marth about something.

Marth: You wish to speak with me?

Hector: You say you've seen the future... So does that mean you've seen mine as well? You know what happens next?

Marth: I do...

Hector: My axe is named Armads... It once belonged to a Berserker. I remember something he once said... "You desire strength? Then prepare yourself. Once you have gained such power... Your life will not end in a comfortable bed. You will die on the battlefield. In the savage garden of war's bloody delights."

Marth: The Berserker we fought here received his power by entering into a contract with Armads. And then—

Hector: I know the story. It's the same as mine. So I guess that means it really is my destiny to die on the battlefield... Don't tell Eliwood and the others, all right? They don't need to worry themselves over this.

Marth: Yes, Hector... I promise. You are a true Hero. I am honored to have met you.

Moment of Fate


Ike: What's the nearby situation like?

Titania: An entire town has been destroyed... It's like that earthquake swallowed it whole.

Soren: A large-scale force is approaching from the south, but I can't discern its affiliation. They're wearing armor I've never seen before.

Mist: Ike, look at those clouds... They don't look natural to me. What's happening?

Ike: I don't know, Mist...

Marth: Well met, Greil Mercenaries.

Soren: And you are?

Marth: I'm Marth, a swordsman from another land. And I'd like to ask your group for help.

Titania: So you have a job for us? Normally we would be glad for the work, but at the moment...

Marth: The chaos before you is caused by the Tempest. I'm fighting to stem its flow. Fight by my side... And your reward will be this world's safety.

Soren: You show up out of nowhere and claim you're trying to save the world? Sounds shady to me. Why exactly should we put our trust in you, Marth from another land?

Marth: Because our enemy within the Tempest is the Black Knight... The very same Ike's father once fought.

Ike: Yeah, we know him...

Mist: What are we going to do, Ike?

Ike: ...Let's hear what he has to say.


Marth: The Tempest's chaos has been stemmed. Victory is yours.

Mist: Ike, I'm so glad! We were finally able to—

Ike: Mist...

Mist: What? This means we got revenge for Dad, right?

Ike: No... That wasn't the Black Knight. He looked the same, and he had the same power... But...

Marth: But he was not the same Black Knight you know. This one was born from the chaos of the Tempest. I'm sorry for deceiving you... I led you to believe it was him because I needed your help.

Ike: It's fine... We did manage to fix the world, after all. We'll face him in battle for real one day, and we'll settle things then.

Marth: Ike of the Greil Mercenaries... You will face him, and you will emerge victorious. I'm sure of it. As much as I would like to help you in turn, my job in this world is done. I must be on my way.

Ike: Something tells me this won't be the last time I see you. We'll meet again someday, and I hope you'll help us out then.

Marth: I will. You have my word. Until we meet again, Radiant Hero.

Genealogy of Light


Seliph: A vortex of pure chaos..

Marth: Correct. The name we give this cataclysm is the Tempest. Listen well, Scion of Light. If you can avert the tragedy of the Tempest, you can protect one who is very dear to you—Julia.

Seliph: I understand. Julia, wait for me. I swear I will save you!

Marth: Fear not. You won't go into this fight alone. We have allies—ones you are deeply tied to.

Seliph: What does that mean?

Deirdre: Seliph... You've gotten so big.

Seliph: Mother?! Is that really you, Mother?

Sigurd: Seliph...

Seliph: Father? How can this be?

Marth: Perhaps it is best to think of it as a miracle born from chaos—and the intermingling of time and space... Seliph... May the genealogy of light passed down to you now bring you strength...


Seliph: Julia! Are you all right?

Julia: ... Seliph? What am I doing here?

Seliph: I'm just glad that you're safe.

Marth: Crisis has been averted. Space and time should now be disentangled—and returned to their proper order. This, of course, goes for your family as well...

Sigurd: Seliph...

Seliph: Father...

Deirdre: Take care of yourself, Seliph. And remember...we will always watch over you.

Seliph: Mother... I thank you both.

Less Than Heroic


Marth: ...And that's everything I know about what's going on. Everything I know about the Tempest... So I beseech you, Heroes... Please, lend me your strength so we can restore this world!

Dorcas: Not interested. Sorry.

Marth: I...beg your pardon?

Dorcas: I'm no Hero. I'm just doing what I can to survive.

Marth: But... This world...

Joshua: Not so fast, Dorcas... Surely Marth doesn't expect mercenaries to work for free. What's the pay like? I'm sure we'd be glad to help for... let's say...30,000? A piece.

Marth: M-my apologies... But I don't have the money to hire you... I apologize for assuming you would work for free. I'll find another group. If you'll excuse—

Mia: Whoa, hold on just a minute. Gosh, everyone, look how bad you made Marth feel. We should do what we can to help him! Well, I'll join you, anyway... I'm a mercenary too, but I'll waive my fees this time.

Marth: Th-thank you...

Mia: Heehee, don't look so shaken. You'd think nobody's ever refused to help before!

