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This page contains all of Tatiana's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Tatiana: I was raised in an orphanage in one of Rigel’s villages. But I wasn’t a sad child. Far from it, in fact. I always had lots of friends, and the clerics were very kind. That’s what inspired me to become a cleric myself. I want to help people the way they helped me. ...Oh, you think I’ve succeeded? Well, that’s nice of you! I wonder. I’m quite the scatterbrain, if you hadn’t noticed. Why, just the other day, I had to bake bread for the church’s hungry. But I forgot it was in the oven, and the loaf came out like a stone! Of course, everyone laughed and ate it anyway. Probably broke their teeth... Sometimes I think they give me more support than the other way around.

Conversation 2

Tatiana: When I found Zeke on the beach and saw his wounds, I thought him done for. But I cared for him anyway because I wanted him to live. When he finally opened his eyes, I was filled with elation. I kept caring for him, and eventually we started taking walks together. Then I realized how happy I was spending time with him, and fell in love. Zeke calls himself half a man because of the past he’s lost. But that half is all I will ever need.

Conversation 3

Tatiana: ...Oh. Alm. Can I help you? ...I seem down? Yes, well I suppose I HAVE been ruminating a bit. It’s just...what if Zeke’s memory somehow comes back? What if he remembers he has another family or...another lover? Of course, it would only be right if he returned to her in such a case. But I must be a selfish, awful person, because I don’t want him to remember. What the gods must think of a sinful servant like me...