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Talk:Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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Should we put a longer list. Like Emperor Vigarde or other main bosses like Selena Flourspar, Challech Tigereye, Valter Moon Stone, etc.? Strategex 17:23, 8 October 2010 (MDT)

Definitely! I only put Lyon there because I was just starting up. Except just their first name will be fine. Fluorspar, Tiger Eye, Moonstone, etc. are only their titles, not their surnames. We don't seem to get many surnames (if any) in the series... Seritinajii 17:34, 8 October 2010 (MDT)
Ok cool. You're right about the surnames too. Strategex 18:42, 8 October 2010 (MDT)

Japanese name

I don't have a better name to propose, but I'm not sure if the current name "Sacred Stones of Light" is that accurate. As corny as it sounds, the previous name "Shining Stones of Holiness and Evil" is probably more accurate. I believe the crux of which name to use lies in the phrase "Seima", which I'm fairly sure is a double reference to "Good and Evil" (聖と魔) and the Sacred Stones (聖石 Seiseki) and the man-made Dark Stone (魔石 Maseki). The other reading of "Seima" as "Holy Demon" or "Holy Magic" isn't referred in the game. Aveyn Knight 10:02, 27 March 2012 (EDT)