Lute: Ho-hum... I shall participate as well. I have already saved the world a number of times. This shall be easy. Because, after all, there's—

Joshua: No one better than you—we've heard. We'll just put this one on your tab, Marth. You're in too, right, big guy? This Tempest is just one more threat to your wife, after all.

Dorcas: I guess you're right... I'm in.


Marth: This world has been saved thanks to your efforts. Thank you all so much. I can't say it enough... I truly appreciate your help. If it weren't for you, this world—

Mia: Gosh, Marth, you look like you're about to cry. I had some good fights, the world's back together, and we're all alive. That's good enough for me!

Dorcas: Now that the world's not ending, I get more time with my wife. All I ever wanted.

Lute: And I've proven my genius once more by saving the world yet again... Thus demonstrating my natural superiority. I want for nothing more.

Joshua: Well, I want money.

Marth: Wh-what? I'm sorry, I said, I can't pay you...

Joshua: I'll take an I.O.U. But the interest rate is brutal at 100 percent a month.

Marth: What?! 100 percent?! That's—

Joshua: Hehe... I'm willing to erase your debt, if you're willing to make a small wager. Simply call it in the air... Heads or tails?

Marth: A-all right... Heads. No, tails!

A Gift of Peace


Marth: Heroes, heed my call. Your power is needed to quell the Tempest and save this world.

Chrom (Winter's Envoy): Of course! We can't allow the world to be swallowed by chaos.

Robin (Winter's Envoy): We'll do whatever we can to preserve the peace.

Lissa (Winter's Envoy): Ha...ha-ha...bwa-ha-ha!

Robin (Winter's Envoy): Lissa! What's so funny?

Chrom (Winter's Envoy): This is no laughing matter. Do you not realize how dire this situation is?

Lissa (Winter's Envoy): Oh, come on! How am I supposed to take your little speeches seriously when you're wearing those outfits?

Robin (Winter's Envoy): You know why we're dressed like this. You were celebrating the winter festival with us!

Tharja (Winter's Envoy): It was my chance to get some time alone with... with... This stupid Tempest! I'll curse it a thousand times...

Chrom (Winter's Envoy): No matter how we're attired, we fight to protect Ylisse! Move out!


Marth: Your brave deeds have broken through and quieted the chaos. You all have my thanks.

Chrom (Winter's Envoy): I'm just glad we could help. Maybe we were dressed a little oddly...but what matters is what we achieve together.

Marth: Don't say that. You look good. That outfit suits you!

Chrom (Winter's Envoy): You...think so? Well...I'll take the compliment! Maybe I should wear it more often...

Lissa (Winter's Envoy): Um... I'm not sure how to put this, should think twice before you trust Marth's taste in clothing.

Robin (Winter's Envoy): Well, well. I never expected to hear such a thing from the legendary Hero-King...

Marth: Had I been able, I would have loved to have been with my family, dressed like that... Where I come from...we didn't often have the chance to celebrate festivals as you do.

Chrom (Winter's Envoy): Marth... Why don't you join us? The festival isn't over just yet. Spend some time with us!

Marth: I thank you for the kind offer, Chrom. Unfortunately, I must be going... But if the opportunity comes again... I will surely join you, courageous Heroes!

Stepping into the New Year


Marth: It's time to move out, Heroes. The fate of this world rests upon your shoulders.

Corrin (Happy New Year!): You can count on us. We'll give it all we've got!

Marth: There's no doubt in my mind. But... I must ask... What do you intend to use as weapons?

Azura (Happy New Year!): Well, I shall smack my foes with this hagoita.

Takumi (Happy New Year!): And I shall toss this mochi at mine.

Camilla (Happy New Year!): My enemies shall be poked repeatedly with this kadomatsu.

Corrin (Happy New Year!): And mine shall recoil in fear at the mere sight of Hama Ya.

Marth: I...see... Perhaps I haven't made the severity of the situation clear. The fate of this world rests upon your—

Takumi (Happy New Year!): Well, we were in the middle of preparing for our first shrine trip of the new year when this all happened. Were you expecting us to be armed to the teeth with real weapons of war?

Azura (Happy New Year!): Don't worry. If I can wield a pine branch as a weapon and emerge victorious, I'm sure these will serve. The weapons matter not as long as we give it our all! Now let's go save this world.


Marth: The Tempest weakens. Thank you, Heroes. Your efforts have saved this world.

Corrin (Happy New Year!): Phew, I'm so glad to hear. That means we can get back to our shrine trip, right?

Takumi (Happy New Year!): Our trip was interrupted by this nasty business, so it's only right we get back to it.

Azura (Happy New Year!): May I ask, Marth... What will be your new-year wish?

Marth: A new-year wish? Oh... Well... I suppose my only wish has ever been that no world should become overwhelmed by despair.

Camilla (Happy New Year!): Hmm... That won't do.

Marth: I beg your pardon? Why will it not?

Camilla (Happy New Year!): Your idealistic wish is just lovely, dear, but taking on the weight of the world will just suffocate you. Be true to yourself. What's YOUR wish? Tell me something you want for yourself.

Marth: For...myself? Well... There is one thing I've always wanted, above all else. I wish to see my father again. And all the friends I've lost.

