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Talk:Fire Emblem: Three Houses pre-release information

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New pre-release footage?

In the recent Castle Conversations video, Nintendo showed footage of a different version of the Rematch movie (the one used for the second battle in Gronder Field on AM and VW) which features Edelgard and Claude in their Emperor and Barbarossa classes respectively rather than Armored Lord and Wyvern Master. Some people speculate it might be pre-release footage as Edelgard's design is very similar to how she looked in a early build of the game.

Is it alright to add this piece of info in the pre-release page? Or it might be best to wait and see if some new information comes up? Blackress (talk) 20:34, 08 February 2021 (UTC)

Given that whether the images are pre-release or not is currently speculation, it would be best to wait for something more concrete before adding it to the page. Thecornerman (talk) 21:03, 8 February 2021 (UTC)