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I think Heimler should get a mention on this page. He's currently listed on the Grust page as a character, but I don't think there's significant enough evidence to suggest he actually is from Grust. All his soldiers are labelled Grust in Shadow Dragon, but that's true for every unit on the map, even the Manakete. And Vholzin is listed here as a Dolhr character. I think it's long since considered an error in production, one made in the original Shadow Dragon for NES that Old Mystery fixed, but the DS remake didn't. In terms of chapter and unit labelling there's nothing to differentiate the two. They're both bosses of The Ageless Palace. That being said, Heimler could be narrative reinforcements for Vholzin, so while all the units inside the palace are from Dolhr, the cavalry outside are back ups from Grust. Heimler also does look like he's from Grust designwise with his large collar, but Dejanira also has that same design aesthetic. Unless Dejanira is also from Grust too. Which...a quick glance at the script and chapter data for that page he might actually be. The chapter says repeatedly that Dolhr blackmailed Horace, which definitely suggests him and his forces are, but it never actually says Dejanira is actually from Dolhr. Dolhr could be used more metaphorically for the whole triple entente enemy alliance. And to make matters more confusing, the soldiers of Horace's chapter are also referred to as Grust, just like this one, including a manakete. I guess it's also not impossible for there to be manaketes native to Grust fighting under their regiments. Anyway I think we should either move Dejanira to the Grust page, move Heimler to the Dolhr page, or have both of them on both pages and have a note about the ambiguity of their cases. Because having Dejanira and Heimler on two different pages, at least, is an inconsistency as their scenarios are rather identical. Jotari (talk) 12:28, 11 December 2022 (UTC)

It seems more likely to me that both Heimler and Dejanira are Grustian rather than Dolhrian. They both use Grust as their allegiance when loaded, and I'm not sure the basis on which you say that labelling is an error in Shadow Dragon Chapter 12; Volzhin is also under the Grust allegiance, but an argument could be made that his quotes indicate he is Dolhrian. — Thecornerman (talk) 15:52, 11 December 2022 (UTC)
Camus says Heimler ís Grustian in FE1 in Land of Sorrow. In FE3 and 11 this is replaced with mentioning Volzhin and Camus says Volzhin is Dolhrian in those games. PikaSamus (talk) 15:58, 11 December 2022 (UTC)

Camus saying Heimlier is specifically of Grust and Volzhin is superficially of Dolhr under the same quote does seem to credence to their current placement. They might have changed the enemies back from Dolhr to Grust in Shadow Dragon DS because of Archanea Saga, released after Old Mystery, wherein it's established that Camus briefly took over the occupation after episode 1. And Gouber from that Archanean Saga chapter (whose troops are listed as Dolhr) has a distinctly different armour style to Dejanira. Still, the manakete and people around Volzhin at the very least should have been kept as Dolhr. Moving Heimler to this page seems unwarranted with Camus's NES quote, it's no longer cannon, per se, but it's the closest thing we have to work off of for one of the most minor characters in the series. But I do think Dejanira should be moved to Grust, or at least, as I said before, have a note clarifying the ambiguity of these characters. Jotari (talk) 23:23, 12 December 2022 (UTC)