Camilla (Happy New Year!): Oh, now that is a lovely wish. Thank you for sharing it with us, Marth. Heehee, aren't you just a little cutie-pie. How would you like to try on a kimono? I happen to have a spare.

Marth: One of your kimono? N-no, thank you. It does not appear suited to a man such as Marth—uh, as myself...

Camilla (Happy New Year!): Oh, is that so? Something tells me it would suit someone like you perfectly well... Come with me, Marth. Let's get you into a changing room.

Marth: W-wait a second! Ahem, I mean... My apologies, but I have no time to celebrate with you. Until we meet again, Heroes!

Shrouded by the Storm


Marth: And so we meet, Princess Fjorm, of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice.

Fjorm: And you are?

Marth: Call me Marth. I have vowed to fight the chaos caused by the Tempest. Princess Fjorm... I ask for your aid, so that this world might be restored.

Fjorm: Restored? My kingdom, Nifl, could be saved? Very well. I have resolved to face any battle that would restore my homeland. Even so...

Marth: Yes?

Fjorm: You're asking that I throw myself into danger. How do I know that I can trust you in the heat of battle? Can you prove your loyalty to me?

Marth: I've asked you to have faith in me, and yet I hide behind a mask... I understand. Is there nothing I can do to earn your trust?

Fjorm: A good question. Perhaps... Yes... May I hold your sword for just a moment?

Marth: You wish to hold Falchion?

Fjorm: Yes. That would prove to me that you bear me no ill will...

Marth: Very well. If that is what it will take for you to believe in me, then I shall let you hold my blade.

Fjorm: Do this, and you will have my trust.

Fjorm: Stop! You can't trust her!

Marth: What?!

Fjorm: Oh, dearie me...

Fjorm: Who are you, and why are you impersonating me?

Marth: Two princesses?

Fjorm: Oh my, my, my... That didn't take long.

Loki: We were so close to the best part... What a shame.

Marth: Who are you?

Loki: I am Loki, an agent of chaos. The opposite of you, my dear... I'll wait for you in the depths of the Tempest. See you later, sweetie.


Loki: My, my. So it goes. Not that it matters I'll simply retreat... For now.

Marth: Wait! Who are you? What do you want?

Loki: What do I want? The joy of destroying worlds, and spreading chaos... Would you rather stare at a stone sitting by the side of a road, or watch it tumble down a cliffside? As it tumbles, it may, of course, crumble into dust... And yet...

Marth: ...

Loki: If you want to stop me, all you have to do is try. That would also kill my boredom... Farewell, dear Marth. I look forward to our next meeting, my dear.

Breath of Destiny


Lilina (Love Abounds): Uncle Eliwood, the enemy is almost here.

Eliwood (Love Abounds): So I see... It's a shame this all had to happen in the middle of the festival. And to make matters worse, the cataclysm has divided our forces. At this rate...

Lilina (Love Abounds): Uncle...

Eliwood (Love Abounds): You must hide, Lilina. This place will soon be a battlefield.

Lilina (Love Abounds): But I want to fight, too!

Eliwood (Love Abounds): Out of the question. If something were to happen to you, I could never face Hector again.

Lilina (Love Abounds): You're concerned about my father? But...

Eliwood (Love Abounds): Roy should be close by. We'll be fine once we can join up.

Roy (Love Abounds): Father! Lilina! I'm so glad you're safe.

Lilina (Love Abounds): Roy!

Roy (Love Abounds): Father, Lord Hector is battling on the frontline. According to his new ally, our enemy is from another world... And this phenomenon is called the Tempest. I'm heading back into battle right away. Please, stay here and—

Eliwood (Love Abounds): No. I'm coming with you.

Roy (Love Abounds): But, Father... Your health...

Eliwood (Love Abounds): My health is fine. I understand that in your world, I'm ill... But right now, I'm at full strength. Now let's go and provide Hector with some assistance.

Roy (Love Abounds): Thank you, Father. It feels like some sort of dream to be able to fight by your side...

Eliwood (Love Abounds): Ha. Well, I'll do my best to leave you with a good impression. Now let's go!


Roy (Love Abounds): The vortex is fading.

Eliwood (Love Abounds): You're right. We managed to quell it, somehow.

Roy (Love Abounds): I'm glad... Father? ...Thank you.

Eliwood (Love Abounds): It's I who should thank you. The fractured worlds are repairing themselves. We should say our goodbyes while we can.

Roy (Love Abounds): Father...

Eliwood (Love Abounds): Roy... The way you fought shows that you are truly worthy of leading the Pherae armies. I am certain that you will be a child of fire... One that saves the land from an evil star. I'm proud to be your father. I hope we meet again, my dear son.

Roy (Love Abounds): Thank you, Father...

Invisible Ties


Chrom (The True Quarry):'s over. Robin, we did it. We changed our fates! We have finally, truly won.

Robin (female): Yes... What's that!?

Robin (Fallen Heroes): Indeed. The course of fate has been altered.

Robin (female): Who are you!?

