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24 September 2021

 m   06:25  Kana diffhist +88 Captainvulgar talk contribs →‎Skill set
     05:53  Yuri‎‎ 4 changes history +561 [Thecornerman‎; Mtlily‎ (3×)]
05:53 (cur | prev) -20 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Biography
05:44 (cur | prev) +292 Mtlily talk contribs Added a ref and some more info to his biography.
05:22 (cur | prev) +7 Mtlily talk contribs Corrected his title.
05:16 (cur | prev) +282 Mtlily talk contribs Some changes to Yuri's biography.

23 September 2021

 m   22:03  Unit diffhist +2 MJL talk contribs new key for Category:Units: " " using HotCat
 m   22:01  Einherjar diffhist +20 MJL talk contribs added Category:Units using HotCat
 m   21:57  Raven (character) diffhist -2 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Starting stats and growth rates: Corrected HHM stat ranges
 m   21:11  Gerome diffhist -1 MJL talk contribs →‎Role: typo
N    17:58  Deceit‎‎ 3 changes history +46,110 [Xamad‎; Thecornerman‎; Shiningpikablu252‎]
17:58 (cur | prev) -6,107 Thecornerman talk contribs Filled out etymology; simplified uses of {{FEH skill}}; misc.
13:18 (cur | prev) +3 Xamad talk contribs →‎Enemy data
06:12 (cur | prev) +52,214 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs Created page with "{{Chapter Infobox |title=Deceit |image=200px |game={{FEH}} |location=Unknown |boss=Ótr }} {{Quote|It was...a monster. A ghastly..."
 m   16:24  Guinivere‎‎ 2 changes history -241 [OwlsTalon‎ (2×)]
16:24 (cur | prev) +34 OwlsTalon talk contribs fixed small text
16:23 (cur | prev) -275 OwlsTalon talk contribs if she's 5 or 6 in blazing blade and blazing blade is 20 years before binding blade she's 25 or 26 in binding blade
 m   05:35  Name chart/Fire Emblem Awakening diffhist +3 Kristak talk contribs →‎Non-playable characters (in order of appearance): Small update
 m   05:35  Algol diffhist -20 Kristak talk contribs →‎Etymology and other languages: French name added
 m   04:25  Strength diffhist +69 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Items and skills affecting strength: Added Power Ring, seemed to be merged with Energy Ring

22 September 2021

 m   13:08  War Cleric diffhist -8 Amppelix talk contribs
 m   13:07  Trickster diffhist -8 Amppelix talk contribs
 m   13:05  Dark Flier diffhist -8 Amppelix talk contribs
 m   13:05  Valkyrie diffhist -8 Amppelix talk contribs
 m   05:22  Resonant Battle diffhist +206 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎List of Resonant Battle themes
 m   05:01  Allegiance Battle diffhist +188 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎List of Allegiance Battle themes
     04:05  Cordelia‎‎ 2 changes history +112 [Delfino4‎ (2×)]
04:05 (cur | prev) +1 Delfino4 talk contribs →‎Etymology and other languages
04:04 (cur | prev) +111 Delfino4 talk contribs →‎Etymology and other languages
     03:56  Emmeryn diffhist +100 Delfino4 talk contribs →‎Etymology and other languages

21 September 2021

20 September 2021

 m   20:49  Gatekeeper diffhist +47 MJL talk contribs added Category:NPCs in Fire Emblem: Three Houses using HotCat
 m   06:24  Artists of the Fire Emblem series/Fire Emblem Heroes diffhist -19 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Credits
     06:17  Julia diffhist +47 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Love growths and events: Marked the exploit for getting both Aura and Nosferatu as citation needed
     06:16  Seliph diffhist +46 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Genealogy of the Holy War: Marked the exploit for getting both Aura and Nosferatu as citation needed, I tried to obtain both as listed, but could not.
 m   01:39  Falchion (Archanea) diffhist -598 Kristak talk contribs →‎In other Fire Emblem series titles: Harmonization
 m   01:16  Grand Conquests diffhist -888 Kristak talk contribs →‎GC Tier: Template converted

19 September 2021

18 September 2021

     21:19  Anna diffhist 0 Thegameandwatch talk contribs Her artwork from a main game
     20:12  Seteth‎‎ 2 changes history -57 [Thecornerman‎; Blackress‎]
20:12 (cur | prev) -4 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Playable: De-italicized Classic Mode
20:09 (cur | prev) -53 Blackress talk contribs →‎Playable: Got some reports that letting Flayn fall in battle during Classic Mode before Chapter 12 is enough in AM/VW to lose your chance to get Seteth. So I tested this with a save file I had around and I can confirm that is indeed the case. Byleth's support level with Seteth has no bearing on whether he will join in those routes or not.
 m   20:07  Byleth‎‎ 2 changes history 0 [Thecornerman‎; MJL‎]
20:07 (cur | prev) -2 Thecornerman talk contribs Undo revision 403305 by MJL (talk) Tag: Undo
19:33 (cur | prev) +2 MJL talk contribs new key for Category:Playable characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses: "-" using HotCat
     04:44  Eitri diffhist +41 ChaosGallade talk contribs
     04:43  Fáfnir (character) diffhist +32 ChaosGallade talk contribs