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This page says he's a Deserter from Aurelis. Which I see no evidence of in any of the games. I think someone misread the intro text of the chapter, which describes his soldiers as destriers (ie cavalry). The only mention of desertion in the chapter is Matthis being worried about the penalty for deserting, and Matthis, as Lena's brother, is from Macedon, as confirmed later in the game. In addition Bentheon himself talks about Marth joining "The Aurelians", not Hardin or Nyna. It would be strange for him to say "The Aurelians" if he himself was an Aurelian. I think it's safe to say he is Macedonian, and, indeed, he is already on the site's Macedonian page. So I'm going to change the line. Just thought I'd drop a note on the talk page as there was more to say than could be fit in a summary, and just provide my reasoning on the off chance that some of the enemies fought in this chapter do happen to be Aurelian deserters. It's not a bad idea, as Aurelis has very few characters and no villains at all (well at least in Shadow Dragon, I guess all the Aurelis characters bar the king and Roshea are villains in the sequel). And narratively it would show how desperate the situation is before Marth arrives if even Hardin's own men are turning on him. Alas, I think it was someone just misreading a single word in the intro. Jotari (talk) 07:16, 18 December 2022 (UTC)