Robin (Fallen Heroes): Distortions flow through time and space... Causality is warped and twisted. This world's history has been set free. Who knows how it will waver and bend?

Chrom (The True Quarry): What's that supposed to mean? And you haven't answered Robin's question, either. Who are you!?

Robin (Fallen Heroes): Who am I? Robin, of course. Before fate was altered, Chrom slew me. I was reborn as Grima. I have come here in pursuit of the child who calls herself Marth.

Robin (female): You're saying that you' From a different past?

Robin (Fallen Heroes): Indeed. We are one and the same. But we come from different worlds... Very different. Perhaps it's due to the intensity of the forces of chaos... I had not anticipated meeting a female self.

Robin (female): Well, here I am.

Robin (Fallen Heroes): Would this qualify as self-loathing? Because I have an intense desire to kill you... This turmoil is fascinating.

Chrom (The True Quarry): Don't you even think about it.

Robin (Fallen Heroes): Oh, Chrom... You're here? I didn't even notice you. You're grown in strength. I will have to tear some strips off of you before I devour you. Come to me... You have no choice, since the only way to escape the Tempest is to defeat me. I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the fell dragon, Grima!


Marth: I should have known you were pulling the strings.

Loki: Well, well. You caught me. Do you really have time to waste on me, though? Don't you have a Fell Dragon to murder? And there's that young lady that Prince Chrom seems so attached to. She's Grima too, isn't she? Don't you worry that little artifice will come tumbling down some day? That she'll kill your dear prince? I would.

Marth: I'm aware of the situation. I once tried to kill her, myself...

Loki: Oh, really? My, my...

Marth: But I know better now. The bond those two share cannot be broken—by anything. We have the power to change fate.

Loki: Change fate? Oh, how adorable. But tell me this. Can you really be sure that changing fate will make you happy? And doesn't it seem likely that all your meddling will ruin some lives?

Marth: ...

Loki: Someone whose life was perfectly lovely... Well, they might not be quite so happy as you are... Once the world changes. All you really want to do is pick a future that suits you... Isn't that a little self-serving? If I can see that, dear, surely you can.

Marth: ... Of course I can.

Loki: Well, at least you'll admit that much. You may be completely lacking in charm, but you're not stupid. Of course, if you're too clever... That means I'd better kill you.

Marth: What!?

Loki: Oh, sweet pea. Did I scare you? Hush now. I don't mean right this second! I'll be seeing you again...

Thunder's Fist


Leif: The River Thracia... So vast that no matter how often I look at it, it always captivates me...

Marth: The historical record holds that your liberation army is victorious here and crosses to the other side.

Leif: You understand how our future is going to play out... Is that what you're saying?

Marth: Correct. But even as we speak, the Tempest is bearing down on this land. You must take up your sword. You must face the same man you did in the histories I read.

Leif: Sir Reinhardt... His reputation precedes him. All say he is an adept of the battlefield... Some even say he is no less than the crusader Thrud reborn.

Marth: The fight to quell the Tempest will likely be much more difficult than anything you have faced 'til now. Let us proceed with all due caution, Prince Leif.


Marth: The Tempest's chaos has once again been quieted... Your efforts are appreciated, Prince Leif. The history I studied had the measure of you. You are, indeed, a great Hero.

Leif: A Hero, you say? A wise man once told me that Heroes do not choose to be Heroes—that the era demands they become Heroes.

Marth: That is a fair thing to say, I believe. That is why I war this mask... There was need of a Hero.

Leif: Prince Marth?

Marth: The story of the battle you fought fascinates me. The scale of the enemy's forces was vast... You were at an overwhelming disadvantage. After so many fights, you and your allies were beyond exhausted. You stole supplies from the enemy, rescued your comrades, and faced up to those overwhelming odds.

Leif: So you say...

Marth: My world faces circumstances just as dire. That victory was something you reached out and grasped, relying on your own strength... I hope you can understand, even a little, why I admire you. As I fought beside you, I felt that feeling grow...

Leif: But I have so much to learn! Hearing this is a little embarrassing...

Marth: You're too modest, Prince. There is no denying that you are a Hero. The light in you shines strongly. I am honored to have met you. Someday, sometime... Perhaps we can meet again, Sage-Lord.

Loki's Flames


Loki: Why must it always be so insufferably hot in Múspell?

Laegjarn: Loki...

Loki: Princess Laegjarn! What exquisite timing you have. Shall we retire to the baths? I'm so...grimy. I wish you'd let me take care of you and your darling little sister. I would like nothing more...

Laegjarn: I can take care of Laevatein. And I'll also take care of anyone who lays a hand on her. Consider yourself warned.

Loki: So, no bath, then?

Laegjarn: I have had my fill of your foolishness, Loki. What brings you here? I know that you have not sworn your loyalty to my father. I suspect an ulterior motive.

Loki: So what? The king seems pleased enough with my assistance. If you would like to know what I really want... I'll give you a riddle to solve. If you get it right, I'll reveal...everything.

