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Subaki/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Oh, hello, Lord/Lady Corrin. I'm just making the rounds. You?
— Subaki, when spoken to at My Castle.

Shop quotes

Need weapons? I'm perfectly suited to help you find what you need.
— Subaki, when working at the armory.
Let me know if you need anything else, OK?
— Subaki, when the player has backed out of his services at a shop.
I suppose it wouldn't hurt to buy something now...
— Subaki, when buying items at a shop he runs.
Not easy to set a price on my own belongings.
— Subaki, when selling items at a shop he runs.
Just remember—money is no object!
— Subaki, when buying items at a shop.
All of my things are in excellent condition.
— Subaki, when selling items at a shop.

Mess Hall quotes

I try to eat healthy, and this doesn't qualify. Please send it back.
— Subaki, after eating a terrible meal.

Hot Spring quotes

Whew... The water is very pleasant today. Almost perfect, even...
— Subaki, with male Corrin in the Hot Spring.

Private quarters quotes

Are you bored, milady? Shall I perform for you? Reciting poetry is one of my gifts...
— Subaki, being invited to the private quarters
Ah--the newlyweds! Please, allow me to serenade you with my honeyed tunes...
— Subaki, being invited to a married Avatar's private quarters
You've sure got some interesting stuff in here. I'd love to spend more time looking around.
— Subaki, talking to the Avatar

Class change quote

It's what I've always wanted.
— Subaki, when changing class.

Paired battle quotes

Let's do this!
— Subaki
A hero's work is never done.
— Subaki
Shall we?
— Subaki
Let's get started.
— Subaki
Take your time.
— Subaki
I'm always ready.
— Subaki
Don't mind if I do!
— Subaki, performing a Dual Strike
Perfect timing!
— Subaki, performing a Dual Strike
Let me help!
— Subaki, performing a Dual Strike

Victory quotes

— Subaki, after defeating an enemy.

Level up quotes

This will do just fine for now.
— Subaki, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.

Battle quotes

I will defend this fort, as well as Lady Sakura's honor!
— Subaki, as an enemy in Conquest Chapter 22.
Subaki: Lord/Lady Corrin, I presume? The sweet, wonderful, mysterious-yet-charming big brother/sister of Lady Sakura? It's an honor to finally make your acquaintance.
Corrin: Erm... Come again?
Subaki: Oh, Lady Sakura said those things about you after you two met. She wouldn't stop saying those things, as it were. Even after you left. As her retainer, I make it my business to remember such details.
Corrin: Sakura... She really said all that?
Subaki: Yes. She seems to have nothing but the highest opinion of you. She was devastated after you betrayed her.
Corrin: ...
Subaki: Worry not. All will be as it should once I send you to your grave. I cannot bear to ever see that sad look in her eyes again. The one YOU caused. So, shall we begin?

— Subaki, fighting Corrin as an enemy in Conquest Chapter 22.

Defeat quotes

Guess I wasn't perfect after all...
— Subaki's defeat voice clip.
Well, this is just... What's the opposite of perfect?
— Subaki's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
This is my worst nightmare. Complete and utter defeat... I cannot go out like this. I must retreat and try again another day...
— Subaki's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
I actually lost....? How clumsy...
— Subaki's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 22

Endgame: Dawn Breaks quote

Perfection is within your grasp, Corrin!
— Subaki

DLC battle quotes

Staying awake was no trouble. As you know, someone like me never tires! ...Zzz...zzz... OH! What's happening?! Pardon me. I was just resting my eyes.
— Subaki, in Ghostly Gold
It will take more than this to test my perfect courage. Although... If it's not tested, does that mean it can't pass? That won't do at all!
— Subaki, in Boo Camp
Ah, that weapon of yours looks lovely. Well? Come at me, then! Hm? Too intimidated by my perfect form? Heh. I don't blame you.
— Subaki in Museum Melee
I havne't seen snow since the winters at Castle Shirasagi. The bright red camellias were beautiful against the snow...I wonder if I would be as striking if I were to fall here in battle. Not that one so perfect as I stands any chance of that.
— Subaki, in Anna on the Run