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Split Genealogy of the Holy War version of the class into Light Priestess

On May 14-15 of this year, ArthurThomas (aka "Jacob") suggested this basing it off of the Genealogy class being very different from the GBA class, and that the Light Priestess (which has the katakana name of "Shaman") is much more similar, being a personal class which wields staves and light magic, and proposes that the reason that Micaiah's third-tier class was renamed was due to the localizers trying to distinguish it from the dark magic class.

I had said that they aren't too similar, since one is a base class and one is a third-tier promotion, but I acknowledged that there are classes such as Bow Knight and Myrmidon that have had different tiers depending on the game, and I do recognize that Deirdre and Julia's Shaman class does have more similarities with Micaiah's class than the GBA one. I also said that it was possibly a coincidence, since miko (巫女) can be translated as shaman, but I saw that Deirdre is referred to as 巫女 at least once in Genealogy.

L95 said that, if we end up doing anything, she would prefer if we split it into "Shaman (Genealogy of the Holy War)" and "Shaman (GBA)" instead.

Moydow said "I don't really like having two classes that are different in function on the same page, so to that end I'd personally split the GBA and FE4 Shaman", having the Genealogy of the Holy War Shaman at "Shaman (Genealogy of the Holy War)" or "Priestess (Genealogy of the Holy War)", and said that no one would expect to find FE4 Shaman info on Light Priestess, and it would be a bad idea because of that. However, Moydow later said that it doesn't matter where it goes, just that FE4 Shaman should be off of the GBA page.

I'm putting this on the talk page here in attempt to draw attention to this. PikaSamus (talk) 02:43, 24 July 2018 (UTC)