Laegjarn: I doubt I could make sense of any riddle you'd dream up. I've already wasted enough time trying to puzzle you out. It seems as though you operate on caprice and whim alone. I have little doubt you'd throw away everything if the mood struck you. You are a creature of chaos.

Loki: Darling! I'd no idea you'd taken such an interest in me. I'm touched. But I am afraid we're out of time. There are some adorable brides who I'm aching to meet...

Laegjarn: Where are you going now?

Loki: Oh, never mind that, dear. It's... just one of my little secrets. Let's just call it the heart of the chaos and leave it at that!


Loki: The Tempest is already sputtering out... How sad. Those brides were so adorable. I wasn't done with them... Oh, well. I'll console myself with the thought that no matter who wins, well... You know what? I think I'll keep that one to myself for now. I know you're listening, dear. Come on out.

Laevatein: ...

Loki: Princess Laevatein! You were spying on me. I'm shocked! Did your grouchy sister put you up to it?

Laevatein: No. It was my idea. Loki... If you hurt her... I will get you.

Loki: The love shared between sisters is such a beautiful thing. But it's also a bit sad! So strong, this love is, that you two just can't open up to me... Your own mother!

Laevatein: What? No... Not true! ...Is it?

Loki: Of course it isn't, dear. You are just as cute as can be! So pure of heart...

Laevatein: You—

Loki: Now, now, Princess. You are so adorable that I feel myself dying to tell you my secrets... You don't need to worry about me, dear. My goal is the same as your dear father's... The destruction of Askr.

Feud of the Fangs


Nino (Scattered Fangs): Jaffar... Where are we? Nothing looks familiar, and the clouds... They're spiraling in the sky...

Jaffar: ...We must go. Hurry. ...!

Linus: Jaffar.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Linus?

Linus: Nino! Didn't think we'd run into you here.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Linus... I, um...well...

Jaffar: Get back, Nino. Mad Dog... Get out of our sight. If you don't... I'll take care of you.

Linus: Now, that's a laugh! You honestly think that you... Well, all right.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): S-stop it! Both of you!

Legault: Nino's right. Black Fang assassins should strike their targets and no one else.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Uncle Legault!

Legault: Nino... This again? Do I look like your uncle? No, never mind... Linus, you need to stay focused. We're looking for the one who injured Lloyd. Priorities, young man.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Lloyd was hurt?

Legault: We were ambushed. We didn't have a chance to react... They fought like one of ours—striking from behind.

Linus: He was protecting my back. Damn it!

Legault: He's alive, but we're in trouble. We need to get out of here.

Jaffar: The target?

Legault: We never saw them. That, however, offers a clue to their identity... How many people, do you think, could sneak up on Lloyd?

Linus: It would have to be one of ours—one of the Four Fangs.

Jaffar: The Blue Crow.

Linus: That damned woman... Did she really think we'd let her get away with what she did to Lloyd? It's time I finish her off!

Legault: There you have it. Angel of Death, Nino... You're coming with us.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Of course!

Jaffar: ...

Legault: Ever since we got here, it's just one thing after the other. But I'm...enjoying myself. It's like old times. The Black Fang, back on the job. Come on! There's work that needs doing.


Ursula: ...Uww...gaa... I've failed...

Jaffar: ...This is the end.

Legault: Wait! What's she— Too late. She chose death over living with her failure. No surprise there.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Look! The clouds are dispersing... It looks like the sky is returning to normal.

Legault: That's good news for all of us. Should mean we're all in the clear... Lloyd, too. That leaves us with one question... Linus?

Linus: ...

Legault: "Disloyal filth," I believe that's the turn of phrase you used to refer to us, traitors of the Black Fang. Do you plan to dispense your justice?

Linus: ...

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Linus, you're my brother! I...

Linus: Don't call me that, Nino. You haven't earned my forgiveness.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): ...

Linus: But I won't kill you. Lloyd is this world. Thanks to that...I can let you go.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Linus...

Legault: Then we live to fight another day. Hey, Linus...

Linus: Now what?

Legault: It may not be today, but... You should try to find it in yourself to forgive her. The three of you were family once. You, Nino, and Lloyd... And here, you can be a family again. Or is it too late?

Linus: ...

Legault: Like I said, doesn't have to be today. But think on it, and see what Lloyd has to say.

Sweet Dreams


Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Huh? Where did everyone go? We were all playing on the beach just a moment ago, but... Where am I now?

Marth: You're in a place born from the chaos of the Tempest. A different time and space, in which—

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Mar-Mar! Thank goodness!

Marth: Huh? Mar...Mar? Er, um, yes... It is I, Marth. Your...Mar-Mar... If anyone would know Prince Marth—I mean, me—as well as anyone, it's you, Tiki.

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Heehee, of course! Oh, but... Why are you wearing that mask?

Marth: Well, you see... There's... There's a very good reason for that...

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Oh, don't tell me! Let me guess! It's because... Because Mar-Mar was... Hmm...

Marth: W-was? You mean "is"! The real Mar-Mar, I mean, the real Marth... Ahem, I am—

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): I got it! We were splitting watermelons on the beach, and it was your turn, so you put on a blindfold!

Marth: Y-yes! That's exactly right. You're a good guesser, Tiki. I was in the middle of some special training. In fact, this mask helped me become quite the watermelon-splitting expert. But we don't have time to chat right now. Tiki, will you help me cut through this Tempest?

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Of course, Mar-Mar!


Marth: We've broken through the Tempest. Thank you, Tiki. And thank the rest of the brave summer warriors as well.

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Hmm...

Marth: Is something the matter?

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): That person we fought... Was that... Was that me as a grown-up?

Marth: Oh... Well, you see... How should I explain this...

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Do I do something bad? Like in my awful nightmares, when I become a monster and hurt people? No, I won't! I don't want to become a monster!

Marth: Don't worry, Tiki. That was just an illusion born from the chaos of the Tempest. In the real future, the future I know, you are very kind to everyone you meet.

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): *sniffle* Promise?

Marth: I promise, Tiki. You and I are skill good friends in the future. When you grow up, you'll be loved and known as the Divine Dragon's oracle, or simply the Voice. You'll help to save many, many people... Including me.

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Really? Hmm...

Marth: So do not worry, Tiki. Because everything is OK, now and in the future. In fact, you grow into a very charming—

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Hmm, yeah... Charming...

Marth: Tiki?

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Zzz... Zzz...

Marth: Aw, Tiki... Did you wear yourself out? Your ability to drift off so quickly never changes...

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): Mar-Mar...

Marth: ... Oh! Me? Yes, of course. I am—

Tiki (A Sketchy Summer): I love you, Mar-Mar...

Marth: ... Sleep tight, Tiki... And sweet dreams.

Chaos Named


Ryoma (Festival in Hoshido): Princess Elincia, I regret that I must trouble you during the festival... But something strange is happening...

Elincia (Festival in Hoshido): What do you mean by "strange"?

Ryoma (Festival in Hoshido): It's Lady Micaiah. It seems her behavior has become...wild. We're hearing reports from all over the festival. She's visited stall after stall, devouring food... She is now dancing on the festival platform—dancing like a woman possessed, by all accounts.

Elincia (Festival in Hoshido): There must be some mistake...

Xander (Festival in Hoshido): I find this difficult to believe, myself. Though I've known her but briefly, I would never have anticipated this...

Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido): Have I missed something?

Ryoma (Festival in Hoshido): Lady Micaiah! You're here? Then who is it sowing chaos in the festival?

Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido): I don't understand what it is you're getting at! What's going on?

Ryoma (Festival in Hoshido): I see...

???: My truth is not your truth... Of course you don't understand, Micaiah.

Elincia (Festival in Hoshido): Who are you?

???: I am but a bird... A little bird flying freely through the skies, singing whatever tune she pleases... This vortex is chaos itself... And I can feel it pulling me in... Come and play! I've learned a new song. "Oni, come to me... Follow the sound of my clapping hands..."

Xander (Festival in Hoshido): Now, wait a minute!

Ryoma (Festival in Hoshido): Another Lady Micaiah... Do you have any idea who she is?

Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido): I don't... But, at the same time, she is very familiar...

Black Knight: Be not alarmed, maiden.

Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido): Sir Knight?! When did you—

Black Knight: I am not the knight you know. I reside in the Tempest, in the chaos... Maiden, come with me. Come into the depths of the Tempest. Your path lies with the goddess of Chaos.


Ryoma (Festival in Hoshido): It faded like mere mist... I did not expect the Tempest to do that.

Elincia (Festival in Hoshido): It's almost gone...

Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido): Fighting her, I came to understand something, I think... Fundamentally, she wasn't evil. It was the Tempest that was driving her actions. Deep down, she was just lonely... She wanted to go to a festival and be with people. That's why she did what she did. Prince Ryoma, I must apologize on her behalf. That behavior...

Ryoma (Festival in Hoshido): There is no need for apologies, Lady Micaiah. There was no malice in her. She was simply young and free...

Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido): Yes... Just like Yune, that free-spirited child... Ah! Yune! Quiet down, please! I'm worn out... We went through so much today.

Black Knight: Maiden?

Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido): Sir Knight... That you should come to us now is surely the will of the goddess. I thank you for your aid.

Black Knight: The will of the goddess? Hmm... There is nothing to fear. I believe you will overcome all odds and become a brilliant light for Daein. Move forever forward, Priestess of Dawn...

Doorway to Destiny


Marth: Lord Sigurd, descendant of Baldr of the 12 crusaders... You wield a strength not many command. Please, lend me that strength and help me defeat the enemy within this Tempest.
Sigurd: This enemy...who is it, Prince Marth?
Marth: Our foe, the root of this chaos... It's you, Lord Sigurd.
Sigurd: ...Impossible!
Marth: He is a Sigurd from another world, trapped in an unending nightmare. If we defeat him, he will be released from his terrible prison...and this chaos will end.
Sigurd: Then I must face myself... That is no easy thing to stomach, even if he is from another world. But if this other Sigurd is the root of this chaos, I will do what I must to sever that root. I am with you, Prince Marth.
Marth: Thank you, Lord Sigurd. Together, we won't lose. You have a strength the other Sigurd lacks; the strength of—
Quan: Sigurd! You're all right!
Sigurd: Prince Quan! Where did you—
Eldigan: It has been too long, Sigurd.
Sigurd: Eldigan! You're here too?
Marth: They will join us. Together, we will break through this chaos.
Sigurd: My friends...the path ahead is treacherous. You need not burden yourselves by joining this fight.
Quan: What burden, Sigurd? We made a promise back at the academy in Belhalla, if you recall.
Eldigan: We vowed to always come to the aid of one another, no matter the cost.
Sigurd: Yes, I remember... Such dearly held memories are not easily forgotten.
Marth: These bonds you share will be the strength we'll need in the battles to come. Now, let us face our foe...


Marth: The chaos of the Tempest has broken... Thank you, Heroes.
Sigurd: With the Tempest dispersing, everything will return to normal. As for me, that means...
Marth: ...I'm sorry, Lord Sigurd. You were summoned as a Hero after your life was taken from you. As were your friends, Prince Quan and Prince Eldigan.
Sigurd: ...I see. Eldigan... Quan... My dear friends. Please forgive me.
Marth: It's true that each of you suffered an untimely death... But though you can't return to life, your noble souls were not lost. The light you three carried was inherited by your children...
Sigurd: Seliph, my son...
Marth: I know of the future, and I can tell you, at the very least, it is bright. Know that the children you each left behind find victory, and they build a world where all can live in peace. That is the future you left for them... and each grows to be a legendary Hero in their own right.

Familiar Faces


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Before We Met...


Azura: Lady of Ballads: This Tempest is troubling... Worlds are twined into its winds. They mix, they scatter... It is ultimate chaos.
Azura: Young Songstress: If the worlds are infinite, as I was told... Any world that I could wish for exists here. Did things become this way because of me? Is it because I hoped for things to be different?
Azura: Lady of Ballads: Oh, Azura, no. You don't have that kind of power. That woman made use of the remnants of the power that remain within you, that of your forebears. Shall we go?
Azura: Young Songstress: Go? Go where?
Azura: Lady of Ballads: We must stop the Tempest. Here, I have no special power. But you are different. Lend me that power, and we can fight together.
Azura: Young Songstress: I...I can't... I can't fight.
Azura: Lady of Ballads: So you will do nothing? You will stand by?
Azura: Young Songstress: I...
Azura: Lady of Ballads: In the future...someone I know will face a terrible choice, one much more difficult than you face now. Either way they turn, people will die— people they care about. To stand at a crossroads like that must feel like your body is being torn apart... In the future, the choice has been made. They chose their path, and they accepted responsibility for it.
Azura: Young Songstress: I... I can't. I can't be that strong.
Azura: Lady of Ballads: If that is your decision, then...I will go.
Azura: Young Songstress: But...


Azura: Lady of Ballads: Thank you, Azura. You saved me.
Azura: Young Songstress: I...I just wanted you to finish the story. That person you were talking about... What happened to them?
Azura: Lady of Ballads: They continued on the path they chose...all the way to the end, without stopping. They changed the future, Azura. They changed the world.
Azura: Young Songstress: The...the world? It's impossible! I...I can't...
Azura: Lady of Ballads: That may be so. But bear this in mind, Azura... Even if you can't change the world, you can change yourself. In fact, you have. Just now.
Azura: Young Songstress: ...
Azura: Lady of Ballads: The Tempest is weakening... It is time for us to part, Azura. I do not think that we will meet again. I will pray for your safety.
Azura: Young Songstress: I...I won't give up. I may not have the strength of the person you spoke of, but... Your strength... You're me, aren't you? So I can be strong like that.
Azura: Lady of Ballads: Yes, Azura. That's right. You can.

Life Is But Fleeting


Fae: Ice is! Whoa! Now, spin, spin, spin around... Wow! This is amaaaaazing!
Eirika: Be careful! You don't want to fall. Even though it's said that she has lived longer than any of us, she still acts just like a child...
Cecilia: Dragons live much longer than we do. She is no different. She could live for thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. It is said to be a life almost without end...
Ephraim: I know another dragon who has lived a long span—Myrrh. To live so long... I'm a little jealous, to be honest.
Eirika: What do you mean, Ephraim?
Ephraim: To walk the path of the warrior, to live the life of a king... I can't do both in the time I have. It takes years—no, decades—of focused effort to excel at something. But even then, you have just begun. If you could continue to hone your skills for hundreds or thousands of years... You could maybe really achieve something.
Cecilia: Throughout history, many kings have sought eternal life. And others have tried to unlock its secrets... I understand what you mean, I think. When I saw the endless shelves of books in the palace library... Even if one was to spend their whole life reading, there would be no way to read them all. A shame, isn't it?
Eirika: All this means is that we must plan our paths carefully. Don't you think? And I...
Fae: Come on, you three! Let's get going!
Ephraim: Yes, let's. We must combine our strength to defeat the enemy that awaits us within the Tempest.


Cecilia: The Tempest's foul presence has dissipated. All is well.
Fae: Hee-hee! We did it! We make a good team.
Ephraim: You're right. We're good friends now, aren't we?
Eirika: If ever you get the chance, please come and visit Renais. We'll give you a guided tour.
Cecilia: I would be glad to take you up on that offer.
Fae: Yep! I love to go on walks.
Ephraim: Well, you're welcome anytime... Eirika? What is it?
Eirika: Oh, nothing, really. I was thinking about what it means to live for so long.
Ephraim: What do you mean by that?
Eirika: We have become friends—for now. But won't she get lonely, living on, endlessly? Long after we are gone, her life will continue. Inevitably, her memories of us could become painful to her...
Ephraim: I see... To live on, losing friend, after friend, after friend... To feel that sadness, again and again... This is what it means to live for such a long time. I am sorry, Fae. I didn't think about that. You've taught me something.
Fae: I did?
Ephraim: Our lives are fleeting. We must choose very carefully what we will do with the little time we have.
Cecilia: It is true...but do not brood on it. For the sake of your sister, if no one else.
Eirika: She's right, Ephraim! You've got to grow up a little. Just the other day—
Ephraim: Yes, yes. I understand. Tell me about it later. For now, it's time we leave.
Fae: All's well that ends well! That's what I like to see!

An Alliance of Princesses


Eir: This Tempest...such life in it, and yet... I sense a terrible distortion.
Fjorm: Princess Eir, it is good to see that you are safe.
Eir: It's Princess Fjorm, isn't it? You are the one who is always by <player>'s side...
Fjorm: What? Of course I'm not. I mean... yes, I am sometimes. Obviously. Why would I not be? We're comrades—in battle. I must stay close—it's nothing more!
Eir: Nothing more?
Sharena: Fjorm! Eir! There you are!
Fjorm: Oh, Sharena. I'm glad you're here.
Sharena: I've looked all over this place for signs of life, but it seems like it's just us three. That's perfect, though! A trio like us will make short work of this Tempest!
Eir: Are we...a trio now?
Sharena: Of course we are! A trio of friends! Wouldn't you agree, Fjorm?
Fjorm: As a matter of fact, I do. I think this is a great opportunity for us to bond.
Sharena: It just makes sense! We're princesses, after all.
Eir: The living certainly are...brimming with energy. Very well. You lead, and I will follow.


Sharena: The Tempest is fading. Looks like it was no match for this royal trio!
Fjorm: It seems so. Shall we make our way back, then?
Eir: I... Sharena. Fjorm. Thank you...
Sharena: Huh? What for?
Eir: As long as I can remember, friends are something I have gone without. But you went out of your way to befriend me. And for that... I am grateful.
Sharena: I'm glad to hear it, Eir! I was kind of worried we were bothering you, just because you're normally so quiet.
Eir: I apologize. I am not accustomed to speaking with people. In the realm of the dead, there is seldom anyone to talk to. I have gone whole years without speaking.
Eir: Princess Eir...
Sharena: Well, it's never too late to start, is it? Fjorm and I will give you lots of practice! Won't we, Fjorm?
Fjorm: Certainly. We need to keep the trio together, after all.
Eir: Thank you. The living are so full of energy... It's dazzling. Such warmth...

Heating Things Up


Marth: The Tempest... That is the name given to this vortex of chaos. I call upon you, great Heroes...
Ryoma: Yes?
Marth: Please...lend your strength
Camilla: Cat got your tongue?
Marth: I have fought alongside Heroes from many realms and many ages... And yet... new.
Hinoka: Don't blame us! You decided to summon us while we were wrapped in towels.
Elise: It's not even strange! We often visit the hot springs between battles...
Sakura: This... This is n-normal. I'm not embarrassed! I'm not...
Ryoma: Worry not, Prince Marth. I am ready to fight. A samurai must always be ready, no matter where or when.
Marth: I understand. And I believe in you—all of you. Let's head out...before you catch cold.


Marth: The Tempest fades. I thank you for your bravery, Heroes.
Hinoka: We have claimed victory...somehow. The Tempest was strange, wasn't it? We visited so many springs...
Camilla: Good thing we were dressed for the occasion. We're soaked!
Marth: That's true... I'm wet through. Achoo! I need to change... I suppose I had better leave.
Ryoma: Why not join me in the bath, Prince? Corrin's spring warms the body and soothes the mind. Have you had the chance to bathe this way?
Marth: Ah, er... I... Well, some time ago I visited a spring in another world. I even tried on a yukata...
Ryoma: Ah! We have yukata in Hoshido. You can tell me all about your experience while we soak. The camaraderie shared by warriors as they bathe naked together—it is quite something, my prince!
Marth: Er, yes... But... You see... I can't... Er, because...
Camilla: Perhaps the women's bath would befit you?
Marth: Er, no... I... Because, well... Er... I'll see you all another time, honorable, towel-clad Heroes!
Ryoma: What a reserved character, that prince. He left in quite a rush.
Camilla: Adorable! Hee-hee.